Newcastle fans read this – "Carry Owen back to Anfield"- Freddie Shepherd

by Rupert Insider


I can tell from the blog dashboard that we have many Geordie visitors today. So welcome to the site! We have a lot of respect for your club.

And you’re also welcome to Duncan Oldham (32) and his half brother Steve MacNeish (17) who made a video on which your chairman, Freddie Shepherd, is depicted as telling them that he would “carry Owen back to Anfield” only hours after he was quoted in much of the sports press as saying he expected Owen to show loyalty to NUFC and that none of the big four clubs had shown any interest in him anyway.

BBC 24 Hours and Radio 1 and icNewcastle and Sky and the Mail are all wrong when they refer to Oldham and his half brother as “Liverpool fans”.

LFC shuns Oldham and his site as do most Liverpool supporters.

So do us a favour and write or call the presenters and journalists involved and the Press Office and web site at NUFC. You can refer them to this article from which they are free to quote without permission. They can also use our photos of Oldham and his half brother without prior permission.

In addition to the three shown below we have quite a collection HERE.


The purpose of this blog is to get rid of Oldham. We don’t want him ripping off LFC supporters any more or tainting the good name of our club. As a result, his site – – is dying and he grows increasingly desperate for any attention that he can convert into money.

A few days ago he made a childish video of himself and his sidekick looking for and awaiting the pie delivery man in Wallsend. A couple of days later, when there was still nothing to do on Koptalk, he thought he’d make Pie Man Part 2 . That’s where the Shepherd video comes in!

Oldham is really one of yours – or he’d like to be. So why not give him a visit at his office/home at

5 Swan Avenue, off Bede Crescent,Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, NE 28 7JH

His office is the shed in his garden and backs unto the street. That’s where he keeps the computers for his LFC and Newcastle and porno websites.

Street Map Here Aerial Map showing the Koptalk office shed HERE

If he’s not there, look next door at his Ma’s house – she’s married again and is a MacNeish now. She’s also the mother of Steve McNeish, his half brother who helped him with the video. Ask the neighbours – they’ll know where he is.

Under pressure from our blog Oldham tried to convince LFC fans that he had turned traitor on Newcastle recently (not that he had) and he called the board “divs and said he would cancel his two season tickets. You can read about it in the blog article HERE

But you NUFC fans are lucky. At least Oldham has come out openly against your club even while he continues to rip it off for publicity. But he goes on lying that he is a “die-hard Red” even though we all know he detests the city and people of Liverpool and our club and his only interest in it is the money he can rip off its good name. His is the only site that does not support the boycott of the S*n.

Oldham is from Scarborough in Yorkshire not Tyne-on-Wear. So how come he finished up so interested in your club and even started a website about it under a false name?

The answer is found in another blog article where we document his criminal past on the internet as “Del Johnson”. He was selling illegal Sky satellite cards and then not delivering to those who paid. When the law came down on him for those scams he moved from Scarborough to Wallsend and turned his attention to ripping off football fans. You can read all about it HERE

He offered his wife and himself for sex to paying clients on the net to military cadets and fit young football supporters. HERE

And he used his site many times to express his obsession with weird sexual themes such as the rape of young girls.

If you like his videos and podcasts don’t’ forget to check out the one where he and his brother set up a “joke” about how the 32 year old Oldham is sick enough to sleep with his 12 yr old daughter’s friends. You can find it HERE.

On Koptalk he and his step brother make fake LFC memorabilia, fake certificates of authenticity to help sell it, he scalps tickets to PL and FA Cup matches and he double-dips into the PayPal accounts of his members, so they unwittingly pay him twice for the 30 a year he charges for fake information about LFC. His is the only one of the 35 unofficial LFC-related sites that charge. Most of his unsuspecting victims are LFC fans from overseas.

He has many County Court Judgments against his name in Scarborough, some of them not yet satisfied, from his days as a worker in a chippie, the owner of a one-man-and-his-Ma security and office cleaning company.

He usually pleaded long-term sickness of “anxiety and depression” to the court to get off paying back the people he ripped off. He currently claims to be unwaged but then boasts of hundreds of thousands of pounds in income, numerous property interests in the UK and abroad, numerous vehicles including a Mercedes-convertible and many foreign trips.

He is not registered for VAT, does not register or account for various charities he starts and does not declare his income for tax purposes and he is also suspected of benefits fraud. He sometimes denies his name is Duncan Oldham, tries to pretend he has moved his address, and uses many false names on the net.

His Freddie Shepherd stunt had nothing to do with football. It was about making money for Oldham. Have a look what he said about it today:

As for this publicity, it crashed our server today the minute the BBC showed it. Plus we’ve had tons of new sign-ups which is obviously nice for us.”

If you want to know more about the guy who used your club, Freddie Shepherd and Michael Owen the other day to make some publicity for his dying site, have a look around this blog – but hold your nose first.

This is how the blog’s recent “NUFC traitor” article begins. You can read the whole thing HERE:


Duncan Oldham has ditched Newcastle United.

This is what he said about Newcastle, today on the Koptalk’s thread “Newcastle Announce Ground Plans” :

They’re a bunch of divs. My lad’s got a ticket there and only ever goes when a big side are visiting. Fortunately for me we’re handing it back in this summer. “:)

How many of you know 8-year-old boys with season tickets, not to mention the 6-year-old he was when, allegedly, he first acquired it ? Will they even allow a child of that age into St. James’ Park alone?

Its a lie. The Newcastle season ticket is not his son’s, its his. Nor is it the only one he has. As we’ve seen many times before, he uses his kids remorselessly on the net – such as in correcting the damaging image that he is a Newcastle rather than an LFC supporter.

The lie is found in the conflict between his words today and in August 2005.


The Editor

24th August 2005

Newcastle are a massive club…….. I have loads of friends up in the north east, I even have family who live a stone’s throw from St James’ Park, I even have two season tickets at Newcastle – shocked? …….

Because I was spending a lot of time in Newcastle I put my name down on the season ticket waiting list for a bit fo fun really, never expecting to hear anything for years. To my surprise I was offered two tickets within a year and they’re bloody great seats, just 5 rows behind one of the goals…….

If I was Michael Owen I’d opt for Newcastle purely because I’d be happy playing for 50,000+ fans who appreciated me week in, week out. At Liverpool the Kop cared more about the petulant Robbie Fowler frozen out in the stands (following a run-in with Phil Thompson) than they did a younger, fitter, leaner more professional Michael who was delivering on the pitch. No wonder Michael got upset when the Kop rarely sang his name…..

Who’ll score the most goals and sell the most shirts? Peter Crouch or Michael Owen?…….”


The above article on Koptalk was followed a few days later on Oldham’s Newcastle United site which he ran under the pseudonym of “Barry“.


Aug 30 2005, 11:10 AM
Owen agrees Personal terms.

Our sister site ( are reporting that ………

Having witnessed the former Liverpool ace arrive at Newcastle airport by private jet, KopTalk staff then followed Owen and his representatives to a secret location…………. sources claim …. Thanks to for the use of the photos which they took earlier today ***.



17 Responses to “Newcastle fans read this – "Carry Owen back to Anfield"- Freddie Shepherd”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve posted the above partly to help those who suggest informing the BBC or icNewcastle – you can send the url to the post to them.

    But my reading of it is that they are not interested in Oldham – just the words that Shepherd uttered.

    However you can ask them to correct the “liverpool fans” quote. What self respecting Liverpool fan would be chasing after Shepherd in Newcastle ?

  2. Says:

    Found the contact info of the SSN News Editor, worth giving him an email or call;

    Nick Seymour: Sky Sports News News Editor
    Tel: 0207 805 7560

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    I’ve been in touch with one part of the BBC and have had a reply, they acknowledge what I’m saying and seem interested in finding out more. I’ll not reveal who it is of course, but it will be a familiar voice to many of you.

    I’ve not spoken to Sky yet – so anyone who has time please do so.

    I think it’s only fair that the press are given the chance to see exactly what they are dealing with here.

    If you’re bored this evening, why not help us out by writing to any press organisations you think might be considering carrying the story tomorrow. It’s surprisingly easy to find contact details – try both general enquiries and also try finding contact details for actual journalists.

    Hits on here today are rising rapidly, and although Dunk always claims there’s no such thing as bad publicity I don’t think he’s realised just how big a mistake this might prove to be.

    Today’s story is about Freddy looking a bit daft. If we can get Dunk’s story into the minds of the national media I think tomorrow’s stories will be about Dunk looking more than just a bit daft.

    BUT – we need as many of you as possible to spread the word. If everyone sends one or two emails it could be very effective – but keep them sensible!

  4. Yorkie Says:

    This is a great opportunity to get widespread coverage of Fatty’s antics. I’ve left comments on 1 or 2 sites where I’ve seen reference to the video. Hopefully the stunt is his greatest own-goal ever.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Some suggestions:

    NUFC Press Office
    NUFC Oficial site
    Michael Owen
    Freddie Shepherd

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    How about Maddock at the Mirror – he knows about Oldham

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    This is a letter Stannard Insider has written to some media outlets. He offers it as template to give you some ideas if you are writing. We do need as many as possible to help telephone and write. Let’s give Oldham all the publicity he can take. I suggested you give the url to the post I made above.


    You may be aware of the video that is currently doing the rounds on the TV, radio and Internet regarding a couple of so called Liverpool fans discussing Michael Owen’s future with Freddy Shepherd. So far every reference to this video (on BBC News 24, ICNewcastle,, BBC 5 Live and BBC Radio 1) have described the 2 people in the video questioning Shepherd as Liverpool fans. In fact they are far from it, they are Duncan Oldham(32) and his step-brother Steve Macneish (17) Duncan Oldham is a notorious con man who has been using the internet to rip people off since around 1997. Around this time he would sell fake Sky cards, most of the time not delivering the product (Illegal as it is). After this he moved onto conning Liverpool fans. He pretended to have contacts at Liverpool Football Club, including the players, chairman, chief exec, down to the gateman at Melwood, which have been denied by Ian Cotten, Liverpool FCs Press Officer and chief exec Rick Parry, who have gone as far as sending numerous cease and desist orders to Duncan Oldham. He would use this illusion (and infact continues to this to day) to charge unsuspecting fans upto £30 for “inside information” on the latest transfers etc. I was one of many thousand people to fall for his various cons. Other internet crimes on his resume include the selling of fake signed shirts and balls, stealing an estimate £20 000 from a charity set up in order to assist his ill cousin. Duncan Oldham also has outstanding CCJ’s against his name.

    There are too many incidents to go into details about in this email but for over a year now a blog has been reporting on Duncan Oldham and his crooked Koptalk operation in an attempt to stop his illegal operations which are conning innocent Liverpool fans out of thousands of pounds each week. The URL for the blog is or or

    If you are reporting on this internet prank video please do not be under the illusion that Duncan Oldham is a Liverpool fan, or that Koptalk is a Liverpool website. Duncan Oldham is a career con man and Koptalk is merely a means to an end for Oldham, the end being conning unsuspecting and trusting Liverpool fans out of their money.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this and if you wish to reply feel free.

  8. knickerkopperglory Says:

    contacted all of the above newspeople. awaiting replies

  9. Says:

    @knickerkopperglory: Well done mate. If we make enough noise we will be heard.

  10. knickerkopperglory Says:

    hope so….about time this leech is squashed

  11. Stig Says:

    Looks like there’s a main article now:

  12. Yorkie Says:

    Letting them know the truth…

  13. MrH Says:

    Its slightly off topic this, but i’ll continue.

    After reading one of Oldhams editorials on his site, he claims that he used to be a Shareholder at Liverpool, and that is how he is getting his ticket for Athens. Was Oldham really a shareholder? Will Oldham be in Athens?

    The latter i doubt, but any idea of this Shareholder thing?

  14. barry wom Says:

    i think he did optain a share when the price collapsed just months before the DIC arrangement.

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    He claimed to have bought X share(s) last summer and it was approved around September. He posted an image with details blocked. He said it would give him inside access to BoD meetings and also sorts of other codswallop.

    I informed the club about his breach of the security of the new format of share certificates.

    However we don’t know it was his. He stopped talking about it as soon as we reported it to the club. He never even boasted about the profit he made on it when the new owners bought the club – and that’s not like him, is it? My reading was that even if he had one he had already sold it to raise 3,300 in cash when his site started to go down the tube last Autumn.

    I read the other day that former shareholders and season tickets holders have to take part in a ballot before they can get a ticket for the Milano v LFC game.

  16. lfc_michael Says:

    Shareholders who sold to Gillett and Hicks have lifetime priority for cup tickets. They weren’t in the ballot. He wouldn’t have that priority if he sold before the takeover.

    ST holders in the ballot were those with only 6 games recorded.

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