Looking for a tout for an Athens Ticket? You know where to look…

This blog is here now to highlight the “wrongs” of Koptalk. (Originally it was here to have a laugh at the ludicrous claims of “insider information” that Koptalk sold to its members. At that time one or two members did have links to people that might be able to provide snippets of information, but Duncan “Dunk” Oldham, owner of Koptalk, had none. And all those members have now left).

Some of the “wrongs” on Koptalk are illegal. Some are immoral. And some just don’t fit in with how we do things at Liverpool Football Club.

Look at the top row of links if you’re reading for the first time. You’ll find robbery, threats against players and staff (and the people behind this blog), forgery, fraud, lies and a whole lot more in the list of “wrongs” from Koptalk and its chief liar Duncan Oldham.

Athens is upon us. A chance for number six. Not everyone can go, either through lack of funds or lack of luck in the ballot. And a long list of other reasons. UEFA’s allocations were poor, and the way the club handled the distribution and the PR that surrounded it needs an urgent review. Which our new owners tell us we’ll get. So let’s not start complaining about who did what wrong over tickets. That’s not the focus of this site anyway.

I won’t go into details about how I realised Dunk was almost certainly at home all weekend, and not on his way to Athens as he claimed. If you recall, he went to La Manga last week, where he was shunned by the club for the parasite he is. He claimed that he was travelling directly from La Manga to Athens. I’m 99.9% certain that the pair of them (he and his simple half-brother) came back to the UK at the weekend. I expected him to then travel to Athens yesterday – but he stayed at home, again I’m 99.9% certain of that. He did, however, send Steve over (either on his own or with Katrina). Oldham knows that Steve is not too recognisable by other Liverpool fans wanting their money and also their club back from Koptalk. Also Oldham doesn’t particularly care if Steve gets into any bother. Coward that he is, he’d probably get some pleasure from it. It would allow Dunk to drone on all the more about “attacking my family” and he could do it from the safety of his bunker. The only pain he’d get would be from his mam clipping him round the ear for not keeping an eye on his little brother. Whether Oldham will now change his mind and try to get out there remains to be seen. He reacts to this blog almost every time we post. So when I say, “Duncan Oldham is not in Athens” he’ll do what he can to make that a different story. I’ve collected a few bits and pieces of the mistakes he’s made, if I get time I’ll try and put them all together.

Now, if he does get out there, will he have a ticket? Well as someone with access to a share certificate prior to the takeover, he knows someone who’ll have a ticket. Or someone who would have been allowed to buy a ticket, to use for whatever purpose they choose.

Last year he had tickets for the FA Cup final. He sold them for £1600 for the pair, to an Irish member going under the username of wezo23. This member complained about his treatment, especially because he said one of the main reasons for paying such a high price, the one little justification he gave himself to spend such a huge amount, was because Duncan Oldham had said he would be giving every penny of that money to his sick cousin Lauren. “Wezo” was worried that he’d paid all this money, and nobody had seen an ounce of proof that she ever got it. Now “Wezo” is posting again on Koptalk, so somehow Oldham has appeased him somehow. Something Oldham has said has turned the outrage “Wezo” had into acceptance. For years Oldham was able to explain away his wrongs to his more gullible members very, very easily. Delete a thread, ask them to ask by email, explain his answer to them. A gullible member would fall for it every time. A trusting person might accept it for now, benefit of the doubt. If it was a more intelligent member he’d be able to deal with them another way – just “cull” them, as he calls it. People are polite too – conmen thrive of human nature, and so the benefit of the doubt always went his way. Did Oldham prove to “Wezo” that Lauren had been given that money? If so, why can’t that same proof be made public? Well let’s just say that a lot of intelligent people read his rants through this blog, and perhaps the “proof” would prove nothing. We still wait for Oldham to prove he didn’t steal the money intended for Lauren. Last summer she should have received a good few thousand pounds from those tickets and the forged shirts and balls he sold.

If someone was auctioning tickets for charity today, and they were someone we could all trust, we’d have no problems at all. I’m speaking for myself, but I expect I’m speaking for most Reds. If Phil Thompson or Ian Rush appeared on Sky and said they’d decided to raise money for (insert name of charity here) by auctioning off some of their tickets we’d applaud them, and the auction would be a huge success. Someone who’d been willing to pay a tout £1000 would have paid £1500 for tickets in the auction, purely because they would have felt it was a good thing to do. You get your tickets, the touts get nothing, a charity gets a significant boost.

If another auction appeared at the same time from an unknown, and the same types of tickets went for the same price, but not for charity, the seller would be branded as scum, as a lowlife. Why? Because if you’ve had the honour, for whatever reason, of getting tickets for this match, you don’t get the right (legally or morally) to make a profit. Nobody would grumble at tickets going for £1500 for charity, but we don’t like touts. Liverpool fans don’t like touts. We have an unwritten but respected code that you never sell a ticket for more than it cost you. Anything above face value is frowned upon – most people selling tickets don’t even get the booking fee back, they actually make a slight loss.

For some Reds, especially those who’ve spent most of their time as a Red using Koptalk as their reference point, might not have realised this. Like they wouldn’t have known about the S*n boycott. Only the other day a poster on Koptalk urged his fellow members to go and visit that rag’s website. The response from Oldham and his “staff”? Silence. And Oldham had seen the post, and was posting before during and after the post was made. On a thread he’d already posted on. But in the Koptalk world, touting is OK. Reading the S*n is OK in koptalkland. Dunk’s motto is “look after number 1” and he lives that motto, crapping on anyone and everyone to get what he wants. Even his own family.

With tickets it’s usually a case of what goes around comes around. If you always sell your tickets on at face value, you’ll find yourself in a crowd of honourable people (mainly!), and the day you need a ticket someone will be willing to let you have it at face value. Not necessarily the person or persons you’ve sold to in the past. The idea is, if we all sell at face value, we know we’ve a good chance of buying at face value when it’s our turn to be short of a ticket.

Some forums have ticket exchange sections. Some just allow members to post requests for tickets, or to announce they’re trying to lose one. On Koptalk you have to tell Oldham through a support ticket that you’ve got tickets to pass on. This gives him first shout on the tickets. If he can sell them on himself he will. People have written into us in the past about this – in fact if you’ve ever bought a ticket of Oldham, would you mind writing into us again? If you’ve ever “won” a ticket off him, could you let us know? Dunk’s ticket-touting past is a big part of the information we need to gather on him.

All of this lead-up is quite simply because of this post yesterday. I’ve never seen a post like this on any other forum. Well I have, but it’s usually been followed by a barrage of abuse for the original poster, who more often than not is making their first post. Usually not even football supporters, they’ve got hold of tickets through some corporate deal or other and want to go on holiday with the profits. The poster generally gets put right, his contact details removed by the first admin or moderator to see the post.

That’s how Liverpool FC fan site work. Not how the Koptalk LFC Para-Site works.

On Koptalk you can tout all you like – just make sure you do it through “the big man” first…

#172930 – minutes seconds ago
Match Ticket and Flight available for Champions League Final
RedSnoop79 RedSnoop79
KopTalk Member
Registered: 21/01/03
Posts: 702
Loc: Cork, Ireland
This is the deal then. The first person to email me and agree to pay €1850 (roughly £1270) gets a seat on the KopTalk flight from Liverpool to Athens leaving at 03:30 on Wednesday the 23rd of May and returning at 04:30 on Thursday the 24th, and a match ticket in Gate 12, Section C.

Anyone who’s interested in the flight only the price is €850 (£569) but I’ll take the best offer.

Anyone interested in the match ticket only send on your best offer and a contact number for while you’re in Athens so that we can do a deal closer to kick-off if your price isn’t right now.

I need a name for the seat on the plane by 13:30 tomorrow or the seat goes empty! Anyone who offers less than the £569 I paid for it will have to wait until about 13:00 to hear if they have been successful. If anyone matches the £569 I’ll do the deal there and then.

I’ll be on the flight from Liverpool so I can meet the buyer in John Lennon airport to do the deal. We’ll be in contact before that anyway to sort the name on the ticket.

I’ve set up an email account just to do this deal.

Look forward to hearing from you.
We are a football club. We are LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. It’s what we are and what we will forever be!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Rather an inappropriate signature. To “RedSnoop79” we’re just a way for him to make money. Listen out for a Cork accent in Athens. In fact if you’re on that flight in the early hours of the morning, listen out for a Cork accent. This “fan” is trying to get rich from the fact the club have not been in a position to give all fans who want to go a ticket to go.

Maybe I’ve missed something. Maybe the tout from Cork is actually saying that he’s paid £1270 himself for this package, which I find doubtful. Yes, if he’d bought the flight and the match ticket from an agency I could imagine it. But he bought the flight separately from the ticket. He wants a whopping ONE THOUSAND EUROS for the ticket. I really doubt that any fan who’d paid that kind of money for a ticket would not now be able to go to the game.

That’s my view, and a view I’d expect repeated on any other LFC fan site. But not on the Para-Site…

#172935 – minutes seconds ago
Re: Match Ticket and Flight available for Champions League F [Re: RedSnoop79]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 19378
Don’t post email addresses on the forum please. People can contact you by opening a support ticket
dunk2007 at koptalk.coN

So that’s the view of the para-site. Tout all you like, just make sure you pass it through the main man first.

How much commission has Dunk made from this final? Nobody has a problem with honest commission. How much dishonest commission has he made?

Well keep the evidence coming, old and new, and maybe we’ll get some real figures once and for all about all his rip-offs.


4 Responses to “Looking for a tout for an Athens Ticket? You know where to look…”

  1. Ruben Uría Says:

    Hello to all, I am a journalist espaol that est anxious to see the end between the Liverpool and the Miln. One reflexion of Athen’s final, is called. Honour’s men A hug and enhorabuena by yours blog.

  2. RedinSweden Says:

    Why am I surprised by this? The man is a scumbag.

  3. Come Insider Says:

    The support ticket for every bloody thing….running like a nazi war camp! What happened to freedom of speech! He’ll get his come uppance!!!

  4. Skamp Says:

    The Podgecast always dry up when the too incestuous bum boys are forced apart

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