Koptalk silence on Athens flights with less than a week to go

by Rupert Insider


Well, they can’t say we didn’t warn them!

We asked why he couldn’t arrange immediate confirmation if he had “secured” seats like he claimed, and why buyers would be kept on tenterhooks waiting for confirmation when they could be looking elsewhere.

We warned that it would be useless calling Oldham about problems with the Athens flights he promoted because once he had his fat commission in his pocket he intended to wash his hands of any responsibility if it went “tits up”, as he put it.Sure he said open a support ticket on Koptalk if you have questions but, like we said, that was only sales talk.

He already knew when he was selling that scam he would be arseing around in La Manga this week pretending to be a supporter so he could exploit the manager and squad to make money by shoving his video cam in their faces when they were off guard.

It seems that a few people have been getting nervous about their Koptalk flights to Athens. Its less than a week to go and they have heard nothing about the seats “secured” for them by airline mogul Oldham from the mystery “aviation company”.

They would have been better surfing the net and dealing directly with an operator, like we suggested, or going to the free pages of the LFC Official site and dealing with one of the companies the club is working with. Their cheapest deals are sold, but even today they are advertising a flight and hotel package which is competitive with the Koptalk scam. It may not be too late to ditch Oldham’s deal and change. I’m not recommending, just providing information. Check it out HERE


This yesterday on KT:
KopTalk Member

Anyone on the Koptalk flight received their confirmation details yet?
I paid for my cousins flight and he has had no paperwork through yet?
Should I be Chasing? Dunk?



Someone opened a support ticket asking the same today. They were advised to contact the operator who answered their questions etc – he later told me all
was in order.

Can I suggest you call them direct, you should have the number

If not open a support ticket at http://www.koptalk.info and ask for it

They told us that tickets would be sent a week from departure when
the flight time allocations were issued. Please keep us updated


Notice how he won’t publish the contact number? He doesn’t want fee paying members contacting the operator directly thereby denying him a commision.

To see our earlier warnings go HERE and HERE and HERE

(Thanks to Outside Insider for some research)


One Response to “Koptalk silence on Athens flights with less than a week to go”

  1. barry wom Says:

    although it’s not suprising what oldham has done here, it is surprising people were stupid enough to book through him. how lazy are people? i just don’t get it? they must be so lazy, that even when they’ve heard about oldham’s “rivals” they’ve not even bothered their arse to google to find out who it is – because if they had, they wouldn’t be parting with cash.

    This blog has done a fantastic job over the 12 months or so it’s been going. I’m beggining to think anyone who’s left there now gets exactly what they deserve. They’re not just gullable, they’re not just stupid, they’re plain lazy and it’s absolutely no wonder he has them off.

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