The door at Anfield will never be shut to Robbie Fowler – for Koptalk it'll never be open.

by Rupert Insider

Note: Those who came here looking for the two posts on the Freddie Shepherd video by Koptalk please scroll down or go HERE


“Shut the door on your way out!”

That was the sneering headline on Duncan Oldham’s so-called “editorial” on his Koptalk website the day Robbie Fowler left LFC for Leeds on 28th November 2001.

He had stalked Fowler for two years conducting a hate campaign against him that is unequalled in the club’s history. It was mainly to create controversey for Oldham’s bandit website and put money in his pocket. But on that particular day he also acted with the desperation of the con man caught with his pants down.

Only two days before Oldham claimed that Fowler had called him to give him an exclusive that there was no truth in the stories that he was about to leave LFC. Oldham mocked the Liverpool Echo and all respectable journalists as fools for suggesting otherwise.

But it was Oldham who was the fool. He and his paying customers on Koptalk had not only been blindsided by his cynical lie but they were the last to know about the biggest outward transfer in modern times.

And history was to repeat itself. When Fowler returned to LFC in January 2006, Oldham and his paying customers on Koptalk were again the last to know. Days earlier he scoffed at the very idea.

That’s not much of a record from a guy who has pulled in hundreds of thousands of pounds (according to his own claims) from people who join Koptalk because it promises “exclusive information from inside Anfield” from anonymous “insiders” like “Wallet”, the “Anfield Mole” the “Informer” the”Horse” and a number of others who were none other than Oldham himself, at work in his lie factory in Scarborough and Wallsend.

In an attempt to recover the damage the Fowler affair did to his money-making business Oldham has tried many versions of his lie since. A couple of weeks ago he banned Warren, one of the brightest paying members of Koptalk, for questioning Oldham’s lie that he knew that Parry and Moores signed Robbie Fowler as a PR stunt against Rafa’s wishes. HERE


Click Photo for Lap of Honour  Video

You see glimpses of Oldham’s hatred of Fowler everywhere in the archives of his site. Even in his rave about what a great team Newcastle United would be if they got Michael Owen and how he, Oldham, was going to enjoy his two season tickets behind the goal at St-Jame’s Park, even then he could not leave out another dig at Fowler.

If I was Michael Owen I’d opt for Newcastle purely because I’d be happy playing for 50,000+ fans who appreciated me week in, week out. At Liverpool the Kop cared more about the petulant Robbie Fowler frozen out in the stands (following a run-in with Phil Thompson) than they did a younger, fitter, leaner more professional Michael who was delivering on the pitch. No wonder Michael got upset when the Kop rarely sang his name…..” HERE

Why does Oldham hate Fowler? In my opinion, its an irrational jealousy that only a stalker like him could understand – it borders on the psychotic. He resented that Robbie was an Irish-Liverpool scouser, that he was popular, that he was as successful at the race track and in business and in his family as he was on the football field. Oldham would achieve none of these things and to compensate would exaggerate the value of that part of him that was English.

Nothing dramatizes Oldham’s distance from the ethos of LFC more than his hatred of Fowler. It is the same kind of contempt he shows for the people of Liverpool. Even his forced and exaggerate enthusiasms for Michael Owen – shown in his childish pursuit of Freddie Shepherd the other day – owes more to his hatred of Fowler than genuine admiration for Owen’s skills. Owen was just another stick with which to beat Robbie.

And now Robbie is leaving the squad again. And once again Oldham did not know again. And once again he must try to patch up the damage his blind hatred has done to his dying website.

So today he issues another so-called editorial – another goodbye to Robbie Fowler. Its full of hypocrite’s poison. Its another attempt to repeat all the slander the heavy-drinking, over-eating Oldham invented and propagated during the years 1999-2001. He even misquotes a statement Houllier made about night clubs that he addressed at the time to Steve Gerrard as though Houllier had addressed it to Fowler.


Photo: Oldham waiting for meat pies after a few pints.

But in his attempt to cover the shit with honey so that the novice members of the Koptalk cult will swallow it, he gives away a clue to his self-destructive jealousy of Robbie – something I’ve mentioned before.

“He came from f*** all and that’s what makes his story so special. He did it, from the bottom to the top. But although he did it, he never forgot his roots.”

And you’ll never forgive him for it will you Oldham? Because you couldn’t do the same.

The doors of LFC will never be shut on Robbie Fowler and they will never be open to Oldham and Koptalk.



There are several detailed treatment on the blog of how Oldham stalked Fowler and used lies about him to build up the readership of Koptalk.

Possibly the most widely read on the blog is Anfield Exposed: Robbie Fowler denies transfer rumours HERE

For a very long detailed description of Oldham’s scurrilous campaign against Robbie and his friend Steve McManaman in 1999-2001 go to the tool bar at the top – Get Fowler Here



17 Responses to “The door at Anfield will never be shut to Robbie Fowler – for Koptalk it'll never be open.”

  1. seenthelight Says:

    one bit that got my attention rupert.
    one of the reasons he possibly disliked robbie was because of he`s an Irish-Liverpool scouser,why would he resent him for that?

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    I used to lurk on Oldham’s free forums way back in 2000 if not earlier. His posts were laced with contempt for Liverpudlians and Liverpool – especially the downtown area around Toxeth and also Anfield. He buys easily into the stereotypes of them. He often referred to the kids there as thieving scallies.

    (Contempt for Liverpool was also characteristic of some of the more vociferous Koptalkers in those days – most of whom were from the south of England and most of whom also detested Fowler and saw him as an embodiment of their idea of what a working class scouser was. It also partly explains why they championed Owen, the clean cut middle-class kid from Harwaden-Chester – even though he has some Welsh ancestry).

    Many Liverpudlians and especially those downtown have Irish roots. That and the strong Welsh presence is often used to explain why Liverpudlians don’t feel English and why they put LFC ahead of the national team.
    So my reasoning is that someone who does not like downtown Liverpudlians – especially those with Irish family names – by definitiion does not like Irish-Liverpudlians.

    But the thought is reinforced by Oldham’s well known “little Englander” attitudes and his xenophobic comments about foreigners and immigrants.

    Its interesting to me that he wore the infamous S*n hat in his role as an England supporter in France.
    Its often a characteristic of people who Americans would label “white trash” that they exaggerate their nationalism and even their ethnicity. Oldham does both.

    Reading him you would expect him to appear ethnically anglo-saxon or celtic or to exhibit the features of the Normans, Danes, Norse or one of the other larger invading groups that are usually meant when you refer to traditional English stock or even British stock.

    But he doesn’t – not in my opinion anyway. I think he is what he would call “foreign”, to some extent.
    So I suspect his exaggerated claim to Englishesness arises from an inferiroty complex and this might be one of the contributing factors to his dislike of Fowler.

    But I dont know. I said his dislike of Fowler is close to being psychotic.

    I have another theory that he spent several years trying to imitate Fowler in a pathetic kind of way.

    But this is my opinion and its speculative. I haven’t done any scientific genetic experiments on Oldham.

  3. Bosco Says:

    Is it just me or is Oldham pushing down the blog’s entry on Google by putting fake entries in when you search for ‘Koptalk’? Is he tricking Google with some software? The second entry in the search is a dead link. The third and fourth are nothing pages…

  4. lfc_michael Says:

    I think he is. I noticed that a while ago. It serves the dual aims of further promoting his site and also, as you say, pushing down the blog’s Google entry.

    I wonder if they can be contacted about the dead links and ‘nothing pages’? They might then remove the listings for them.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Yes I have noticed. Its not so long ago that the blog headlines were prominent in any search for “koptalk”. Now they are bumped off the page by all the false and dead links and duplicates.
    Its an obvious ploy.
    I guess its probably a breach of their rules, too.
    Its confirmation that search engines are very important to him – he gets all his new customers from them.
    Nevertheless I notice on the blog that we are actually getting an increasing number of visitors who key in the word koptalk and finish up at the blog. Not good news for him.
    So it might be worth mentioning to Google that this seems like deliberate manipulation. Maybe they will penalize KT.
    Id be grateful if someone who is knowledgeable about this can contact Google and any other search engine.

  6. Yorkie Says:

    Seems to be him and his various domains eg .com, .org., Google change their ranking algorithms all the time, and I’ve too much to do to read up on the vagaries of SEO, but I’d imagine its down to his pagerank rating where the word “koptalk” links to or whichever. If you could get website owners to change this to your address you’d probably be laughing.

  7. lfc_michael Says:

    I think this might be the link we need:

  8. seenthelight Says:

    the “little Englander” thing was something that always struck me,and his insistence on being overly proud and not caring what anyone thought about it.
    i always noticed that,and i suppose when you think about it,people who behave like that,fit the criteria of not being overly fond of foreigners.

    id be interested to know what the irish koptalkers would make of that.
    i know i love the connection ireland has with liverpool,i love the fact that dublin and liverpool are so alike in many ways.
    so if i was still on kt id be pretty pissed off reading your article,and id be hoping i wasnt the only irish koptalker reading it.

    im actually sorry i banned myself before i saw this as i would have raised the subject.

    i know the thoughts in the article are only your opinion rupert,but i think you may be onto something.

  9. btb Says:

    Rupert, Google do not like their system being manipulated, they banned BMW Germany for a while because of something similar so they would likely ban him totally if it is discovered he is doing the same. REPORT HIM.

  10. dataimaginary Says:

    Scousers aren’t english. 🙂

    I suspect that Dunkin has some Maltese blood in him somewhere hence the connection.

  11. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    used lfc_michael’s link and reported the doorway pages, .org and .info

  12. B Zanetti Says:

    I’ve reported the search fixing to Google

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    “I suspect that Dunkin has some Maltese blood in him somewhere hence the connection.”
    He claims his grandparents live in Malta.
    Come to think of it he features every other member of his family on his site – why have we not seen more of them?
    Its difficult to analyse the ethnic characteristics of a blimp but I would say that his lips are semitic in origin. If I knew nothing about him except his appearance, I would guess he was Turkish or Bulgarian.

    Maybe that’s why he is now trying to dodge out of going to Greece – as predicted. 😉

  14. sawyerinsider Says:

    he’s definitely not Welsh, but he looks like he may have an ancestory of Whales.

  15. Bosco Says:

    I have also reported this to Google using lfc_michael’s link. Google calls these pages doorway pages – no content just other ways into his site at the top of the search engine.

    We should all report it. It took me 2 mins in my lunch hour. It is just a cut and paste job. The more of us that report it the more likely it is to be looked at and actioned by Google.

    With NewsNow and other LFC sites not listing him he desperately needs Google to drive the traffic to his site. We need to squeeze his manipulation of Google to cut the traffic flow and therefore his inflated advertising revenue.

  16. Says:


  17. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve added an excellent Lap of Honour Video to the above post. Full rendition of YNWA:

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