All change at Koptalk after George gives it the boot.

by Rupert Insider


(Photo: Oldham on his way to his first date with a big mouth).

It didn’t take long did it? Within minutes of Oldham feeling George Gillett’s boot up his arse on Friday evening, he flapped about his site removing all links to the USA sports franchises of both George and Tom Hicks.

Why Tom? Because Oldham had already felt his boot up his arse. He didn’t tell his paying KopTalk members about that either.

But what he did was begin to post media articles that were critical of Tom Hicks. And since Friday evening he’s been giving the same treatment to George.

In one of Oldham’s most hypocritical “editorials” yet, he today lambasts the two owners and their sons as big mouths and incompetents, has a sideswipe at Ian Cotton for not being big-mouthed enough, then, sobbing and confused, buries his head in Rick Parry’s chest saying, “Wallet, I’m sorry for saying all those spiteful things about you for so many years, do you still love me?”.

Oldham, the guy who has made a rich living for nine years from lying he had “Insider” information from LFC and selling it, now thinks it better that the club keeps things behind closed doors. Not daft is he? If information is a rare commodity under lock and key he can lie to his heart’s content about having privileged access to it.

He thinks that George Gillett’s reply to a question about Owen – that he is a great player but it is up to Rafa to say if he wants him – was all wrong. So should he have replied like Freddie Shepherd did when crept up in traffic by the sly Oldham – “take the little money-grubbing Welsh cripple and shove him” – or words to that effect?

And can this be Oldham – the hater of the Official Site which he refers to as “the other side” run by “suits” with an “agenda” who only want to “muzzle” supporters?

Can this be Oldham the scavenger of the Liverpool Echo, stealing their stories for years and disguising them as his own on News Now to generate millions of stolen hits for KopTalk, the same Oldham with a festering hatred of Chris Bascombe because Chris publicly called him a liar, the same Oldham who calls all the rest, “local journos” who know only how to “tow” the line?

I ask because today’s Oldham thinks the owners of the internationally famous LFC should talk only to the Official Site and the Echo.

And is this Oldham who refers to Parry as a “muppet” and for whose head he has repeatedly called because Rick has kept the odious Oldham from ever crossing the LFC threshold?

The same Oldham who a few days ago was pontificating about the new CEO he had “brought to the table” at the request of the two owners because they had confided in him, and him alone, their contempt for LFC’s management?

Today, he doesn’t’ think that such a good idea – a change of management. Well not unless its the management dynamo he has”brought to the table”. He’s too thick to understand that any manager who so much as exchanged a polite email with him would disqualify himself as being competent. Why does he think Parry and everybody else at LFC has shunned him for all these years?

And in today’s diarrheal splurge there is the usual hint of a threat. Maybe he should bring the owner’s honeymoon to an end, he seems to suggest.

Remember when he was worried stiff on his way from Newcastle to Montreal that he would get the cold shoulder on arrival because he had been getting a lot of hostile cease and desist orders from George’s office? Remember how he set it up that if the door was closed in his face he would revert to the role of the independent champion of supporters and attack the new owner? That was the threat, then, such as it was, and today’s is the carrying it out, such as it is. Pathetic!

And what’s it all about – this confused torrent of hypocrisy? Its about the cancellation on Friday – that according to Oldham never happened – by George of his so-called membership in KopTalk.

–> It’s time that George Gillett and Tom Hicks stopped talking to the media. I’ve heard more come from them in the last few months than I’ve heard from David Moores and every chairman before him in the entire history of the club.

Press officer Ian Cotton must be bricking himself because at this rate he could be out of a job. Either that or he’s going to have to start stringing more than one sentence together when asked to clarify what the new owners have actually said.

Liverpool Football Club has a history of keeping things behind closed doors which admittledy can be frustrating for supporters but it’s the best way to operate. It’s time for the Americans to end the honeymoon period themselves rather than letting others do it for them.

The door on the media must be slammed shut now. Maybe they’re a little naive but surely they know that some reporters will try and lay traps. For example the comments about Michael Owen and the comments that Chelsea are probably the greatest club in the world. They’re not helpful. Rafa doesn’t want to hear them and neither do the fans.

I do think though that they’re just honest mistakes but to stop repeating them, they should talk only to the likes of the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo and the official Liverpool FC website. That way they’ll be protected and corrected along the way, national hacks will only take advantage of their genuine errors.

Some fans have been critical of Rick Parry over the last few days but for once I don’t think it’s his fault. I believe the problems and delays are a result of those above him. Either he’s the chief executive and in control of writing the cheques or he’s not. It sounds to me like Parry and Benitez are good to go but that they’re waiting for a new cheque book with several pre-signed cheques.

One last thing I’ll say is that I’m not convinced that Foster Gillett is the idea person to be a CEO. He may be ideal to run certain aspects of the club or overseeing things but with no football knowledge, I can’t see how he could negotiate contracts and so on. I’m also not convinced with the other candidates, the NBA guy and the guy from Nike.

I do believe that there is an ideal candidate and I know that he actually wants the job. He has the experience of working at one of the world’s biggest and most successful football clubs and is widely recognised as one of football’s major successes. He is a marketing genius and he has negotiated some of football’s biggest deals. He’s your man and he wants in.

I’m sure Rafa knows this man personally. I know Gillett and Hicks have the opportunity to take this further but they clearly have their own ideas so at a guess I doubt they’ll follow it up because where would this leave Foster (and Tommy) for example?

If they’re planning on easing out Rick Parry over a period of time this is the wrong course of action. I’ve always maintained they would want their own CEO so if that’s the case, for the benefit of the club, let’s shake things up now. Both men say they want Parry to remain for the long term future, well if that’s the case, they should give him what he needs to meet Rafa’s requests. Surely it’s time Parry’s hands were also untied after years of faffing around over a million here and a million there.

Rafa has spoken out for our benefit, the fans. He needs us to ensure that the pressure is maintained on those in power to finally get off their arses and actually do something before we miss out in the market again.

Anyone can run their mouth, actions speak louder than words.



Postcript   Oldham’s reference to Chris Bascombe was ironic because since Oldham’s splurge Chris has written what turns out to be a quite different account of the relationship between Rafa and Parry on the one hand and the owners on the other.  HERE

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9 Responses to “All change at Koptalk after George gives it the boot.”

  1. Tubby Says:

    “Anyone can run their mouth”

    Indeed Dunk, indeed. However one thing you seem to forget is that YOU are a nobody.

  2. John Says:

    He really is a div isn’t he? I feel like I’m repeating myself anytime I post about him. Sooner Fatty is gone the better. Although I do love reading this blog.

    But on another point, we lost one game (important it may be) and everything seems to go into meltdown with accusations and angry comments from various folk. Seriously calm down. We are LFC and we will be back! Numbers 19 and 6 are due to arrive soon

  3. Tubby Says:

    Right enough John, although the final was a show of how we’ve improved, it’s also an example of how frustratingly short we are of that extra something. I dont mind G&T speaking out as they are sensible and lieable, and say the right things, but as Shanks said, they dont matter, just write the cheques and leave the holy trinity to get on with it.

    Our success will endure and repeat itself, and unfortunately it attracts shysters like Oldham. He really is a nobody, unfortunately he’s currently a pest and needs exterminating. He’s just an insect with no real standing other than that which he convinces himself. The saddest thing is he doesn’t seem to care, which makes him pitiful and pathetic. But spare your pity for when he and kraptalk are shut down. Until then he deserves nothing short of a good kicking.

  4. Raftastic Says:

    Not so much a good kicking as a realy bad one Tubby (may even prevent him from topping himself (for the moron who feels for him)
    I have my doubts as to why he removed the links to his beloved Hockey & Baselball teams i have a feeling that he was forced to,i mean not even Oldham thick as he is would remove the links whilst still claiming that the blog was lying about GG.
    Would he ?

  5. Lloyd Says:

    Why does Oldham put the KT website addy across the edge of the photos, almost as if to suggest that the pics are the property of KT?

    The Hicks/Gillett photo belongs to the press association and could have been lifted from one of a number of sites, such as

    I’m sure that most of us have, at one time or another, used pictures in a way that we’re not really supposed to – but we don’t compound that by then putting our own name across the picture do we?

  6. Andy Says:


    You’re right that all the images that Oldham uses on KT are from the Press Association. He insinuates, and sometimes claims outright, that they were taken by KopTalk but this has never been true.

    Insider said a while ago that because KT managed to get itself registered with the Premier League as a fans site, it has access to PA’s images. This will hopefully not be the case for much longer.

    PA have been notified about KT’s use of their images on several occasions but have yet to take any action.

  7. Ian Says:

    I know it’s not really relevant but we should never forget:
    May 29 1985
    God bless the 39

  8. seenthelight Says:

    has anyone on KT had the balls to ask dunk why all of a sudden his posts on T&G are not so favorable any more,or even mentioned the disappearance of all links to both mens other sport teams?

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