"Koptalk Insider was a zoo": Oldham finally confesses

by Rupert Insider


Thanks to the fifth column on KopTalk, I found another bunch of Oldham’s Freudian slips in my email in-tray yesterday taken from KT threads that were closed when the discussion encroached on his comfort zone.

It’s not that anyone was rude or distasteful – I mean they’re not bloggers over there, are they? Its just that he can’t tell anymore which one of them is playing with him. And some of them are.

I was particularly interested in his confession that The Insider was a fake. Well he said it was a zoo, to be exact. He didn’t want it any more. He wanted a mature site run by teenage relatives who are unwaged and rely on him for candy and other treats – Moderators and Senior Administrative staff like these:


I’m not going to go over every word of it – I mean its not the Bible is it? You can read it for yourself. I’m more interested in getting to the guts of his confession.

Why has he decided to admit that the central pillar of his website since 1998, the feature that distinguished it from honest sites, his biggest earner – is a fake? Has he got religion?

Here are the screen shots and thanks to you-know-who for sending them.


There are several reasons he is in reverse gear:

1. He doesn’t have any Insider information, never has had. But he’s too lazy now to go through the pretence.

2. The Insider confidence trick depended on a large number of bright, passionate people hoping that it might be true to the extent that they joined in the guessing game about the authenticity of Oldham various aliases – the Informer, the Wallet, the Anfield Mole, Horse – and his Biggest Lie of All:


But they’ve all left. And all he’s got is his empty-headed teenage relatives and a few old lags who themselves are tired of the Insider con. More than a thousands have left KopTalk in the last year. He says he’s banned a few troublemakers. Thats’ true. They were causing trouble for him by exposing his con and asking awkward questions. But its stretching the meaning of the English language to refer to more than a thousand as “a few”. He’s lost 80%

3. He has been advised by people more intelligent than he, that his claim to be an Insider with Inside information is a serious fraud. He has taken in scores, possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds, on the basis of a cynical lie.

And it was not accidental – not something that got out of control. From the very beginning, even before he joined Colin Seaman to develop KopTalk, he had made it clear on a Usenet group that he was not interested in hard news about sport, but gossip and rumour. That’s were the hits were, that’s were the money was. And the beauty of it was you did not need a news source – all you needed was the ability to lie and make it up, a web site and enough intelligent, articulate visitors to take it and run with it.

His hero and role model was Brian Bentley (BB) the used-car salesman from Birkenhead who overnight became an internet celebrity on TeamTalk for his outrageous Inside information about the flight number and time of arrival of Zidane’s flight and the precise houses in Southport the club was picking out for him.

Oldham admired BB’s ability to create controversy that drew hits. When BB was given the boot by TeamTalk, Oldham met with him to compare notes and and tried to persuade him to become a colunmist on KopTalk. But he failed to attract even a loveable rogue like BB. So Oldham tried to copy his style – and its not rocket science. All you need is a brass neck and no conscience about lying for money to people who have a passionate interest in a football club.

KopTalk had some form of paid Insider service from its launch. There were premium rate telephones, and the VIP thing, and the silver club and the gold club and all kinds of other levels and ranks. And there was the book “Anfield Exposed” which was supposed to be the Insider in hard copy. All those ways of selling false information.

The central con for nine years was that for X money you could be part of an elite which was constantly fed with privileged information by owners, directors, executives, players, cleaning ladies, painters, secretaries, gate men and leading journalists who would risk their reputations and their careers and put their club in jeapardy in order to satisfy the idle curiosioty of a few hundred anonmyous people whom they would never meet. And they would provide this service, not for money, but so that Oldham could make money. They had a mysterious need to show him more loyalty than they showed the club.

It was crazy con that relied on the notion that LFC was riddled with informers who had a compulsive need to please the former office cleaner and security guard from Yorksire.

No wonder people are angry when they emerge from KopTalk and for years after – not only that they allowed their passion to rule their heads, but that they fell for a cynical trap set by a work-shy con man.

And that’s why Oldham’s site did it and other sites didn’t. Because Oldham was not an LFC fan. He could care less about LFC and LFC supporters. He emerged from a background of cons and lies and dodgy deals on the internet using false aliases – as this blog has documented HERE.

So is it really the end of the Insider? Has KopTalk really turned honest?

Can a leopard change its spots?

He’s trying to put a distance between the serious fraud he conducted on tens of thousands of people for over nine years by blaming it on “former banned members” – the denizens of Est 1892 to be exact – those pesky critics who still get under his skin. But that does not mean that he will stop pretending to have Inside informaton – its what he does, it’s his life – there’s a new sucker every day.

Now he claims to be associated with L4 and the Kraft family and Steve Morgan and a director at LFC.

And we have just witnessed the peak of his career as a con man. He become the friend “almost like family” of the two new owners of LFC. They confided in him and asked his advice on how to get rid of Oldham’s enemies the “suits” at LFC. That’s what he said, that was the con.

Too bad for him that the con did not last long. In the past it would have run for years. How many people would he have conned – how much money would he have taken how much misinformation and stress would he have caused LFC if the blog had not busted that con open?

But even today there are members on KopTalk who wanted it to be true who are miffed that the blog took away their elite status as the apostles of the man who was friend and confidant of the owners.

But there is a consolation prize for them. Oldham has brought back his old aliases the Informer and the Wallet. So they can all postpone reality for a couple of months.

And as usual, every day, whether he is in mock-Greece, or his new property in mock-Paradise Island or his cottage in mock-New York or just plain old Wallsend, he continues to  pretend that he knows when its “quiet at Anfield” and “Rafa and Parry are working as normal” or that Owen is coming or Bale or whoever.  He does it for money.  And its easy money.   It only takes a scan of the forums of the honest sites to see what interest LFC supporters and what they know, or a quick peek at the S*n, the Ofificial Site or the Liverpool Echo, and then a few minutes  at the keyboard dropping one of his “time bombs” before “lighting the fuse and walking away”.


5 Responses to “"Koptalk Insider was a zoo": Oldham finally confesses”

  1. dataimaginary Says:

    The “I’m closing this thread” is a classic Dunc comment. What a creep.

  2. dataimaginary Says:

    Funny how he’s actually re-jigging the site in line with “Tom’s manifesto” – for which he of course banned Tom…..all he has to do now is follow Tom’s final recommendations and make it a free site and stand down.

    Nice to see that Dunk actually listens to his members even the banned ones…..

  3. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Can’t see that KT is in line with any of the points, except maybe iv).

  4. Andy Says:

    Oldham is now trotting out the old “they’re attacking my family” crap again, this time to explain the non-appearance of his non-existent Anfield Exposed book.

    He’s claiming his wife has received prank calls at work. It’s clear his wife saw through him years ago. They’re separated and he doesn’t have custody of his kids. So why on earth would his “rivals” target her? And how would they be able to find out where she works in the first place? Yet more cynical, ludicrous bullshit.

  5. Insider Insider Says:

    Dunk’s wife used to be part of the cons in years gone by. Before Dunk was kicked out he used to use “maria@koptalk.com” as a contact address for anyone wanting to join or asking for support. When he was kicked out that changed to “jeanette@koptalk.com” and then when she was too busy spending all the cheques sent to her but meant “for Lauren” Steve took over lacky duties.

    If Oldham were to be investigated in depth and if the investigations went all the way back to the early days then Maria would probably be put into a situation where she’d lose her job. She was a big part of the fraud that Oldham carried out over the years.

    The fact Oldham pretends she’s still a part of his site is a sign that he cares not one bit about what might happen to her. She’s more to lose than him (she’s either a nursery nurse or a teacher, depending on which stories you believe from Oldham). Oldham would lose his car and the website he’s nearly lost anyway. Maria would quite possibly lose the right to work with kids ever again.

    If Maria has been pranked at work, it’s certainly not by anyone behind this blog. First of all – as I’ve said above – we’re not 100% sure of what type of work she does, we don’t know what kind of school she works at (if she does work at a school) and although we believe she works in Scarborough, we aren’t 100% sure of that. We assume she works there because Oldham has told us in past rants about how his kids don’t live with him in Newcastle, that they live in Scarborough and come to see him some weekends.

    If Maria is getting pranked at work (and let’s face it, she’ll know if she is) she wants to try and get the school / work to report it to the police, immediately. Oldham (or his mam) will almost certainly be behind any prank calls. It’s what they do (like when they call ex-members of their sites at work to cause trouble).

    Either Maria’s still a part of Oldham’s seedy criminal world or she’s not. If she is, she’s got a good chance of losing her proper job soon. If she’s not, she needs to get Oldham dealt with before he does help her to lose that job.

    If you’ve got kids in Scarborough, possibly Wallsend, or nearby, and there’s a teacher called Maria Hartley or Maria Oldham, be wary.

    Duncan Oldham thinks sleeping with 12-year-old girls is funny. If Maria knows this and allows her husband to be near her children she needs to have a good think about whether she’s in the right job.

    And if your kids go to school with Oldham’s kids – well I’d have a word with the head teacher, or the LEA, for some advice.

    (If we wanted to find out where Maria worked I expect we could without too much difficulty. The shortcut to that would be to call the LEAs for the areas where she’s likely to work. However I doubt she is a threat to kids anyway. Apart from her past as part of Oldham’s requests for other men to come and have sex with her, she’s not been involved herself directly in any of Oldham’s paedophile “jokes” or comments. Rather than speak to the LEA about Maria, I would say it would be time better spent if someone spoke to the LEA about Oldham, to ensure other parents are aware of what Oldham’s views are. I wouldn’t want my kids near him, with what I know about him, I doubt any parent would. As for Maria – well it seems she’s had the sense to get out, despite what Oldham claims, so I personally think she deserves a chance to make a life without the fat one and his scams, fantasies and cons.)

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