Another Red shakes the Koptalk dust from his shoes.

by Rupert Insider


I got this letter today from a long standing member of KopTalk who has had enough. I print it with his permission.

And another has written asking for advice on how to leave KopTalk most effectively – what message he should post or whatever. Any ideas?

Hi Rupert

have been following the blog for a while now and avoiding Koptalk since i read up on all the stuff.

like many others i fell for most of the stories and rumours. i initially joined in 2002 on a lifetime membership and lurked, enjoying the banter and occasional mega threads on rumours and riddles.

in 2006 i suddenly could not login and raised a call and was told that all lifetime memberships were canceled unless i could recover all the information from 4 years previously (guess what, i hadn’t thought to keep that). so being a trusting soul i paid for another year (wish i hadn’t). i actually removed the auto-renewal at the time as that looked a bit odd.

I noticed a drop of decent posters but didn’t really think much of it. the site became a quieter place and i started to look around for other sites. i found ESt1892 and found a thread on there that pointed at the blog.

the purpose of this is to give you my user name XXXXXX and password XXXXXXX

this is still valid as i logged in to see if it still works – it made me feel
dirty though

hope this helps and keep up the good work


18 Responses to “Another Red shakes the Koptalk dust from his shoes.”

  1. Says:

    So another use donates his uname and pword to the blog. I bet there are more undercover bloggers on there than real members. Oh dear Dunk.

  2. DAVE the BRAVE Says:

    Next month a load of memberships are up for renewal aren’t they? Will be interesting to see what happens. I reckon there will be a few lemmings! 😀

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    And another has written asking for advice on how to leave KopTalk most effectively – what message he should post or whatever. Any ideas?

  4. Jagz Says:

    He should make numerous threads advertising this site in every section at time KT is usually busy

  5. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Any leaving thread needs a good title ……. like VIDEO OF HENRY WALKING OUT OF ANFIELD……………………. then BHAM!!! hit them with the URL of the blog in giant letters, or try the subtle approach with a clickable link that leads to the blog

  6. Come Insider Says:

    HA HA what about a post about

    VIDEO OF DUNK MEETING BENITEZ AND PARRY FOR HEART TO HEART…then the blog address in big letters…hey hasn’t that already happened according to Dunk 🙂 ?

    or spam every thread with the blog’s url????

  7. dataimaginary Says:

    Ask him where the video of him with Steve Mac

  8. Insider Insider Says:

    Users who want a bit of fun should point their avatars to some space outside of Koptalk. But it needs to be space where you can amend the contents.

    You can do this with photobucket for example, but not with imageshack AFAIK.

    For now, your avatar should contain an innocent image, say of Kenny Dalglish or Homer Simpson or whatever.

    Before you leave, make sure to post in as many forums as possible, even if it’s just one-liners like “I agree” or “That’s awful”.

    When you’ve left, amend the image on Photobucket. Now, instead of an innocent image, try putting in an image that shows the URL of this blog.

    You can also do similar things with images you post in threads on Koptalk. For now yes, post a funny pic of a fat man eating his own legs or something. But when you’ve left, replace the image (on Photobucket) with an image of a fat man eating his website.

  9. Flagpole Corner Says:

    another member disowns fat dunk. give it time and the place will be just him and steve

  10. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Thats a quality idea II

    next on Dunks ‘Not allowed’ list?! ……….. Avatars

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    Slightly off topic for this thread. But Oldham’s suggestion that the owners should talk to the Echo is a bit ironic given that Chris Bascombe today gives a quite different slant on the Rafa-Parry relationship on the one hand and the owners on the other.

    He cites Rafa as saying that he and Parry worked very hard together on Friday to secure the two Hungarian youngsters (while Oldham was slashing the club for the next two days) and the owners have agreed to changes in “the structure of the club” so that they can all work together efficiently and Rafa is happy.

    Watch Oldham change his tune again as his “Insider” information catches up with Chris Bascombe and the ECHO

  12. dataimaginary Says:

    Yeah, I noticed that rupert, Dunkin left high and dry yet again.

  13. Paul.S Says:

    Are you seriously telling me that dunks software allows you to host an external Avatar and link to it?

    If so, find yourself some webspace, place your avatar there, and then password protect the folder.
    Everytime someone opens that page with your avatar, they’ll be bugged with a username/password… the only way to find out which one is doing it would be to search through the thread checking each avatar URL independantly.

    I remember this happened to AF before, back when he was a member and we first starting hosting some sites, he had his avatar on our webspace and I password protected it to do some work and it ground the KT forums to a halt 😉

  14. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    If you use a picture of 1 x 1 pixel and flood the forum with posts with this picture, then change it to something else, such as a link to the blog. He’ll have a job cleaning up. Unfortunately there are so few online nowadays that not many will see it before he closes the forum to clean.

  15. MrMichael Says:

    Leaving posts are tricky things. Over the last year nuff people have done their own take on it (most of those posts are archived in the Kt section of Est), but most of them have lasted for seconds rather than minutes even. I do remember a couple of people who prepared in multiple tabs and posted simultaneously everywhere, but I believe D*nk and his minions still managed to clear it up very quickly – they’ve certainly had enough practice 🙂

    Something I noticed a while back – when I was locked out the first time (before banning myself) I was still able to change my sig. Normally that wouldn’t do anything, but I’d previously made loads of posts in a particular sticky thread, one that had been up long enough and in a semi-obscure placer (the pc forum). The subtle messages I was then putting in my sig were there permanently…. or at least until I got finally removed from the db. Posts lots in some obscure sticky threads then a clever message in a sig is a subtle yet perhaps more effective way of getting over to members than a “suicide” post.

    Messing with externally hosted avatars and images is clever, though he’ll be watching for it like a hawk since its been suggested here. I wouldn’t be suprised if he fiddles with the code very soon to prevent it.

  16. Come Insider Says:

    IF HE DELETES A USER THAT USER’S ACCOUNT WILL SHOW UP AN ERROR IN ANY AVATARS. oops caps off….the avatar will appear with the white square and the red x so it wouldn’t work. He would then just take his time removing the posts

  17. dataimaginary Says:

    Good points mrMichael,
    perhaps we should have a secret forum for suggesting things like this – we don’t want fatty to know what’s in store for him after-all do we?

    And dunkin, just to let you know, it hasn’t even started yet.

  18. DAVE the BRAVE Says:

    I think it needs a coordinated effort. Everyone should arrange to leave on a particular day at an approximate time, open multiple tabs for the different forums/threads in their browsers and all post at the predefined time (perhaps 3-5 minutes apart). Even if 10 people do that simultaneously it’s bound to get the message across to at least a few people.

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