Stats show Koptalk down the tube with its "gotcha" videos

by Rupert Insider

He wanted to make money.

He figured the podcasts would revive interest in his dying site, bring in new members, increase the hits and rake in advertising revenues. As Insider said, that’s why he stuck them on You Tube and LiveVideo and god-knows where else. It wasn’t for his members who paid 30. They’re just the suckers who bank-roll his lifestyle.

It was a case of Bozo the Clown and the Circus comes to town.

So let’s see how well Bozo did according to the latest ALEXA stats.

To read and scroll them clearly on the ALEXA site, including the latest update, go HERE

To read them as they were today click on chart to enlarge


You can see how his hits dropped off a cliff when we got him kicked off News Now on 5th January 2007.

The farce in Montreal and Dallas earned him a slight increase – thanks mainly to the fact that the blog advertised and linked to his videos. And the Freddie Shepherd stalking got him massive coverage on the national and regional media in the UK – or did it? As you can see, there was a spike but nothing like what you might have expected from all the fuss. The media was interested in Shepherd but not in Oldham.

And both the Dallas and the Freddie Shepherd spikes have already proven to be temporary and Koptalk is still about 80% lower than it was before the blog started.

If Oldham wants to increase his hits in a sustained manner through “gotcha” videos he’s going to have to do it every day. He needs 300-400 new members to make up the money the stunts have cost him since March. But he’s losing members not gaining them.

Of interest are some of the other stats that ALEXA offers in conjunction with the charts.

Click chart to enlarge


All the vital statistics over the last three months show a drop of over 43% at a time when other LFC sites are showing a healthy rise.

And notice what has happened to hits from Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland. In that order they had been the three top territories outside of the UK. But the blog contacted the Singapore and Hong Kong LFC sites who removed the links from which he had been getting some lazy hits – and look at the difference in such a short time!

Hong Kong went from 16% to 2.2%. Singapore went from 18% to 10.8% . Ireland, where many of Oldham’s scam victims are, continued its steady decline of recent months down to 12%, well behind South Africa, even though the blog made no special effort in Ireland.

And with all the exposure on the UK mainstream media and all of the traffic we give him when we check his site out using donated passwords, and the traffic from those who are members but intend to quit, and all the publicity the blog gives him, which even Oldham acknowledges, KT could still not get more than 33% of its viewers from the UK .

A large part of that 33% comes from Oldham and his family refreshing pages on six KT computer 24 x 7, not to mention the industrious Rich T and a few other cultees who hang around his site a lot because they can’t get enough of Katrina in the chat box.

Oldham’s “best friend in all the world”, Smoove in New York, accounts for about 70% of the US figures which are only about 1.4% of total hits. In fact US hits have dropped from 2.5% since his Dallas stunt which featured a video and photos of Smoove.

Its not a pretty sight for Oldham. He will now have to take stock. Should he dump the failed video stunts or continue to spend like a drunken sailor?

Let me rephrase – can he dump the video stunts?

I suspect he is addicted to them. They get him out of the shed where he no longer feels safe. They create an impression of meaningful activity when he does not know what to do. They fill the empty void by drawing the attention of the curious who stare in bemusement and pass on. They give him a transient feeling of relevance.

But the sight and sound of him on his videos brings home to many what a crude character he is. The intrusive nature of his “look at me” stunts winds up influential people who previously were prepared to turn a blind eye to his site.

Every time he pulls a stunt, the number of hits on the blog spikes – proportionately more than on KT – and hundreds if not thousands of newcomers learn about his sorry history.

Last week, giddy with the excitement of seeing his video on the mainstream media, he said he signed up “tons of new members”  and his critics would be slitting their wrists. How does he feel a week later when he sees these stats?

(Thanks to Outside Insider for the screenshots)


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