Blog Bung, More Gagging, Athens Excuse, Podcast Dreams – paranoia gone mad in der Koptalk bunker

by Rupert Insider


Photo: Oldham in der bunker listening to the voices of Insiders

Time for the men in white coats to visit der Koptalk bunker? Or at least someone wearing one of Oldham’s “scouser” wigs to tell the sweating con man to “calm down, calm down”. These are some choice bits from his stream of consciousness over the last two days:

1. Blog Bungs?

From a rambling rant about his critics – those he can’t gag on his site:

“I’m aware of who it is as they have been in touch trying to come to a financial arrangement for it to stop. That offer has been rejected so I expect them to continue with their bitterness…..a sad teenager, an ex con, with the help of a few clowns.”


If Oldham is referring to this blog in what is possibly his most paranoid rant yet I invite him to name us on his site – publish the details of the blackmail attempt and report it to the police. He says we are former banned members. In that case he will have our details on file.

But he may be referring to his “underworld friends” he has referred to in the past.

I was always curious what names and addresses he gave to the “insane scouse hitter” he offered 500 to bump us off about nine months ago. HERE and HERE

More on his rant later when he has had time to take his pills.

3. Another gagging in der bunker

And just in. This post was deleted within one minute of it being posted today on a forum of the world’s only “mature” website for LFC fans .

Is it all true?

Dutte Dutte
KopTalk Member

Registered: 03/10/03
Posts: 309

I’ve been a member on Koptalk for over four years now and seen both ups and downs on this site. For the first few years it was mostly great with lots of good posters and even the occasional inside info. Then suddenly the good posters started leaving and by last summer most of them had left for other sites. I stayed and didn’t think much of it until I started noting that Dunk spent a lot of energy posting about other sites having a go at him etc., and I wondered if it was any truth in this. Via Google I found the ‘blog’ which isn’t exactly designed to give Dunk and Koptalk credit for all the ‘inside info’ he’s been ‘giving'(£30 a year) us over the years (and still does?). There’s also forums out there where a lot of former KT members post, and they don’t exactly give KT a lot of credit either.

Up until yesterday, this was (due to my laziness?) all unknown to me and I have to say I got a bit surprised if all this is true, the posting by yourself under different names, the alleged frauds etc.

Dunk, is it all true?
(Now on Est 1892)


If someone deletes your post after one minute and bans you from his site, after you have been there for four years paying him for the privilege of posting, do you think what his critics say might be true?

4. Der Book – Mein Kop


“I feel people at the club could get into trouble because of the stalkers we have. I’ll make a decision soon.”

He has about 45,000 stalkers every week at Anfield – which is why he never shows up there – not to mention every employee of the club. Good to see he will make a decision soon – but what decision?

He has confirmed every year for four years his decision to publish “soon” Anfield Exposed – which he now describes as “light-hearted”. He has set up web sites to sell it to the public. He says he has enough deposits on advanced orders for a first run of 20,0000 to be followed by others. But today he says its just for those in der bunker with him? Can der bunker hold 20,000?

5. Sanitized Podcast for Sale

We were also approached today by a shirt sponsor of a rival Premier League team who would like to sponsor our video podcasts subject to toning down the language.”

Notice how he is always approached? He never does the approaching. I guess he was dressed as “Clare” at the time swinging his handbag as he trolled outside Newcastle Central at 1 a.m.

6. Henpecked Messiah Can’t go to Athens

This is his “the dog ate my homework” excuse for not going to Athens.

Yesterday at 12:30 PM
Bit of a problem looming

I recently purchased a property overseas. The solicitor called yesterday to say that I need to complete within a week. If I do that I’d have to get to Athens from abroad yet I have tickets booked from here. I could fly back to England I guess but the rest of my family are having a bit of a moan saying I can’t just take off during this critical time of arranging everything.

Nobody has had a big pop yet but I can feel it looming. I just know a lecture’s coming. Now obviously I want to be in Athens as a fan but the main reason I have to be there is for the site. I’m not bluffing, I really do
want to get photos and videos for you guys if we can get a proper net

Not only that but I want to test the touts before you guys get out there so you know what the prices are.

Now nobody can influence me or tell me what to do. I make my own moves and decisions in life so I’ll be in Athens but I kind of understand the timings bad and I feel like I’ll be leaving them when they need me.

How can I soften them a bit? They know the site is my life and if it was
just a day trip they’d be fine but I opted for a week out there I have a feeling that they’re going to be hitting the roof any time soon. Do
you get that in your house from the Mrs or parents? Do you sit there and
watch them walking around knowing that they’re dieing to have something off at you?

Any tips appreciated


Yes, Never jump off a bus when its still moving.

As for his elaborate, incredible excuse for not being at Athens – I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

7. Yet another gagging – PayPal fraud this time.

Today, after I posted the above, a member – Mighty Cheese – posted


I’ve not used the site for a good few months now. I cancelled my subscription in January so no more funds would come out of my Paypal account.

You’ve just taken (today) another £26 from my account without authorisation. I’ve e-mailed, but have yet to hear back.

I’ve informed Paypal, but I’m happy to let the matter drop if I get my funds back into my account immediately.

Sorry to have to post in a public forum, but I want an immediate response.

Thanks and I hope this can be resolved quickly.

Some of the cultees – led by Oldham’ arse-licker-in- chief Richt T – the internet diet pills salesman – assured him there was no way that KT would have engineered the money from his account and all would be put right once his Master arrived at his bolt-hole wherever he is fleeing to. Has’nt anyone told him about the automatic renewal mechanism that Koptalk puts on your PayPal account that takes the money even after you have told Koptalk that you wish to cancel your membership? You have to tell PayPal,too.

I was quite impressed that the post was not deleted immediately and that others were allowed to express an opinion. It seemed to be true that when the cat’s away the mice will play.

Silly me – the post’s gone now! Gone the way of every other post on KT that questions Oldham’s money grubbing scams.

Thanks to bring kotpalk down for the screenshot.


8. Saint Dunkin

And here he is offering to do something for nothing – I know, I know – but even his cultees don’t believe it, although some of them would like to.
Re: FAO Dunk re: Purchasing for Members from Club Shop [Re: RPAS]
Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 18983
#162559 – 10/05/07 10:57 PM

Ok. How it works.

We’ll try and do a run say once a month. Basically we’re happy to help you if you can’t get kit online for example, providing the club shop has the gear in.
You will have to price up what you want and check it’s available. We will
then have to work out a postage fee (recorded delivery).

You paypal that exact amount to us adding the PayPal charge (PayPal charge a very small percentage), we can calculate that for people or you can work it out on their website. We go to Anfield on your behalf and buy your order and post it to you.

There is NOTHING in it for us. You pay the exact merchandise cost and the exact postage cost as charged by Royal Mail or whoever you want to use. Youpay PayPal their charge. We do not make 1 penny.

We’ll get receipts from the club shop and Royal Mail and include them as you will need them. We’ll get a certificate of postage and a tracking number. If you need to handle returns you’d have to ask Steve to go back on your behalfwith your goods and the receipt, subject to their returns conditions etc.

All we’ll do is go to the shop on your behalf as a favour.

If it helps anyone, we’ll do it for you.

Edited by Dunk (10/05/07 10:59 PM)

KopTalk Member
#162839 – 11 May at 10:58 AM

This looks to be a fantastic idea as the online store is sh1t, they never
have what Im looking for!!

But Im confused about the whole P&P. Do we pay you for that after you post them? Because that will be the only way we will know much it costs, i.e. after you post the items. Especially when you are posting overseas that could run into a alot of money if you are sending a lot of gear.

I just wondering about the logistics of the operation.

#162860 – 11 May at 11:21 AM

Well I guess we’d collect your stuff, pack it up and weigh it. Then you
could send that over. I’m sure it’s workable.

KopTalk Member
#163527 – 11 May at 09:57 PM

im a bit confused here, wouldnt it be easier to just order it online, or are
there different stocks for shop and online orders

#163529 – Yesterday at 09:58 PM

Not everything is online and the postage fees are high for overseas Reds.


Interpretation. My site is in serious trouble. My scams have been rumbled. Time for my Saint Dunkin act. Don’t ask too many questions – its only propaganda. There’s lots of time later to think of money angle, if there is one. And if there isn’t – you’ll have forgotten it by then won’t you?

9. More trouble with the law for Oldham?

“Liverpool FC spokesperson Ian Cotton said: “We deplore the activities of anybody ripping off supporters with inflated prices for tickets and will happily take the strongest action against those found to be doing so.

“We will report anyone involved in such activity to Trading Standards, the police, and UEFA.” HERE

And that applies not only to UEFA Final tickets but all tickets to all PL and Cup matches including the sale and raffling of season tickets or allotments to shareholders. I don’t know how Oldham sleeps at night – I really don’t. No wonder he has radios tuned to the police.


14 Responses to “Blog Bung, More Gagging, Athens Excuse, Podcast Dreams – paranoia gone mad in der Koptalk bunker”

  1. lfc_michael Says:

    So, the unwaged owner of Koptalk, who needs to charge fees for his site, with every penny going back into its costs, has the finances to purchase an overseas property? This after constantly pleading poverty. Can’t people see through this bullshit by now?

    If the story about sponsoring his podcast is true, which is possible in light of recent publicity he’s had, then I would suggest that we all contact the company in question as soon as their identity is known, and let them see and hear the contents of some of his infamous past productions.

  2. dataimaginary Says:

    The blackmail thing is fecking hilarious, dunk at his best (worst).

    Athens, totally predictable, softening the cultees up to when he announces that unfortunately he won’t be joining them on the KT flight out to the final….

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    lfc michael
    Assuming he is purchasing a property. He may be just leasing it – if he’s going at all.
    But he’s right about one thing – he does need a bolt hole overseas.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    As I said, I will add it to the sticky, KT Pay Pal fraud at the top of the page. And I will make frequent references to it. I will also mail it to all known email addresses of KT members.

  5. lfc_michael Says:

    True, and it is almost certainly one of his annual excuses to avoid meeting members at finals; he must despise Liverpool’s cup successes under Rafa!

    However, it’s still a contradiction that I’d hope isn’t lost on his remaining members. And speaking of contradictions, he claimed that he needs the revenue from subscribers in one breath, then states that he’d earn much more in advertising from a free site. Which is it, Dunk? Do you need to charge people or don’t you?

    In my opinion, he switched to pay-only so that his actions go on ‘behind closed doors’.

  6. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Those doors aren’t very closed. 🙂

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    He probably would get more from advertising on a free site given the few members he has left.

  8. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Saint Dunk now wants to get sports equipment and football shirts to send to Africa! He is the Lenny Henry of the North East.

    Dont do it people, you will be buying back the shirts you send in, plus it will have a load of fake signatures on it!

  9. Bubba Zee Says:

    re Athens flight; I personally know two people that are only flying to get upclose & personal meeting Dunk, Steve, RichT or Katie. Dunk believes they’re pliant members of his little crew but whoever turns up from the site will be in for a ‘bumpy’ ride.

    Best stay at home lardychops…

  10. Steve O Says:

    Dunce has been the victim of a number of wind-ups lately (and in the past – remember Fowler calling you?).

    I expect the sponsorship deal to be a windup to.

    If genuine, do we have recordings of the paedophilia references, imagine the embarrassment to a reputable company. Of course any company would have googled kraptalk and would know all about him.

  11. Skamp Says:

    I would like to point out that the bastard has recently put a link to Anne Williams fight for justice on his site,now i do not know Anne of anyone who does know her but still this link makes me sick.
    Maybe she does know about it but i would bet my arse to dale whinton that she does not.
    It’s a very sensetive subject but maybe some1 who reads this blog does know Mrs Williams and without bringing her more distress could get the fat slimey bastard to remove the link.
    Man this is the kind of thing that makes me think 5 years would be worth it.

  12. projectvox Says:

    Skamp, it might be worth contacting a mod from RAWK. Anne posts updates on there from her fight for justice.

    I’m sure they’d somehow let her know.

  13. scousenproud Says:

    btw it would be a good idea to print some flyers of the large one and the little shithouse and distribute them in athens, warning fans to be aware of the con artists. maybe you could rig something up here and everyone that was going to athens could print a few off and circulate accordingly.

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve added item 9 to the post

    “Liverpool FC spokesperson Ian Cotton said: “We deplore the activities of anybody ripping off supporters with inflated prices for tickets and will happily take the strongest action against those found to be doing so.

    “We will report anyone involved in such activity to Trading Standards, the police, and UEFA.

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