Koptalk on child sex (again)

by Rupert Insider


He just can’t stop talking about it can he – child sex, I mean?

This was his attempt today to introduce the subject again.


I’m reminded of Matthew 12:34 “From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

It’s also a symptom psychiatrists watch out for – out of context obsessions. And a football site, especially one with teenage moderators, is surely not the context in which a 32 year old man should harp on the subject.

The fact that the young moderators are also dependent relatives, makes it more concerning.

One of them is step-brother Steve. Oldham put him in charge of the KopTalk Kids feature when he was 10. Last year, when Steve was 16, Oldham said he paid him, not with wages, but with “unlimited access to porn on the KT computers”. We don’t know how young he was when that arrangement started. Then this year, he published videos on You Tube of the two of them together with “prozzies” in a Montreal bar.

And another of the moderators is his 14 yr old who he has made the subject of one of his child rape claims, and he named her in a paedophiliac joke about sleeping with her then 12 yr old friends, and made other references to her living in close proximity to a convicted rapist (and he says that child rapists as a class are misunderstood) and her being the target of groomers whom he implied were his critics.

And all the time he uses their names and identities to post surreptitiously on KopTalk just as he uses the identity of 17 yr old Katie. Its all a little disturbing.


8 Responses to “Koptalk on child sex (again)”

  1. Insider Insider Says:

    He was going on about a story to do with some police officers who’d been caught with child porn. It’s fast becoming THE place to be for information on paedophilia – or at least his views on it.

    Maybe that’s why there’s been an increase in members – he’s signed a load up from one of his dodgy haunts elsewhere on the net.

  2. Ronald McDonald Says:

    To be fair, it was rather a big story in the news yesterday…

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    If that is to be the criteria of what KT is about why did Oldham not mention all the other news items that were even bigger yesterday?

    and where was the story big in the news? I scanned the UK newspapers (apart form the S+n) and did not notice it

  4. Ronald McDonald Says:

    There WAS a major section on the BBC 10 o’clock news last night, where the new Chief of Police dedicated to fighting child porn in the UK was talking about prison not necessarily being the correct punishment for ALL convicts.

    Therefore, the BBC will have been carrying it as a major story for most of yesterday.

    …but don’t let that stop you…. and not being a member of KT I cannot vouch whether a thread was started on the video released of Alan Johnson, the kidnapped BBC journalist.

  5. Insider Insider Says:

    Yesterday’s story was the lead item on BBC breakfast if I’m not mistaken, but I don’t know personally where it was in the news by the end of the day.

    The story I mentioned above, in my comment was referring to a story I thought he’d mentioned earlier in the week. One I’d not actually seen anywhere else. In fact it was brought up by a member and answered immediately by someone posting as “ST3”. Apart from yesterday’s story, which as I said I saw on the news at 7am, I generally don’t know anything about the stories regarding paedophiles until they appear on Koptalk.

    He actually added a link to the Alan Johnson story this morning at 10am. With a headline of “upsetting”. And that’s it.

    Also on there is a story posted using Katie’s username, “How did this happen” about a toddler being killed in a dishwasher. ‘Katie’, if it is the 17-year-old posting herself, says, “How did this happen, I have a dishwasher and for it to lock shut you have to push it to ensure that it clicks. This is something that you would not be able to do from inside as where could you hold on to?” I’ll not give details on how a dishwasher could be ‘locked’ accidentally in this way in case it gives them any ideas.

    Like the Alan Johnson link there wasn’t a single reply. Well, ‘Katie’ replied to herself, but you know what I mean.

    Also Dunk cut and pasted a story about a WWII Ghurka from the Mirror. In fact he made all six posts in that thread, including saying, “When you watch this video remember that this man is the “Bravest of the Brave”, a Gurkha and holder of the Victoria Cross, but he and his Gurkha comrades are neglected by the British Government. Support us: VCHero.co.uk”. That link was posted twice, two minutes apart.

    He posted the same story a week ago, under the title, “Furious about this report”.

    He also posted his anger about the story that turned out to be a spoof, about a TV competition in Holland to win a Kidney.

    Then there was: Should the cane be brought back?
    Should the cane be brought back in schools? Pupils have forgotten what the word “respect” means. Would corporal punishment sort the feckers out?

    With the Koptalk limit on searching set to one day it’s not so easy to find what other topics he’s found of interest.

    I browsed through and found this: 28/05/07 11:18 PM Bad news (nothing to do with LFC)
    Dunk Dunk Administrator
    Registered: 20/08/04
    Posts: 20021
    I have a bad feeling tonight that something bad is looming in football, probably a death of a legend but not LFC related.

    Sorry to be so cheerful

    Stuff it I’m off to bed (FFS, hope I wake up!)

    PS: Gazza’s safe

    Then there was this: #178884 – 26/05/07 11:45 PM Does the news get to you?
    Dunk Dunk Administrator
    Registered: 20/08/04
    Posts: 20021
    Following the 9/11 disaster I found myself at the doctors complaining of anxiety and depression. It really got to me at the time. He basically said that major incidents can hit people in different ways. He said it wasn’t uncommon even though we were thousands of miles away.

    We now have this Maddie incident in Portugal. Every paper I pick up, every news bulletin I watch, it just gets me down. I’d drop everything and go to Portugal if I thought we could offer help. What I can’t get out of my head is that she’s been taken to Africa.

    I want her returning safe and well but as each day goes by, the chances appear slimmer.

    What do you do? Turn it off an ignore it? How do you just get on with your life?

    Everywhere I’ve been recently I’ve seen her posters on lamp-posts, up in pubs, taxis and so on. Even the famous LFC fans had banners made calling for her to be given back.

    Flying back home today I saw a British family with a young kid. He’s be no more than 4. He was running wild and for a few moments it went quiet. He’d vanished. The parents didn’t even notice. A member of the public said “Excuse me, have you lost your boy? He’s gone into the toilets over there.”

    The fat mother wobbled off checking the ladies and the gents and carried him back.

    Maybe an airport is a secure environment but you never know do you? Don’t people read the papers or watch the news? Do they just think this won’t happen to us?

    When I returned home today I have my kids a big hug and stressed to them yet again the importance of not roaming.

    How Maddie’s parents can appear on tv so calm I’ll never know. I would be beside myself.

    It’s a sick world we live in and just think if they found the person(s) responsible, some do-gooder wouldn’t want them jailing or they’d demand their human rights were catered for.

    Well [oops]. That’s what I say.

    And the next post he started in the chill-out room? This: Robert Murat allegedly had child porn on pc
    Dunk Dunk Administrator
    Registered: 20/08/04
    Posts: 20021
    It’s just been on the radio that the Maddie suspect allegedly had child porn on his computer

    In fact that was the oldest post on the chill-out forum from Oldham.

    Dunk often posts stories he thinks will get his members’ blood boiling, he’s admitted as much himself, and although he cuts and pastes from The Mirror the chances are these are stories he’s first read about in his beloved S*n.

    The numerous paedophile stories, and the paedophile jokes, along with the imaginary rape of his daughter, are a little too much in many people’s opinion.

    STOP PRESS: As if asking for attention, he posts this…

    There’s an old couple a few doors away. I’ve mentioned them before as a few years back I chased off some lads who were trying to steal their car in the early hours.

    Anyway, the old guy’s been seriously ill for some time now. An ambulance pulling up every couple of weeks to take him back into hospital is the norm.

    I’m not sure what illness he has but he’s lost a lot of weight. They’ve told him the last few days that they can’t operate because he’s too frail.

    He njoyed driving but they’ve had to give his car away. He now lives downstairs in the house. I hadn’t seen him for a while but the medics were there on Thursday again.

    Anyway, I’ve just seen him get wheeled out by one of his daughters. Sat in a chair he was bless him, all proud and that but embarrassed because I was out talking to a neighbour.

    “How you doing Duncan lad?” he asked with a big smile on his face. On his last legs but still caring and smiling.

    Lad that lives next door said he never knows what to say etc. We’d been chatting for a good hour putting the world to rights and so on but seeing the old guy ended it and we both popped off back into our own little castles.

    It just pisses me off because the old guy has worked all his life. He’s never done anyone a bad turn and basically has f’all to show for it apart from his wife and family.

    There’s so many scum bags out there. Why can’t they get took out before their time?

    Scum bags? Where? In your mirror Duncan?

  6. Ronald McDonald Says:

    Cheers II, like I said I have no idea what is happening (or not happening) on KT other than news put on the blog; and to be honest I don’t really care – as long as some day soon KT is no more. However, I was merely pointing out that the Child Porn story WAS big news; and would have been worthy of a thread…. that is all. Good Day 😉

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks ‘Ronald’. I don’t think Rupert will have seen the coverage we saw, and if you hadn’t seen the coverage on the TV yourself you’d probably also think “Oh no, here we go again” when you saw Dunk’s post. But luckily for you, you aren’t a KT member any more!

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    No I saw no mention of it in any of the UK newspapers which I survey every day online. In any case, the fact that it was in the news does not change the point I made – that he has an out of context obsession with the topic.

    I wonder why Oldham does not report more relevant stuff like the announcement yesterday by a consortium of LFC unofficial sites that they have developed an independent survey to further their talks with the owwners.

    Surely his members would want to know what the family of LFC supporters on the net are doing.

    As for his checking in for “anxiety and depression ” that’s precisely what was on the medical certificate he presented to the court in 1998 when he tried to get off paying a couple of grand he owed to a creditor who had sued him.

    The court believed him and let him off with 15 quid a month. Nine years later he has still paid less than half of it and stopped making payments last summer when he boasted on KopTalk that he was flush with cash.

    So I think his going to the doctor for another certificate like that using exactly the same phrases is probably more to do with more of the same, rather then his concern for the suffering of humanity.

    Also interesting about 1998. He told another court he was too sick to attend, and the next day was cited in the local Scarborough press as boasting he was off to the World Cup in France.

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