Where's Uncle Tom's picture gone?

by Rupert Insider


(Photo: Editor of kopfootball.com)

Yesterday, Oldham read our remarks about his disappearing website kopfootball.com which is based on a domain name stolen from the two owners. Last time we looked it was slowly sinking into a Lousiana swamp. So he dragged it out yesterday.

But the picture of Charlotte, the 14 year old editor, was gone. And all his her promises were gone – about how it was going to be about the new stadium and how it would be a channel for LFC fans to communicate directly with the two owners – better than the Official Site, he she said, which would “filter” their words.

Maybe its because her Dad contradicted her yesterday when he said that GG and TH should keep their mouths shut and talk only to the Official Site and the Liverpool Echo!

Whatever the reason he she has now labelled it as a site about “News Relating to Tom Hicks and George Gillett”.

That sounds a bit ominous, doesn’t it, given all the negative press cuttings and rants about the two “bigmouths” that her Dad has been pasting over his site in the last few days?

Even more scary, the photo of Oldham and MacNeish with Tom Hicks has gone. You know, the one taken after their two-hour summit in Dallas to discuss Oldham’s criticism of the “muppet” Parry who runs LFC like “a joke” and at which meeting Tom Hicks asked Oldham, personally, to find a new CEO for LFC.

Do you think Uncle Tom and Oldham may not be “just like family” anymore?

The plain Communist red makes the new design look like a lavatory wall in the Kremlin.


You watch, though, I bet he’ll change it now just to spite me. Have you noticed how the blog has been setting Oldham’s agenda lately?

Friday evening we published news of GG giving KopTalk the boot. That set Oldham flapping for the next three days.

We analysed his Insider fraud of nine years duration. Insider, Oldham replied, I’ve just cancelled that – it was a zoo.

We had made a remark about the Informer being Oldham in disguise, so he brought him back – kinda like Insider Part 2.

Then we analysed the fraud that was his supposed book. Book? Oh yes, well, I’ve just cancelled that, too.

Then we looked at his long campaign against Rick Parry. Rick? You mean my best friend Rick – and he penned a paean of praise to Rick.

I mentioned his fart button in Koptalk Kreepy Kiddies Korner – and to prove that piece got under his skin he brought the fart button back and placed it front and centre as a banner on his front, public page

We published letters from people leaving his site, so he published a long list of “new members”. But that’s worthy of a separate post.

What should I cause him to do next?


5 Responses to “Where's Uncle Tom's picture gone?”

  1. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    At least you have an avid reader in Dunkin’ 😀

  2. Flagpole Corner Says:

    i’m lost for word apart from prick, prick, prick, prick fat geordie s*n-loving prick.

    how the fuck he hasn’t been shut down is a mystery to me. i hope that one day he’s pulled up on some things (fake memorabilia, etc) and he’s banged up so he can’t run any more keyboard scams. the cunt.

    good work rupert lad, keep it up

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    I mentioned his fart button in Koptalk Kreepy Kiddies Korner – and to prove that piece got under his skin he’s brought the fart button back and placed it front and centre as a banner on his front, public page

    what shall I cause him to do next?

  4. Yorkie Says:

    Thats some arse for a chin his daughter has got. She’s certainly inherited his bottom of the gene pool looks.

    Surely there should be some law against fat useless fucks like fatso being allowed to bring kids into the world?. Its a form of kiddy cruelty. Which he probably likes..

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    I asked what should I cause to do him next, but I had already done it. After I published the bit about him putting the fart button back on his front page, he took it off – as far as I can see.

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