Koptalk: Meet us if you can find us

I had a couple of visits to Koptalk yesterday, and there was so much to laugh at.

Far too much for one post on here.

So I’m going to concentrate on one aspect.

Has Dunk started a new policy on openness? I doubt it. But he has decided to print an email from someone trying to get tickets off him. He’s even included the name of the emailer – I wonder if he asked for permission? We aren’t talking about him using someone’s net nickname, we’re talking about him using a real name. Dunk revealed the name of this person and if it isn’t a wind-up (as Dunk assumes) then he’s committed a serious breach of confidence. Hardly the act of an organisation you can trusted.

09/05/07 12:47 PM

Pulling my chain again – lol

These are the sort of emails we get every day. They originate from a small group of former (banned) members who are obsessed with KopTalk, myself and Steve. To you it will look like a genuine enquiry… I may be fat but I aint stupid. (Actually you’re both Duncan – morbidly obese and one of these days you’ll probably do something morbidly stupid. You’ll end up in the Darwin awards. And notice how he contradicts his own claims that nobody gets banned from Koptalk? Not stupid?)

This is a nice email. Usually we get nasty emails or emails saying they’re going to do this and do that etc. I just thought I’d share this one with you. (I’ve seen emails from Dunk, sent to others, with threats to rip my face off. Whether Dunk does get emails from people angry that he’s stolen their money and tried to mess up his club is debatable, but not to be unexpected. But Dunk and his sheep Steve are quite capable of sending out nasty and threatening emails – and also capable of ringing people up at work to threaten them).

Some of you frequent the same sites as some of our former members and have asked for their usernames to be changed here for a quiet life. If that applies to you we can change your username and create you a new account and nobody will know who you are other than ourselves. (Mr X did that. Most people know who he “was” on Koptalk, who he “is” on other sites. Most sane people who’ve learned about Dunk, and realised why there are so few members left, don’t need to change usernames to stay on Koptalk. They walk away, leave a nice “suicide post”, donate their usernames to us or just ask for a partial refund. Some people enjoy the like-minded company they get from the madness that is Dunk, others perhaps just can’t shake off that “cult” thing.)

It’s really sad, I guess it’s jealousy or the fact that they couldn’t have their own way within our community. (He likes to use the word “community” because it portrays his site as a nice happy place to be. But you can’t communicate with your fellow members except within the strict rules of his archaic “AUP” (Acceptable Use Policy). You can’t send a Personal Message, the only forum I know of where this isn’t allowed. You can’t choose to show an email address in your profile for others to use to get in touch with you. You can’t even look at each other’s profiles! You can’t search posts older than ONE DAY! Community? It’s probably got less freedoms than prison, and Dunk certainly treats his members worse than you would treat schoolchildren.)

Remember, never give out your personal details on any forums including your email address and do not use the same login details here as you do elsewhere.(Someone did leave their email address on the forum earlier this week and I dropped them a line. I know they got the email, I hope they’ve taken time to read the blog with an open mind so they could decide what to do about their membership.)

For the record KopTalk has no issues with other LFC websites, it’s just the people who want to class themselves as rivals or people who have been kicked out of here that tend to have issues. It’s very petty stuff but there is a serious side to it. It’s a shame as we’re all Reds at the end of the day.(Dunk doesn’t have issues with other websites? Check out the “cybersquatting” part of this site and see the long list of Liverpool FC websites Dunk has stolen domains from. And on each of these he put up a holding page saying “You’ve been pied”. Why? Because those sites have numerous members who’ve been past victims of Koptalk, and those sites felt it was right to support this blog. All those other sites get on fine with each other, there’s even a mailing list so that major communications between sites can be sent around, such as the forthcoming HJC Cup. Dunk’s not on that mailing list. Dunk even told a site owner some time ago that there’s “only room for one LFC website”. Not got issues? He hates these other sites, that all bring their own qualities to the web, that all do their own thing without ripping off their fellow fan. And I’ll say this again – I’ve not been kicked out of here, and I don’t think many of the other site’s owners have either.)

If you ever receive an email claiming to be from us, check with us first by going to http://www.koptalk.info – never click on links in any spoof emails as they could contain malicious code to obtain passwords or even download viruses or spyware to your computers. Maybe not but it’s better to be safe than sorry. (Whatever you don’t click any links that Dunk supplies on Koptalk. Two weeks ago he was telling his members to click on a link that would have installed Spyware for them. And some members reckoned it would have earned money for Dunk too. Spyware can lead to identity fraud, which is something that has been mentioned in the same sentence as “Dunk” more than once before now. Dunk also signed into his forums pretending to be a member who’d left, not that long ago. He had a form as part of his sign-up process that used to ask you for your passwords. When he offered the “free” email addresses to members in the past, he didn’t tell his members that he got full access to look at their emails as part of the deal. Perhaps that’s why “RichT” sticks around – maybe Dunk’s been reading his mail and knows how to make sure Rich keeps quiet!)

If you receive unsolicited emails from anyone asking you about your membership here or trying to obtain your personal information, simply report this to the police. Several of our members have done this. It’s all about common sense at the end of the day when you use the internet.(I’d be interested in hearing about this too Dunk. Anyone reading this who has been asked for personal information, presumably by email, could you forward the full email to me? Including the full headers? That way we can see who really sent it. We’ve a list of some of Dunk’s IP addresses and so we’d soon be able to work out if it was actually just him sending it. Dunk’s a bit thick you see.)

KopTalk cannot get hold of tickets for any games. Anyone who claims such is telling porkies, but the people behind the emails below already know this.(So how come you sold last season’s FA Cup final tickets to the Irish member for £1600? Don’t deny it. And semi-final tickets. And who knows what other tickets? And if you “cannot get hold of tickets for any games” how the hell do you “give away” tickets? We know you’ve got two season tickets that you don’t use yourself – and we know you’d not give those away. We even know that one of them is in the name of your estranged wife. And which seats they are. And we know that you get tickets for cup games, because you send Steve with the “winner”. Either that’s because the “winner” is one of your many family members (“staff”) or because you’re worried that the winner would report the ticket numbers to the club. Because you’ve not got permission to give those tickets away. If you were legit then you’d have no problems asking the club to give you permission to give away tickets. I really don’t think they’d mind any other LFC site doing it. But they know about you, and you know you can’t speak to them. So – you can get hold of tickets, you have sold them at inflated prices, and well – who’s telling porkies, Porky?).

You will see various tickets offered on this site by us during the season but as you know, such tickets are always given away for free. If we’re given a spare we’ll happily make someone’s dream come true and take them with us. When this happens we try and look after them as they are after all our guest. If a member is selling tickets because they can’t go to a match we try to help them by buying tickets from them that they have advertised. We then give those tickets away on the site to you guys. This means the seller also sees this take place. Again, we help the seller and we also help you guys by offering you the chance to go to Anfield or wherever.(Those tickets started to be given away for free as soon as we started watching you. Prior to that you sold all the tickets. “For Lauren”. Who never got the money. And none of those tickets went to anyone you’d not vetted first. You even pulled one comp when you got an email telling you we knew who’d won! All of a sudden there was a “problem” with the tickets.)

There has been a campaign run against myself since last summer. (SPRING!) Previously there’s always been a couple of people mouthing off because when you run busy forums for nearly ten years and you ban the odd person here and there, you don’t make friends fast.(You did it again – you said you ban people. But you always say you don’t! Stupid.)

But from the summer of 2006 there’s been a real campaign against me both online and offline. We know these people have access here but as they’re paying members we think that’s quite funny so we don’t mind.(It’s probably the best use of anyone’s paid memberships since you start offering them. We’ve got access through ids donated to us by others, all of which won’t be getting renewed.) It won’t take long for this post for example to appear elsewhere. Again, that doesn’t bother me because I appreciate the extra publicity that they provide us with. They can continue with the hoax emails and the nasty emails but I aint going anywhere.(You say you love this extra publicity, but, well, I don’t think you do. More later.)

As long as we have supportive members here, that’s all that matters. Thousands renew every year because they love what we do. Some don’t because maybe we don’t satisfy their needs or they feel better elsewhere – that’s not a problem.(Thousands? Not any more. But if that’s what you want to claim then don’t forget to declare the thirty grand for every thousand members. You did declare it didn’t you? )

If you’re a member that feels the site isn’t their cup of tea you can email me anytime at dunk2007@koptalk.com and I’ll listen to your suggestions and I’ll try and put right what you think may be wrong. Thankfully 99.9% of every email I receive is always very, very positive.(Dunk’s fave “99.9%” figure again. What he’s saying is that one in every thousand emails he gets is not “very, very positive”. And he gets some of these every day. So he’s trying to have us believe he gets one thousand positive emails every single day. How would he know what their content was? If he gets a thousand (non spam) emails a day he’s not got time to read them. Silly Dunk.)

Anyway, read on… would you waste your time trying this kind of stuff on every day? It may look genuine to you but I can assure you 100% it isn’t
(If you are someone “trying this kind of stuff on every day” can you let me know? I don’t actually believe anybody is, but you never know.)


It looks like I was given the wrong email address. I was told support@koptalk.com but now I’ve been told athens@koptalk.com. My mate said I should also try steve2007@koptalk.com so I’ve added that.

Please read my email below.

I’m ok for hotel now by the looks of it, but I do need flights. I’ve got to have four now, my brother-in-law is definitley coming now.

Do you need my card details?

Also, if you can get me any match tickets please let me know. I can probably use a tout or whatever when we get there but I’d rather have the peice of mind that I’ve already got some in my pocket before we set off.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Richard Hughes-Milton
Date: 08-May-2007 16:29
Subject: FAO Duncan – Athens 07
To: support@koptalk.com


A friend of mine is a member of your site, he did tell me his login name but I’ve forgotten what he said now! I was told to ask for Duncan.

I’m after tickets and travel for Athens, and I’m willing to pay the going rate for it. He said you were offering travel and that you sometimes get hold of tickets for games as well.

I’m afraid that in a little bit of a drunken state after the semi I told my wife and son that we’d go to the game. I promised! My son (12) even made me sign a bit of paper! We’re based in Ireland and although I do get to odd games I’m not high up enough on that season ticket list. And I had to work in the states for the biggest part of the season so I never got a chance to start a fan card going for this time round. We watched the semi at home and I had a few too many.

I feel a bit guilty about promising the lad we’d go, so against my better judgement I’m going to pull out all the stops to make sure we do go. I’ll just have to tell the wife about it with a bit of a different price!

How much of the trip can you help me with? My secretary is ringing around agencies in London but I’d rather book through a red to be honest. I don’t mind you making a profit, but I’d rather it be a red than some cockney wide boy. The other trouble is my secretary is my wife’s best mate so she’ll find out how much it’s really costing. We can afford it, but I’ve just told her we can’t afford a cruise she wanted to go on. You know how it is.

I need 3 match tickets (preferably together, but if you can get me two pairs I think I could persuade the brother in law to sit with the wife and I’ll sit with the lad).
I need 3 flight tickets (or 4 if I’ve got 2 pairs of tickets)
I need a hotel room suitable for three, or two rooms if I’ve got 4 match tickets (the lad can kip with the brother in law, unless I’ve overstepped the mark and I’ll have to kip in his room!)

I’ll sort out a flight to the UK, or a ferry if it comes to it. I can get to any UK airport although I’d prefer Liverpool for the craic.

I’ve got to sneak this past the wife somehow, so if you can give me a receipt that suits what she wants to see that would be a big help!

Thanks for your help.


Richard Hughes-Milton
(So, if that’s a wind-up then Dunk’s in the clear. If it’s not then he’s made a serious breach of privacy by publishing the name. It probably is a wind-up, but how could Dunk know? And I wonder how many other members have “trusted” Dunk with personal info of some kind?) He continues…)

09/05/07 01:23 PM

Re: Pulling my chain again – lol

Originally Posted By: choicer
You must help him Dunk ! You must..how can he let his little 12 year old down..

lol… the thing is he wants us to say “yeh we can sell you some match tickets” so that it satisifies their bizarre claims that we sell them.

I’m so glad I edit KopTalk.. I wouldn’t change it for the world (Bizarre! I suppose you think your members have forgotten about the tickets from last summer then? The FA Cup tickets? Remember? £1600? You’re trying to pretend that never happened though aren’t you? Especially because you don’t want Lauren to find out.)

So is Dunk happy with his new-found open policy? I hope so. Because we’ve also got some other emails that were sent to him. And his replies… I don’t think there’s a great need for me to comment, other than to say – have you seen anyone backtrack so fast? (I’ve removed the details of the original emailer for this exchange.)

from a*** b**** (email address removed) hide details May 6 (4 days ago)
to dunk2007@koptalk.com, steve2007@koptalk.com, steve.macneish@gmail.com, support@koptalk.com
date May 6, 2007 4:48 PM
subject Serious errors


Your madness will be the end of you one day.

In your clamour to get some more attention like an ignored toddler you decided to pretend you could do a great money-saving service for Reds by offering them tickets to Athens.


First of all they aren’t the cheapest.

Second of all you break your own claims of never asking for credit card details.

Thirdly you break the rules on advertising for flights – the industry is heavily regulated after various scams over the years from both ill-thought-out but honest schemes as well as dodgy scam merchants.

Do you know the penalties for advertising flights without giving the details of the ATOL registration of the operator? And the ABTA registration you personally have to have in order to advertise? And have you got proof of the indemnity insurance you’ve taken out?

Did you know how the rules worked before you made these ads part of your site? Did you know about international laws? About seizure of passports from those contravening the rules? Want to go and live abroad? You’ll have no passport to escape with soon.

Ah well, you know best don’t you.

And ATOL, ABTA, and Consumer Direct know about you now. Just wait until their “big cheeses” get into work again on Tuesday.

Time to run again?


From: “Editor – [KOPTALK.COM]”
May 6 (4 days ago)

Hi a****

Thanks for your email and your concerns. We have passed your comments onto the operator.

If you know of any cheaper flights direct to Athens on the same days etc please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll see that this information is made available to as many people as possible.

Thanks again for taking the time to email us.





to steve, Editor, steve.macneish, support
May 7 (3 days ago)
I’ve already made sure that as many people as possible know to avoid using your service, or at the very least that they insist on dealing directly with the operator. The biggest worry is that you will be asking for people’s personal information, including credit card details, yet you aren’t registered under the DPA. You’ve no legal right to request credit card details. You’ve no legal right to advertise this “offer” without revealing the details of the operator. And if (emphasis on “if”) they are registered appropriately they stand to face huge penalties for allowing you to make this offer without revealing full details of who they are, including registration numbers and registered addresses.

I don’t believe for one minute that you’ve passed my concerns on to the operator. You wouldn’t dare.

My concerns have been passed onto ABTA, ATOL and Consumer Direct though. Don’t be surprised to find there is a press release being issued from one or all of thse this week, carrying warnings about using the ” Koptalk.com” service for flights.

More people read the Koptalk Insider blog than read your site I expect. So I suppose most uk-based Reds already know about your past and the risk they would take in passing their card details to you. But add this press release to it and what’s left of your chances of another scam have gone.

Im also asking for a list of your many threats of violence towards others. You’ve uttered numerous threats, especially in the last year or so, and I really don’t think the authorities in Greece would welcome you or Steve. My contact in Greece wanted the list of threats you’ve made, plus any photographs. I’ve also mentioned the problems concerning the tens of thousands of pounds you collected for your cousin, the failure to refund money, the hints that you are looking to move abroad. I would imagine that yourself and Steve would at best get to spend a few days inside the airport at Athens. At worst? Well I don’t know, it’s up to the authorities over there. My contact is also offering to send the information to other immigration and customs official at various other European countries, plus a few other countries in their little “intelligence circle”. Either way you’ll have a tough time trying to sell any more of those pathetic footies you sold to gullible or trusting fans last year.

I think today would be a good day to forward your threats of violence to Merseyside Police too. After all, they’ll be adding intelligence for the operation to keep things all good and friendly for the trip to Greece. The last thing we want to see is fans of other clubs with violent tendencies trying to tag along.

I know that none of this will stop you. You’ve no shame, no concern for others, you’re one of the most selfish people outside of politics that I’ve ever come across. You took all that money for Lauren and there’s no sign it ever got to her. Now her friends are concerned because she seems to be going a little crazy with the substances she doesn’t get off the doctor. Would she be in such a bad way if you’d coughed up that cash?

The paedo jokes are sickening. Absolutely sickening. I really don’t know how long it will take for your daughter (or her friends) to work you out. How anyone could make stories up about their own kids the way you do I really don’t know. I’m just hoping desperately that your fantasies have stayed as fantasies. I still think it’s time the local authorities knew about you. Especially the parents of your daughter’s friends. I wouldn’t want you anywhere near any kids.

Although most of what you do is quite serious, there are some really funny parts when you make one blunder or another. Or when someone pulls you up on something and you wrap yourself up in knots trying to lie your way out of it. The funniest part of it all is that you could have avoided it all if only you’d admitted to some of the more minor stuff being said about you initially.

The saddest part is that Steve’s chances in life are taking more and more of a nose-dive every day he spends with you. You chose your life of deceit, but Steve’s having that forced upon him by his bullying big-brother. The least you could do is spare him – let him make up his own mind. Let him see ALL the emails you get, let him see ALL the money you get from your scams, let him see how much money you really collected for your cousin. You won’t let him though – you’ll just fob him off and hope he is naive enough to believe you. You’ll try and call his bluff – maybe one day he’ll call yours.

Liverpool fans boycott the S*n. Liverpool fans look after each other, not “number one”. You care about nobody but yourself. You risk the safety of your own children by putting their pictures on the net in an environment where you claim they are being threatened and attacked – are you an irresponsible selfish parent or are you a liar – or both? Your wife left you a long time ago I hope she finds out the rest of the truth about you, I hope she does whatever she can to protect her children from you, or is she as bad as you?

I don’t expect a reply. You’ve not got the guts.



a*** b**** (email address removed)
May 7 (3 days ago)
to steve2007@koptalk.com
date May 7, 2007 11:20 AM
subject Fwd: Serious errors

Forwarded to steve2007@koptalk.com in place of steve@koptalk.com

I thought you were the editor now anyway Steve? Why did you get demoted again? Dunk not happy with losing that last bit of control over you? How old are you? Isn’t it time you started to be your own man now? You’ll be wiping Dunk a**e for him within another two years at the rate he’s going – he won’t be able to reach it. Is that what you really want? Your mates will be so jealous.

I bet you don’t reply. Dunk won’t let you. He’ll make up some excuse, but he won’t let you because he doesn’t want you to talk to anyone who might just tell you some home truths about him. If you’re happy with all his reasons for what he does, why can’t you talk to people yourself?

How many times have you seen him lie to others? How many times do you think he’s lied to you? Is your mum as bad as him or does she just do what he makes her do? Is your dad proud to be part of something like Dunk’s little empire?

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the whole family really are all lowlife scum. But I’ve a feeling you aren’t, you’ve still time to get out and see the real world. But you’ll have to be quick before more of your life runs away from you. And before Dunk has you signing your name on something again in case you get caught. Your age might reduce your sentence, but it won’t reduce the fact that you’ve had a conviction. Don’t believe what you’ve been told about offences when a minor.

With genuine concern, and regards,



from Steve
May 7 (3 days ago)
to a*** b****@*******.com
date May 7, 2007 12:14 PM
subject Fowarded email

Hi a****

Duncan has asked me to send this on to you.

All the best.



Thanks for your email.

I don’t know what fairytale you’re living but I’m absolutely trembling

You do whatever you think is necessary if you believe the things you and
your friends are saying. All these allegations and threats nearly a year
on and yet we’re still here plodding on, new members signing up every
day and supporting the site. Thousands of members renewing each year, it
must hurt you. I think you need to step your campaign up a little more
for us because since all the negativity started we’ve actually seen an
increase in new memberships. People are convinced that we’re behind
blogs and other sites purely as some kind of marketing ploy – sadly I’m
not that clever, well I probably am but I don’t have as much free time
as yourself.

I know that you really believe the things you’re saying and that you
think I’m this bad person. In one way I worry for you because I
genuinely think so much bitterness is unhealthy. But in another way I
laugh at you because maybe you are all there in the head and this is
just an obsession.

I appreciate you don’t like me, my website and so on but even so I don’t
wish any harm on you. I haven’t got time to play games and exchange
email after email because I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t.
If you really do believe the allegations etc just report them. It’s
easier that way.

Why don’t you come and visit me yourself? You’re more than welcome. I’ll
get you a beer or a cuppa. It doesn’t have to be dramatic. I’ll
willingly welcome you into my home and chat about the silly things you
claim. I can take you to visit Lauren and her family if you like, you
can meet my wife, my kids, Steve and anyone else that you feel I have
under lock and key.

I’m not going to enter into further discussions via email because people
such as yourself are making me into an internet celebrity. I can’t
believe I’m even giving you the time of day but you know what, it’s Bank
Holiday Monday so it’s not so busy just now and you’ve caught me in a
good mood.

Now I have to crack on a****. You’re wasting your time emailing me/us
again unless you want to meet me face to face. Then I can ‘try’ and show
you how mistaken you’ve been.

All emails are vetted before they hit my email inbox so I will instruct
them not to forward any emails to my private account unless you plan to
drop by. With regards availability, I’m free most dates in June, the
earlier the better.

Take it easy


PS: I have asked Steve to send this email to you. If he chooses to reply
to you himself that’s up to him. Believe it or not he has a mind of his own.


a*** b**** (email address removed)
May 7 (3 days ago)
to Steve
cc dunk2007@koptalk.com
date May 7, 2007 2:37 PM
subject Re: Fowarded email

Hi Steve, and Dunk.

Thank you for the reply.

Perhaps a meeting is a good idea. If you genuinely are a victim in all of this, and if all of these claims against you are untrue, then what better way to put your side across.

I think it’s going to take a lot of your time to do this, but better to do it properly than not do it all I think.

Before I go on, I do genuinely believe a lot of what I’ve read about you. I’m going on what I’ve seen you write, what I’ve heard you say, what I’ve seen on your video podcasts. You do contradict yourself, you do it a lot. Then you delete threads and people don’t know if they did see a contradiction, or if it was just them getting mixed up.

It’s a great technique, deliberate or otherwise.

People are trusting, and people have trusted you. I’m sure if you asked for their credit card details and pin number they’d have given it to you.

But then you got asked some reasonable questions and instead of just doing the easy thing you told lies. I saw with my own eyes how you said one thing one day and another thing the day after.

You seem pretty certain that if I met you I’d be able to see with my own eyes that you were right and the blog was wrong. Well that’s an invitation I can’t turn down.

I’ve got thousands of questions. If you’ve nothing to hide you’ll have no problem answering them. I can be a bit like a Jeremy Paxman though, or a James Whale, but I’m sure you’ll be happy to answer them.

In fact I think it would be good if I could bring a couple of associates / acquaintances with me. And better still, we could do a video podcast ourselves. Obviously I’d respect the privacy of your family – it would be good to meet your wife, but if she’s no longer willing to be in the Koptalk limelight (she used to appear a lot, then nothing for two years) then she doesn’t have to be on film. But we could interview you – what better way is there for you to put the story straight?

There’s even a chance I could get the video broadcast on TV, I’ve got contacts who work in the media and they like this kind of thing on some of the quieter channels. I could turn it into a 30-minute documentary without too much difficulty. In fact I’ll contact the blog and ask them if they’d like to take part. I don’t think they’d want to meet you though – not after all your talk of breaking legs and hiring hitmen and ripping off faces and so on.

How would you feel about me getting the blog and its readers to suggest questions that we can ask you on screen?

Regarding Lauren, I don’t want her to go through too much trauma, but perhaps I could speak to her briefly off-camera, then speak on camera to her parents. I can get dates of when money was donated, particularly the bigger amounts, and they can confirm they got it. Without being funny about it, the Forsyths would be so glad of the money you collected they’d be only too glad to prove they did get it all, and perhaps show some proof of both getting it and what it went on. I know those of us who donated will be delighted to know it didn’t pay for your latest gadget or whatever.

Other things you could do is show me the receipts (well, your copies) from that Alder Hey appeal. You can show me details of how you obtained those signed footballs – most of the time when getting things signed the autograph hunter takes a photo, so you must have those. You’ve been around long enough to know that’s what gets done.

I’m not sure I want to see them as such, but those threatening emails you said you got – you could show us those and we can confirm where they came from and when etc.

Some of the claims you make sound, to be frank, quite far fetched. Claims of property all over the show, and of being friends with players and staff of Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield Wednesday etc. It’s not hard for you to prove all these things if true – we can look at the proof but don’t have to show it on film if you’ve some reason why we shouldn’t.

I’m pretty much free myself in June, any day on the first week would be ideal, let’s get this over and done with. But I thought you were going abroad for the summer? Where would we be meeting you?

I actually think it would be good to see you at both the Wallsend side of things (Koptalk HQ and your house there) plus your Scarborough home, the one you live at over the weekends I think you said. Then if there’s anything we want to see, you can’t say “Oh it’s at the other house”. We can see it one way or another then.

They key thing here is that if you’ve nothing to hide you’ll have no reasonable objections to what we ask you to do, for what we ask to see. As I’ve said, if there are three of us and we can’t film a piece of evidence we can at least talk to camera to confirm we’ve seen it. If you’ve nothing to hide you could make the blog look very, very daft.

But if you are hiding anything, no matter how small, now’s the time to come clean. In fact if you’ve told a couple of white lies that got bigger and bigger now’s the time to own up, then we can report that on the film we make. Almost like a confessional side to the film to get it started, followed by us showing all the good stuff.

Try and get a date sorted and we’ll try and fit in with it. It would be good to be able to meet your wife, your mum, Steve, Katie, Gianna, Jordy, Emma etc. Make sure you can get them all there, because again it will help your credibility.

Anyway – Steve I’d love to have your views on all this, independently, ahead of the meeting to give me some background. Are you happy at Koptalk, do you see it as a stop-gap or a long-term thing?

I’m going to try and suspend judgement for now, but I really will take a lot of convinving. However I am open minded and am prepared to be amazed. If you’ve not been lying you’ll walk this and will make the blog look bad. Start lying though and it will be you that looks bad.

Let me know the date – and if it needs two days to fit both Wallsend and S’Bro in then let me know that too – we can almost certainly be there for both days.



from Steve hide details May 7 (3 days ago)
to a*** b****@*******.com
date May 7, 2007 4:17 PM
subject Another email

Hi A****

I have been asked to forward this on for you and I would just like to
add that I think you are a fucking prick.

All the best



Sorry A**** but I think you totally misunderstand, either that or you’re
just trying to be clever.

I’m not here to justify myself to anyone, neither is anyone in my
family, that’s not why I offered you some of my time. If you believe
something untoward has ever taken place I suggest you or your friends
report this to the authorities, I’ll answer to them, not some jealous or
bitter plebs on the internet.

You have a personal invitation to come and visit me. If you need someone
to hold your hand they’re welcome to wait outside. I’d love to ask you
how you can use the innocent lives of 96 Reds that died at Hillsborough
(these were real people A***** with real families) to try and earn
brownie points online. I’d also like to know how you can target a
disabled girl and my family. Nothing would give me greater satisfaction.

I’m not going to enter into any more email communication with you. Just
pop by before the 2^nd week of June or after August 31^st . Just call at
my house and I can be there within a few minutes as HQ is only a few
blocks away.

I’m a very busy person a**** with much more important things to do with
my time than play games with people such as yourself. I don’t need to
hide behind false names, false email accounts and false addresses. I’m
accountable and I’m here most of the time. Just call in.



a*** b**** (email address removed)
May 7 (3 days ago)
to Steve
cc dunk2007@koptalk.com
date May 7, 2007 6:39 PM
subject Re: Another email

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the kind reply. How mature and well-thought-out. You are being well trained.

I trust you’ll pass this on (in fact I expect your master is reading it over your shoulder – if indeed you’ve even seen it).


What’s the problem with other people coming with me? I don’t particularly understand why that would be a problem. We’re talking about a total of perhaps three people, including myself.

Why did you offer me your time if it’s not to justify yourself? Again I don’t understand. Can you explain that or is it another difficult question for you?

What’s this about me using the 96? Did I string along one of the Hillsborough groups for months on end about a computer I’d promised them? Remember? You promised them a computer. You promised it them online, making sure all your readers were well aware of it. Then you didn’t deliver it. In fact I think it was a threat from an annoyed member of that group to “out” you for not supplying the PC that finally made you cough up some kind of computer. How much money did you make out that piece of PR? And how about Michael Shields? “Pledging” money is all well and good – it’s about time you coughed up. How much did you make by carrying ads on the pages you created, the ones which took attention away from the pages his own family set up? You could defend your actions over these things on the video – if you’re being honest then you’ve no worries. Why do you buy the S*n by the way? You say you are a red yet you buy the paper that the families of those who died tell us we must never, ever touch. They’ve discussed options on lifting the boycott, but have turned it down flat. How hard is it to resist a few pairs of tits and poorly-written gossip? Could you happily go to one of those family members and tell them, “Hello, I buy the Sun, I read the Sun, I write stories using its contents”? Could you? I could happily go to that same family member and say, “Hello, I hate the Sun and fully support the boycott. I’ll do all I can to make sure every Liverpool supporter I know, meet or get in touch with also knows about the boycott.” I’ve yet to meet any true red, online or offline, who didn’t support the boycott. I’ve even met numerous fans of other clubs who’ve gone out of their way to tell me they also support the boycott. EVEN MANCS! One more whilst were talking about Brownie points. You ignored and even ridiculed the boycott for years, then when you lost all your members you decided to suddenly pretend to care. How? By putting a great big Koptalk logo on the front of coverage you stole from the BBC of the protest at the Arsenal game. I’d say that was looking for brownie points, hits and new members myself. USING THE 96.

And as for “targetting” a disabled girl and your family – how have I done that? I said that rather than upset her (Lauren), we could interview her mum or dad about the money you collected. I can get loads of dates of loads of donations, and it’s pretty easy for her dad or mum to cross-match those dates and amounts with money you handed over. Piece of piss. UNLESS YOU ARE HIDING SOMETHING! Funny isn’t it? That’s all I am asking – if you’ve nothing to hide then it’s no worry and the blog will look like dickheads. I think you are shitting yourself that her mum and dad might just find out the full truth about the amount that was collected, and that it will be thousands of pounds short of what you dished out. As for targetting your family, who did I target again? Are you paranoid or just using the wrong tried and trusted lines of diversion? You told me I could meet your wife. I mentioned that the blog has doubts about your mother and step-father, in that if you are as corrupt as the blog claims, and they know about it, then they are just as bad as you. The only way my comments could really be construed as an attack on your family is if you are admitting that you are a low-life. Think about it.

I’d prefer to arrange a meeting than just turn up so you can get mummy to pretend you are out. I’ve heard you do that a lot. And did you forget you’d said you’d be abroad for the summer too? Oops! But if you are now bottling out of that then that really does not come as a surprise. It really doesn’t.

I won’t come alone – that would be stupid given your threats to those behind the blog, and your threats to even your own members.

How about Sunday 3rd June and Monday 4th June? We’d love to meet your wife (if she still speaks to you) to hear how she puts up with the paedo jokes and so on, and to find out why she lets you put your kid’s faces all over the net despite your claims that your daughter has been threatened with rape and so on. I don’t know a single woman who’d allow her kids to be abused in that way. Not one.

I’m a bit confused over where we have to call in order to meet you. Your house or “HQ”? Which is it? And what’s the address?

You say you won’t reply any more by email – well the least you can do is let us know where we should meet.

I suggest you calm down and be less paranoid. This is the chance you’ve been waiting for to put the blog in its place. If you’ve nothing to hide you’ll have the blog looking daft in no time. No time at all.

Just let me know where and when. We’ll be there.



P.S. One thing quickly about false names and so on. You were pretending to be called “Barry” about 18 months ago when you ran that Newcastle site. Or was that the Spurs one? And you told your members last year that “Duncan Oldham” was actually a false name. So were you lying, or are you the one using false names?

“A” has said pretty much everything that needs to be said. Despite sending a few more emails he never got another reply. Dunk says he can meet him anytime over the summer, but won’t say where he lives? Why? What’s he frightened of? Nobody’s threatening him, but “A” offered to video him.

And that sounds like a good idea to me. And Dunk’s HQ is at 5 Swan Avenue, as you’ll find mentioned in many other places on this blog. He probably lives there too, with his mam and Steve. If you’ve got a video camera and a bit of free time this summer, go and do a video podcast and send it in…


6 Responses to “Koptalk: Meet us if you can find us”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    In my post I said he was referring to the blog letter – meaning the one I publicized the day before.

    But the actual letter he was referring to was missing from the copy of the KT thread that I received from Stannard and when I went to KT to double-check, the thread had been moved and was nowhere to be found.

    Judging by the above post by Insider, Koptalk: meet us if you can find us Oldham was referring to another letter of which I have no knowledge – the letter from Richard asking for tickets and/or the the letters from “A”.

    That’s my first sight of those letters. I don’t know who wrote them. The letter from A is a brilliant piece of work and very, very funny. I just regret that the author could not keep the slippery fish on the hook a bit longer. If the Richard letter was also a subtle wind-up then good on him, too.

    Could there be anything more surrealistically funny than Oldham trying to prove he does not control his bitch Steve than by dictating the letters Steve must send.

    Now that he seems to have come to terms with his physical appearance, he loves appearing on video so it would be good fun if a series of people took a cam to record him in his office or following the pie delivery service. Of course it would be completely non threatening and no more than a response to his invitation to visit.

  2. spsdjone Says:

    what has happened to kopfootball. coutl it be that hicks and gilette have caught up with the fat gimp and taken it offline?

  3. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    @spsdjone: Obviously someone’s turned the heat up.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Oldham refers to a campaign against him “online and offline”. Stripping that sentence of its martyrdom aspects, its essentially true. If he thinks we just sit here reading KT with false IDs and writing blog pieces then he would be very wrong.

    Our aim is to get rid of him from the LFC scene. We are working on that in a number of ways. I know he is picking up some signals and every now and then he squeals.

    But he ‘aint see nuthin yet.

  5. Carras_boot Says:

    Id love nothing more for that fat cunt to try and threaten me. I know his address, and i know what his idiot step-brother looks like. What i wanna know is this ; Why the fuck has no one got the balls to take him on when he threatens you? We are fucking scousers not pansy arsed geordie/yorkshirman sheep shaggers(no offence to descent Geordies or yorkshireman, just that fat peado and his toe headed brother). He’s a fuckin wool and thats why he wont EVER come to anfield.
    I really hope that fat peice of shit reads this and “Trys” – becasue that is all it will be – to threaten me. Let him threaten to rip my face off, see how far he gets with that one. What a fat knob head.

  6. sospanred Says:

    “A” is a genius, that’s the most clinical (and funny) lancing of the Koptalk boil I think I’ve read. Bravo.

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