Koptalk new members are like buses!

by Rupert Insider

You wait for ages for one to arrive and then 20 show up at the same time! Such a nice round number, too.


Why the rush of new members every day between 25th and 31th May? I’ve got my theory – what’s yours? Look at the names and the dates and the patterns. Are they renewals? If they are fake where did he get the names? Can anyone trace these user-names elsewhere and perhaps find an email address so we can do an audit?

Only 38 of the alleged 216 in May have made a post. And maybe that is a more reliable indication of how many are genuine. I can well understand some joining only to lurk – but 82.5%!

But, for the time being, let’s assume they are genuine. Let’s assume they all pay real Englisch money pounds. And lets tot it up.

Just for the month of May 2007 its £6,480 The tax man will be pleased!

(I welcome corrections and additions to this analysis, itinerary and diary. If anyone can do an analysis of traffic to KT for each day of May that would be useful. Alexa does show a one day spike towards the end of the month but its difficult to tell if that’s 25th, 26th or 27th. On other days when KT anecdotally claimed heavy traffic, Alexa showed otherwise.)

Day of the month & (Number of new members)

1 (2)

2 (2)

3 (2)

4 (4)

5 (1)

6 (1) Sunday

7 (8 )

8 (5)

9 (3)

10 (3)

11 (2) Freddie Shepherd video – DO claims he got “tons of new members” and rivals “must be slitting their wrists today” .

12 (3) Blog gets all-time high number of hits.

13 (4) SUNDAY More national exposure of video

14 (2)

15 (3)

16 (4 ) DO and SMac in La Manga

17 (5)

18 (3)

19 (2)

20 (1) Sunday “leaving for Athens” SMac spotted in Athens with ticket

21 (7 ) SMac on ITN with £600 but no ticket.

22 (4) DO says meeting Jeff. that night and next

23 (8) UEFA Final Day Katie, DO and SMac with Jeffries

24 (7) Katie returns to UK

25 (16)DO “returns” to UK – GG gives KT the boot

26 (12)DO denies GG quit but makes snide remarks

27 (15)Sunday – DO sulks

28 (21)DO attacks TH and GG

29 (27)Blog publishes letter from KT member quitting

30 (20)Blog publishes letter from another KT member quitting

31 (21) Blog publishes this post in the early morning

I have considered the possibility that he was telling the truth the other day when he said this was the busiest time of the year for him – he said the same last year – that he was making bumper signings in May-June and his Alexa traffic stats did spike in 2006, to be fair.

And I wondered if these are renewals and not new members perhaps there is an annual renewal peak at the end of May?

But I’ve just checked back to May and June last year. His new signings were a fraction of what he claims for this May. There was no peak at the end of the month.

In fact, as far as I can see he has NEVER had daily numbers like he claims for 25th to 31th May this year.

And his ALEXA traffic ratings are down about 80% from where they were last year, despite his six computers doing all they can to give them a boost and all the other tricks he uses to maximize them like creating many click traps on his site.

So record low traffic = record high signings? (To be complete he did have that one day spike I mentioned above but even that was 50-60% below last year’s norm).

How about his national exposure on TV and the regional press over the Freddie Shepherd video which drove record numbers to the blog at the time and which, he claimed, drove in “tons of new members” to KopTalk? He had no increase – look at the graph.

The same for the La Manga videos – no increase.

In fact, I’ve checked back to the week he was plastering the net with videos from Montreal and the week he was in Dallas. Again, no increase, even though he got a slight peak in his Alexa traffic ratings for those episodes – mostly from us.

In fact for several days during those stunts he had no signings at all – which might indicate that with four of them on the junket and only Katie back home, nobody was attending to signings. Or it might indicate his videos were turning people off.

I’ve considered the possibility that he got “tons of new members” at the time for the Shepherd video stunt but did not sign them up until the end of the month. But that does not make sense either. Why would he risk losing cash? And if he had taken the cash before signing them up – why risk losing new members by taking their cash but not signing them up for two weeks?

But its a dud theory for another reason. He did not pause to save members for later – he was signing up every day of the month, Sundays included, even when he was supposed to be in La Manga and Athens – even on the day of the UEFA Cup Final he – or somebody – signed up 8.

So is there a connection between his being kicked in the arse by the two owners, the reports on the blog about his loss of members and the sudden increase in his claims for new members? Is it all bravado as he sinks beneath the financial waves? After all he is aware that some members of EST1892 access his new members and comment. Or has a mysterious source of new members sprung up overnight?

Someone suggested that he may be featured on some other site we don’t know about which is featured on News Now. But that doesn’t jive. When he was dominating News Now – with articles every day in the top 3, and 15 out of the top 20 at weekends, attracting 250,000 to 400,000 hits a week, he was not signing up in the kind of numbers he has claimed in the last few days when his traffic is so much less.

Of course there is the possibility he has another site somewhere – selling knickers perhaps – and he is presenting the members there with free membership in KopTalk.

But if you are tempted to discount his income from memberships, remember to add some for the other stuff. But that’s even more ephemeral.

He claims he sent “hundreds to Athens” on charter flights. Let’s assume hundreds in the plural means at least 200. Let’s assume his commission was 5% a seat or a blended £23 that is a total of £4,600

Let’s assume he made £500 profit touting his own ticket and let’s say that in three days of trying in Athens, SMac and Katie bought and sold three other tickets for profits of £300 each for a total profits on touting of £1,400.

There would have been commissions for betting from KopTalk – £200

Google ads adult date-finder etc – £100

That’s another £6,300 is it?


15 Responses to “Koptalk new members are like buses!”

  1. dataimaginary Says:

    I selected a random number of names and did a google search. Normally something shows up but I couldn’t find any KT posts. This of course doesn’t prove anything if they are genuine new members.

    It’s pretty damning that most of them have never posted and that memberships seem to spike when the blog posts its most damning news. Of course dunkin would argue you are driving business to him. Lets track these members and see if they start posting.

  2. Tubby Says:

    http://www.kopta1k.com (with a “1”) is starting to attract more google searches now, numbers are rising nicely.

  3. sawyerinsider Says:

    tubby, nice one.

    Little tip to increase the rankings is to get a link on here with the anchor text “koptalk” – also a general link throughout the site with the anchor text koptalk will add significant relevance for googles algos.

    Koptalk kopta1k

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    But how to explain no increase at all when he is on BBC1 and TV and over the regional Newcastle press about his Shepherd video and we are drawing record hits at the same time because of the video?

    And no increase when he puts videos of La Manga on the UTube

    I’ve also checked back further and there were no increase when he is postings videos every day from Montreal, in fact days with none at all, and the same when he is Dallas, several days with none at all, and no increase before and after.

    If we were to posit it that it is the time of the year for new memberships – he did claim the other day this is the busiest time of the year for him – which is what he also claimed last year – that doesn’t work either. I’ve checked May and June 2006 – when he still had “thousands” of members. The new memberships were a fraction of what they are this May. In fact, he has NEVER had the numbers he is claiming for the last five days of May.

    As a results of these checks I have amended my post.

    I will amend it again if anyone can add light to the figures.

  5. sawyerinsider Says:

    is he advertising on google/yahoo/msn etc?
    If not then the assumption is that these are not real members.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    He did have some ads running on Google about a month ago, but his credits ran out really quickly. There were no significant increases at that time.

  7. Flagpole Corner Says:

    the signups do seem very suspect to me.
    on the subject of advertising. he got an ad in the sheff united programme first game of the season. ripped the thing straight out the proey.

  8. dataimaginary Says:

    If you subscribe through email notification to google news for the club you get KT stories coming through.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve just amended the post to include the statistics for 31st May – he claims another 21 – signing them up from 8.45 am to 11.14 pm
    I guess he’ll get tired of it soon or run out of names.

  10. Loanshub Says:

    Google is the father of every sites these days. so its hard to comment upon its activity now.

  11. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    It should also be mentiond that there were only about 25 new members in April.

  12. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Are these figures from Hansi Rupert? If not i’m sure he would be able to shed alot more light on members etc.

  13. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Rupert have you checked these new members with the ones that ‘entered’ his new KopTalk Championship Competition 2007-08.

    It maybe made up names to fix his little comp

  14. rupertinsider Says:


    Very good point – I was wondering how he was gong to make money from that.

  15. Insider Insider Says:

    “I was wondering how he was going to make money from that.”

    HOW CYNICAL OF YOU! ASSUMING DUNK WOULD BE DOING THIS FOR ANY REASON OTHER THAN TO SEE IF HE COULD MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT! I mean have you even considered for a moment that he might be doing it for genuine reasons?


    This is Dunk.

    My own view on this is that if he adds fake members he increases the chances of actually getting real members to enter – it’s hardly worth entering if nobody else is taking part. He also gets to increase his chances of taking the pot for himself. Finally, and perhaps he’s used this before, he encourages his members to stay. They’ve got to remain members if they want to win, so if they pay, they stay.

    I think if he is being genuine about this, for once, he ought to get someone independent to hold onto the money, perhaps putting it into a high-interest account until next May, which might increase the pot just a little bit.

    Unless I’m mistaken, he’s probably breaking the law on this too. Perhaps someone who has time can look up the gaming commission’s contact details and check Oldham has a licence to run this competition. He’s running it on a UK server too, which means he’s subject to UK gaming laws.

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