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I started writing this last night, added a bit more this morning, then got distracted before I could post it. And since then we’ve had Rupert’s excellent post where he talks about Oldham’s paranoia. He covers much of what this article has in it. I was going to bin it but thought, what the hell…

So read this as a post that’s a couple of posts out of date. It’s a response to two of Dunk’s many rants of late. He’s fighting like crazy (did I say “like” crazy?) to keep his site going, but it’s dropping like a turd does. Well that’s what it is. You can read on in more detail in a moment, but to summarise what I’ll be saying…

1) I am not a teenager. I haven’t been for the best part of two decades. Or the worst part, depending on how you look at it.
2) I’ve not attacked anybody’s family.
3) I’ve not got a BMX.
4) I’ve not asked for money for the writing of this blog.
5) I’ve not asked for money to stop writing this blog.
6) I’ve reported what Duncan Oldham has either written or said. Duncan Oldham contradicting himself on two different days, proving him to be a liar. It’s not difficult, he does most of the work for us (he’s not very bright). I don’t “allege” that he tells lies – I show the proof of it.
7) I ask questions. The Lauren situation has always been about asking questions. If Oldham answers them, we can stop asking them. If he paid her all the money he can prove it. If he didn’t, well he’s got plenty of assets he can sell to raise the funds. Such as the MERCEDES CLK 200K (03 ON) CAB AVANT AUTO 1796cc 2DR he upgraded to just after he’d been touting tickets “for Lauren”.
8) I was never banned from Koptalk.
9) I don’t “use the 96” to score brownie points. The boycott of The S*n is an important issue and very simple to observe. Exploiting your child (despite threats of rape you claim were made against her) then sticking “Justice for the 96” on the end of the video is what I would call using the 96. As was copying the BBC’s coverage of the Truth protest and sticking your site’s name all over it.
10) I’m not jealous, I’ve nothing to be jealous of. Spending my days with two 17 year olds isn’t my idea of fun, especially not the dopey pair in the Koptalk shed. Nor is chasing overweight executives of football clubs like Newcastle. Ten years of making “pie jokes” would be wearing a bit thin now, even if I wasn’t. I don’t like being the centre of attention either.
11) This blog isn’t just a couple of people. It’s possible becuase of the support we get from those who send us emails, or leave comments, or spread the word on other site.s The blog is big. Bigger than Oldham’s belly. And that’s big.

Anyway, what had I written? It’s long, as always, although most of it is Oldham’s rantings….

How many active members of Koptalk don’t know about this blog and Oldham’s attempts to wriggle out of answering the questions we ask of him? It’s hard to work out how many active members there are on Koptalk anyway. The member list includes aliases used by the Oldhams and accounts of long-since departed (by choice or by ban) members. Oldham doesn’t even know himself how many members he’s got. Not a clue.

What is clear from reading Koptalk too is that Oldham really doesn’t know who’s aware of this blog and who isn’t. A lot of members still don’t know, but thanks to other members’ questions and Oldham’s clumsy answers – not to mention his out-of-the-blue rants – they are starting to find out.

Some people don’t like sarcasm, I love it. I love the way that people like Oldham struggle like hell to work out what is sarcasm and what is genuine concern. Oldham’s guilty conscience means he never answers a question with the truth. Even if the subject is trivial, he has to add a bit of meat to the bones, has to turn something boring and “normal” into something exciting and extraordinary. He has to try and work out if someone is saying something out of support for him, or if they are being sarcastic and trying to get him to bite. He bites a lot.

This was posted on Koptalk yesterday. A really big point that Oldham fails to address is that if we are lying, as he claims, why are we still here? Newspapers can’t get away with telling lies about individuals, nor can any media organisation. The reason The S*n managed to get away with its lies about Hillsborough is because it didn’t actually speak of any individual when it made its callous and despicable allegations back in 1989. Even though the then-editor (whose name I won’t mention because he thrives off the hatred) has since admitted they were lies, the newspaper can’t be punished.

But if the paper had said, “Fred Bloggs did such and such” and “Billy Bloogs did something else” then they could have been sued. Complaints could have been made and the paper could have been forced to make a retraction along with a financial settlement. In fact this has happened to that rag on more than once occasion in the past, and no doubt will happen again in the future. Editors are careful to avoid making allegations against individuals though, it’s too expensive if they’ve not got the evidence.

Oldham could sue us if we lied about him. But we’ve not lied. Where we’ve had proof of a wrongdoing, we’ve written about that wrongdoing. More often than not it’s his own words that have got him in trouble. He’s not just lying to us, he’s lying to his members, he’s lying to his family (both immediate and slightly less immediate), he’s lying to the government about his income and his disabilities, he’s lying to himself. And he has to tell lies to one of those groups that contradict the lies he tells to another. I can easily say, without any fear whatsoever, that Duncan Oldham lies about his earnings from Koptalk. Why? Because one day he will say that “jealous rivals” are having a pop at him because of how successful he has become from Koptalk, which has earned him a fortune, from its “thousands” of members paying £30 a time. Then the next day he will say that he barely covers costs with what comes in from Koptalk, and even has to borrow off his mum for his Liverpool season ticket (which he actually sells on, but that’s another story). Most of Dunk’s lies are proven by him, all by himself, on separate days. Sometimes he even contradicts himself in consecutive sentences these days!

His head is mashed. He’s never faced this pressure before over his lies.

One of those members who may or may not know about the blog made a suggestion to Dunk in a way I’ve heard many times over the years. I first visited Koptalk when it wasn’t even called Koptalk, when it was held on some free space Dunk had got hold of in the early days of the World Wide Web. He’ll tell you himself that he started off with a mailing list, which I was also a member of on-and-off. And of course he was busy on Usenet, talking about LFC in betweeen asking for male sex partners to see to his wife as he watched. (That’s not an allegation, you can find the posts yourself. He used a false name, but posted with his own, regular, Usenet identity). Yesterday’s suggestion was quite possibly a genuine suggestion. Before I knew of Dunk’s dodgy dealings I also believed he was just another Liverpool fan who made a bit of cash from running a website. I too felt sorry for him if he got stick from what he described as “banned” or “jealous” former members. And yesterday’s post is of a type that I might well have made myself at one time…

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“Sue the [oops]” – FYI Dunk
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Ref: Anti-Koptalk


Surely you can take things further if need be?
It’s a subject that keeps coming up; I’d be inclined to legal action by now.
Slander & Libel Wiki
Basic Libel for Idiots Not that I’m saying you’re an Idiot of course. 😉
Your Rights.org.uk

It’s surprising what a well written letter from a solicitor will do. But if you have to “Sue the [oops]”!

Good Luck
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Re: “Sue the [oops]” – FYI Dunk [Re: dazinuk]
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my family has been through a recent court process and by god it wasn’t nice. The problem is it is such a serious matter that it consumes your life with worry and from the start of the procedures to the end it can be well over 2 years. Then there is the cost of solicitors and court costs that are unbelievable.
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johninashed johninashed (NOTE – This person “won” the flight tickets to Athens. We’ll be keeping an eye on that. Does anyone know him? If the tickets are real, how were they paid for? Is it possible that by the time he gets to the airport they’ll already be on a watchlist for tickets paid for by fraudulent means? If you know him, warn him. If anyone knows him that is – he might not even be real, knowing Dunk’s love of aliases!)
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yeah it is a hell of a lot of hassle just to shut a few morons up.

‘Replace’ the word sue with ‘shoot’ (Funnily enough, he’s threatened me before now. Remember his £500 hitman claims?)
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Re: “Sue the [oops]” – FYI Dunk [Re: lfcbarmyarmy]
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I hear ya, but if they’ve been a pain for so long, why give them the pleasure of continuing.
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Re: “Sue the [oops]” – FYI Dunk [Re: dazinuk]
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(Here comes a funny bit…)

I know who it is but truth be told they don’t concern me, I’m just a bit upset for others who are getting caught up.

We can take action but it’s can be costly and I don’t want to waste 1penny or 1 inch of effort on such pleps. Plus you can easily spring up somewhere else if you shut them down. The person concerned has nothing of value to take away from them anyway hence the amount of time they put in stalking us.

I just like to keep our members informed of some the things that comes with the territory
(Dunk thinks he knows who I am. “I know who it is” he says. He’s said it before, it reminds me of that Phoenix Nights sketch where Max and Paddy wake Brian Potter up in the middle of the night with a prank call, and Potter shouts, “I know who you are! (pause) Who is this?” Dunk doesn’t know who I am. He’s an idea of who one person is who has helped out on the blog from time to time. But he doesn’t know who I am, or who “Rupert” is. Not a clue. I’ve no idea what the person he’s talking about has possessions-wise, but again it’s typical Dunk to think that way. Money, money, money. If he knew who we were, and he had grounds to sue us, he could do enough to stop us from posting about him. Money would be a bonus. But that’s how Dunk works – money is his motivator. And I can assure you that he has tried to shut us down, but failed. I’ve seen emails and posts where he puts on his “how dare you” voice and demands that his “bitter jealous rivals” are removed from one site or other. Wikipedia was once example last summer. And he made himself look sillier than ever on there.)
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just set up a website with their names, addresses an pictures and im sure somebodyon here is a hitman who owes you one (not me before you ask,!!)
(Good idea Meffin, but 1) He doesn’t know our names, 2) he doesn’t know our addresses, 3) he doesn’t have any pictures of us and 4) he’s already pretended to have conversations with hitmen about us. £500 was the going rate, and I was so scared I nearly farted. He is a stalking type though, so if he did know where I lived or who I was I would have some fears. But that’s because I’ve got kids and I’ve seen him exploit his own daughter repeatedly despite his own claims she’s been targetted by rapists.)
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Re: “Sue the [oops]” – FYI Dunk [Re: Meffin]
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We have some police officers on here who are members and the last time I mentioned that I’d found out who it was and that someone had offered to take them out, they said I could get into trouble if anything did happen. Obviously I was only joking but they suggested I don’t agree with any such suggestions. They’ve been very helpful in a non official capacity

To be honest I think it would hurt more if we stole their BMX’s.
(One thing wrong there – you HAD police officers on there who were members. They left for their own reasons, but I think it’s fair to say that it was probably best that they didn’t stick around to watch Oldham breaking the law day-in and day-out, because there may have been difficult questions asked about it later on should Dunk be sent to trial. Whether that risk was what made them leave I don’t know. What I do know is that Oldham wasn’t using his “hitman” yarn as a joke. He just calls a lot of what he says “a joke” afterwards when he’s come down from the high of one of his manic moments and has to try and talk his way out of one of his delusions. I can’t speak for Rupert, but I don’t have a BMX. In fact, showing my age a little now, I didn’t even have one when they first came out. I was too old. I expect Oldham didn’t get one either, being too fat for those early models.)
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Re: “Sue the [oops]” – FYI Dunk [Re: Dunk]
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I take then that on the pictorial IQ scale scale their names would appear next to Burberry Caps then (DMH, previously “DMH Pioneer”, spends his days chatting to a 17-year-old called Katrina who he thinks is 18 about “adult” topics. He also knows all about this blog, but has yet to read it with the open mind of anyone with even a little intelligence. However, that’s not unusual behaviour from people caught up in cults, and so there’s hope for him yet. Or at least an excuse, for when he sheepishly turns up elsewhere after Oldham finally decides Koptalk is costing him more than he can rake in from conned visitors).
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Re: “Sue the [oops]” – FYI Dunk [Re: dazinuk]
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I can see where you’re coming from by saying Dunk should sue them but it’s not necessarily that easy. At the end of the day he’s got more to lose than them. And there’s a lot of claims been made*. Where do you start? If there’s so much anti-Koptalk sentiment, who do you go after first? It’s a tricky business, and as others have pointed out, it can be very draining and time (as well as cash) consuming. If Dunk is able to largely laugh it off (or ignore it), that may well be the best way to deal with this.

* I know Dunk doesn’t want to give them publicity, but given the amount these issues are mentioned, I think most of us have probably had a little google search out of curiosity, on the anti-koptalk stuff, and are aware of the main site responsible and some of the stories they run.

Thanks for the plug “Mike_L”. I’m surprised Dunk left it there, because he even censors the word “WordPress” on his forums. He disabled PMs and the ability to view profiles because he didn’t want to see his members tell each other about the blog. If he had nothing to hide he’d not be worried. He could answer our allegations and back his answers up with facts. But he has one big problem with that. Our allegations are true, and he can’t prove them false.

I don’t know which came first – the exchange above or this rant from Oldham. He’s now trying to curry favour with Rick Parry, just months after claiming he had the means by which he could blackmail the Liverpool chairman. The majority of internet-using Liverpool fans believe, at the very least, that Liverpool should come clean about the “missing” tickets from the recent ballot. Parry is getting the blame for this, because he’s the man currently responsible for such issues. Allegations of tickets being sold in block numbers to ticket agencies have been circulating for years, many years, and have always been denied by the club. Now there’s a question mark about 7000 of our measly 17000 allocation, at the same time as at least one ticket agency is offering blocks of ten tickets in the Liverpool end as part of their travel packages. It could be that the ticket agency are lying – they get the person to pay for ten tickets, which later turn out to be for 10 different sections of the stadium, but know that the customer is hardly likely to cancel at this late stage. It could be the opposite – they could have bought 2000 tickets in the Liverpool end directly from the club. Unless the club come out with the figures we’re unlikely to ever find out the truth. But the club’s reluctance to get drawn into “the numbers game” does them no favours at all. In the past these issues have been able to die out thanks to summer breaks, silverware in the cupboard and new signings. I’ve a feeling that it won’t die out this time, but that’s not for this blog.

What is for this blog is Oldham’s rants. And his decision to go against the views I’ve seen on just about every other LFC forum and website….


It was sad to see a protest outside Anfield yesterday aimed at Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry. While I have been critical of the wallet in the past on issues that I think warranted a moan, I don’t hold him responsible for the Champions League ticket fiasco. I think the people who took part in the protest should have aimed their protest at UEFA instead. (The fans wanted to know why 7000 tickets out of 17000 were missing. Even if UEFA had given us 37000 tickets there still wouldn’t have been enough to go round. UEFA’s part in it shouldn’t be forgotten, but we’ve grown used to that in big cup finals. And as for being critical of “the wallet” – you used to pretend he was one of your members!)

I completely understand their frustrations and I am unhappy at the way the club won’t play the “numbers game”. However, I don’t think it’s fair to demand that the wallet stands down over this; over nearly losing Steven Gerrard to Chelsea and for allowing Michael Owen to faff us around like he did, maybe. (You’ve no right to demand anyone at the club stands down. You can complain all you like about Freddy Shepherd, chairman of the club you go watching most weeks, but not about LFC, the club you use to make money.)

Were these Reds protesting because they personally missed out or were they protesting for their fellow fans? Did the same Reds protest when the FA Cup final tickets were stolen when it looked like loads of our supporters would miss the game even after paying for their tickets? What I’m trying to say is, were they only thinking about themselves or were they protesting for everyone? (I’ve read so many times of Liverpool fans saying how bad they feel because they got a ticket and their mate didn’t that I think this is one of Oldham’s most offensive statements for a while. He’s not a Red though of course, and doesn’t, can’t, understand what it’s like to be a Red. He’s not a kind-hearted human-being, someone who’d do something out of the goodness of his heart. He’ll do something “for charidee” as long as he thinks a lot of people are watching. He’ll “pledge” money or goods, but he won’t pay it until he’s pressed – if at all. It’s no surprise that he assumes, as one of Britain’s most selfish people, that others act only for themselves. A lot of those protesting had tickets, or didn’t qualify (or expect to qualify) for tickets. People weren’t annoyed because they missed out. They were annoyed because it seemed like someone else had jumped the queue for tickets. We don’t like touts at Anfield. For new readers to the blog, Duncan Oldham sold his cup final tickets for last season’s FA Cup to the highest bidder. He got £1600 for them, which he said was to buy a special bike for Lauren, his disabled cousin. She never got the bike, and there’s no evidence she ever got the money. He used Lauren’s name to justify his decision to sell his tickets in a way that Liverpool supporters just don’t tolerate.

We’re told it’s not the ‘Liverpool way’ to take part in ‘Soccer AM’ gags and jokes yet the young fan of today has grown up in an era of Sky Sports and Soccer AM. Does it matter that much if a 15-year-old kid wants to hold up a ‘Lovejoy Sucks’ poster? You see I always thought it wasn’t the Liverpool way to protest in the way those 200 or so Reds did at the weekend. (It’s great to hear a S*n-hat-wearing S*n-reading Newcastle United season ticket holder who sold forged autographed balls and shirts to Liverpool supporters he charged three times instead of once what is and isn’t the Liverpool way. It’s wrong to protest – peacefully – about missing tickets, but it’s OK to lie, barefaced, about Robbie Fowler turning up to training too drunk to train (when he’d actually had flu). It’s just dawned on me why he made a fuss of featuring Soccer AM on one of his crappy videos at the weekend (not the one where he exploited his teenage daughter again). He thinks it will annoy true Liverpool fans! His whole life now is all about trying to answer the blog. And he thinks we’re bothered about Soccer AM. Personally, I find Soccer AM is passable Saturday morning entertainment. I can’t remember the last time I saw it all the way through, but I often catch part of it. Some of the sketches are funny, some are awful. The “gags and jokes” are often funny in context, but less funny when repeated by some amateur later on. Peter Kay is funny (two mentions in one day), but there’s a limit to how many times you want to hear the words “Garlic” and “Bread” followed by a huge question mark. Catherine Tate’s funny a lot of the time, but “am I bovvered” gets wearing after a while when it’s being said in the shop/office/pub. The idea of saying that “Easeh, Easeh” isn’t in keeping with how we do things at Anfield is above all else because we normally make our own witty jokes and songs up. It’s not difficult to understand – Soccer AM isn’t boycotted, it’s just best that it’s left to its Saturday morning slot for now.)

Personally I’d rather see a young Red having their fun with a jokey poster than fully grown adults using an old bedsheet and a spray can to show their annoyance at the club, even if I sympathise and understand why they did it.(What did you do on Sunday at the game then Dunk? With those season tickets you’ve got? Ah that’s right – you don’t use them do you? You sell them, the tout you are, for a big profit. There’s something for Rick Parry to look into – how does he deal with season tickets being sold to known touts? We’ve passed your seat numbers onto the club, just so they are fully aware of who owns them.)

As I said the other day, I think something should be done to get more tickets but I don’t agree that the one at the weekend was the right way of doing it, even though we reported the planned protest on the site for our readers and members to make up their own minds.(So what is the right way then Oldham? What would you do? Personally I’m hoping the club, under the new ownership, take some serious steps to crack down on touts and ticket agencies. In fact I hope they use the law to do it. After all, it’s illegal to sell tickets on at a profit and to give them away in competitions without permission.)

Meanwhile, Everton fans chose to display banners calling for help in finding 4-year-old Madeleine McCann at the weekend. It’s a shame that we couldn’t have done something similar.(That’s a bit of a cheap shot Oldham. Poor Maddy was pictured in an Everton shirt and that’s where the link comes from. I’ve noticed you’ve got her picture on your site now as part of your exploitation of such issues. Remember how you bought domain names relating to Michael Shields when he was first in trouble in Bulgaria? And how you pointed them to your own site, full of its revenue-earning pop-ups, without even a mention of the “official” sites set up for Michael? You used the word “pledge” when you spoke of a donation to that cause too. Did you ever pay them that grand? And considering your own exploitation of your own kids to divert attention away from your scams, and your “jokes” about sleeping with your daughter’s schoolfriends, I don’t think you’re a suitable person to be talking about appeals for a missing child.)


My heart sunk when we were awarded a penalty against Charlton at the weekend having seen Robbie Fowler walk off only a few moments earlier.

Throughout the game I called upon heavenly help (Has Dunk suddenly discovered religion? Best go to confession fatboy. Tell the priest to take some lunch with him, it could take a few hours) to aid him score a goal in his last ever apperance at Anfield but it just didn’t happen. When the penalty was awarded I wanted the rules changing so that he could have come back off the bench. I even asked myself why someone didn’t use their head and suggest a special spot kick at full time in front of the Kop with the help of the Charlton ‘keeper.(That’s not even worth commenting on.)

Fully grown men were reduced to tears seeing Robbie parading Anfield at full time – a part of their life has gone.(Rupert’s already spoken of Oldham’s hatred of Fowler in an earlier post. See “Get Fowler” above. You really need to read it all, including an article from a fanzine of the time, back when Oldham had just done his bit to help make sure Fowler left in such a badly-treated way)

My favourite Robbie Fowler moment has to be when he sniffed the line in front of the Bluenoses but the Graeme Le Saux incident and the Dockers t-shirt incident are also two of my best memories. And this is before I even think of his goals. Plus of course he hates Gary Neville and he was never afraid to tell him to his face! I love characters in the game and Robbie was certainly one of them.

During my early days on the site I used to be critical of Robbie because I felt he was pressing the self destruct button. I didn’t want to see him go the way of Gazza and it was a view shared by many people at the club. Gerard Houllier used to always say that you could party as much as you wanted when you retired because the career of a professional footballer was so short. That’s why Ged got shot of him. He was convinced that Robbie wouldn’t be able to recover from injuries and keep himself fit unless he stayed clear of the bars and troubles that come with them.(Anyone who still has sympathy for Dunk please read all about the way Oldham used Fowler as a means to get hits for his site in 2000-2001. How he didn’t care how much Robbie got hurt. Fowler was no angel, but one time Oldham claimed he was out until the small hours partying, with MacManaman, the two Reds had in fact left and gone home by about 9pm!)

Robbie was one of us, a cheeky lad who enjoyed a bottle and a bit of a laugh. He came from f*** all and that’s what makes his story so special. He did it, from the bottom to the top. But although he did it, he never forgot his roots. (Robbie was one of us Oldham – you weren’t. You could have been, but you put money and material goods ahead of anything else. You’ve lost all that now, and because you never had any dignity you’ve got very little left at all now. A fat gut, an estranged wife, no friends. Proud?)

I’d love to see him working at the Academy coaching the kids who want to become the next Robbie Fowler. He’s too good to let go. What more of an inspiration do the kids need?

We’re all lucky to have lived at the same time of this true Liverpool FC legend. He’s someone that none of us will ever forget. I just hope that he plays an important role in Athens.

Just imagine…(It’s hard to work out whether Dunk wants us to win an Athens or not. He hates our club now. The new owners, the old owner, the current Chief Executive, board members, senior members of staff, staff at all levels in fact, all know about him. They all know how he’s a conman who wants to make money out of LFC, and doesn’t care how. They don’t want him near our club. And Oldham knows this too. Not just from us. So he’s torn now. If we “did a Leeds” (the club he supported as a child) he’d be delighted, because it would be the end of an organisation that didn’t approve of him, that tried to stop him getting rich off them. But on the other hand the win in Istanbul gave him a massive boost, especially on the forged merchandise front. So Dunk’s happy either way.)

ANTI-KOPTALK (here we go….)

Before signing off I’d like to touch on the campaign that has been running against the site, but mainly myself, since the summer of 2006. A handful of Reds have been targeting my family with bizarre claims and allegations about me/us etc since then. A former (banned) member is behind this along with some of his friends. I’m aware of who it is as they have been in touch trying to come to a financial arrangement for it to stop. That offer has been rejected so I expect them to continue with their bitterness.(Hahaha! That’s funny. “Bizarre claims and allegations”? Can you name one of those, and why it’s “bizarre”? I’m not banned. Never have been. I turned down the opportunity to renew when I was asked. I left. I could write to you tomorrow, using my former username and all of those details, and you’d let me in with open arms (and an open hand for the cash of course). You’ve not got a clue who I am. Now talking of cash, what’s this about “trying to come to a financial arrangement”? That made me laugh out loud, for two reasons. Firstly, it could be that someone has been posing as me offering to settle with you financially. Well why not pay them Dunk? Go on! It’s not me, it’s not Rupert, so you’ll dish money out and we’ll still be here. You’ll have been scammed yourself, which I think would serve you right. Secondly, it made me laugh because I think you made it up. You are so money-mad that you think we’d be able to be bought off! If money was something I was interested in from this then I could have got quite a bit of money from it. I could have got a dedicated server for somewhere between £50 and £97 per month (what you pay for yours). I could have installed the wordpress.org version of the software this blog runs under, and with it could have got the freedom of adding whatever I wanted to the site. I could have added Google ads. A “Paypal” donations button. The hits we’ve had (especially on Saturday, the HIGHEST EVER since the blog began) would have made sure we covered our costs, and then a bit more. I’ve been offered money, pints, tickets – but turned them all down. There isn’t a figure you could name that would sway me to close this site down. Every penny you’ve got (or let’s be accurate, the sum total of all your “available to spend” figures on the plastic) is not enough. People love money, it gets them things they like. Let’s see some proof of this offer to be paid off if one’s been made. Let’s see the email you got, along with the headers that prove you didn’t send it yourself.)

I’m a big lad – f***ing massive I hear you say! I’m no angel, and I’ve made mistakes but I always try to put them right. I can look after myself, it comes with the territory but I just think it’s a bit sad that these people – who claim to be Liverpool fans – have started dragging my family into their bizarre claims. They even try to use the innocent lives of the 96 who died at Hillsborough to try and suggest that this website supports The Sun newspaper.(Again, the attempts to deflect attention away from himself. What’s been said about your family Oldham? Your family are your staff. You, your half-brother Steve, your mum Jeanette. Your wife was before she left you. Andrew MacNeish – Steve’s brother? His name was used in that Pyramid-selling scam you advertised a few years back. Lauren? She’s your cousin, but more about her in a moment. Other than that, what has been said about your family? You use your family. Exploitation of your own daughter and your own son. If your kids are under threat, why aren’t you protecting them? Are you lying about the threats or do you not care about your kids?)

I continually ask them to report their claims to the police, maybe you could encourage them to do that for me? (Right – we’re gathering evidence right now which may well get passed onto the police at the end of the process. However, why don’t you phone the police about it?) They’ve tried to suggest that I would steal from own disabled cousin, a passionate Red herself, claims which have been very, very upsetting not only for her but also all of our family.(It’s quite a simple thing for you to do Dunk. That £1600 you got from the cup final tickets last summer – did you buy the bike for Lauren with it as you promised? Or did it go on something else? What about the money from Paddy Power? The money from the laurenforsyth.com website? We want to know she got that money. Not the bits from the very beginning, that you didn’t actually collect yourself. Did she get that £xx,000 in summer 2006? It’s a simple question to answer. Simple to prove.) She even came on our podcast to try and encourage them to stop but they didn’t listen.(I’ve long since stopped listening to the podcasts. I’ve no idea what Lauren said, although one person hinted that she’d said very little. Why can’t you say, “Koptalk raised £xx,000 in summer 2006 for Lauren. Here’s how it was spent”? Get Lauren or her parents on a VIDEO podcast to confirm it was all received. We can soon work out if it all ties up, and if it does guess what? We’ll be able to stop asking you about Lauren. It’s so easy – unless you are hiding something.) They’ve published addresses on the internet which has scared my eldest daughter a little bit but she’s not going to be put off from participating on our website.(Another fanciful claim by Oldham. We’ve published the address of Koptalk “HQ”. Oldham claims that his kids live in Scarborough during the week. He claims that Koptalk “HQ” is in the garden of a house that Steve lives in all alone. He claims his mum lives in another house. And he claim he lives in yet another house. So why would his daughter need to be worried about the address of Koptalk “HQ” being published? His daughter doesn’t live there and doesn’t need to go there. Why should my children not appear on our videos or interact on our own forums because of a sad teenager, an ex con, with the help of a few clowns.(Teenager! I’m older than you Dunk. And I’m not an ex-con. The reason your kids shouldn’t appear on videos is because you claimed that they’d been threatened. You even used the word “rape” regarding your daughter. All these threats, yet you still use them in your videos. All these threats, yet not one single piece of evidence that there has even been one threat.)

We choose to provide an optional membership to our website rather than using advertising revenue or donations to survive. Anyone who doesn’t like our website when joining is always free to ask for their membership to be cancelled but thankfully thousands of our members renew every year because they love what we do. (Thousands? Again? Remember that’s at least two thousand, which is £60,000 a year. He has hosting costs of less than £100 a month and no intention of paying for each photograph he publishes on his site (you’ll note he puts them onto photobucket’s space rather than on the space he pays all that money for from UKFast. That’s because of fears about being sued for copyright theft. He doesn’t pay for the photos). So he’s getting, if we could believe him, £5000 per month in new membership fees, and is only paying out at most a couple of hundred pounds in expenses. So where does all this money go then, Unwaged Dunk?)

Both myself and Steve put ourselves on the podcasts etc for a bit of a laugh, we’re fair game and we can handle that but please leave my family out if it. I can’t believe that any educated, decent Reds would ever condone such behaviour. (Again, I ask, what’s being done to your family? )

If someone really wants to be suckered into their fantasies and claims, don’t just accept what you read as fact, ask them to report their claims to the police. That way you’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong.(Why, if we’ve threatened your family, haven’t you reported it to the police? My claims against Koptalk include the love of The S*n from Koptalk, the fact Oldham wants to tell lies about Peter Crouch and end his career when it suits him. It includes warning people to watch out that they don’t get charged three times for one service. And that they don’t get charged for it even though they’ve cancelled it. If someone was threatening my kids I’d be straight to the police, and I’d take their advice too. Read this blog with an open mind, search for particular subjects you are interested in. It’s not “fantasies” – it’s a collection of observations of what we’ve seen on Koptalk. What kind of Liverpool fan buys the S*n? What kind of Red spreads lies about Liverpool players being drunk when they aren’t? What kind of Liverpool fans sells his cup final tickets to another Red for £1600? What kind of Red would like to see Anfield knocked down to be replaced with an Asda? Never mind the police, Dunk’s done enough anti-LFC stuff for any true Red to walk away from his site right now).

No matter what campaigns are run against me personally or our website, you’ll never discourage me from running the site. I’ve upset a few people along the way but I’d buy everyone of them a pint, that’s just the way I am. Life’s too short to be bitter.(We know the site will keep going until it stops turning a profit. In fact we know Dunk is so stubborn that he will not stop Koptalk voluntarily even though it has now started to bring in less money than he needs it to in order to live. He’s probably living off credit cards and benefits at the moment, which means he’ll keep going a little bit longer, but it’ll have to stop soon. )

I love Liverpool Football Club (Correction: You love the money it’s made you), it’s my life but I also love my family and I won’t allow them to be hurt because of a few mindless people hiding behind a computer. I don’t need to use false aliases or hide behind false addresses. I’m accountable and so too is everyone who helps on this website.(False aliases! Pat McCat, Wallet, The Informer – just three aliases used by Oldham. “Emma” – another made-up name used by Koptalk after the original candidate for that name decided it was better for her and her son not to be associated with a porn-ridden site. And then of course there was the claim last year from Oldham that “Duncan Oldham” wasn’t even his real name! Oldham does hide behind false names. That’s what he’s done for years. And again – let’s hear what’s happening to your family. Instead of hinting, let’s hear some facts. There are no facts to hear though.)

You’ll have seen some of the stuff aimed against us, some’s funny, some’s not. But you won’t have seen the stuff that they’ve been doing offline.(I’ve sent emails to Dunk that pretty much mirror what I’ve said online. I printed one I got from “A” last week that he’d sent to Oldham, where Oldham was willing to meet him until the question of Lauren cropped up. What else is there fatty?)

I don’t like commenting about it to be honest but I feel I needed to today having spent the last week with my disabled cousin who’s been staying with us.(She’s not spent the past week staying with them. One question he’s been asked by an emailer is whether he has any issues with the emailer calling Lauren’s family. This rant came after the emailer had asked Dunk would he mind. You see if Lauren has had that money, the emailer reasoned, her parents wouldn’t mind a call asking about it. If Oldham’s paid up, why should he be worried? The emailer got no response as far as I am aware. I asked the same question, I also got no reply. Funny how now we’ve found Lauren’s spent the past week living at Oldham’s house. But, as I pointed out, that means our emailer could call without the worry that Lauren herself will be there. He can speak to her parents.) She’s developed a bed sore in her body big enough to place your fist in it. Seeing her in her Liverpool top, paralysed and unable to walk but still smiling gutted me beyond belief, especially when only a couple of years ago I used to watch her captaining the Scarborough FC ladies team and running and swimming for town and country.(How gutted are you that you can’t face her and tell her about the money you got last summer? How does it make you feel Oldham?)

Please leave her alone. If you want to take shots at me, do so, but please leave her and our family alone.(Nobody’s doing anything to her Dunk. We want to know that she got the money. And this bit might astound you – but some people are willing to send her more money, as long as they know she’ll get it. But that bit’s not on your mind is it? Your only concern is stopping her from finding out how much you used her condition to raise money, and how little of that money got through to her. Leave her alone? We are, we have, and that’s perhaps the problem. Perhaps we need to write to her, or call her, or her parents, and find out what happened to that money. If you gave it to her, and you can prove it, the attention on Lauren stops. It’s you that’s prolonging it. Prove it, or own up to it.)


And so ended Dunk’s rant. Dunk’s lie-fest. Dunk’s attempt to stop us.

He can stop us by owning up or clearing off. And I don’t mean to Malta. (He’s even set up a free email account with a Maltese ISP as if it’s going to convince us he’s going to live out there!)

Tell the truth. For once in your sad life, tell the truth.

7 Responses to “I was about to say…”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    What the feck is a BMX – and why don’t I have one!
    When Oldham was in full flight stuffed with cash slandering and defaming Fowler and others, suing his business partners, lashing out here there at the club, that was alright. He portrayed himself as the fearless defender of the truth and dared the club and others to sue him.
    But now the critics have their own websites he can’t take it. He characterizes questions about his lying claims as attacks on his family. Instead of answers we get threats of violence, underworld friends, hitmen and even the police. But he won’t sue. He won’t do anything that will force him to cough up the answers to the questions.
    There are dozens of agencies and people waiting for Oldham to give evidence on oath. He’ll go and live in Timbuktu before he will. He’s got more than money to lose.

  2. Yorkie Says:

    Can you just imagine how much that fat greasy fcuk must be sweating at the moment in der bunker. He must stink to high heaven.

    Judging by the crazy rants, his stress and paranoia levels must really be getting to him to the stage that hes off on another fantasy trip to another of his overseas properties.

  3. Integral Says:

    Anyone noticed he’s mentioning the blog more and more now? Even the devoted cultees must be having some doubts. I’d like to see a few more people from Koptalk on this blog trying to defend the elephant man.

    Also, an idea that’s crossed my mind recently is to set up one of those online petitions, complete with link to the blog and vice-versa. That way we might get a rough indication of the volumes of people who support of the closure of Koptalk.

  4. dataimaginary Says:

    I think it’s quite clear that he’s now attempting to take the blog on, on its own terms. He’s mimicking its tactics by regularily attempting to undermine it to his (limited) audience through regular fueher speeches to rally the them.

    I expect we’ll see more of these stories about ex-jailbirds and teenagers threatening blackmail. The stories will become more ludicrous and colourful, they will involve intimations of unspecificed threats to his family. At no time will there be any proof provided.

    He’s desperately trying to hang-on to the remaining rump of poor suckers who still believe in him.

    He’s also running with this new tactic of ambusing celebrity football figures (gillette, shepherd etc.) as it gets him news time and it’s his new strategy intrinsic to attract new members. Like a sugar-binging diabetic it gives him a short-term rush but the come-down, in terms of more people ultimately being made aware of his crooked practices and leaving KT undermine any gains.

    Actully wouldn’t surprise me if diabetes is one of his numerous medical conditions.

  5. dataimaginary Says:

    Pathology mimicking psychology if you like.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    You can see from the KT reaction to his latest stump speech that it does not build his support on KT but weakens it. They were asking him directly why he does not name us if he knows who we are. And why he does nothing about it if the allegations are not true. And it was clear that some of them had read the blog . That logic will seep through the cult and more of them will seek their own answer.

    And surely people will notice that not only does he not name us but he does not even name the blog. His device is to refer in the plural to blogs or other websites. And that backfires,too. If there are so many critics surely there is no smoke without fire.

    People can read what the blog says and disagree with him. So his new tactic is to say he gets private messages from his critics – so he can make the messages up, too.

    In his video with his 13 yr old daughter he has her refer to those sending her dad messages. Why doesn’t he tell her about the blog?
    I’ve never sent a message to him. I’ve never been a member of his site. Insider has sent emails way back – which he reported on the blog – offering him an opportunity to answer the blog’s questions and giving him an open right to reply on the blog.

    I agree with your remark that he sees the video cam as the new wave on KT. It takes no work apart from going from Newcastle to Montreal and Montreal to Dallas and Wallsend to Newcastle. It can have a temporary impact – but Alexa stats show he did not get much of a boost from either his North American videos or his Newcastle video. He is still 80% down from this time last year. And whatever blip he does get is mirrored by a blip in the blog hits. Indeed his videos are a rich source of new readers of the blog and the images of him and his brother tell the blog’s story better than words. The victims of his video cam are also very motivated to do something about him, as he will soon discover
    Cruising around with a cam suits Oldham. It beats sitting in his shed fearful of a knock on the door. He can reduce his company down to his dependent brother and family and control the environment. It also satisfies his craving for the limelight.

    But the idea he does it just for a laugh is exploded by his claim that the podcasts may be sponsored by a shirt supplier. There’s always a money angle.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Ive just noticed he refers to “his eldest daughter” being scared. How many does he have?

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