LFC owners, Rick Parry and the Wallsend pie-eater

(by Rupert Insider


Two American businessmen buy LFC. Its a big story. And not only for the sports media. It has attracted the attention of the international financial press and a certain self-styled “pie eater” from Wallsend – but more of him later.

And one important aspect of the story is what changes the two will make to the management of their new “franchise”, “club” or “investment” – depending on the point of view of the commentator.

The media have been asking them a lot of questions and one of them is about the future of Rick Parry. Will he stay or will he go? Will Foster Gillett replace Parry or will he be eased-in gradually take charge of a division – transfers and player contracts, or marketing – leaving Parry to do other things? Or will they bring in a new, non-family, chief executive?

When Rick Parry agreed to stay on to help the transition its most likely that he set some conditions of his own. We have a hint of that in George Gillett’s response in the BBC interview the other day when asked if Rick Parry would be staying, “We’ve extended his agreement. I hope so”.

All this is grist for the mill and it would be surprising if its not the subject of much speculation and discussion on LFC forums .

The difference between the discussion on the genuine LFC forums and on Koptalk is – as always – that the KT discussion is based on the lie that the owner of the site is an “Insider” – an active wheeler-dealer and is in position to sell his “inside” information to his paying members – exclusive insider information that nobody else has – not the international media, not even Rick Parry.

Duncan Oldham from Wallsend, claims that he is a trusted confidant of the new owners. He says they have revealed to him their contempt for Rick Parry as a “muppet” and have asked Oldham to help them find a new CEO.

I’m not going to call it a crackpot delusion. Because I don’t think Duncan Oldham is deluded. He is a liar. He lies for money. In particular, he lies about LFC to LFC supporters for money.

It doesn’t really doesn’t matter to him who the lie is about – he will lie about everyone and everything. He boasted a couple of years ago in one of his so-called “editorials” that his business plan is to pick on certain players (i.e. Fowler) to generate hits for his site and that this technique produces 2 million hits a month on his forums, alone, 10 million hits for his site, in total. So its an impersonal business decision what lie to run with it on any given day.

But he’s only human and some of his lies give him more emotional satisfaction than others. He had an irrational hatred of the scouser, Robbie Fowler, and this gave his lies about him a certain animus and longevity. And he dislikes Rick Parry because the CEO has never given him the time of day, never allowed him to cross the threshold of Anfield and has let it be known that he has never met or spoken to or had any dealings with Oldham and never will.

So let’s look at what the liar has been saying about the owners and Parry.

KopTalk Member
18/05/07 08:18 PM

Dunk, quick question. It is obvious that the new owners value Rafa and his opinion/business acumen/ability as a manager. If Rafa said he really wanted a player and Hicks/Gillette said “right Rick, off you go and get him.” What would happen if Parry failed to land the player? Do you think that our owners would send someone else in on their behalf to close the deal?

Not only could this be an important close season for our team; it could be very important for Parry to ‘prove his metal.’ Dunk, do you think they’d step in if he struggles? I do.

19/05/07 07:22 AM

They don’t rate Parry. Truth be told they think the place has been run by a muppet. They’ll never admit that but I’ve received enough DIRECT feedback, not 3rd party feedback, to suggest he’ll be history after the honeymoon period has past. Now he could be retained to save paying him off but look out for key appointments under possible different titles.

GG and TH have no experience of the football so they can’t just replace him with a man who has no experience either. I know that a MASSIVE proven CEO is in the running as I have acted as a go between putting him and GG and TH intouch. Whether anything comes of it I have no idea.”



That’s about as clear as the pie-man gets. He has had direct feedback, not third party, and has acted as a go-between.

But the next question gives him pause – he can almost hear the blog taking notes.


KopTalk Member

Dunk are you saying you have been actively involved with the replacement of
Rick Parry???

19/05/07 08:06 AM

No. What I’m saying is I was approached to put someone in touch with GG and TH. What they do now (if anything) is none of my business. I simply exchanged an introductory email. I have no idea if they followed it up as I haven’t asked any of the three parties as it’s not my business.

If assume they wanted to go through me because I have their email addresses and because they don’t want other people (GG and TH staff) to know of their approach to try and prevent it leaking out. If this person is mooted in the media at any time I’ll let you know if it was him. I wanted to mention it on here but it wasn’t really to be public knowledge. Walls have ears. (Be great for the site if it did happen!)


So does that cover everything? Well, he cannot say because walls have blogs ears. But it would be great for his site if it were true!

If what were true? His inside information – that is not for public consumption.

What information? The information he has not given you yet – but will when it is confirmed by the mainstream media – clear?


KopTalk Member
i bet you David Dein will be brought in. he has just overseen the building of a new stadia similar to that liverpool require successfully and is seen as one of the most respected men in football.

Yes I think he would be good but it’s not him. This guy is from one of Europe’s biggest and most succesful football clubs. richt should know who it is but he’d better remain tight lipped or I’ll lose my knees.


For the initiated “rich” is “RichtT” who tries to sell diet pills on the net and makes over 500 posts a month on KT in return for which he gets free membership. He’s almost – almost – one of the family – god help him. So he should know who is going to be the next CEO. And notice the ignorant reference to David Dein who is a shareholder at Arsenal and deeply involved in trying to engineer the takeover of Arsenal for the American, Stan Kroenke.

After the BBC interview with the two LFC owners, Oldham knew his lies needed a bit of touching up. This is how he did it.


“Re: Rafa’s outburst [Re: sandymat101]
Dunk Dunk
May 25 Today at 10:45 A

Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 19485

Originally Posted By: sandymat101

Didn’t anyone watch the GG & TH interview on the BBC website, they were asked about Parry at the end of the interview. They didn’t sound convincing.


If I said Hicks and his people thought RP was a muppet I’d get shot down. But let’s just say I have met Hicks and his people and they think the club has been run as a joke. I’m sure that extends past Parry but I have seen another side of TH etc that you guys and the media haven’t yet. The new owners have my backing but I know that the faces everyone is seeing are purely PR faces. There’s another side to both men which I hope works to our benefit in the long run.



Notice he says “our benefit”. Its part of the ethos of the KT cult that all the cultees share his personal vendettas against Rick Parry and certain players.

He says he has met Tom Hicks but does not say the same about George Gillett – he knows the blog is watching. He went all the way to Montreal to meet him, not realizing that Denver Colorado is not in Quebec, its not even in Canada.

But by his artful use of weasel words he tries to exit the post leaving the impression that he has met both men and knows their true faces as opposed to their public faces. And one again – as in thousands of other lies before this one – he claims to have exclusive “Insider” information that nobody else has.

And then an intervention by “Captain Scarlet” – the same user-name of a guy who was a pioneer in exposing Oldham’s lies several years ago. Coincidence perhaps, or yet another example of the fifth column that dodges Oldham’s every move on his own site?


” Captain Scarlet
KopTalk Member

…just keeping you honest (yet again). This time last year you were getting us all really excited by an investment story (that didn’t come off). We all know what has happened since, but now the dust has settled and on a slow news day can you finally spill the beans? Please!

Sadly, no. The person involved is CURRENTLY trying to get a foot in the door with GG and TH. This is a potential new CEO who may come in under RP until RP moves on be that a year or two from now or whenever. This person is in the running along with the Nike guy, the NBA guy and so on


Wow! There’s a Nike guy, an NBA guy and so on, as well as the guy who Oldham has introduced to the owners from one of Europe’s “biggest and most successful teams” and they may or may not come in under Rick Parry (so not as CEO, then, after all?) and that may be a year or two or whenever.

This is hot stuff isn’t it and well worth £30 if only for the entertainment value. (But not even that if you can read it on the blog for free).


Captain Scarlet
KopTalk Member
Mums the word. Thanks anyway. I’ll stalk you some other time about this then


Ha Ha! The original Captain Scarlet really knew how to stalk Oldham.


I think you just need to pay attention to future commercial/marketing appointments at executive level and come back then and I can confirm or deny if person x is the person I was referring to


This is like a fortune teller saying, thanks for crossing my palm with silver, Dearie, I see a certain Mr. X in your future. If you come back to Blackpool next year and tell me who you met I’ll confirm that’s who I saw in my crystal ball.

But he’s not done yet – this one has legs. Here’s his latest dollop of “Insider” information today.


#177344 – Today at 01:51 PM Re: Rafa and his words [Re: WhiteHorseRed]
Dunk Dunk

Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 19511
They know that the club was run as a joke but they are not football people so they can’t just bin him, plus it would be costly. They need to bring someone in and are looking at this. I know because I have brought one of them to the table myself



We have always said on the blog that Oldham is essentially anti-LFC. So here you have confirmation. The greatest club in the world “was run as a joke”.

He’s too thick to see the internal contradiction in his claims. People whom, he says, know nothing of football can make a statement like that about the most successful team in UK history. And he agrees with them! And their solution is to turn to the unwaged, unloved, unwanted joker from Wallsend to help them out. And he does!

I don’t think so!

His post got his members thinking or laughing – depending if they are among the group just waiting for their membership to lapse, or the other group from mainly Africa, Indian and Asia who paid him £30 after reading his search engine tags that his “LFC” site was “official” and had “insider” information.

Someone started a thread by respectfully pleading his Royal Highness to convey to Tom Hicks and George Gillett what they all thought. After a few sneaky snickers – not too loud in case he banned them – the pie man returned with this choice bit of wisdom.


(Thanks to Michael for the screenshot).

This blog has already dealt with Oldham’s false claims about his contacts with Tom Hicks and George Gillett HERE and HERE. Since then its noticeable that the kopfootball.com site about the stadium that Oldham implied had the patronage of Tom Hicks has changed registration four times and is now buried in the USA.

I don’t know yet if this is because the owners ordered him to stop lying and to stop squatting on their domain names, or if he is just trying to hide it in the hope his cultees will forget all the extravagant claims he made about it just a couple of months ago. I notice he is still featuring on his front, promotional page the claim that George Gillett is a member of KopTalk just as Mohammed Al Fayed falsely used the Royal Warrants to drum up business for Harrods.

Its about time that George Gillett made it very clear that he does not endorse the KopTalk lie factory. Surely he does not pay £30 to learn what he and Tom Hicks said to Oldham?


(Thanks to Outside Insider for research and screenshot).


15 Responses to “LFC owners, Rick Parry and the Wallsend pie-eater”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Apologies there is some overlapping with Insider’s post earlier which I did not see until I posted mine. I’m leaving mine up because I wanted a discrete post dealing with just this topic to forward to George Gillett and Tom Hicks and the club.

  2. MrMichael Says:

    Oh how ridiculous. So our new, multi-millionaire owners, with so much experience of high-level sport in their portfollios, would of course use a muppet like D*nk as their go-between in “secret” negotiations for a new CEO? Because of course D*nk is such a major power player in Uk sporting and business circles

    How completely farcical, surely not even the remaining KT devotees could buy that? Utterly absurd.

  3. Come Insider Says:

    Yeah right Dunk I’m SURE you’re the “contact” that these multi-millionaires use …hmmmmmmm what’s that smell???

  4. RedinSweden Says:

    It’s like Kenny Senior off Phoenix Nights. Oh yeah, I am certain that they approached you as a go-between for the new CEO. I bet Angelina Jolie was fellating you when they called and they made you late for your game of tennis with Rafael Nadal, which you won in straight sets, 6-0 6-0 6-0.

  5. dataimaginary Says:

    So lets get this right. Two of the most successful business men in the world are using a morbidly obese, conman with a history of DSS fraud as a fixer in the appointment of (after the manager) the most important employee in the club. Well I’m convinced. (adopts classic CJ voice) I’m sure they got where they are today by being good judges of character.

  6. Insider Insider Says:

    Good work Rupert – I’d not seen all of those posts, and had forgotten about some of them.

    RedinSweden – The Kenny Senior comparison’s spot on. What’s funniest though is that he actually thinks people fall for them.

    What’s interesting about the mention of Rich T is that I emailed Mr Tunnah asking him if he’d realised yet that Dunk was having him on over that text message. The one that Dunk’s mam sent to him when they were all at York races. Rich has tried selling diet pills on eBay, and buys scripts to set up spamlike websites. He’s a get-rich-quick-scheme fan by the looks of things. And it’s only the most gullible of people who’d fall for those more than once. I put a few facts over to him, gave him a few questions he should ask Dunk.

    It looks like he did ask questions, and so Dunk had to find a way to keep his last non-family minion happy. The reference to Rich T came the day I emailed him!

    Rich T spends his days and nights chatting up Katie, who he still believes is 18 and interested in him. Clearly Dunk’s let Rich T in on “the secret” of who will be our new CEO, the one he put our new owners in touch with. As if that’s not funny enough Oldham expects people to believe that this new potential CEO is part of some seedy underworld organisation. “I’ll lose my knees” says Dunk. How does he know he’s not already lost them? He’s not seen them since he was 17.

    But Rich T actually believes him. Rich T is one of the few remaining long-term members who know about this blog but still fall for Dunk’s lies. These are Dunk’s public lies, can you imagine how far-fetched the private ones are that they exchange?

    The fact remains that more and more members are seeing these laughable outbursts and fantasies and are dropping off like flies from being part of his “community”. They don’t want to be left looking like gullible idiots.

    But Dunk’s lies might be doing him much more harm than that. Much more than he realises.

  7. lfc_michael Says:

    He spent 5 or 10 minutes with Hicks, purely as a courtesy, and then we’re supposed to believe that he’s been entrusted with information as sensitive as that by complete strangers, so that he can publish it at a later date on his website.

    I don’t know how he expects to get away with this stuff. Already, his posts as shown above are beginning to back-pedal and contradict themselves — firstly, Parry will be ‘history’ after the ‘honeymoon period’; then, he may be around for another year or two. Coming next week, Dunk is lined up as the new CEO!

    It’s high time the Club or the new owners publicly denounced this sort of rubbish.

  8. sawyerinsider Says:

    Ah it must be Mike Jefferies then, you know that guy that produced that god awful goal film that drunk was promoting on his site for like 2 years.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    If you read the post before this comment you might want to check an addition I made – a new screen shot near the bottom.

  10. dataimaginary Says:

    Nice screen shot. Poor porch, I feel sorry for the poor mug.

  11. fat_boy_fat Says:

    The Fat one came out with exactly the same lie around the same time last year. He was saying King Kennys consortium had lined up this world class CEO and Dunk was the only person in the world who knew who it was. He wouldnt say, but left everyone making various suggestions! He loves all this fucking around, lets him feel he has some power.

    Your an arse Oldham. Your doing yourself serious damage by trying to gain more members. You really are thick if you think the club will stand back and let you say serious lies like them

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    He got away with them for so many years – but not any more. If I were him I would get going while the going was good. Time is running out. But he won’t listen to me will he?

  13. chapeau du soleil Says:

    I’ve fitted the pieces together. Smoove is to be the new CEO of Liverpool Football Club

  14. spsdjone Says:

    tick tock tick tock….
    one of two things will happen now. Either fat boy is the new CEO and will be unveiled in the next week in a sky sports exclusive or koptalk will cease to exist. place your bets NOW!!
    seriously, surely nobody left will buy this tripe seeing as he has removed all links to GG and TH. big brother will have t work over time to cover this up me thinks

  15. Homer_jay Says:

    The difference between a street hustler and the fat cunt is that the street hustler knows when to pack it in and run for his life. The fat cunt doesn’t even know how to run. But we really should be thankfull that the cunt is so utterly stupid to stay around long enough for the “suits” to clamp down on him! Thank you Fattie, and I hope Steve is looking as much forward to having sex with Fit young lads in the showers as you are!

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