George Gillett cancels his Koptalk "membership"

by Rupert Insider


Following the publication of the blog article which precedes this one, I received confirmation in writing today from George Gillett’s office that

(a) George Gillett or his office has never logged unto Koptalk

(b) he has today cancelled the dormant membership he may have acquired before he was the owner of LFC

(c) he has demanded that Koptalk remove from its pages any claim that he is a member or user

(d) he has demanded a refund of any membership fee he may have paid

(e) Koptalk has declared it will not refund

The so-called membership was the result of a promotional-pitch by Duncan Oldham.

George responded with characteristic openness and generosity trusting the good faith of stranger who represented himself as an LFC supporter. He had no reason at that time to believe that Koptalk was anything other than what Oldham claimed for it.

Since then George has read the blog, spoken to us and taken other informed advice.

Postscript: (The demand for a refund was based on Koptalk’s published claim that it had taken payment for a membership over the telephone from GG’s personal credit card. Koptalk has replied that there will be no refund. At this point it is not confirmed that GG did actually pay for the so-called membership. If checks prove he did pay, his office will continue to seek reimbursement).


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  1. Insider Insider Says:

    The blog started off life as nothing more than a piss-take. It was mainly aimed at people who already knew about Dunk, but keeping in mind that others who were still on Koptalk and unsure might just read it.

    One inspiration was a monster thread on the TLW ( website. It started off with a title referring to Dunk’s infamous S*n hat. If you don’t already know (I can’t believe there is anyone left who doesn’t), Dunk went to the World Cup in France in summer 1998, and wore a hat that he was given, which was from the newspaper we all boycott. He got home and photoshopped out the S*n’s logo, before using the pics on his site. He even used the same set of pics to shove his own fat head on the body of a Liverpool player and used that on his site a lot. Whenever he was questioned about it in later years he always claimed he didn’t know about the boycott then.

    But he did. He spoke of the boycott a few months before the World Cup. It’s all documented on this site, irrefutable proof. I saw that proof first of all on that mammoth post on TLW.

    He wasn’t a Liverpool fan at the time of Hillsborough – he was a Leeds fan at school. But he did know about the boycott.

    The thread on TLW had me in stitches over and over again. The S*n hat seemed – at the time – like a stupid mistake a thicko would make, and I thought that Dunk would, if pushed, own up and apologise.

    It got mentioned on the earliest incarnation of the blog, but to start with the focus was Dunk’s cleary made-up insider info.

    It was for a laugh.

    As the blog went on, the more serious stuff came flooding in. The S*n hat wasn’t the end of his involvement with that rag. He also used its stories as a basis for his own hit-catching stories on his site. I found out by accident. I saw a story on Koptalk I’d seen nowhere else. It hadn’t popped up on NewsNow, other than from the Koptalk site. I decided to search to see if I could find where Dunk got it from. Google News told me. Whereas Newsnow blocks the S*n’s stories from their LFC page, a search on Google News will still include that rag. And a search for this particular story brought up The S*n, and about 12 hours later a site from down under. Dunk’s story was timed within a couple of hours of the S*n’s. And it became a pattern.

    There’s more about it elsewhere, but that was a serious side to us, as Liverpool supporters.

    Serious to anyone reading, football fan or not, was the way the Lauren collection was administered. We asked for proof she was getting it all, some figures. Someone mentioned the police and all of a sudden he pulled the site he’d used as an extra way of getting money “for Lauren”. We never saw any proof.

    Then we got stories about people charged two or three times instead of once. Oldham used a loophole in Pay Pal to get multiple payments.

    But interspersed with all of these serious issues were ludicrous claims from Oldham.

    In the end the blog became a mixture of both serious and funny. The mixture seemed to work – but it wasn’t ever planned that way. It just turned out that way!

  2. Insider Insider Says:

    Sorry I misunderstood you Steve.

    Also I’m hoping bigfooty has gone quiet because he’s actually prepared to have a good look around with an open mind.

    It’s easy to be caught out by Dunk’s lies – even I defended him once, a long time ago, in a post I couldn’t find the next day.

  3. Ian Says:

    Steve sorry for calling you a fuckwit if you believed that GG or TH consulted Dunk in who are next CEO would be.
    I can see how you might take offense if you believed Dunk, but I didn’t think it was abusive as I was simply posing a question, and any right minded Liverpool fan would know that is a crock of shit.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    My summary of bigfooty’s angst-ridden posts since 2 am Saturday morning?

    He is really pissed off that GG cancelled his membership in KT. It meant a lot to him. He could see as well as anybody what Oldham is like, and it was beginning to get to him, hence his preparation to ditch KT later this year.

    But as long as GG was a member he had justification to stay. He could also reason that if GG was a member the tall stories about him and TH being mates of Oldham and relying on him to find them a CEO may have had some truth however fanciful they appeared to ordinary people. Suely GG would not be associated with a site that told lies? There was nothing wrong with that reasoning – in fact it was spot on. GG would not be associated with such a site. That’s why he cancelled his membership. So all bigfooty need do is to continue to think logically and ditch KT.

    Like thousands before him, bigfooty loved the idea of being part of an elite with access to “insider” information and being in the company of powerful people and all for the price of 30 or 26 quid a year.

    Like most victims of cons he probably feels a bit foolish and a bit mad. He has not yet got to the inevitable stage of turning his anger against the man who conned him. He is still in denial. At the moment he is trying to rescue the con. He doesn’t want it to be true that GG cancelled. He is attacking the messenger.

    Eventually, this will stage pass. And when the cultic pull of the con had dissipated he will wonder why he was ever taken in by it.

    Depending on his personality, he might go deep into denial and rant against the blog forever as though it were we who conned him, like a few have done, or he may go quiet and try to put it all out of his mind, like the majority, or he may even become an activist – throw up his hands and admit he was a conned and vow to do all he can to warn other LFC fans – which is what we do.

    The fact is that thousands have been conned by Oldham. Many are still feel violated and angry years later.
    George Gillett was conned. Luckily we managed to get the message to him pretty early. I know he would have ditched the membership way back then if I had asked him about it. The truth is he was not really conscious that he was supposed to have one.

    Tom Hicks was conned and he has already taken steps to fix the situation – again because of our warning.

    The blog is full of testimonials from people from all five continents thanking us for saving them money – saving them from the consequences of Oldham’s con and we get emails along the same lines.

    Bigfooty did not come here with an open mind today – he came confused upset and angry with the intention of killing the messenger. I’ve said as much in my response. I don’t believe he wanted the truth.

    However, I bear him no ill will. He will work through it and whatever he decides to do, good luck to him. He’s an LFC supporter so he deserves some slack

    He’s always welcome to post on here and tells us how he was conned by Oldham and what he intends to do about it if that’s the direction he takes.

  5. bigfooty Says:

    I dunno where you get your idea from that GG being part of Koptalk was what kept / keeps me there. I’d already re-subbed in the Summer of last year long before he and Hicks came to be involved with LFC and cancelled my recurring subs earlier this year before these blog entries about him “leaving” were posted.

    More stuff from your vivid imaginations I guess. Perhaps like these so-called emails that prompted this news item.

  6. dataimaginary Says:

    Bigfoot, you still haven’t answered any of the questions I’ve put to you. Never mind, read my story.

    I was a member of KT before it even had a website, for years I participated in its forums. Occaisionally I would come across a thread on YNWA , RAWK or TLW about KT and dunkin being a threatening, lying shitbag. I (to my shame) passed it off as jealousy. Then the evidence began to snowball andI felt I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

    Worried, I began to ask Dunkin questions and offered to straighten out KT so it could start again and re-brand itself. A genuine offer. I was immediately banned and then he began to lie about me.

    Early-on I gravitated to EST1892, Dunkin attacked our new site by cybersquatting it’s domain name (no true red would do that). soon after almost nearly all the long-term posters on KT began communicating with each other. Fortunately most uf us had swapped email addresses before Dunkin the dictator banned email contact and private messaging through his site (why would he do that?). What’s left on KT is his familly, a rump of deniers who refuse the evidence – even though it’s a plain as day and the chronically naive. Which are you?

    And again, please ponder why the vast concensus of people who run the other websites, the print fanzines and the local press (Bascombe) think Dunkin’s a lying crook? Are we all jealous? Are we all linked in some kind of conspiracy to break an honest business man? Don’t kid yourself.

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    Bigfooty – something I’ve started to take for granted is that Oldham censors his site to suit his ends and we don’t censor this site at all. People can come on here and attack us all we like.

    We respond as best we can, and any reasonable person will see our answers and take them on board.

    Duncan will delete threads and posts that don’t suit him, or answer the question without actually answering the question – then he locks the thread.

    Rupert’s compared you to a cultee, because there are so many similarities. It’s a valid comparison.

    All the questions you were asked last night – you’ve failed to answer any of them.

    You’re trying desperately to save face. You’re lying to yourself. I don’t expect you to be honest with us, but be honest with yourself.

    You’ve cancelled the auto-renewal on your subscription. Well done. Why? Why did you do that? Because you want to leave.

    Out of interest, if we went against our better judgement and forwarded you this email, what would you do with it? How would you use it? Would you go onto Koptalk and tell Dunk he was a liar after all, and how you’d been wrong to give him the benefit of your doubt?

    All the signs are there telling you that Duncan Oldham is a lying conman who has spent the best part of ten years ripping off Liverpool supporters. You know it, you can’t help but know it, but there’s a mental block stopping you from admitting it.

    Don’t reply to this straight away. Go through the comments on this page again, from you and others. Write down all the questions you’ve asked, and the questions asked of you.

    Any of the questions we’ve not answered – ask them again. Try and give examples if possible if it’s a vague accusation you’ve made about things we’ve said.

    Any of the questions you’ve not answered – answer them.

    And of course – go and ask Dunk that list of questions too.

    If you’ve got an open mind, and really want to get to the bottom of all this, then you’ll do this. And you must want to get to the bottom of all this – why else would you spend so much time here?

    If you can’t do this then it confirms my suspicions that you’re just an attention-seeking selfish individual, who’s not actually bothered at all about what Dunk’s done. You’re leaving because Koptalk has so few members that there’s nothing to read on there. You’re leaving for purely selfish reasons.

    And that means you’ll not ask questions on Koptalk because you don’t want to get banned – which you know you will if you do ask them.

  8. Steve O Says:


    You write : “For me those sorts of things pretty much nullify any valid points the blog has to make.”

    The Sun supporting is well documented and known about there is plenty of proof. Let us assume you accept this as true as you never cited it as one of the many examples of false claims on the blog.

    So you accept Koptalk supports the Sun. May I assume you are from overseas also – as you don’t enter competitions as you cannot get to the games. Therefore you may also have been unaware of the Sun boycott and only heard of it from reading this blog.

    Now, since you are aware of this through the blog, you now know that Koptalk is reprehensible because koptalk supports the Sun, the fact that no Liverpool fan would ever step foot in there because koptalk supports the sun yet you choose to promote koptalk because that whole fact that koptalk supports the sun is nullified?

    Can you at least spend a small amount of time explaining that?

  9. Andy Says:

    Oldham had this to say earlier today:

    “From everything I can see it’s not Parry that’s holding anything up. I don’t understand why he’s getting it in the neck so much.”

    Over the past few days, Oldham has made the following comments:

    “They don’t rate Parry. Truth be told they think the place has been run by a muppet … he’ll be history after the honeymoon period has past.”

    “They know that the club was run as a joke. They need to bring someone in and are looking at this.”

    “I have met Hicks and his people and they think the club has been run as a joke.”

    Oldham should be able understand why Parry is “getting it in the neck” because Oldham is the very person who has been dishing out the criticism. Does he really think he can insult his members’ intelligence like this and get away with it?

    He made a big show of arriving “back from Athens” last night and then spent several hours posting. Not one KT member asked a single question relating to Athens. They know as well as we do that he wasn’t there and they’re too embarrassed to even mention the subject. He’s making a complete arse of himself again.

  10. dataimaginary Says:

    The nearest fatty got to Athens was the Apollo keybab shop Wallsend…….”just the meat thanks, take the salad out”

  11. rupertinsider Says:


    The main reason that Oldham has conducted a campaign against Parry ever since he was appointed CEO of LFC, and against Ian Cotton, Head of Press is that he could not con them. In all those years he has never conned them once. He has never met them, or had a telephone conversation or an email exchange with them – not once. They have never allowed him access to Anfield, Melwood or the Academy – or the training ground at La Manga – not once in all those years.

    And he is the owner of con which labelled every single item on KopTalk – thousands on thousands of times – even items stolen from the mainstream press the S*n and the Official Site – “EXCLUSIVE NEWS AND WHISPERS FROM INSIDE ANFIELD MELWOOD AND THE ACADEMY”

    He sold this stuff to LFC fans.

    He was in seventh heaven when he conned Tom Hicks into a photo opportunity because he had cirmcuvented Parry and Cotton and could now return to his master fantasy of getting his revenge on them by claiming he was close to the owners.

    He is so incensed about Parry and Cotton and the Official Site that he decided to write a book “exposing ” them. But even there he could not resist a con. The KT suckers had to pay him in advance for writing it. And he never did. He took their money and four years later – not a word.

    Scroll back in the blog last summer when he lied that Parry had requested that he come to Anfield for a meeting because Oldham had something that Parry wanted and Oldham said he would keep Parry waiting and when he did go he would use the situation to get something from Parry. About the same time he also claimed that he had a day long meeting with the “suits” at Anfield and had obtained offical access to all press conferences and events at Anfield for the 2006/2007 season .

    In response to enquiries Parry informed a contributor to this blog by letter that he has never had any contact with Oldham and had no plans to do so. Ian Cotton confirmed the same about Parry and himself never having had contact with Oldham.

    When we published this, Oldham said he had been on the phone to Ian Cotton who assured Oldham that the blog was lying.

    Needless to say, Ian Cotton then denied Oldham had called him or there had been any such conversation.
    Oldham’s lies are so breath-taking that its not surprising that most decent people are reluctant to believe he is lying. He got away with it before the blog. People just left in disgust. And Oldham came to rely on LFC not responding publicly. He learned he could lie and lie and never be held to account.

    Thats changing now.

    If you want to have a look at his lies last year about his so-called meeting with Parry – and by the way he never did report back on that meeting, go here:

  12. dataimaginary Says:

    @Bigfoot – one of the effective way the blog exposes Dunkin for the odious conman he is, is by triangulating his lies to their supposed outcomes as in the “Parry lie” above. He makes these claims but nothing every happens. Koptalk hotel? Buying Chris Waddles house (which chris lets him live in for free) which overlooks melwood? The crouch tapes? Being middleman in the appointment of liverpools new CEO?

    You couldn’t make it up – hang-on a minute…..

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    “From everything I can see it’s not Parry that’s holding anything up. I don’t understand why he’s getting it in the neck so much.”

    His new line will be that the owners are to blame – because they have busted his con.

    And when he gets going we will remind everyone of his gushing testimonials to GG and TH when he was in Montreal
    and Dallas and how they were his best friends (after Smoove, of course) .

    And while we are on the subject – contrary to what Oldham has been saying in his usual ignorant way – Rafa never blamed Parry for the slowness of negotiations. He blamed the “structure of the club”. He also pointed out that the owners live in America and have no knowledge of the dynamics of the football transfer market.

    We know that one of the main reasons for delays last year was that there was no money available and Moores finally provided a loan to buy Kuyt but rather late in the day. In the year before, purchases were based on credit on the tricky assumption that we would get access to the CL and thereby earn enough to pay off the credit. They were also reliant on the manager selling players. And very few of those sold realised a profit because most of them had been bought by Houllier – one of people whom Oldham approves of for a ridiculous trivial reason which I cant’ be bothered to explain

  14. dataimaginary Says:

    Yes, well spotted rupert.

  15. Tubby Says:


    You are nothing but a trained seal.

  16. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Bigfooty is this summer’s Disco 🙂 And even the famous Disco saw the light eventually

  17. dataimaginary Says:

    Nah, Disco never admitting to buckling – even though he cancelled his membership. Actions speak louder than words eh Disco 😉

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    “And even the famous Disco saw the light eventually”

    Did he actually see it or just scan it?

    And was his decision affected by any demand from Oldham that he pay?

  19. rupertinsider Says:

    Further confirmation that Oldham was not “flapping” when he got the boot from George Gillett on Friday 25th, which he said he knew nothing about at 6.30 am on Saturday 26th.

    The following images were taken on Friday before he removed the links to Kop Football that evening – and on Saturday after they were gone.

    That was meant to imply he had some relationship with the company Kop Football Ltd owned by George Gillett and Tom Hicks. And to reinforce that impression it included the links to their sporting sites in the USA and Canada. He also stole the domain from the owners and created a site that he claimed would be about the stadium patronized by the owners where KT members could circumvent the “censorship” of the Official Site to convey their thoughts directly to the owners. But that domain has also changed hands four times since then and is now buried in the USA

    He removed the links to Kop Football on Friday evening UK time, just after getting the cancellation from George Gillett, as reported at the time by others on this blog (see date and time stamped comments above). But on Saturday he was taking the line he did not even know about the cancellation. He lied about that directly to “bigfooty” and others on KT and by extension to all his members.


  20. barry wom Says:

    @bigfooty… you said “It’s just funny to me that when Dunk suggested he had direct contact to GG/TH he was ruthlessly mocked and questioned by the blog.”

    I posted earlier on this thread that I asked these exact questions when Rupert 1st made contact with GG office. Maybe due to me questioning him, Rupert asked would I act as a referee for him in this – he would send me the proof of his contact and I would provide a reference to confirm what he was saying. I know he planned to ask several blog commentators to do the same.

    Now as I said earlier, I have seen the contents of this mail (and others btw) and I can confirm it’s contents. That may also not be enough for you, but I you really do need to realise RI is making every effort to do the right thing and help LFC fans. His motives are clear – why would he put at risk the work of this blog for one post, at a time when Oldham is struggling anyway. You would be better asking Oldham a simple question : Is GG a member of KT and if not why not?

  21. Come Insider Says:

    bigfooty = Dunk/Steve/katie??? hmmmmmm we can but wonder

  22. lfc_michael Says:

    I’m pretty convinced that he’s a real member, actually. He’s just not approaching the evidence with an open mind.

  23. dataimaginary Says:

    He’s far too articulate to be Dunk/Steve/katie. He’s just suffering what we all initially went through when faced with the evidence, the stages of: disbelief; shock; acceptance.

  24. edmond Says:

    i don’t think thats the whole story. there is definately something wrong with this blog imo, although its not any of the evidence or the claims in it which are irrefutable. but there’s a sort of mob mentality under it all that is hard to stomach.

    koptalk is a cult without doubt, but equally this place is a bit of a witch hunt. i am definately not trying to wind up anyone. oldham is guilty of everything written here, and in an ideal world you would try to put right everything that he has done wrong, or make him atone for it himself. once that is unlikely (which seems so) then you have to punish the wrongdoing – fair enough.

    but this blog is not a very tasteful punishment if thats the right word, it is not a nice thing to do. Oldham deserves it, but what if somewhere down the line he goes and tops himself? this blog is inviting him to answer to and be judged by a mob. its not pleasant. even though he is guilty and the questions he has to answer are all of his own doing….this pressure would be better placed on the authorities and club to make them take action (which it appears is happening).

    this blog should be motivated by a sympathy for oldhams victims. but the way it is presented it seems to be motivated by trying to destroy oldham and make a fool out of him. that is not nice.

  25. silent but deadly Says:

    Oh, come on Edmond….

    People shouldn’t stand up for the right not to be conned, on the off chance that the conman tops himself?

    And the blog should not be trying to make him look a fool? (He actually manages it himself most of the time) What do you think he is doing to the people he is ripping off? Ask any of the people who have “banned themselves” if they felt foolish for paying money to him.

    Its called Karma, Edmond. Its not something that is the unique preserve of this blog.

  26. rupertinsider Says:


    Oldham once thought – or pretended to think – that he knew who was behind the blog. He then sent the most scurrilous letter, virtually accusing that person of being a criminal paedophile and subsequently, in public a couple of weeks ago, repeated his comments that we are ex-convicts, clowns and so on. He was far off the mark – the person he named has nothing to do with the blog. Not that it bothered him. He’s never apologized.

  27. Says:

    “Oldham deserves it, but what if somewhere down the line he goes and tops himself?”

    If he felt the need to top himself it would be because of everything he has done and not the blog. Noone cared when Harold Shipham hung himself and I don’t think too many tears would be shed should Oldham gas himself like his father.

  28. Raftastic Says:

    That’s below the belt,as big a cunt as he is you shouldn’t lower yourself to his level mate.

  29. edmond Says:

    yes you should stand up for your own rights not to be conned, and also to warn others. but if its possible to do that while still affording oldham his rights then its a better way to go about it. i have read a lot of this blog and i know how low oldham sinks, so me saying this blog should abide by higher standards is never going to sound balanced. but in trying to take oldham down for good it consumes you and you forget that concept.

    as that bigfoot guy showed, he should have taken one look at the blog and the overwhelming evidence on it is more than convincing its absolutely overwhelming. but if he was the ‘jury’ then you failed to win your case. and i think the reason is because all this distasteful personal stuff makes people suspicious and untrusting and they don’t read it carefully enough. the only reason i did is cos the analysis and uncovering of his lies are so clever i kind of “got into it” if you know what i mean.

  30. rupertinsider Says:

    “but if its possible to do that while still affording oldham his rights”

    We give him a standing invitation to answer anything: we publish all his rants from KT verbatim: we – or at least – Insider sent him private emails offering to stop the blog if he would just admit his faults and apologise-

    he on the other hand never allows the blog or any other critical site to be mentioned, he bans anyone who tries, he claims he has contacted hitmen to kill us, and claims he has the police watching us – as a favour to his dead father – he tries to bribe people to discover our identity yet lies that he knows who we are – and worse of all he turns his god awful relatives on us:

    “but if he was the ‘jury’ then you failed to win your case.”

    he wasn’t the jury, and we were not trying to win the case. we had already won: George Gillett cancelled his so called membership: bigfooty was a KT ultee unable to consider the evidence in a rational manner and who tried to deny it: he now has the problem of adjusting to reality: Oldham adjust by lying, as usual, but that doesn’t work in the long run and eventually he will hit a wall – hopefully quite soon then I can stop dealing with him:

    “all this distasteful personal stuff makes people suspicious”

    how do you know that: thousands read it and then act on it: we get tons of emails thanking us: its distasteful because he is distasteful: i don’t how you show how someone is a liar and a fraud and make it tasteful:
    most people who are uspet by the “vitriolic” language are those who have been emotionally involved in hih, his site or his lies – they feel personally affronted by the exposure. they would prefer it be done out of sight: even those who, like you say you are, know that our criticisms iare all true.

    I dont even argee with you that the language is vitriolic : its just truthful and direct and designed like that to cut through the bullshit he has been spinning for years:

    we could write a dissertation on the the differential variables in the declamatory expressions of an iconclastic and mendacious entrepreneur – but who would read it and what affect would ti have? best to say he is a liar and a thief.

    Its a dirty job but someone has to do it.

  31. Insider Insider Says:

    Edmond – thanks for the comments, you’ve clearly given them a lot of thought.

    There was a point a while ago where I almost fell for one of Dunk’s feeling-sorry-for-himself posts where he hinted at ending it all. He’s been threatening to do that for years. I now know he won’t do that, although I’d not put it past him to try and fake his own suicide.

    I really do not think that Oldham will top himself because of this blog.

    I personally would prefer it if he just held his hands up and admitted what he’d done. He could then flog his car and gadgets and start paying back what he’s effectively stolen. He could own up to Lauren and her parents about the money he collected in her name. They would almost certainly forgive him, but he would also have to own up to it publicly too. If Lauren’s family made a statement, saying they now know about the money Oldham took (including the full details), well this blog could stop talking about it. Although there’d also need to be some gesture made in relation to the ticket touting, which was at its worse when made in Lauren’s name. Rather than lose his season ticket entitlement and his shareholders’ ticket entitlement he could surrender both, along with any fan cards he holds.

    A full admission that the Insider stuff was all lies would perhaps be difficult for him – but it’s necessary. An admission that he never, ever had any contacts at Anfield.

    He also needs to go through any records on Paypal and elsewhere to find people who ordered his book. He needs to admit it never got any further than being an idea, that he never wrote a word. He needs to refund people even if they can’t find proof.

    He needs to admit that some of his charity “pledges” never got any further than being a pledge. Or that he didn’t pay all the installments he so publicly claimed he would.

    He needs to admit the true circumstances of how he met Tom Hicks, and that the meeting lasted minutes not hours.

    He needs to admit that George Gillett did not join Koptalk the way Oldham claimed he did – and then admit that George Gillett has left.

    He needs to admit that he’s never met Rick Parry.

    He needs to own up to the truth about what he did to Robbie Fowler.

    He needs to tell all his current and former members that Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen, Danny Murphy and the rest were never members of his site.

    He should apologise and own up to the truth of the Peter Crouch tape. And own up to his decision all these years to disregard the boycott of the S*n.

    They’re just some of the things, off the top of my head, that I think he needs to do. It won’t be easy for him, but he can do it. And it would be preferable to what is likely to happen to him if he doesn’t act soon.

    Chances are he’d have to close Koptalk down there and then if he did all those actions above, but I think that’s only fair. He’s had a year to own up and to try and rectify things, but instead he chose to add more lies and threats to his already large repertoire of both.

    Shutting down Koptalk, paying back what he owes, not much to ask in return for what he’s done.

    But it may already be too late for that to be enough.

  32. edmond Says:

    you’re welcome, i didnt mean to be so judgemental obviously plenty of people appreciate this blog.

    i guess people like oldham will never come clean and never admit they need to get help. but even still, you always have to offer them the chance to do so. then after that, i guess rupert is correct. it is a dirty job and someone does have to do it.

  33. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    He’s still claiming GG is a member of KT. This is copied from his site today:

    Our discussion forums are moderated 24/7. This means that every minute of every day a KopTalk admin (member of our staff) is online overseeing things. There’s also a handful of moderators that help with the interaction. Although we concentrate on the ordinary fan we do have many V.I.P. members including the likes of George Gillett (LFC co-owner) and Mike Jefferies (L4). Our forums are free of banner advertising and pop-ups and are hosted on a blistering fast dedicated server in the UK. We operate a very strict moderation policy to ensure that nobody is subjected to abuse by others. Thousands of members have already joined the most sensible LFC forums on the web and we’d love you to be the next!

  34. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks. I’ve sent it to the office.

  35. Morten_P Says:

    Hi folks.
    I’ve read through this blog and up until today Ive swallowed everything dunk has fed me since signing up to KT more than 3 years ago.
    Now Im not sure what to do.
    Maybe I’ll hang around until renewal(come january), maybe I’ll leave the site straight away. Maybe I’ll ask dunk some Q’s.
    I don’t know what to do right now.

  36. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi Morten, thanks for leaving that comment.

    I can understand how you feel, because I also took a while to realise that all the signs had been there, and even when I started this blog I didn’t think Dunk was that bad.

    We always say to people to read this blog with an open mind and it looks like you have done. There’s a lot to read though.

    Perhaps the best thing to do is to ask questions as you say. Ask here – people will try and answer as best they can, not just me, other readers and contributors.

    You can also ask Dunk. Two quick warnings though. First, he might ban you on the spot for asking a question, although that action would probably answer your question for you. Secondly, if he doesn’t ban you, be wary of the actual words he uses. He’s quite good at using words that hide the truth, words that make it sound like he’s saying one thing, when he’s really not quite saying that. For example when he says he’s “pledged” money to charity, it does not mean he has “given” or “donated” money to charity. It means he’s said he “will give” it to charity – but he usually forgets to actually do that bit.

    If you ask him a question, make sure he answers your question – don’t let him do the politician’s walk-around of the question.

    And feel free to grill us all you like. We’ve nothing to hide, we’re not here to make money or get famous or anything. We’d love nothing more than to close this blog down tomorrow knowing we’ve stopped Dunk from doing all the things we’ve caught him doing!

  37. Morten_P Says:

    Funny thing this.
    I’ve rarerly been on other LFC forums except at (yes I’m norwegian), but today I ventured onto est 1892, recognizing lots of earlier KT’ers, and surprised meself with registering at another site.
    This is were I found the link to this blog. I’ve known about the anti KT site from KT but never bothered to investigate it before.
    I came here with a smirk on me face, expecting to laugh you off, but soon actually got serious. Although agreeing with earlier poster Edmond, I believe, about the tone on this blog, it made me seriously consider a lot of the things written here against dunk.
    One Q popped up in my head after reading one of the last posts.
    What about that L4 and Mike Jeffreys thing from a while back, is that considered to be a con too?

  38. Insider Insider Says:


    I don’t actually remember what Dunk claimed at the time. It pre-dates the blog, and I was probably using other LFC sites by then, only popping into KT occasionally.

    I do know that the group approached other websites, trying to get them to come onside with L4. Other sites turned this down, because they wanted to remain independent. I don’t know what was offered, but I doubt that L4 expected support for free.

    Dunk didn’t turn the approaches down, clearly. He didn’t see the need for a so-called independent site that refuses to “tow” the line with the “suits” to remain impartial.

    He got to go to the premiere of “Goal”, the film about his beloved Newcastle United. He no doubt got other freebies too from that film, merchandise etc. He may have got other compensation for his assistance – I don’t really know. And this isn’t a blog about L4 anyway.

    I can imagine Dunk’s eyes lighting up when such an approach came his way.

    I expect that as soon as L4’s interest in the club came to an end that Dunk’s use became pretty limited. It’s probably the closest he ever got to any real “contacts”.

    Last year “someone” logged onto Koptalk and used a login that I would assume was meant to be Jeffreys. Certainly Dunk had posted around that time about Jeffreys and so on. I wrote to Jeffreys’ office (or an address of an agency that dealt with Jeffreys, I can’t remember the exact details now) and pointed out that either a) Dunk was pretending to be Jeffreys or b) Jeffreys was using a website that he (as a Liverpool fan) really ought to be avoiding considering what it was like over The S*n / Fowler / ripping off members etc.

    I got no reply. But I never saw that userid post again on Koptalk.

    Dunk also got to the UK premiere of the next Goal film, the one with Real Madrid in. It was held, as far as I can tell, at a cinema in Newcastle. Steve was pictured with Jefferies, but the other photos taken all suggested that Oldham was there as nothing more than a member of the public. He took a picture of his hero Freddie Shepherd, but it was out of focus and clearly taken from some distance. Maybe Dunk was invited, maybe he just turned up. In fact Dunk wasn’t actually pictured there, so maybe Steve works part time brushing up the floor at that cinema and that’s where the pictures came from.

    The Jeffreys name never cropped up again on KT from what I remember, until Athens when Dunk, sitting at home in Wallsend, conjured up an idea that he Steve and Katie were all off to meet Jeffereys, with Steve MacManaman.

    We didn’t see a photo or video of this meeting, which is the exact opposite to the previous couple of weeks when Dunk took the camera EVERYWHERE with him. We didn’t see a single picture of him in Athens, and we only saw one mobile phone video, which could have been taken by anyone.

    So, I guess Oldham did have some contact with Jeffreys. I doubt it was contact in the way Dunk claimed it was. If the blog had been around we’d have spotted any inaccuracies he made, but the blog wasn’t around. And considering that Jeffreys isn’t a part of the consortium that actually bought LFC I wouldn’t consider him to exactly be a contact that Dunk could use to bring us transfer news or secret meeting minutes.

    Oldham claimed that GG had found Koptalk all of his own accord and had phoned up immediately to join. He claimed he’d paid with his own card. He tripped himself up from the off by saying GG had wanted to join after seeing the interaction between fans. KT was a closed site to non-members – so how could GG see the interaction? After that Rupert did a lot of hard work and actually found out, mainly by telephone, that it had been Oldham trying to get GG to join, as a publicity stunt.

    Oldham claimed TH had invited him to his offices in Texas. In reality Oldham had invited himself there and got to speak to him for a couple of minutes. Oldham claimed hours. TH was being polite. TH now knows the truth about Oldham and Oldham is most definitely not welcome in his office.

    Oldham often turns small shreds of truth into big lies. If he’d been honest about GG and TH, a lot of people would have respected him for it. He might have kept members purely on the fact that he was being honest. But he lied, to make it sound better, and in doing so ensured that TH and GG know never to trust him. And they own our club now.

    Meanwhile scores of other LFC sites have joined forces to take views of LFC fans to the club. See (and also on the pages of the other sites involved).

    I’m not saying these sites will get their own way, but the club are prepared to listen to the views of the fans who get in touch through these sites.

    Koptalk members won’t get near, not via Koptalk anyway.

    I doubt Jeffreys is proud to be associated to Koptalk. But I don’t think it really matters much these days.

  39. Morten_P Says:

    I’ve just posted this:
    I’ve found out that Dunk is a conman.
    Big man you can fcuk right off!
    And of course now I’m leaving.
    Most of the “main” posters on here has also left. Most long before me, others in recent days.
    Why? you think. Have a look, with an open mind, on this blog.
    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site George Gillett cancels his Koptalk “membership” «

    This site is on it’s way down!
    I recon I’m banned 🙂

  40. Insider Insider Says:

    I imagine you are banned now Morten! There’s no sign of your post. Note also how Dunk censors the word “WordPress” in case his members try posting this blog’s URL. Anyone would think he’s worried about what his members would say if they saw us.

    He’s still got an open offer to contact us to put his side forward, which he’s yet to do.

    Hopefully your post will have been seen by a couple of lurking members who’ll now finally get to see what this site is really about.

    Thanks Morten for taking the time to read the blog.

  41. Morten_P Says:

    No probs mate. I’m happy I did.
    As for people reading it, don’t think the post was up for long. It took ’em 2 mins top to kick me.

  42. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Still claiming GG is a member.

  43. Hansi Says:

    But he’s still not…

  44. DAM Says:

    I really wish id read all this before i recently renewed my subscription!!!

  45. rupertinsider Says:


    You can claim a refund from him directly or from PayPal if you used that method. Go to KT-PayPal Fraud in the tool bar at the top of this page. And remember to remove the automatic renewal mechanism from your account.

  46. Johnny Says:

    Why are you so obsessed with Koptalk? You obviously must have some kind of personal agenda against the guy who runs it.

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