Another Koptalk sleeper awakes!

by Rupert Insider


Shortly after Oldham delivered his confession on the book, nailing that one down – he thought – I received an email from one of his long-standing members. This was not one of the alleged “troublemakers” but someone who has actually enjoyed KopTalk in the past and is not afraid to say so.

We’ve made the point before, how well the cult’s censorship works, that members of many years standing don’t know why other members left or where they have gone. And then they discover the blog!

He was kind enough to let me publish the letter without identifying details. So I’ll let it speak for itself.

“I stumbled across your blog and it’s very interesting and has really opened my eyes. I’ve been a Koptalk member for a few years and I’ve grown more sceptical about its’ claims of Insider knowledge. Most of the news is contradictory and there’s no real Insider news.

None of that will surprise you, I’m sure.

The one thing I have noticed is the sudden disappearance of some of the long-standing and high-profile members. Then I scanned your “About Us” page and see there’s an “Honourable Insider” and a “Stannard Insider”……………these wouldn’t be Honourable George and Peter Stannard, former Insiders, would they?!

Both those guys seemed very credible but left suddenly and you hear stories of people leaving after arguments. In fact, one memeber left suddenly the other day.

Even without reading the blog fully, I can accept Dunk’s dislike of foreigners, “mistakes” over the S*n and other stuff as I’ve seen this stuff myself. Sadly, opinions aren’t welcome on Koptalk if they disagree with Dunk…….

Anyway, I guess my eyes have opened (I think I knew I was wasting my cash anyway!) and I’m cancelling my Paypal renewal this morning. I’ll let my membership lapse and move on.”


12 Responses to “Another Koptalk sleeper awakes!”

  1. sawyerinsider Says:

    what the hell happened with the last paragraph rupert?

    Looks like more and more people are leaving, I bet the tumbleweeds and oldhams are having some real fun over at KTHQ!

    If I remember rightly it was about this time last year that I discovered the blog, just after the end of the season and around the same time that Dunkin started making up ridiculous claims such as Torres/Joaquin etc… and then started his paranoid remarks about THE stalkers and the blog.

    And the rest is history I guess…

  2. RedinSweden Says:

    Oldham you bastard, you broke Rupert!

  3. dataimaginary Says:

    It’s coming thick and fast now isn’t it?

  4. projectvox Says:

    Tick tock.

    Tick tock.

  5. Says:

    “see there’s an “Honourable Insider” and a “Stannard Insider”……………these wouldn’t be Honourable George and Peter Stannard, former Insiders, would they?!”

    Yup, Stannard Insider is Peter. Drop me an email would be interesting to find out who you were on KT.

  6. dataimaginary Says:

    Basically everyone who used to be on Kt is on Est1892, if you go there you’ll feel right at home.

  7. Honorary Insider Says:

    Unfortunately I am not George, tho you might find him and loads of others you used to know on the site mentioned above.

    you might even remember me as I post under my KT username on there.

    I use this name for here because I was once an Honorary member of Kontalk,

    I keep my identity secret not through fear of the Fat one………It just increases his paranoia levels wondering who we all are 😀

  8. fat_boy_fat Says:

    @ Honarary insider. Thats one of the things that still makes me laugh. Dunk Doesnt have a clue who is who. Who is yanking his chain, who he thought he could trust has cacked on him, who people like II, Rupert, you etc are.

    Hehehehe Oldham you have had over a year of this………. as Data said …….. Tick tock tick tock

  9. Integral Says:

    Hopefully he will spontaneously combust soon. Actually, that would be one video podcast I’d pay to see…

  10. Flagpole Corner Says:

    the reason why the likes of pete stannard left koptalk is obvious. they saw what kind of prick was taking their hard earned dough

  11. Says:

    “the reason why the likes of pete stannard left koptalk is obvious. they saw what kind of prick was taking their hard earned dough”

    And that of thousands of others. Thousands of others who are part of the Liverpool FC family.

    Everyone I ever talked to on Koptalk were amazing and really helpful, so I hope none ever takes the attacks on Koptalk as attacks on the members. Everyone who has ever been a member of Koptalk at any point in time has been hood winked by Dunk.

  12. Flagpole Corner Says:

    couldn’t agree more mate. i hope those who are bankrolling this prick actually see him for the idiot he is and swerve that shite once and for all.

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