Koptalk: Watch Oldham bake his Athens excuses

by Rupert Insider


When Oldham was flogging flights to Athens less than a week ago, he implied that he, too, would be on those flights.

It was supposed to be a recommendation to the suckers that (a) if the flights were good enough for him they were good enough for them and (b) that they would be allowed to rub shoulders with the cult leader and his harem and buy him a drink.

In fact, he implied the same when earlier in the day he offered to have Katie organise coaches from the UK to Athens.

We remarked at the time that this was already inconsistent with his claim that he had bought his own airline tickets weeks ago for 110 and we suggested he won’t be on the flights and wont’ be visible in Athens on the day.

Shortly afterward he started to bake his excuse. He had received a call from his solicitor about closing a property deal, he said, and he might have to make the supreme sacrifice and miss Athens. In a cynical attempt to dodge responsibility he pretended to consult his cultees about the decision.

Since then, he suddenly discovered an urge to go to La Manga and try for some gotcha videos with the club, which conveniently removed his responsibility to attend to those who had booked the Athens flights. They might be worried about why they had received no confirmation of the seats Oldham had said he had “secured” for them, but Oldham was alright Jack cavorting around La Manga with the money he made off them through commisions on their tickets.

He has now produced his excuse for his failure to deliver reports from La Manga of anything not already covered by the mainstream press or the LFC official site. His laptop was giving only interrupted access to his site, he says, Spain being such a primitive place to do business.

As for his Athens excuses- he is still baking them. First he’s predicting that the laptop will not be working very well there either – apparently he’s never heard of internet cafes .

And he’s not flying from the UK after all, not on his 110 tickets he said he had bought weeks ago or the 549 tickets he was promoting – but from Spain. He’s already in Athens – he claims – not to see the match mind – but to check out the ticket touts for his members. Talk about a fox supervising the chicken coop!

He’s not a policeman, nor an official from UEFA, so I assume he intends to get involved in the illegal trade in tickets. I’d be grateful for any information anyone has on that.

I should open a book on what this excuse will be for being invisible on match day.

This is what the conman had to say yesterday:

‘We’ve now left La Manga and are heading for Athens where we will find out for you the going prices for tickets on the black market. While we don’t advise such purchases, it goes without saying that many fans will have no choice if they wish to see the match.

Internet access has been hit and miss on the laptop in Spain and we may experience the same problems in Greece, so please take that into consideration if it takes us a while to update the site for you.’

But even while he’s on the run from his site in Greece (or pretend Greece) he keeps getting reminders that an increasing number of his members are unto his cons and playing with him. DavidL , for example, got in a neat one-two on the non-book and non-prizes.


(Thanks to Homer Insider for research and screenshot)

Postscript: Today, after I posted the above, I received an email from a KT member with a scan of a new announcement by the con man.

Remember how early last week he was trying to stampeded the suckers into buying the Athens flights because it would be so difficult to get one for or less than 1,000 and if they “faffed around” they would lose out?

Well he’s trying it again. ACT QUICK his headlines say. 14 seats have become available from Gatwick due to cancellation and 4 of them have already been snapped up in the last few minutes.

It would be a lot quicker if he gave out the name and contact details of the flight operator to people who pay him 30 membership fees for information like that. But to get that you have to email him even though he is in Athens, he says.   And only when you have done that will he give you the information so you make your own booking directly with the operator not forgetting to mention “KopTalk” when you call.

Meanwhile having secured a commission, which I reckon would be no less than 50 a seat, for merely giving you the number of the operator, Oldham does not require your payment details of your credit or debit card, as he did last week, proving that that was always an add-on for his own nefarious purposes, as we said at the time.

(Thanks to Paul for scan and heads-up).


14 Responses to “Koptalk: Watch Oldham bake his Athens excuses”

  1. insideme Says:

    So to get this straight, Oldham has taken £500 off people and they have no idea if they will even get to Athens or if his plane even exists?

  2. Jabba Says:

    A disgrace. Theft. Simple as. No other word for it. Nice to know he can swan off to La Manga and Athens with money ripped off from Liverpool fans while genuine diehard fans like myself are stuck here – hearing that not only 6,000 tickets went to the corporates, shareholders, former players and the like – but that this conniving piece of shit can get over there and claim to somehow ‘represent’ me as a Liverpool fan.

    Getting tired of waiting for the Karma to hit home on this guy. But you lot keep up the fight and I, like many genuine reds, stand full square behind you.

  3. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Not sure whether the fat fuck has had people off for £500 or not, but at best it seems that he’s acted as a middleman and then washed his hands of everything

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve addeda POSTCRIPT to the above psot and changed it a bit. Sorry for being late but my cable access really was down for 5 horus and I’m not even in Athens.

  5. grotbags Says:

    absolutely its a terrible disgrace thats why the the tour operator has sent me my confirmation of my flights, but hey it must be a mistake, you would never get something like this wrong now would you! So dunks making some money, good on him i say, commission its called i know when i was a travel rep we used to make as much as money as we could and lets face it the average british punter is a little thick at the best of times, the amount of lads i sold a booze cruise to is unbelievable, costs the company next to nothing makes them a fortune, happily set a company that takes the piss out of 18-25year old blokes easy prey!!

  6. rupertinsider Says:


    What exactly did I get wrong? You seem to confirm everything I said!

    I said “seem to” because others have commented that you are not a credible poster – some suggest that you are the same as “Garland” who posted last summer and you might even be Oldham – although I don’t think that. But you and all the other “G” posters from a Tiscali IP do have a lot in common – you use similar phases and always the same arguments.

    My first question is the obvious one. If you used to be a travel rep why could you not find your own ticket – they were all over the net. Why use the idiot method of paying a website owner who is not a travel professional to refer you to an operator who was not able to confirm immediately?

    This is one of your comments from last year in which you defended Oldham’s attitude to the SUN in terms very similar to his. From the internal evidence of your posts I did not believe you then that you were a season ticket holder of 24 years or that you were at Hillsborough on the day. I don’t believe you now.
    “Is there really any need for such foul and abusive language, makes me wonder what kind of fan you are really attracting to this site. It would not be put up with on Koptalk.
    Dunk does not lie to ‘us’ as it is implied. It is our choice if we want to pay for a site, he doesn’t force anyone to cough up. As for making money out of it good for him, wish i’d come up with an idea that let me support my fav team and make money as well.
    Having been in the leppings lane myself on the awful day i choose not to buy the sun or some of the other rags that were as bad about us. I think sometimes the others that published stuff are very easily forgotten, however i am not about to force my own beliefs down someone elses throat. Life is about choices and if someone chooses to buy that rag its up to them as it is if they buy the News of the World, The Times or watch sky football”
    “I take it everyone here is from liverpool then are they? Couldn’t care less where Dunk lives just about the team he supports. I don’t live in Liverpool either but it hasn’t stopped me a season ticket holder for 24years.
    There still seems to be a lot of rubbish about the tabloid press. Fine you want to boycott the sun as do i but how many fans boycott the News of the World, Sky Sports, Talk Sport and the Times. I can safely say on Sunday matches, going up to Anfield on the train, i’ve seen plenty of Liverpool fans reading the NOTW. Whilst i may not be the brainiest of people even i see the connection!…..”

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    Spot the difference.
    Above, earlier today, “Grotbags” said:
    “…happily set a company that takes the piss out of 18-25year old blokes easy prey!!”
    Yet last November, “Grotbags” told us:
    “Is there really any need for such foul and abusive language, makes me wonder what kind of fan you are really attracting to this site. It would not be put up with on Koptalk.” (from here)
    Is she Dunk’s mum? Or is it Dunk in one of his “dress-up” moments again? If it’s a real person then she must be delighted with the way the Koptalk site has gone from strength to strength since November. It’s the best site for occasional random posts from middle-aged men chatting up a 17-year-old girl they assume is attractive.
    Grotbags said it was OK for Dunk to carry S*n ads because she sometimes sees odd Liverpool fans reading the NOTW. Even though she’d been (she claimed) in the Leppings Lane end in 1989.

  8. grotbags Says:

    Actually you muppet it would be season ticket holder for 25years now, and as for hillsborough if you’re going to take the piss out of me for having to suffer that and watch the guy in front of me have the breath squeezed out of him, you are one sick and evil person. A for being a travel rep well yes but not for a few years, gosh i seem to have got your goat, well good because lets face it if you can’t print the truth then you really shouldn’t bother!

  9. grotbags Says:

    I’d be careful Mr Ruper Insider, if you put something on the web that says Mail (will not be published) but required and then to mention tiscali, not good for you my boy not good

  10. Ian Says:

    Grotags can you prove you’re on the flight booked by KT.

  11. rupertinsider Says:


    As well as being an season ticket holder of 25 years, and veteran of Hillsborough and ex-travel rep are you also an ex-lawyer?

    Your Tiscali IP was discussed last year by others and you did not object then – why now?

    I don’t have a goat but as luck would have it I have written ar article about a goat so watch out for it soon.

    BTW are you going to answer my original question – what did I get wrong in my article about the Athens scam?

  12. lfc_michael Says:


    You are choosing to completely misrepresent what has been said. The criticism of the Athens flights has centred around the facts that a) Oldham is not a travel professional; b) has no credentials to act as a promoter; c) chose to ‘push’ these flights to his members whilst simultaneously absolving himself of responsibilty for any problems; and d) marketing them in such a way that, despite any other LFC forum offering details to genuinely help their members, ensured that instead he very likely made commission after firstly going through a charade of trying to set up profit-free travel.

    I do not see anyone claiming that the flights don’t exist.

  13. Insider Insider Says:

    Grotbags – most people put false email addresses in on here, especially those who come here to defend the S*n-loving ticket tout with a penchant for pocketing charity money for himself.

    We’ve not revealed your email address. We’ve revealed the ISP that you use. Tiscali. Dunk uses BT occasionally, with a big chunk of what used to be called Telewest. He doesn’t have a BT or Telewest email address.

    Some of the false email addresses are really funny.

    Anyway, are you going to answer any of the questions you’ve been asked, or are you going to carry on steaming out of your ears and spouting lies?

    No Liverpool fan, with 25 years of holding a season ticket, and experience of Hillsborough, would support a site that touts tickets, advertises the S*n, buys the S*n, calls Hillsborough boring, touts its season tickets so that someone can jump the queue and they can make a profit.

    Are you Dunk’s Tottenham-supporting Auntie?

  14. Insider Insider Says:

    Oh and Grotbags – for someone so against foul language you went and used the word “Piss” again. FFS!

    “Actually you muppet it would be season ticket holder for 25years now, and as for hillsborough if you’re going to take the piss out of me for having to suffer that and watch the guy in front of me have the breath squeezed out of him, you are one sick and evil person.”

    Nobody took the piss out of you for “having to suffer” that. We said that we didn’t believe you. If you’d been there, you’d not say it was ok for Dunk to advertise the S*n.

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