Duncan Oldham, Koptalk, The Sun

Are you new to this blog? Or a fan of a team other than Liverpool FC?

If so you might not know about the Liverpool fans’ boycott of the S*n newspaper.

We don’t read it. We don’t buy it. We don’t visit its website. We don’t use it to hang from a nail on the back of the bog door. It’s boycotted.

The boycott is of The S*n, and it’s a boycott without any exceptions. Save one – the Liverpool press office will obviously take a copy as part of their monitoring of the national press.

Some fans like to extend it to anything belonging to Rupert Murdoch – so that would include its sister papers like The Times and the News of the World, and his Sky TV empire. Others extend it to anything belonging to or involving the 1989 editor Kelvin MacKenzie, which until recently included the Talk Sport radio channel. But that extension to the boycott is optional. Each to their own.

The boycott of the S*n isn’t optional. We boycott it, we do it for the sake of the families, the sake of the 96, the sake of the survivors. And until the families tell us otherwise, the boycott must go on.

Why do we boycott it? Well that newspaper claimed that our fans pick-pocketed from and pissed on their fellow fans during the events that day in 1989. It said it in big headlines. The then-editor knew it was all lies, and finally admitted as much recently. There’s never been a meaningful apology. There have never been any signs of remorse for what was said. So it’s boycotted, and will remain that way until those most hurt by it are able to forgive the paper. That day may never come.

I was prompted to bring this back up again because Oldham keeps claiming that we are “using the 96 to gain brownie points”. We’re not. My own personal feelings towards The S*n are strong. I spoke to a Manc a few months back and although he’s a fairly (fairly) intelligent guy he actually believed that what the S*n had written was true. He’d heard that story and perhaps wasn’t that interested in reading much more about it. So he believed what was said – and he’s quite a decent chap too, considering his footballing allegiances.

Oldham’s now pretending to care about the boycott, to want Justice for the 96, but it’s just a marketing ploy. His site is dying on its arse and he needs to use whatever angles he can to retain the last few stragglers and also to convince any fans new to the internet that Koptalk should be their home for LFC news.

Oldham tried to play they boycott down last summer, as he’d done for years. He was trying to make out the boycott was dying out and it was up to each fan to decide what to do about the rag. Of course it’s up to each fan what they do – you can turn up at Anfield in a Chelsea shirt and Man Utd hat with Everton underwear on if it suits you. But you wouldn’t. You just know you shouldn’t. Why would you want to? Why would you want to buy The S*n when you know how much it hurt our own?

To prove the boycott never did end, never did reduce, that it’s as strong as ever, here’s an interesting piece from the Irish press. You can read the full article here – although you have register (free) to do so. The part of interest to Reds is this:

Scouser Cook gives Sun red card as he plots Sligo revival

FOOTBALL managers seldom take long to fall out with journalists but few make a point of refusing to speak to a newspaper before they even take the job.

New Sligo Rovers boss Paul Cook must have set some sort of record when he refused to do any interviews with The Irish Sun before it had even written about him.

The 40-year-old Scouser insists it is nothing personal against the journalists in question, but a matter of principle. As a died-in-the-wool Liverpool supporter, Cook simply can’t contemplate co-operating with any arm of The Sun.

Most Liverpool fans would not even eat their chips from The Sun due to its coverage of the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989 and Cook will not be deviating from that principle.

I’ve been a Liverpool fan all my life and have watched them play many times over the years,” he explained. “I knew people who died at Hillsborough and the comments that newspaper made at the time of the tragedy makes it impossible for me to have anything to do with it.

I’m not trying to be a smart-arse and it is nothing personal with the people who write for the paper in Ireland now, but in my life I’ll always side with Liverpool fans.

Good luck to Paul, and well done for taking a stand.

Look at what Duncan Oldham was saying last June, almost a year ago: Dunk’s lies and audiotape.

It was a story that Duncan Oldham was spinning about Peter Crouch. He claimed Crouch had spoken exclusively to The S*n. One of his posters (the infamous Brendan) suggested that perhaps Crouch had not spoken to the S*n, that he’d spoken to a press conference and that perhaps Dunk had seen it written somewhere as, “told the S*n”. Dunk wasn’t having that. He was already spending most of his time slagging Crouch off, calling him “Lurch”, enjoying a free ride on the national anti-Crouch bandwagon that was just about to see its wheels fall off: “No Brendan,” he responded. “I have the proof right here, I have the tapes. I’m going to lock them away until I decide it’s time for Crouch to be sold… probably next week then.

If you are a Liverpool fan, and a member of Koptalk, and you still support Dunk despite everything I’ve just written, then you need to reconsider your support. Seriously. Shake off those doubts, and shake off any pre-conceived ideas you have about Oldham. Good or bad. Just read this post, and the one I linked to, with an open mind. I’ve not made it up. It’s all taken from Koptalk, from the free forums Dunk had until he decided to scrap them one afternoon in a frenzy of panic. He couldn’t keep on top of the posts that were being made by people wanting to spread the word. He probably also thought it would be easier to catch me if he didn’t have free forums.

The post above, the made-up story used to try and attack Peter Crouch, followed on from this – Dunk says The Sun is OK.

Someone wasn’t happy to see the S*n being used on a Liverpool site in this way. A moderator attacked the newcomer, probably still under Dunk’s spell and unable to make up his own mind about issues. Or perhaps he too thinks, like Dunk, that it’s worth snubbing the wishes of the families in return for being able to look at more attractive pairs of tits than Oldham and MacNeish. I’ll give the moderator the benefit of the doubt and assume he now sees why it was wrong to take the side of the person who’d quoted (indirectly) from The S*n.

More on what Oldham does with the S*n here: https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/5-the-s-oldhams-arse/

It’s not just Liverpool fans who boycott the S*n, we’ve a lot of support from fans of other clubs too. But some people still think that the S*n’s lies were actually true. That’s why the boycott can’t stop. Unless the S*n is willing to make an unreserved apology and perhaps even name its sources from then, I really don’t see how the boycott would be stopped. But it’s not my decision.

One day we’ll stop Duncan Oldham fleecing Liverpool fans and treating us like nothing more than a meal ticket. We’ll stop him using footage of Hillsborough-related protests and sticking his site’s URL all over the top of the (stolen) footage. We’ll stop him exploiting his daughter on video and then using the slogan “Justice For the 96” as a way of making himself sound like a Liverpool fan all of a sudden.

Keep the proof coming in. If you signed up for the pay-site because you thought you’d get insider information let us know. Don’t be embarrassed, you weren’t the only one. If you bought a ticket for a match off Dunk, let us know. It’s the same with any signed goods – tell us what you paid and when. Like many parasites, he’s proving hard to get rid of, but he’s going. He’s not able to spread any further or grow any bigger (literally as well as metaphorically!). But we need that last blast of proof of his lies and thefts before we can finally flush him away like the turd he’s been.

He’s in La Manga now, stalking the Liverpool players he hates so much. I wonder if Peter Crouch will spot him? I wonder if Robbie Fowler (a past victim) will spot him? Then again, I wonder if they’ve even heard of him?

And one more thing before I sign off. We occasionally get people asking if they can donate to the blog, or if they can buy us a pint, even offers of help getting tickets. It’s a blog rule that we turn all this down, we aren’t in this for ourselves. It’s time and effort we need more than anything, we’re always looking out for new writers, and we appreciate any professional expertise anyone can offer us, including people who’ve helped out with informal legal advice or advice on helping us get higher in the search engine rankings.

If you think you can help us in any way let us know.

And if you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket from a Koptalk refund then why not donate it to the HJC?


20 Responses to “Duncan Oldham, Koptalk, The Sun”

  1. Baldie Says:

    I can’t believe he’s gone to la manga, but I noticed he said nothing about it until he got ther.e

    As soon as he got there he got katie to post all about it.

    It’s as if he’s worried someone’s going to be meeting him.

    We should be able to go to a training camp without having to deal with paps and others intruders.

  2. felix Says:

    I can`t believe he dared to put his fat greasy hands on Rafa.

    From Rafa`s blank look at him he has no idea who fatty is.

  3. lfc_michael Says:

    As of last week, there was still a subforum where he cuts and pastes the BBC Gossip column, presumably for the benefit of members too lazy or inept to find it for themselves. He’s still not discovered his delete button, though, because the snippets from The Sun and the credit for it are left on.
    Those unacquainted with the reasons behind the boycott might care to read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sun_%28newspaper%29#Hillsborough and also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillsborough_disaster#The_Sun_newspaper_controversy from Wikipedia.
    The newspaper’s coverage of Hillsborough was in fact the worst of what was a long line of sensationalist stories run by MacKenzie in the 80s, with the end of increased circulation presumably justifying the means of fabricating or distorting stories, resulting in an inexorbable dumbing down of discourse in Britain’s tabloid press that often appalls visitors from abroad, where real news coverage still exists.

  4. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Go and see the Fat one of this website


    You can also leave a comment about him

  5. fat_boy_fat Says:

    There is also a CuntOmeter so we can make him the biggest cunt on the site

  6. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    I think we can safely say that Dunk will be top in a few minutes lol….

  7. fat_boy_fat Says:

    HAHAHA Dunk is offically the 2nd highest rated Cunt Already! Should be the biggest cunt on the net anytime soon

  8. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Nice to see the Ringpiece clan showed up on the Cunt Comments! 🙂 You have been missed 😉

  9. KarenB Says:

    Excellent, I just voted for him and he is now No. 1 cunt. Must be the 1st and last time he will be number 1 at anything

  10. Ian Says:

    Insider/Rupert who’s left over there that know’s about the blog I can think of DMH Pioneer, RichT and disco are there any posters on KT that know for certain about the blog.

  11. rupertinsider Says:


    Several! They give us their passwords. They write to us and send us screenshots.

    For example, one sent me a screen shot yesterday of the thread which was started by someone whose PayPal account had been improperly docked of money. I asked him to send it again because the screenshot revealed details of the sender’s computer. By the time he got round to it the thread had been deleted. It happens every day. But that’s ok because another KT member sent me the same thread which I posted as “screenshot” and No. 7 “Another Gagging” here:

    I also sent emails to KT members yesterday referring them to the blog especially the how to get your money back piece. One Neanderthal cultee replied to the effect that he didn’t care and the blog had doctored the S*n banner headlines “We love the S*n” taken from KT. As you might guess there was hardly a word spelled right in his several emails.

    Usually we get late replies thanking us for the warning and reporting that they are leaving or have left.

    But it must be surreal for those who have not seen the blog. They see references on his front page to “anti-KT” and in his podcasts and his pieces, he even has a podcast of his daughter addressed to those who “send messages” to her Dad. Who do they suppose he or she is talking about? Maybe he doesn’t tell even her?

    That’s why people on other forums have a role to play. If they can plug the blog there is more chance that current KT’s or potential KT’s will see it.


    funny how he said to rafa
    ‘got a few words for your fans in liverpool boss” the shithouse wouldent mention koptalk. if somebody will print something up about him i will make 500 copies and take them to greece. if everyone else that was going did the same hed really shit himself

    ‘got a few words for your fans in liverpool

  13. RedinSweden Says:

    SCOUSENPROUD, he isn’t going to Athens. He never was. He has just put his excuses and they will perfectly baked in time for wednesday. He is a transparent, obvious moron.

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    I can assure you that the club and its security staff are on the look out for bozo the clown.

  15. scousenproud Says:

    he doesent have to be in athens

  16. Sh#t Waffle Says:

    Totally off topic, but what has happened to his kopfootball site? I’ve had a look at some old threads on here but can’t find any mention of it being closed. Was he put under pressure to get rid? Or have I just forgotten the web address?

  17. rupertinsider Says:

    Does anyone have a view on this?
    In the latest satellite photos of his house, it seems to me that his KT shed has either moved, disappeared on been reduced in size. Anyone agree? (You would have to remember previous images). Bear in mind about 4 months ago he said KT HQ had moved.
    Also I never noticed before the circular swimming pool in the house opposite and the cars in the drive there. He says he lives opposite his Ma.

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    Sh.t Waffle

    The site was http://www.kopfootball.com

    He squatted on the domain name of the UK company owned by Hicks and Gillett – Kopfootball Ltd

    He announced he would use it to open a new site about the progress of the stadium.

    It was on UKFast name servers and hosted at Koptalk. But recently the name servers have changed and it appears to
    be hosted in the US along with other sites (They don’t appear to be KT related – http//whois.webhosting.info/

    So was he forced to hand it over or is he up to something else?

  19. Yorkie Says:

    This needs editing I think. Anyone want to do the definitive one?


  20. Yorkie Says:

    Its now hosted with https://scorpioinformatics.com/

    They seem to be aiming at the cheaper end of the market, so I’d still say Fatty is running things.

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