The Greaseball isn't in Greece?

I posted earlier today about Dunk not being in Athens.I said I’d like to see his reaction after I posted it.

It’s here…

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Steve McManaman
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Meeting Mike Jefferies and Steve McManaman tonight & tomorrow. A few former LFC players from Macca’s time at Anfield also going to be here. We’ll try and get Macca on the video podcast taking the piss out of his ears
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The only replies this got, one-and-a-half hours later, were from “Choicer”, Dunk’s mate who won a ticket for a date with young Steve MacNeish, and Rich Tea, the gullible victim of many a “get rich quick” scam. (If I had time I’d probably be able to start a blog on Rich Tea – but he’s only assisting with the ripping-off of Liverpool fans in a very small way, so it’s hardly worth it really).

This looks like being Dunk’s latest power-lie. Last year’s power-lies included claims of buying Chris Waddle’s West Derby home, having free use of said house whilst waiting for paperwork to be completed, putting CCTV cameras on said house to film LFC, building a hotel themed on LFC for Koptalk Gold Club members to use, having a meeting arranged with Rick Parry so that he can give Rick some mysterious item that he desperately need to get from Oldham. Even the Crouch-tape lie was a power-lie. He gets caught out, so tells a bigger lie hoping nobody can tell!

Mike Jefferies was the person behind the oft-mocked “Goal” movie, which was based on Dunk’s favourite team, the one he uses his season tickets for, Newcastle United. The follow-up was about Real Madrid. Mike Jefferies is said by some to have courted many Liverpool sites for support when he was trying to curry favour for his attempted take-over of the club. I’ve been told by that he was trying to work his way in with fans through them, asking them to try and support what he was doing. That’s all I want to say about it, except that there’s only site that seemed to actually accept the offer. You know which one.

Jefferies claims to be a Red, one of the many celebrities to do so. Dunk claims he’s mates with him, even that he posts on his site. I believe Jefferies has been warned about Oldham. Is he a Red? Well not much of one if he’s introducing Duncan Oldham to Steve MacManaman, when you remember how Oldham tried to involve Macca in his anti-Fowler smear campaign of a few years back. In fact I doubt very much that Jefferies would risk his relationships with such players by introducing them to the infamous cyber-squatting S*n fan.

It’s available as part of the much more in depth “Get Fowler” article in the links above, but we got hold of an old article from TLW (The Liverpool Way Fanzine) of some years ago. We first published it here – “More on Oldham’s lies about Fowler” back in August. The article would have been from around 2001 or 2002.

Last but by no means least is Duncan Oldham. Anyone who has access to the internet will almost certainly know of this individual. Those of you who don’t have access to it won’t have a clue, so allow me to give you a brief rundown on who he is. He lives in Scarborough, and he runs an unofficial LFC website which is responsible for regular doses of bullshit and anti-Robbie Fowler stories. He’s also tried his hand at several little money making scams through his site, and is someone who I would not piss on if he were on fire. I’m not going to name his website here because I’m not going to give it the plug that would make him happy. If you’re a regular on the net you’ll know it, and if you’re not then you don’t need to know it, so I won’t be mentioning it here.

I could fill the entire fanzine with gripes about Oldham and the way he runs his website, but I’ll try to just keep this to a minimum. The main reason for my inclusion of Oldham in this list stems from a ‘news’ item that appeared on his website about Fowler. Oldham seems to have a real axe to grind with Robbie, and barely a day seems to go by without some sort of story about Fowler appearing on his site. Apparently, most of his ‘exclusives’ come from a pal of his who runs a bar at the Albert Dock, which is a regular haunt of the players. In fact, Oldham and his buddy were indirectly responsible for the ‘Fowler/McManaman drinking storm’ before the England game. You know, when they were out until the wee small hours (it was actually half nine, I know this because my cousin was with them, she’s a good friend of Macca’s kid brother) and had consumed all of about two drinks before heading home?

Anyway, Oldham, under the guise of defending Stevie G (who the papers had slated for being out in Southport a full five days before a game), reported that two other England squad members – one a current reds player – had also been out on the ale that night. Now even a tabloid hack is smart enough to figure out who he was referring to, and lo and behold, the next day it’s picked up by all the papers, who up until then knew nothing about it. It provided them with a nice little follow up to the Stevie G nonsense they’d printed the day before. I think it’s only right that Robbie knows who ‘shopped’ him.

But that’s not even the ‘news’ item I was referring to. That came a few days later, when on October 8th (just before the Grimsby game), Oldham came up with his latest (and possibly the worst) piece of shit stirring, claiming Robbie didn’t have a chest infection, and that he didn’t report back for training because he’d been on a bender after the England game. It was completely untrue, and Robbie should have sued over it. If there was even the slightest element of truth in that story, you can bet your arse that the nationals would have picked up on it. The thing is though, this was so fictional that even the likes of the Daily Mail wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

Oldham and his mates seem to have a vendetta against Fowler, but this really was taking things too far. As he likes to inform us all on a regular basis, his website gets millions of hits from all over the world, and many of the visitors are gullible enough to believe every word Oldham tells them. With that in mind, I believe he has certain responsibilities, and printing shite like what he did about Fowler was a total f_cking disgrace. Robbie’s reputation was damaged by that article, as not everyone who read it will know the actual truth. In his Football Echo column, Chris Bascombe slammed the article written by Oldham, and set the record straight regarding Robbie. He wrote “I was sent an article this week by a reader which appeared on one unofficial Liverpool website which I won’t name because it doesn’t deserve the free ad it probably wants (Okay, I will. Apparently it’s called ******* or ******* or something like that.) They wrote an outrageous lie which dared to suggest Robbie’s absence on tuesday wasn’t because he was ill.”

There you have it, ‘an outrageous lie’, so anyone who read that knows the score, but sadly few people outside Merseyside will have had the chance to see it. Mind you, Oldham saw it, and responded to it in an editorial on his site. “I would like to thank local journo Chris Bascombe for a little mention recently. Obviously those of you outside the city may not know who Chris is. Well thanks to the internet’s global ability, even a local journo can get a mention on the other side of the world. Although saying that, I believe Chris contributes to the official LFC website so his articles may be already known to you if you can’t buy local supplements etc, admittedly his contributions tow the official line but anyone who gives the site a plug no matter how small will do for us”

Anyone seeing that who hadn’t read the article in the Pink Echo could be forgiven for thinking that Chris had given Oldham’s site a glowing endorsement. There’s no mention of the fact that Chris was criticising his site for an ‘outrageous lie’, and the whole thing smacked of unbelievable arrogance and smugness, two ‘qualities’ which Mr Oldham has in abundance. This lowlife didn’t even have the decency to say “I’m sorry, I got it wrong about Robbie and I owe him an apology,” and instead used Chris B’s words to slyly endorse his own site.

The Americans should give this prick a job, as with him on board they’d have no trouble winning the propaganda war (mind you, his views on freedom of speech would make him more at home in the Taliban camp, but more of that later). Had he apologised over what he had written about Fowler, then I wouldn’t be writing about it now. I’ve been tempted to write a piece about Oldham for some time now, but I’ve been holding back for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I didn’t want to give him any kind of recognition whatsoever, as it’s publicity that seems to make him happy. Secondly, I didn’t want to come across as being petty by slagging off a fellow supporter. There’s a part of me that feels a bit uneasy about doing it now, but I could hold back no longer. Put it this way, if the Daily Mail had written what he did, then everyone would have been up in arms about it, so why should it be different simply because it appeared on what is supposed to be a pro-LFC website? The fact that TLW has it’s own website also means that any criticism of another website could be seen as some sort of professional jealousy. No doubt that’s what Oldham will put it down to anyway.

Anyone who dares criticise the almighty Dunc must be jealous. He even says so on his own personal webpage (a sickening piece of self indulgence which has to be seen to be believed). So let me say right now, I am not in any way shape or form, jealous of Duncan Oldham. What is there to be jealous of? Being reviled by many of your fellow supporters is not something I aspire to achieve. He may well make a lot of money from his website, but at what cost? Am I jealous of the fact that he drives a nice new Mercedes? Actually, no. I’ve never been interested in cars and have never even bothered sending off for my provisional license, so what good is a Merc to me! Am I jealous of the fact that he is apparently making money hand over fist?

Not really no, because I look at what he does to make that money. Of course we’d all like to be making more money than what we are (if there’s any players reading this, then you’re excluded from that remark as you earn more than enough already!), but at the same time we have to be able to look at ourselves in the Mirror. Maybe Oldham can justify his actions to himself, but to me he is no better than the scumbags who peddle lies in the national tabloid press. In fact, he’s worse, because he does it under the masquerade of being a fan. I’ve sat by and watched his attempts to exploit LFC fans with his priority membership scheme, his ‘buy shares in *******.com’ scam, his selling of two season tickets on a £1 a minute phoneline competition and countless other rip offs. “If people are gullible enough to fall for it then it’s their own fault” I reasoned.

The Fowler story, and Oldham’s subsequent smugness over it was the last straw though. It was complete and utter bullshit and he had to know that considering his mate supposedly runs the place where they were meant to be boozing until the early hours. Of course, Bullshit is how he makes his living. Who could forget the Sol Campbell “Exclusive” last summer? Dunc informed us that Sol had flown into Speke airport by private jet, and was whisked away to a hotel on the outskirts of the city centre for talks with the reds. He promised to keep everyone up to date with Campbell’s movements as he negotiated his big money deal to move to Anfield.

What he didn’t tell people was that Parry and Houllier were both out of the country on other business that day, and that Campbell was actually in London finalising his move to Arsenal. Funny though, he never admitting to getting that one wrong either.

His comments about Chris Bascombe would have been laughable if they weren’t so shockingly arrogant. Chris can’t really respond to it, as I doubt if the Echo would allow him to get embroiled in a war of words with someone like Oldham, but there’s nothing to stop me from doing it. Oldham remarked that “thanks to the internet’s global ability, even a local journo can get a mention on the other side of the world”. Yeah, and a f_cking arsehole like you can make a damn good living through writing scurrilous stories without any foundation or truth in them.

Perhaps the most comical line of Oldham’s rant though, was: “admittedly his contributions tow the official line….” By ‘towing the official line’ I presume he means visiting Melwood to speak with the manager EVERY day and contacting the relevant people at the club before printing a story to make sure that it is true. Oldham sits there in his little f_cking empire in Scarborough, miles away from what’s going on at the club, yet has the nerve to have a go at someone who is as well informed about what’s going on at the club as it’s possible for any ‘outsider’ to be. What are Oldham’s credentials? What contacts does he have at the club?

He’s currently running a little scam called ‘the insider’, where for a nominal fee (about £15 I believe) he’ll send you updates on what’s happening behind the scenes. He claims to have players, ex players, secretarial staff at the club as well as local and national journalists supplying him with inside info. Naturally, he can’t name names, so you just have to take his word for it that these people will reveal all kinds of inside info to Lord Duncan.

The only player that has any affiliation with the website is Richie Partridge, and the club should really put a stop to that (if they haven’t already). And the mere idea that local and national journo’s would have any association with him is comical. There’s as much chance of Chris Bascombe becoming a blue as there is of him supplying info to Oldham, and I’m sure Chris McLoughlin knows the score too. The Post’s Andy Hunter is a blue and wouldn’t even have the faintest idea who Oldham is, and any national journo worth his salt would keep any decent stories for his own paper, he certainly wouldn’t be passing them on to someone else.

The whole thing stinks, and I just hope people can see through it. I had no time for this parasite even before his latest Fowler ‘attack’, but now I hold him beneath contempt. I know that he’ll be reading this, if he doesn’t buy it himself then no doubt one of his toadies will send him a copy. He’d love nothing better than to get his solicitors onto me over this – he’s quite partial to legal threats apparently.

A Norwegian mate of mine, Torbjorn Flatin (the editor of ‘The Kopite’), has first hand experience of Oldham’s legal threats. Torbjorn was having a browse at Oldham’s site one day when he came across a photo of Frode Kippe which looked familiar. It was familiar, because it was from the Norwegian reds’ site ( which Torby is involved with. What’s more, Torbjorn had actually taken the picture himself with his own camera! He contacted Oldham to politely ask him that if he was going to take photo’s from his site, could he at least credit them with it. He didn’t say he couldn’t use them, and he didn’t ask for any money. He just wanted his site to be credited for the photo. Oldham responded by saying that the photo wasn’t from, and then threatened legal action. When Torby told him that he himself had taken the photo, and he could prove it, suddenly the legal threats were dropped!!! The man is a real piece of work. The really sad part of all this is that I, like many others, used to really like his site. Now it simply disgusts me.

I’ve also recently found out that he’s registered the domain name, as well as and amongst others. He claimed that he did it as a favour to us, and it was to stop the domain names falling into the wrong hands! He’s all heart isn’t he? The fact that when you type in those names you are directed to HIS website suggests otherwise however. I don’t even want the “.com” address, and he’s welcome to it. If he’s so desperate to get hits to his site that he’ll stoop to such levels, then I pity him. He won’t be happy about this article, because he seems to think he should be above criticism. Anyone who goes on his forums and dares to question any of his ‘news’ articles immediately has their posts deleted, and if they persist they are banned. These people were referred to as ‘scum’ in a recent editorial by Oldham. He also claims that “there’s no such thing as freedom of speech.” Not on your forums there isn’t, that’s for sure. He runs his forums with a level of oppression that would make the Taliban blush. One Norwegian red had his post deleted for the heinous crime of stating that TLW is a good website! Can’t have any praise for any other LFC sites now can we, eh Dunk? Unfortunately for Oldham though, he can’t control what goes on other forums or what goes in fanzines, and he is now being exposed for what he really is. If he doesn’t like it, tough shit.

Imagine if Mike Jefferies arranged for Dunk to meet Steve MacMananaman (not Steve Macca, as his 17-year-old half-brother calls himself sometimes)! How pleased he’d be with Jefferies to introduce him to someone that tried to so hard to shit on his best mate. And wasn’t at all bothered about dragging him into that vendetta.

If I had to stick a small wager on whether or not I thought Oldham was in Athens I’d go for the option of “No”, he’s at home in Wallsend, avoiding knocks on the door and hoping Steve gets beaten up so he can make a big issue of it. But as I said in my prediction, I don’t think Oldham is in Athens. After getting what felt like never-ending 20-minute videos of Dunk and Steve zooming in on topless women and Steve wearing the same shirt for days (imagine the smell!) we now get a 20-second long video of some fans singing. This one’s taken from a phone, not a video camera like previous efforts. We can’t hear Dunk’s flab-restricted voice on this one. We can’t see Dunk’s thick fat head on this one. My pound coin is on him not being there.

So here’s what we want to see Dunk. (I might regret this, if he does manage it). We want to see your fat features on video near some of the Greek landmarks. And again inside the stadium, before during and after the game. And of course we want to see evidence of you meeting Macca and co – in Greece. And let’s see this tatoo properly too, at the ground. Maybe a photo of you showing Macca your tatoo?

By the way – who’s looking after Koptalk? If we believe your words on who’s gone to Athens, you’ve gone, Steve’s gone and Katie’s gone. So who’s looking after Koptalk 24-7 at the height of the suicide-note season? Smoove’s got a new x-box game and probably won’t understand sarcasm posted throughout your site, hinting at the real world outside. And he only works nights. Emma doesn’t exist. The girl called Becky who was going to be “Emma” found out about your dodgy ways and did a runner. “Jordy” was the alias you created when you were pretending to be in New York – is he coming back again? You used “Charlotte aged 14” as the user-name for posting that video above. Fourteen years old and in charge of a website that consists of so many links to porn and adult content? I don’t think so – her mum wouldn’t let her. It’s not half-term, so she’s not staying at yours this week. The moderators aren’t even allowed to look at IP addresses, you don’t trust the few that are left in case they spot that “Wallet” is actually you. Which it is.

What you’ve probably managed again Oldham is to lie yourself into a corner. How many times will you do this? Even the dumbest animals learn over time that banging their head hurts. You keep going back and making yourself look dafter and dafter. All that effort to go to La Manga and get film so far away from the training sessiont that we can’t even be sure you were filming Liverpool. Pretending to stay in their hotel yet not one photo of you with a player. Some people were blindly starting to admire you, now they’re all wondering why you keep lying. The lack of response to a thread about a possible meeting with LFC legends says a lot about the state of Koptalk now. Does anyone believe you any more?

STOP PRESS: I noticed Dunk had posted a thread entitled “Photos from Athens – Tuesday #1”, which he obviously intended us to think were taken by him and Steve on their latest jolly. Here they are…

Stolen by Koptalk

All of those are hosted on PhotoBucket (just as well given how slow Koptalk’s running these days. £600 a month (actually around £95 a month), hardly any posting members, yet runs so slow at times it’s unusable. Are UKFast not as good as they’re made out to be, or has Dunk crippled his site with his alterations to prevent members from speaking to each other?). These pictures are of fans that Dunk wants us to think he and Steve met. A couple of those faces look familiar…

Those photos on Koptalk were not taken by Koptalk. He doesn’t claim they were, but posts them as if they are part of his own photos. All part of his lie.

Steve’s there though –

This boy helps Duncan Oldham rob Reds.


21 Responses to “The Greaseball isn't in Greece?”

  1. Willow Says:

    According to ITV news (6:30) steve doesn’t have a ticket…..

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    That’s a bit enigmatic – what do you mean?

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    I didn’t see it, but Fatso posted this:

    #173642 – Today at 06:21 PM
    Dunk Dunk Administrator
    Registered: 20/08/04
    Posts: 19382
    Prior to heading to La Manga, ITN News (ITV National) contacted us to help them with a feature on obtaining tickets for the final in Athens. Basically they’ve been following Steve around Athens trying to find a ticket. He will be on the main news (ITV1) during the 6.30pm bulletin!

    I was watching BBC North West at the time.

    So if Steve was being followed round, where was Dunk?

    In Wallsend.

    Probably worth contacting ITV before the News at Ten goes out (if it still does, I’ve no idea). They might be interested in the touting that’s been going on from Koptalk’s own members. And Dunk’s touting from last year for the FA Cup final.

  4. Willow Says:

    Sorry about that guys.

    Basically, the reporter was recording him saying he has £600 to buy a ticket and is willing to sell his shirt off his back. Finally steve has to resort to looking on ebay and hopes he will get one tomorrow.

  5. BKTD Says:

    Just caught the sports part of the news at ten and Steve was one of the last items on it. At least there was no free advertisement for koptalk. Didn’t see the fat twat though, I’m sure he is coming up with excuses as to why he wasn’t on camera.

  6. Insider Insider Says:

    There are a number of discrepancies between that report and what has been said on Koptalk. And Steve was reported as being 19 when we all know he’s 17 and still a minor.
    I’ve written to the editor at ITN and asked a number of questions. If we assume that all Dunk’s claims in connection with this story are true, ITN face some serious allegations over their integrity. If ITN can prove their integrity still holds up then Duncan Oldham has added yet another block of concrete to the overcoat he’s making for himself.

  7. Andy Says:

    Oldham has put this up by way of explanation:

    Dunk Dunk
    May 22 06:21 PM
    Prior to heading to La Manga, ITN News (ITV National) contacted us to help them with a feature on obtaining tickets for the final in Athens.

    Basically they’ve been following Steve around Athens trying to find a ticket. He will be on the main news (ITV1) during the 6.30pm bulletin!

  8. Carras_boot Says:

    Good to see BIG bruver is looking out for Stevo again. Throwing him into the lions den like that, bound to be twated by someone over there.
    Notice on the video were fat face and his manservant are stalking freddie shepperd, were does the fat one send his 17 year old brother who is wearing an LFC shirt? right into a newcastle Utd pub. Well done fat man!! too scared to go in there on your own? Thought so. Shithouse.

  9. Lloyd Says:

    Hope Steve doesn’t “lose” that ticket.

  10. Ron Nasty Says:

    Half of those photos are taken from The Telegraph sports section, the fucking nipple.

  11. Come Insider Says:

    Dunk said he’s not able to get the ITN clip up as it’s saved on his PC at home and he’ll not be back for a few days to upload it….and by then we’ll all have forgotten about it


    There’s a piccy of Steve with a ticket yet he’s getting ITN to help him find one…..go figure that one out??

  12. Come Insider Says:

    and what’s that around Steve’s neck??? Has he got a fake pass for the stadium..planning to pitch invade at the end are we steve???

  13. Jabba Says:

    Ickle Steve was on the ITV news at 10:30 last night. Saw it with his heart-felt story trying to get a ticket (!) no sign of Dunk in the background mind.

    He would probably get lynched.

  14. Lloyd Says:

    # Come Insider Says:
    May 23rd, 2007 at 12:39 pm

    and what’s that around Steve’s neck??? Has he got a fake pass for the stadium..planning to pitch invade at the end are we steve???

    Don’t think so, all the official accreditations that I have seen have a Mastercard lanyard.

  15. TheClone Says:

    He managed to get a kraptalk plug onto the Dinnertime news.
    “I run a Liverpool website, and the fans on there also say that there are not tickets available”
    What the fvck are ITN playing at giving a known touts bum boy serious airtime ?

  16. Ron Nasty Says:

    The media don’t give a shit, they’ll have picked up on them because of theShepherd publicity.

  17. Ron Nasty Says:

    Anyway, fuck it for now. COME ON YOU MIGHTY REDS!!

  18. dataimaginary Says:

    top photo nicked from bbc.

    feckit, CMON REDMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Lloyd Says:

    McNeish has just this minute been on ITV news moaning about not having a ticket and not knowing were to go to watch the match on a big screen, which rather begs the question – what happened to the ticket he is seen pictured with?

  20. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    So what happened to the ticket Steve’s pictured with? Did he borrow it for the picture? Did he sell it to pay for the flight and hotel for him and Katie? Dunk tried to imply that it was his ticket, bur so far he’s not produced any evidence that he was even close to Athens, and he usually does when he’s at a match.

    Steve and Katie was not using that ticket according to this post by Katie:
    #176046 – Today at 01:30 PM Re: Terrible Photo [Re: Dunk]
    Katie Katie

    Registered: 11/07/06
    Posts: 4300
    Loc: UK

    That picture was at Zappeion square (sp?) where we watched the game! I told you it was bad there but that is terrible!!

  21. insideme Says:

    RE: Come Insider

    The thing round his neck is a Vodafone thing you could “win” from a fastest shot competition. I think if you were 60-70kph you got that, 80-90 you got a hat and over 90 you got a t-shirt.

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