The Koptalk liar replies to the blog's letter – NOT!

by Rupert Insider


Duncan Oldham read the blog letter yesterday. He was fearless in his response. He published it.

Well he said he did. But he didn’t.

Instead he spoon-fed his members a false description of it. That’s how much contempt he has for their intelligence.

And even that boosted his paranoia count. So he “moved” the entire thread. If you see it in your street let me know. Thanks to Stannard Insider I’ve got some of it. HERE

(Postcript: Since I posted the above, Insider has posted other information about at least two other letters to which Oldham may have been referring – so not my blog letter. See my reference to the other letters in the Comments below).

I’ll leave you to pick through his paranoid ramblings about emails that have been reported to the police.

He ordered his henchboy to sweep the KT HQ every morning for blog emails. But Steve can’t figure out how to use a brush and when he tried the vacuum he put it on blow instead of suck. Now the invading emails are hovering near the ceiling in a very threatening manner.

In another thread about – guess what? – yes Koptalk, he claimed he had never bought the S*n. HERE

(Is the use of the word “bought” another example of his use of weasel words? When he admitted he took the S*n he tried to imply he got it free by bribing the paper-boy).

The blog has demonstrated how he lied about his dealings with the S*n He was a regular scab of the boycott. He used the S*n as a news source while, at the same time, trying to hide what he was doing.

This gave him a commercial advantage over all other LFC sites that honored the boycott – because he would have exclusive on S*n generated stories – most of which were rubbish, anyway. He made sensational headlines from them and claimed they came from Koptalk’s exclusive insider sources. Then he fed the stolen stuff to News Now, which does not list the S*n. The Koptalk-S*n headlines earned Oldham’s business tens of thousands of revenue-generating hits and dominance of the LFC section of News Now.

Many people believed his lie that the S*n pieces came from “insiders” at Anfield and they paid him money for more of the same.

There are many examples of how the blog exposed the Koptalk S*n con. Start HERE

His specific claim yesterday that he never read the S*n is contradicted by his own claim that he took two copies at his home every day. You can see it HERE.

He used to make these boasts when he felt invincible – stuffed with cash from memberships, the sale of fake memorabilia and the donations to the Lauren charity that never got further than his pocket. In his arrogance he would use his site to undermine the boycott of the S*n and tell anyone who did not like his policy to “fuck off”.

But he’s groveling now. Recently, when he saw the effect of the Kop demonstration against Kelvin Mackenzie, the ex-editor of the S*n – he conveniently got religion and began to use the Kop images on his site. Its just another cynical move from the petty con man who hasn’t an LFC bone in his body.

His most recent involvement with the S*n , a few months ago, is when he carried their advertisements.

The guy who boasts about being a 24 x 7 watchman on his own site, who will delete a critical post within minutes of it appearing in order to show the suckers “whose boss”, claims he never saw the S*n banner headlines.

He never saw them for two weeks until the blog started to go on about them. Even then it took him several days to remove them.

And just to show who was boss he put them back on again a few days later. It was only when the insult was picked up by many other LFC sites, that he climbed down with a mealy-mouthed lie that he could not control which adverts appeared on his site and – what he considered the clincher – that he hadn’t earned much cash from them anyway despite his best efforts to do just that.

Click on the image below to see how big the S*n banner headlines were and then consider how big his lie was that he and his dumb half brother and gormless cousin couldn’t see them.


Two more members of Koptalk wrote to us yesterday to thank the blog and tell us they will quit Koptalk – and to donate their passwords to our contributors. Much appreciated!

(Thanks to Outside Insider for the photo-shop image and to Stannard Insider for the two links to Koptalk).



6 Responses to “The Koptalk liar replies to the blog's letter – NOT!”

  1. Tubby Says:

    Koptalk Konman Kaught out yet again. That fat Kunt DunKan oldHAM is still around, Konning his fat way around having to work for a living. The irony is if he actually spent as much time and effort in a responsible, respectful job he would be very Komfortable.

    You are a worm in the digestive tract of LFC DunK, and as with all ring worms, they may take a bit of time to get out, but you will be out.

  2. Elli Says:

    You just left a trailing ) which wouldn’t have opened properly. Did everyone a small favour by reposting it here.

    Edit: Thanks Elli. I’ve fixed it. I also combined your two comments. I deleted mine to make room for the one about the letter which follows this comment.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    In my post I said he was referring to the blog letter – meaning the one I publicized yesterday.

    But the actual letter Oldham was referring to was missing from the copy of the KT thread that I received from Stannard and when I went to KT to double check, the thread had been moved and was nowhere to be found.

    Judging by the post by Insider, which follows this, Koptalk: meet us if you can find us Oldham was referring to another letter of which I have no knowledge – the letter from Richard and/or “A”.

    That’s my first sight of those letters and I don’t know who wrote them. But the letter from A is a brilliant piece of work and very, very funny. I just regret that the author could not keep the slippery fish on the hook a bit longer. If the letter from Richard was subtle wind-up – well done.

    The A letter does plant the seed of an idea – how about a series of people showing up at his house for the access he offers from now until he bolts abroad? He loves appearing on video so why not record him in his office, at the pie shop or the pub? Of course it would be completely non threatening and no more than a response to his public invitation to visit.

  4. Jeff Says:

    I can’t wait to here of Oldham’s death

  5. Come Insider Says:

    @ Jeff – that’s harsh mate but…..

    his day will come and I predict that trading standards will get him in the end

  6. lfc_michael Says:

    I’m surprised no-one’s commented yet on the irony of Dunk’s Fowler avatar!

    Where to start with that thread? I think we all know why he’s urging people not to display e-mail addresses and/or use the same user names on other sites; he can disable those features on KT, but not elsewhere.

    Typical misrepresentation and scare tactics in trying to discourage people from clicking the link to the blog — wh n let people read this for themselves if it’s all false?

    And then a blatant lie about trying to obtain personal details. I can think of someone else it might be better not to entrust those to…

    Just a small point about ‘The Sun’. The Orwellian theme seems apt here, since not only does he monitor the site like Big Brother, but he seems to adhere to that line in ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ about how he who controls the past controls the present. Fortunately, ‘the past’ is preserved here on the blog, even if it is being constantly revised on KT.

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