Ticket tout claims to be LFC owners' confidante

Where did Koptalk’s ticket go?

Duncan Oldham recently showed a scan of a share certificate in his name. He claimed to have “shares”, but didn’t say how many.

The recent takeover of Liverpool Football Club included a guarantee of match tickets for every bought-out shareholder. I’ve not checked the details, but Duncan Oldham was clearly entitled to at least one ticket as a former shareholder, maybe more if he had more than one share.

That is without including any entitlement earned by the season tickets in his name, that he sells on at a profit each season. He was (illegally) raffling tickets to various European fixtures this season too, so that is another way he may have qualified for a ticket. In other words, he was possibly in a position to buy numerous tickets, but let’s say he bought just one.

Dunk did not go to Athens. He’s still pretending to be there now, but there is far too much circumstantial evidence to say he isn’t there.

He spent last week in La Manga with Steve, taking videos from a major distance of the players training. It was impossible to make any of the players out. He had to pad this tiny amount of footage out by adding videos of him and Steve looking at the scenery in the Spanish resort, and making poor jokes about signs they passed.

He said he was then travelling to Athens directly from Spain. Yet not one piece of video from that camera has been seen. We got to see a 10-second mobile-phone camera clip of some Liverpool fans. But after forcing his flabby features on us for weeks on end on film all of a sudden he was nowhere to be seen. Have they lost their camera? They claimed they had two (one of Dunk’s recent videos was of him filming Steve coming home from shopping with members’ money and a second video camera.) They used members’ money to buy these cameras. To buy the flights. To pay for hotels. So why no video of the biggest event of the season, which they claimed to be at?

Because Oldham was at home in Wallsend, with the video cameras and the laptop, logging in as himself pretending to be in Athens, Katie in Athens or Steve in Athens.

I’m fairly convinced that Katie was in Athens, and we know that Steve was in Athens because he helped ITN to produce a report they knew was false.

But Dunk was back home, with the laptop. Either that or Steve has the laptop but doesn’t know how to work it.

Did Steve take any video footage? Well we’ll find out in the coming days – now that Steve’s home. Will it feature Dunk’s wonderful wit? No. Because Dunk didn’t go to Athens.

Why lie? Why not tell the truth? Chances are he was too frightened to go to Athens, given his notoriety on the net for ripping off Liverpool supporters and all the other anti-LFC stuff he does. He was happy to send Steve – Steve’s not quite so infamous, yet, plus cowardly Dunk isn’t exactly bothered about his little brother’s well-being. After all, he’s bullied him into staying in day and night for the past couple of years, keeping an eye on the site, unwaged, for 19 hours a day (Dunk’s claims). So Steve has no friends, no girlfriend, no contact at all with anyone of his own age, save Katrina, the 17-year-old forum chatline assistant. (The middle-aged conned-man Rich T still thinks he’s “in” with the teenager.) Dunk used to have an email address of “TheOrganGrinder”, clearly seeing Steve as his jug-eared peforming monkey. Steve getting beaten up is something Dunk would have enjoyed – a chance to whine about victimisation. It’s not right to beat Steve up, but there was a risk of it happening, and big bruv wasn’t even slightly bothered.

On Monday Steve was pictured in Athens with a ticket. Dunk was asked on his forums why Steve, who’d lied to ITN about his age, was pretending to need a ticket (for which he’d pay £600) when he already had one. “That’s mine,” claimed Dunk, from his bolthole. Well if was his, how was Steve instructed to use it?

We’ve not seen one photo of any of the Koptalk “family” inside the stadium. They were outside in a square according to Kat(ie)rina.

#176046 – Today at 01:30 PM Re: Terrible Photo [Re: Dunk]
Katie Katie
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That picture was at Zappeion square (sp?) where we watched the game! I told you it was bad there but that is terrible!!

So if Steve was outside, Kat-lel was outside, and Oldham was in Wallsend, who used Dunk’s ticket?

On Monday Steve had it in his hands. On Tuesday he had £600 cash in his hands, pretending to ITV he was a Liverpool supporter, looking for a ticket. On Wednesday he was in the square outside the ground not watching the game.

That post above is actually from Thursday, and almost certainly posted by Katrina herself. She didn’t check with Dunk first to get their stories straight. The next one was posted on Wednesday, a couple of hours before the game. Please don’t laugh.

#174676 – Yesterday at 05:18 PM Just received a call!!!!
Katie Katie Administrator
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The boys just had a phone call from mike jefferies who is having a meal in the champions league village with luis garcia and steve mcmanaman. We have all been invited down there to join them. This might be our last post now until after the game. Smoove is online keeping an eye on things.

Garcia!!! wooooo I want to meet him sooooooo much!!!
Wonder if he is drinking Sangria
I’ll get my coat 😦

I wonder if Katie’s ever heard the “I’ll get my coat” saying, from the Fast Show of probably ten years ago now. She’ll have been 7 ten years ago. She certainly didn’t write that little bit of nonsense.

Notice the “Smoove is online keeping an eye on things” statement? Dunk’s put that there in case any nasty blog supporters wanted to post hints to other members about the blog.

“The boys got a phone call” – it’s a minor slip-up but surely she either means “Dunk got a call” or “Steve got a call” – or do they share a phone? Of course Dunk wasn’t even there. And Mike Jefferies didn’t invite them for that meal of course. And hadn’t Dunk already made all of this up the night before?

Oh yes – on the 22nd, in reaction to us pointing out even then that he wasn’t in Athens…

#173447 – Today at 02:40 PM
Steve McManaman
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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Meeting Mike Jefferies and Steve McManaman tonight & tomorrow. A few former LFC players from Macca’s time at Anfield also going to be here. We’ll try and get Macca on the video podcast taking the piss out of his ears
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dunk’s too thick to remember the details of his lies and we’re still waiting for this video podcast. Or even a photo. The meeting was arranged on the 22nd, “tonight and tomorrow”, now there’s a phone call being made on the 23rd to invite them. Small details, but enough to show Dunk up as a liar.

Back on the 22nd, and 15 minutes after posting using Katie’s userid Dunk’s back again about it…

#174681 – Yesterday at 05:26 PM Re: Just received a call!!!! [Re: Liap]
Katie Katie Administrator
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Jefferies just rang back and handed Garcia the phone! Steve asked if he was drinking Sangria and he said not yet lol answers my question I suppose!

What a load of bollocks. To be frank.

On Thursday Katie was logged on as herself again. She said this, just 20 minutes before she let it slip they were watching the game from the square. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT TICKET?

#176025 – Today at 01:11 PM Re: Just received a call!!!! [Re: Charlie]
Katie Katie Administrator
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Had a great night! Shame about the result thought! Oh well bring on Moscow 😀

That was clearly Katie coming in from Athens, logging on, and getting some of her views on her experience off her chest. A few hours earlier though and her userid was saying this (about the fighting in the square where her and Steve had been for the night).

#175641 – Today at 08:58 AM Official fan zone!
Katie Katie Administrator
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I’m sorry to say but no matter what score the game ended on there is a line that you cross when giving all to the AC Milan fans and some of those reds crossed it last night!

On both times AC Milan scored a good 100-200 reds started throwing stuff at the Milan fans. This included cans (empty and full), glass bottles, chairs, I even saw a pack of 24 cans fly over and the worst one was the red flares that they decided to set off and throw right into the middle of the fans! When Kuyt scored a few cans got thrown back at the reds and that was it!

Now one thing that those who were throwing stuff forgot was that there were some reds in the middle of the Milan fans! I saw 3 lasses run out in tears because they had been hit with something! I was ashamed to be in with them and I hope that when they wake up and remember what they did they feel just as ashamed, if not more.

No matter what the score was that should not have happened. End of story!

What was it like where you watched the game from?

Silly Dunk. You logged on as Katie at 9am and then didn’t brief her on what to say when she arrived home herself much later.

#176111 – Today at 02:00 PM Re: Official fan zone! [Re: GetColin]
Katie Katie Administrator
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This is a picture Dunk posted earlier and this was taken in the square that we watched the game in!

I am thankful I left when I did

But where was Dunk Katie? Why were there no pictures of Dunk in Athens?

Because Duncan Oldham touted his ticket to the highest bidder. What is funny, really funny, is that he’s probably told Steve to get as much as he can for the ticket. And then he thinks that Steve told him the truth about how much he got! You see Dunk’s been teaching Steve how to lie (badly) for years. Dunk hasn’t a clue how much Steve got for the ticket. Steve says, “I got £750,” and Dunk doesn’t know if he really got a grand. He’s not got a clue.

Duncan Oldham is a ticket tout. His FA Cup final tickets last season at £1600, and other examples, including his season tickets. He’s not going to last much longer as one though. A lot of people who tout their tickets will be getting worried in the aftermath of what happened with tickets from start to finish. And Dunk will hopefully be the first one caught.

Are you angry? People who went to matches all season, not just glamour ties, missed out on tickets. Duncan Oldham flogs his season ticket each year but still got a ticket. Which he sold on at a profit if his track record is anything to go on.

To help you calm down, here’s a piece of fantasy from the idiot. He’s still pretending to have contacts at Anfield. We know he hasn’t. He’s not got any friends at the club at all. Here’s his damning verdict on what our new owners think of our chief executive. It may be true, it may not – but let’s hope Dunk’s got a good lawyer after making these claims…

#170372 – Today at 07:22 AM Re:
Kaka on Liverpool’s shortlist of targets [Re: Dave100]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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  Originally Posted By: Dave100
  Dunk, quick question. It is obvious that the new owners value Rafa and his opinion/business acumen/ability as a manager.
  If Rafa said he really wanted a player and Hicks/Gillette said “right Rick, off you go and get him.” What would happen if Parry failed to land the player? Do you think that our owners would send someone else in on their behalf to close the deal? Not only could this be an important close season for our team; it could be very important for Parry to ‘prove his metal.’

Dunk, do you think they’d step in if he struggles? I do.

They don’t rate Parry. Truth be told they think the place has been run by a muppet. They’ll never admit that but I’ve received enough DIRECT feedback, not 3rd party feedback, to suggest he’ll be history after the honeymoon period has past. Now he could be retained to save paying him off but look out for key appointments under possible different titles.

GG and TH have no experience of the football so they can’t just replace him with a man who has no experience either. I know that a MASSIVE proven CEO is in the running as I have acted a go between putting him and GG and TH in touch. Whether anything comes of it I have no idea.

The last four words of that little piece of bullshit say it all. He has no idea.

“He’ll be history” and “He could be retained” in consecutive sentences. That little load of nonsense made me laugh. Not sure how the two Americans will feel about the accusations they think Parry is a muppet.

And the extra laughter for me came from the image of George and Tom clamouring to tell Oldham the gossip, about how they’re not keen on Rick.

Oldham – you have no idea.


3 Responses to “Ticket tout claims to be LFC owners' confidante”

  1. Lloyd Says:

    Just posted a link to the post match McNeish clip, thought I posted it here but now I can’t find it.

  2. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks Lloyd – you did post the link, it was under another article. Here it is again for all who want it.

    WARNING: Contains Conman Junior’s voice and image.

    Just found the McNeish clip from after the match (not sure if i’ll get this link right) seems like he doesn’t know where “his mates” are either.
    3rd video here…
    ITN news clips

  3. MrH Says:

    Cannot believe the lies Dunk is making up, they get more ridiculous by the day.

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