Koptalk: Freddie Shepherd Video Stunt Backfires

by Rupert Insider


Duncan Oldham the sole owner of the Koptalk website claims he pays 600 a month for a server. Insider’s checks show he pays 97. Given the thin traffic his dying site gets these days, he doesn’t need even that. But his 600 lie was blown wide open on Friday when the BBC played his Freddie Shepherd video with the koptalk.com logo clearly shown. His site went down immediately. HERE

He boasted that the stunt brought him”tons of new members”. So what’s he got to hide?

Let him behave like an honest site – let him show the user names of the new members, the number of user’s online and let him restore the user profiles, PM and the email functions he took down when this blog started to expose his lies and scams last year.

But yesterday Oldham’s stunt brought this blog a record number of hits since we left News Now. And our free server did not got down.

Many new readers were able to learn about Oldham for the first time. More worrying for him the blog message seems to have got through loud and clear in Tyne and Wear. Remarks on Newcastle forums show that the fans up there were quick to understand that there were two issues.

The first issue was the judgment of the Newcastle chairman in making such a statement about Owen to two dopey strangers in a passing car – even though he meant it as a joke and did not realise that the two Neanderthals stalking him were well known con men looking to make an easy buck. How was he to know that Oldham had referred to him as a “div” a few weeks ago on his website and declared he would not be renewing his two Newcastle season tickets. HERE

In fact, Shepherd and the media, clearly fell for the lie that Oldham(32) and his dumb brother(17) were scousers, despite their broad Yorkshire accents – as thousands of Koptalk members have fallen for the same lie over the past eight years.   They’re not Liverpool supporters, at all.

This from the BBC website:

Liverpool fans:”Freddy, can we have Michael back?”
Freddy: “You what?”
Fans: “Can we have Michael Owen back?”
Freddy: “Flipping Michael…”
Fans: “£9 million! £9 million!”
Freddy: “Listen, I’ll ******* carry him back for youse!”
Fans: “Really? For £9 million yeah?”
Freddy: “£9 million.”
Fans: “Can he leave for £9 million?”
Freddy: “No. He’s a good lad. He’s OK, he’s a decent lad. What are you doing up here?”
Fans: “We’ve just come to see what was going on.”
Freddy: “Yaaaaahhhh!”

The second issue was the conduct of the con men. I saw many remarks from Tynesiders to the effect that Oldham and his brother might expect a visit at their office.





We know Oldham has run scared of Liverpool for many years – physically scared. He figured that by living so far away, changing his name frequently, pretending to change his address and preparing a bolt-hole abroad, he could dodge the consequences of his scams on Liverpool supporters. In fact, to answer Freddie Shepherd’s question, “what are you doing up here” – he was hiding away from Liverpudlians.

But yesterday Oldham made the mistake of bringing to the blog many Tynesiders who saw his address here and spread it around their forums.

5 Swan Avenue, off Bede Crescent, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, NE 28 7JH

Street Map Here Aerial Map showing the Koptalk office shed HERE

And he has also opened the door for the blog to any number of media organizations.

Dim Dunkin – very dim .

Meanwhile yesterday I received word from two more who intend to cancel their Koptalk memberships – that’s ten his week. They’re interested in football – specifically LFC – and they’re fed up paying good money to a couple of dishonest clowns.

One of those leaving Koptalk is from Asia. I’ll be posting his full letter soon in which he explains how he knobbled the KT PayPal scam and shows you how you can do it , too.



This from one of the largest Newcastle sites:

And as for the second rate Max and Paddy Liverpool fans in the video who constantly slag off Newcastle, the driver is well known to this website. Duncan Oldham is a Scarborough-based Scouse fan and has been running Koptalk for many years.

We were once part of the same Total Football network where he would regularly take strops and only negotiate with Future Publishing if his Mam went with him….

He’s not exactly well respected among the LFC supporting community.” http://nufc.com/

Actually he left Scarborough years ago when pursued by the law and creditors now lives in Wallsend next door to his Mam a few minutes drive from NUFC where he has two season tickets. He also has a dormant NUFC website upthetoon.com. which fell flat when the blog exposed his involvement in it. Read all about his dodgy past in our first article about the Fredddie Shepherd affair HERE


54 Responses to “Koptalk: Freddie Shepherd Video Stunt Backfires”

  1. Nalsa Says:

    I couldn’t care less if it embrasses Freddie Shepard, I support liverpool of he wants to make a muppet out of himself thats his own business. I just think this whole site is the joke actually, whatever them lads do ye find a way to twist to make it look bad. And before you start using your usual responses, im not related to either of them, im not a member of koptalk and I don’t even live in England I just think ye are makin a big fuss over nothing.

  2. rupertinsider Says:


    Not a member of Koptalk? But you know enough about what “them lads” do to make a sweeping generalization about we do?

    And what are our “usual responses”?

    Last time you commented you asked us what proof we had. I asked you about what? Be specific and we will point to the proof. You dodged that and come back with more generalities.

    “And I don’t even live in England” What’s that got to do with anything? If you read the blog you would know that most of Oldhams’ victims don’t live in England. In fact a lot of them come from where you are – Ireland.

  3. al_the_mag Says:

    great site guys

    nail this fat fooker

    (i am not referring to well-fed fred, in case of any doubt)

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