Desperate for hits, Koptalk brings back the "Insider" scam

by Rupert Insider


(Photo: The Koptalk “Informer” consulting his sauces)

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

Oldham knew that he had to go through the motions of dumping The Insider. It was fraud. But I told you he would not be able to go straight. He doesn’t know anything else. And it was urgent to have some way of exploiting what could be the biggest transfer rumour season of all time. Its the time of the year he rakes in enough cash from The Insider con to upgrade his Mercedes and give himself other expensive “treats”. But this year he can’t reach all the suckers. The blog got him kicked out of News Now.

So two or three days after dumping The Insider con he’s brought it back. But he won’t admit it. He says its just the Informer whose back – you know the guy who is in touch with Horse. And Horse is the guy who seals the deals at LFC. What I don’t understand is why doesn’t he just say Rick Parry?

So if you pay Oldham £30 – or £20 cash with no questions asked – you get Insider information about what Rick Parry is doing about transfers and where Rafa is and all kinds of other privileged Insider information.

To claim its not The Insider con is like saying the Beatles are not the Beatles but John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Its the same old crap – the Horse crap, I mean. Its warmed over snippets from yesterday’s press, mixed with some ignorant imaginations about how a club might operate (but doesn’t) and the old BB (Brian Bentley) trick of slipping in a totally bogus diary of dates and times.   You know,” Zidane will arrive on Flight IT2345 at 14.05 hours”.

You’ve seen Oldham do it in his own life – the fantasies, the ignorant imagination about what its like to be a Big Cheese, the false itineraries and the schedules he cooks up when he wants to fool his members or the blog as to where he is and what he’s doing.

The Informer is so close to the Horse he know his innermost thoughts. You might say he is up the Horse’s ass. A very intimate position, but one he is willing to risk by passing on what he learns to a guy from Wallsend to sell to strangers.

Don’t you feel a bit sorry for the simple-minded members who log into the grotto and say: “Welcome back Father Christmas. I’ve been a good boy and paid my £30 . Can I have Rafa’s itinerary for the week, a transcript of all confidential discussions between Horse and targets over £10 million and the colour of socks most favoured by Spanish agents. And, Father Christmas, thank you for coming to see me again. I love you”.

If you have one of the ID and Password sent over by the KopTalk Fifth Column, you can go HERE and read it yourself.

If not, here’s a load of the steaming matter direct from the Horse’s ass.

Today at 08:33 AM Re: A few things [Re: barryp]
The Informer The Informer
KopTalk Member

Registered: 14/07/03
Posts: 187
Loc: Liverpool
Craig Bellamys agent has been given permission by the horse to hold talks
with clubs interested in buying him. Blackburn may be favourites to sign him
but Aston Villa are closer to agreeing a transfer fee. No transfer fee has
been agreed with any club yet but the horse has still granted permission for
the players agent to try and find him another club.
Benitez had dinner with Simaos agent earlier this week. You should hear
something about the outcome of those talks by Monday. Benitez will be in
Alzira Spain on Friday before returning to England from nearby Valencia.
Diego Militos agent held talks with Rick a fortnight ago. Barcelona have
also talked. Thats straight from the stable.
Real Zaragoza are interested in buying Sissoko.
Benitez would like to bid for Kakha Kaladze. His agent will be in England
next week (Tues) and the horse would like to arrange a meeting.

The Informer
KopTalk Member

Registered: 14/07/03
Posts: 187
Loc: Liverpool

Originally Posted By: oxheyred

Thanks for the update mate, always good to hear from you. I was hoping you
may have had some news on Eto possibly.
Manchester United have registered a big, big bid. I do not know if thas been
reported in England yet but they have made him a top target.
Between 10 and 17 June his agent will meet with Barcelona officials and a
decision will be made around then about his future.

#183706 – Today at 08:33 AM Re: A few things [Re: barryp]
The Informer The Informer
KopTalk Member

Registered: 14/07/03
Posts: 187
Loc: Liverpool

Originally Posted By: barryp

anyhting on Tevez?
As I understand things Rick is trawling through various paperwork relating
to ownership. This is nothing to worry about. Benitez likes him and would
like to add him to the squad but at 30,000,000 EURO there could be a problem
unless Benitez sells two.

#183715 – Today at 08:37 AM Re: A few things [Re: pjwy]
The Informer The Informer
KopTalk Member

Registered: 14/07/03
Posts: 187
Loc: Liverpool

Originally Posted By: pjwy

We have to sell to buy?
To finance a top tier signing like Tevez or Eto’o you have to consider the
wage bill and not just the fees involved.

Informer 2
#183684 – Today at 08:23 AM Re: how much does rafa have to spend [Re:
The Informer The Informer
KopTalk Member

Registered: 14/07/03
Posts: 187
Loc: Liverpool
Funds have moved this week for two players. There will be further activity
within six or seven days.
Informer 3
#183712 – Today at 08:36 AM Re: Newcastle Evening News Re Baines [Re:
The Informer The Informer
KopTalk Member

Registered: 14/07/03
Posts: 187
Loc: Liverpool
Baines is not first choice.


23 Responses to “Desperate for hits, Koptalk brings back the "Insider" scam”

  1. dataimaginary Says:

    utter bollocks, the news about the mancs talking to Eto was in all the sunday papers, most of the other stuff you could have picked up from the press or other websites the last week.

    One question that bugs me is this. Lets get on the plane to fantasy Island with Dunkin for a moment, lets pretend the Insider is a real person and not a morsel of undigested kebab.

    What’s in it for Mr Insider, this passing on of “inside” information? Is dunk paying him, and if so how much? Surely the club should be told that a treacherous employee is selling confidential information about transfer negotiations to people who pay for it on the Internet. We need to find this rat and cut his tail off. He’s damaging our club.

    Again lets pretend Mr Insider is real – even though we all know he isn’t – Dunkin, KT and the idiots who pay for this stuff are undermining the club by blowing secret and vital negotiations about future signings all over the Internet. How does this square with Dunkin’s professed statements about not doing anything to damage the club?

    Surely loyal liverpool fans on KT need to raise these issues with Dunkin?

  2. dataimaginary Says:

    So Mr insider/dunkin, “Villa are closer to signing Bellamy”, yet again Dunkin caught out by the news:

    Bellamy fee puts Villa bid on hold
    Thu 31 May, 02:30 PM
    Aston Villa boss Martin O’Neill is cooling his interest in Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy after learning he would cost between £10-12million.Bellamy could become surplus to requirements at Anfield after just one season with the Merseysiders and he was only a substitute for the Champions League final.

    O’Neill worked successfully with Bellamy during a loan spell at Celtic two years ago but is not prepared to pay significantly over the odds for the Wales international.

    He will instead seek better value for money elsewhere unless the Reds drop their price.…a-bid-hold.html

  3. dataimaginary Says:

    can’t logon to that mate, can you summarise…

  4. dataimaginary Says:

    From the front of KT, more made-up shite used to bash parry:

    “LIVERPOOL TRANSFER OFF: Just when everything started to sound more positive bang comes along news that chief executive Rick Parry has pulled out of a move for one of Rafa’s most wanted.”

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Can I put out a general appeal:

    if anyone sees a claim by Oldham like the one in the previous post, by datatimaginary, in whatever format Oldham uses even if he does not sign it or if he says its from the Informer – about Parry messing up on deals or anything like that, or any claim to have “inside” information, please make a screen shot and after testing that it does open and work, please send it to me.

    You can make a screenshot very easily this way:

    1. Close any tool bars or other stuff that reveals your computer
    1(a) Use Alt + print screen and you will only get the active window, not the other stuff on your screen.

    2. Center the rest of the material in the screen,

    3. Press the “print screen” key. or Alt + print screen to get only the active window

    4. Go to Programs

    5. Go to Accessories

    6 Go to Paint

    7. Hold CTRL and V at the same time

    8. The screen shot should appear. Then SAVE AS: but first pick a file where you want to save it. Give it a name. Also select the file format on the bottom window. It must be one of these: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt only.

    Then do it.

    9. The file will appear where you sent it – possibly your desktop. Send the screenshot as an attached file to me.
    and thanks.

  6. dataimaginary Says:

    I guess you already got that one Rupe, if not i can mail it you.

  7. rupertinsider Says:


    could you mail it? thanks

  8. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Use Alt + prtint screen and you will only get the active window, not the other stuff on your screen.

  9. An Observer Says:

    Still got the window open from that thread on RAWK which seems to have been deleted now, goes like this

    Parry pulls out of a move for one of Rafa’s most wanted?
    It’s on the first page of , don’t know what this means and I can’t access it because I’m not a member (but will be as of next month), what happened? Huh
    koptalk is so, so bad for so many reasons. Don’t do it mate
    Cheers for the heads up, that bad ay?
    This will tell you all you need to know about kraptalk
    The creator of Koptalk is the most annoying little shit since Mr. Hankey.
    haha kraptalk. don’t believe a word of it mate, you’d be better of buying the daily star
    Thanks guys, never heard of it until a friend showed me it. Won’t join up. You may aswell close / delete this thread mods.
    it was just talking about Bascombe’s article abt the £30m price tag slapped on Tevez, and why Liverpool won’t pay that much for him…..

    Koptalk is crap….I am a member until my sub expires in a few weeks…..don’t do it!

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    There was a bit more. The last comment I read sometime ago was something like “I can’t believe that guy is still arounf suckering people”.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    koptalk outsider

    Thanks that helps. I’ve edited my comment. Can you explain what I was doing wrong?

    I made a screen shot of the members for 29th which I posted in the article.

    Then I tried to make screenshots for previous days (someone has now sent me them so I don’t need them).

    Everything went as planned , but when i saved what was in Paint – the new page – all I got was a file of the first page I had already saved. I did it several times with the same result.

    Also, if you look at that screen shot in the post, its not easy to read, not as clear as the original and its hard to get a full lin of text n the viewer. Ive noticed the same in screenshtos etn by some readers. But othes send me excellent quality.

    So how do I get the excellent variety?

    is it the format – I selected jpg.

    Is it something to do with adjusting the pixel count or something like that?

  12. dataimaginary Says:

    jpg give you the option of saving at high, medium or low quality. As long as they are saved at high or medium and have a screen resolution of no less than 72 dpi you should be fine.

    I don’t use paintshop i use photoshop but the principle should be the same.

  13. Insider Insider Says:

    Talking of screenshots – here’s some old ones from last summer I’ve just found. Note the threats….

  14. dataimaginary Says:

    Classic oldham making out that he has access to higher management at the club who he can influence, whilst simultaneously playing the rebel card.

  15. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    I don’t know what you did wrong to get the same picture each time. Maybe you should close Paint between each? Anyway, quality could be because Paint is a crap program. Try to download another one. There are several free that are far better.

  16. Andy Says:

    In one of those screenshots, Oldham describes Professor Tom Cannon as “independent”. How can he know so little about football after all this time?

  17. spsdjone Says:

    “be careful because my book’s out this season” aah, that old chestnut! How dare them suits try and stop freedom of expression. dunk executive editor/editor/writer/die hard fan/owner/fat twat may yet get the book out again this summer if things dont go his way!!

  18. Flagpole Corner Says:

    my hatred for that man grows by every cheap trick he does. i wonder if he’ll get fed up of his scams being exposed and fuck off into his hut to conjure up rumours and sell em to the s*n.

  19. Integral Says:

    Tubby, that add-on is just awsome, just what I need (dont have KT access anymore mind..). Thanks

  20. Who care Says:

    WTF is that picture? disgusting Why hasn’t anybody else wondered the same thing. seriously guys seriously

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