"Bigfooty" makes Oldham squirm about why he is suddenly negative on George Gillett and Tom Hicks

by Rupert Insider


The KopTalk member Bigfooty can hardly be described as a blogger after his marathon criticisms of us here over the weekend and his loyal defence of Oldham. So its refreshing to see him leading the cross-examination today of Oldham’s new policy of using “negative” articles about Tom Hicks and George Gillett to rant about them in his so-called “editorials”.

It all started last week. Oldham suddenly began to steal negative articles from the USA press about Tom Hicks. Nothing to do with LFC, mind.  Somebody asked why. No particular reason, he replied, other than it was his duty as the “editor” of the “No.1 LFC site” to air all points of view (except any critical of him and his site).

He didn’t mention that Tom Hick’s office is on his case for all the lies he told about their meeting in Dallas and for squatting on eight domains of their UK holding company – Kop Football Ltd

Then on Friday – Oldham started the negative stuff on George Gillett, too. It happened minutes after George had his office cancel any so-called membership he had in KopTalk, if he had one.

Oldham went into a flap and removed all links to his front page feature Kop Football – which contained all links to the US and Canadian sports franchises of the two owners – you know those that he said would be the the basis of his new international empire patronized by his new owner friends who were “almost like family”.

Still steaming from George’s rejection, he grubbed around in the US press and found an article that he said was critical of George Gillett. He stole it for his site and then made it the basis of a hypocritical “editorial” about how Rafa was right to be suspicious of the two owners and how “we supporters” should back Rafa against them. It was a classic Oldham anti-LFC rant. Full of distortions about what Rafa had said.

Actually the negative article he used as the basis for this attack was written by a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers who was using press reports of Rafa’s statements about needing money for transfers to mock the Montreal Canadians – a rival team in the NHL.

He was arguing that the Montreal Canadiens would now have to compete with LFC for Gillett’s money and they’d get nowhere in the NHL.

He made the point that George had bought the Canadiens for a knock-down price and had made lots of money from the franchise.

He missed the point that he was able to do that because the Canadiens had already fallen very low from the heights of the 1970’s and 1980’s when they were the most winning team in all sport, just ahead of the Boston Celtics.

George was able to buy the franchise because its corporate owners – a brewery – did not want to put any more money into it.

The article was in the same tone as an LFC supporter might use writing about Chelsea’s finances or Man Utd’s.

But all of this was over Oldham’s head. He just wanted something negative to get back at Gillett for making a fool of him by letting the blog know he had cancelled his so- called membership.

It’s rumbled on. Its frightening how some of his cultees shift and turn with every change in their leader’s moods. But some of the members put their heads above the trench to risk a banning by asking him awkward questions. And they’re not all  bloggers in the fifth column.

Read below how Bigfooty took him on and, through is cross-examination, exposed Oldham’s contradictions.

As you will see, Oldham is already regretting his rant against the owners and is trying to back track.

He is also trying to be a good boy lately. His survival instincts are telling him he is deep in the doo-doo.

So he’s confessed nine years of The Insider was the fake (but continues to lie about having “Insider” information). He has confessed that there is no book (but claims he might do one as a last spiteful gesture on his way out). Today, under pressure from BigFooty he confessed that kopfootball.com, the site about the stadium, does not exist (but he will be do it when he has time if the Pope will release him from his committment to charitable works).

Let the transcript speak for itself:

Rangers should trade Teixeira (Hicks)
May 30
DallasNews.com (30 May 2007)

Tom Hicks always wanted to compete with George Steinbrenner, and now he has
found a way.

Hicks’ Rangers are closer to first place than Steinbrenner’s Yankees. But
only the Kansas City Royals keep the Rangers from owning major league
baseball’s worst record.


Is Hicks Hitting Fans Below The Belt?
May 29

What¹s your take on Tom Hicks taking a swipe at Rangers fans, saying they
don¹t measure up to his Liverpool soccer fans?

NEW DAWG: Give it five or seven years. The fans in Liverpool will be howling
about Tom Hicks the way DFW fans are now.

BUCK: I say the bloke needs to get a bloody grip. Rangers fans deserve
better, or at the very least a modicum of fairness. All Rangers fans want is
an entertaining team that has expectations to win someday.
May 30
KopTalk Member
Is it just me or has it all gone anti-Hicks and Gillett inthe last few days
around here? What gives?
May 30
These are U.S. based newspapers/media sources, LFC fans have no control over
their tones
I’m sure the rosey stuff will return soon
Anyway Tom’s been bigging us up it would seem
KopTalk Member
May 30
Quote: “Is it just me or has it all gone anti-Hicks and Gillett inthe last
few days around here? What gives?”
I get that impression too, with the links to the other “franchises”
disappearing from Koptalk front page aswell.

May 30
They’ll be returning. We’ve just started re-designing the site for next
season and are moving things around. I’ve also taken off the LFC logo and
re-added a 120×600 advertising banner down the side to maximise ad revenue
during a busy period of the year. Down the left side is the addition of new
Tom and George links instead.

Don’t let the conspiracies play with your mind
May 30
KopTalk Member
The wording of Kopfootball.com has changed considerably though, it seems
like that site is going to be dedicated to keeping a record of all the news
relating to Hicks & Gillett personally rather than what it was initially
announced for – to provide their “people” with uncensored access to the
views of LFC fans.

A lot of your comments over the past couple of days Dunk have centered
around the negative aspects of Hicks n Gillett. It seems like you’ve done a
complete 180 on them from being George n Tom the great lads from the U S of
A to being 5 minutes away from the worst thing that ever happened to LFC.
I’m not saying that you’re wrong in this, because the Rangers have been
pretty poor in baseball for some time and look to be going nowhere of late.
This is worrying. But why the change of heart?
May 30
A lot of my words haven’t been negative at all. To the contrary, I’ve been
telling people to keep the faith. Take a look at my posts. I’ve been saying
everything will be fine. My only criticism has been the amount of chit chat
to the media which I think is fair.

I have no input or control over what U.S-based and Canadian-based
journalists and media sources have to say about either men nor did I prompt
Rafa to start the UK-based negativity. All we do is source articles be they
positive or negative. We added one last night about GG and his involvement
in motor racing which wasn’t negative. I’m desperate to see some rosey
articles to try and nip the negativity but I’m not about to start censoring
news articles purely because they’ve come under a little stick Stateside.
That would be wrong.

With regards kopfootball.com, if I get time it will do what I intended it to
do but right now koptalk has to remain my priority and as from yesterday we
started on a site ! redesign for next season.

I also haven’t had time to start dedicated coverage of the new stadium site
(despite hundreds of photos and dozens of videos obtaiend recently) but that
doesn’t mean that I oppose the new stadium. It’s just a lack of time and
following the cup final defeat, I’m not really feeling up to new projects.
Over the summer I’m sure this will change.

However, if I get time, I will continue with my original plans. The holding
page is just that, a holding page, I couldn’t find the original one when you
pointed out the site had been “closed” (which it hadn’t) so I quickly banged
one up. Again, if I had some time I could make it look more prettier but
since returning to England I haven’t stopped with all the transfer stuff and
if you look back over the news dates you will see the sudden increase in
articles because of this reason.

It’s funny because when we were adding positive items we had been “bought”,
now we’re adding negative ! items we’re against them.

My only responsibility is to our members and it is up to them to judge
international or national media news articles about the owners. Because an
articles is included doesn’t mean I support a particular view just like it
doesn’t mean I may oppose it – it’s not really my call.

In terms of editorials I believe I’ve done 1 highly positive (right men for
the job) and 1 a little negative (based on Rafa’s recent outburst). I don’t
try to balance my views because that would be wrong. I speak/write how I
feel and based on the editorials they are certainly more supportive.

It is the busiest time of the year for me/us so everything else has to
remain on hold/standby until I have some free time
Re: Gillett gets a free pass with Habs [Re: Gandalf50]
May 29
10:20 AM
Well I add every new article I find. It’s strange how they’ve all gone
negative. We could do with a decent one to lift the mood a little
11:52 AM
I’ve only been negative since Rafa kicked off. The articles I include on the
site are not picked randomly or selected to favour or criticise. As soon as
I spot any articles, positive or negative, I include them for you guys to
chew things over.

Personally I can’t see how they can back out of anything. Hicks was very
positive when we met him. He was proud about his new stadium plans and
especially the Kop. It was encouraging. The bits I didn’t touch on that much
were things like the obvious desire from his people to make money. It was
also clear that they thought the club had been run as a joke because of the
smirks when Parry’s name was brought up by key individuals. It’s not helpful
if I publish everything I felt etc.

They get my backing but if Rafa speaks out he needs all of our support. He
spoke out so that we the fans don’t allow people to be complacent. After
all, he’s rejected Real Madrid several times. He’s been loyal to us so we
must be l! oyal to him.

What I find strange is why none of the U.S. and Canadien reports were
negative say last year. It’s as if they’re all having a pop i.e. footy,
baseball, ice hockey. Maybe they’ve got little else to talk about?

I’m sure we’ll be ok and I’d urge everyone not to get too negative because
it’s early days. Rafa’s gone to ground which is good, he’s woke them up and
now they must deliver.

My only criticism is that they talk too much. This is maybe a little naivety
on their part but wouldn’t you think Parry and co would say “Avoid the

Fingers crossed


9 Responses to “"Bigfooty" makes Oldham squirm about why he is suddenly negative on George Gillett and Tom Hicks”

  1. lfc_michael Says:

    Breathtaking. He gets full marks for bullshit, anyway.

    If bigfooty is still reading this, I’d say ‘well done’ to him for asking one of the questions we raised when he was debating here with us. He’s obviously approaching the matter with a more open mind than I thought. I just hope he sees Oldham’s wriggling in response for what it is.

  2. dataimaginary Says:

    I’d like to see bigfooty ask him where the Macca and Mike Jeffries video is, any shots or video that prove Dunkin was in Athens would be nice too.

  3. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    “Take a look at my posts.”

    We would Dunk, but you have made only the last 24 hours searchable. Rendering the search feature useless.

  4. amused Says:


    Having followed the debate between you and the blog without commenting, first off, I’d like to say well done for taking a step back and trying to see things from a different perspective (i.e. asking the questions suggested).

    I don’t know what you think of Dunk’s answer – my perspective is that he is trying to waffle his way out of being seen to do a total U-turn – but whichever way, that’s only a small part of the overall picture.

    Assuming it is just a U-turn, (which was because GG cancelled, which in turn was because he didnt want to be linked to KT, which in turn was because he sees KT as dodgy or whatever), that in itself wouldn’t be the end of the world. Opinions change, people fall out and have pops at each other, expecially on the Internet.

    Now try applying your same approach (well thought-out questions with pertinent follow-ups) about some of the far more serious issues: probably the top two would (i) be his refusal to boycott the S*n, and (ii) proof that all the charity money he has collected went to the intended recipient(s).

    See if you get the same type of response from Oldham.

  5. jonas Says:

    I thought his daughter was the editor of Kopfootball?

    So why does he need to sort things out when he has time?

  6. Johnnyk Says:

    What a deranged man dunk is.Talking about key indivuals and Parry’s name being smirked at by Hicks is madness.The sooner the club release a statement the better.He is poison.
    It maddens me to see this parasite related to our club.

  7. bigfooty Says:

    I asked the question because I felt there may be something more to it than simply GG cancelling his membership. There’s a rumour sprung up that Rafa is resigning on Monday and whilst this is probably complete rubbish not even the blog can question the fact that since Rafa’s outburst last week the mood towards the new owners appears to have significantly changed – across the board.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    So I gave you too much credit? You do sound like a cultee don’t you?

    Wheres’ your proof that “since Rafa’s outburst last week the mood towards the new owners appears to have significantly changed – across the board”. In the Kooky world of the Koptalk Konman, perhaps, and only for those members who are not in the Fifth Column. But all you cultees will do an about turn when der lider tells you to. He will have read the Echo yesterday and will be adjusting today. He’s always last with the news.

    But its getting harder for him to twist and turn.

    He’s anathema to Parry and everyone else at LFC and to the new owners (and the old owners). One of these days you will have to make a decision – is your loyalty to LFC or the Wallsend blagger.

    Just because you paid him 30 quid does not mean you have to hang around him. You can always ask for a refund of your balance and use the PayPal refund procedure if he does not give it. If you chose the latter you could tell PayPal “he offers no proof” or “he’s full of bullshit” or whatever else applies. They don’t read it anyway – they’ll just give your 30 quid.

    Rafa to resign ? Are you reduced to that?

  9. bigfooty Says:

    I’m just saying what I’ve seen on forums OTHER than koptalk. In fact I first read this resignation rumour on EST1892, a site with pretty strong links to this one. So perhaps you should have a word with their cult leader?

    Now it’s been dismissed as crap but there is a lot of discussion about Man Utd signing their trio of players for close to 40M whilst we’re still messing around signing 16 and 17 yrd old Europeans on cheap deals, or unproven South Americans for peanuts by comparison to what Utd are paying.

    You can’t deny Rafa’s outburst last week about how things run at the club was quite revealing; he’s obviously not content. I’m pretty certain he’d walk if we mess up this transfer window and miss out on his targets because we dilly dally with the bidding. That’s not to say I’m Rafa’s biggest fan – far from it in fact as I’m completely bemused by his handling of certain players (Crouch for example).

    I know there have been more positive noises in the last 24hrs but let’s wait and see.

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