A letter about Koptalk from the blog

by Rupert Insider


One of our back-room contributors, Koptalk Outsider, does great work deducing the email addresses of Koptalk members and supplying them to me. I send a letter something like the one below. Sometimes I send the shorter version but usually the longer version. It works.

Many of the recipients write to thank me for the information and tell me that as a result of the letter they have terminated their membership in Koptalk, or intend to do when their membership expires. In the meantime some of them send me information about Koptalk.

Obviously, the more we contact the more will leave Koptalk before the automatic renewal on their PayPal account puts another 26 or 30 in Oldham’s pocket. And May, June and July is the time of the year when most renewals are coming due.

I invite blog readers to send me any email addresses they have for Koptalk users.

Alternatively, please feel free to use the letter as a template and send your own. You could send a much shorter version of it, if you wish, or pick and choose which paragraphs of it to use and add your own.

You might also contact Koptalk members through X-Box or through other forums.

If you wanted a very brief format, just send a letter with the url to this page so they can read the full letter here or with the url to Blog v Koptalk in the tool bar.


Hi Fellow Red (insert name)

I’m told you are a member of Koptalk where you will have paid up to 30 for a year’s membership. Its not too late to get a partial refund.

There are about 33 unofficial LFC sites based in Britain and another 35 abroad. All the UK sites are free. Only Koptalk charges.

About half are larger than Koptalk. Unlike Koptalk some of them are based on Merseyside and all have lads who go to matches at Anfield and follow the team when they play away from home.

All of them condemn the owner of Koptalk as someone who lies for money about our club’s players, managers and owners.

You can get a full list of LFC sites on our blog – which is also free. We are not a rival site to Koptalk. In fact we are not a traditional football site at all. We exist only to warn fellow reds about Koptalk. We take in no revenues of any kind. We are all volunteers.

I’d like to invite you to pay us a visit. https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/

(Longer Version)

Duncan Oldham forbids all mention of the blog on his site – in fact that’s why he disabled the Private Message and email and profiles on KT last year . And that’s why I have to write to you like this. So please read the blog with an open mind.

Oldham has defrauded thousands of people with his claims that his site is somehow “official” and that he has “inside” information from Anfield, and by his fake charities, fake competitions and his selling fake LFC memorabilia and by other false claims.

Many of those ripped off by Koptalk ask “why does the club allow him to continue”? The club has already denied his main claims and ordered him to cease and desist on certain issues.

The second question they ask is “why didn’t other LFC supporters warn me”. Well, that’s what we do at the blog – warn our fellow LFC supporters. We started about a year ago.

Koptalk has lost about 80% of its membership in less than 9 months. You might want to read our most recent posts about Oldham’s lies about his dealings with George Gillett – one of the new owners. George told us that he reads the blog and considers it truthful. We got a similar response from Tom Hick’s office.

On the blog you can find out exactly how Oldham works his double-dipping technique by placing an automatic renewal on your PayPal account.

Many members of Koptalk are in touch with us privately – they don’t intend to renew their KT membership but while it lasts they want to help us with information.

On the blog we have documented Oldham’s criminal career under the alias of “Del Johnson” on the net. It was only after that was exposed that he turned his attention to LFC and moved from his native Yorkshire to Wallsend. He has never lived or worked in Liverpool.

His is the only site that does not support the boycott of the SUN because of its slander of the families and friends and fellow supports of the 96 men and boys who died while following LFC away at Hillsborough. In fact Oldham boasted he took two copies of the SUN daily, he used it as a news source on his site, he wore a promotional SUN hat and published photos of of it. Recently he had large banner advertisements on his site “We Love the SUN”. You can see them on the blog.

Recently he said he is “neutral” about LFC – the web site is only a “business”. He wouldn’t care if they built a supermarket on Anfield.

In fact he opened websites for Newcastle, Tottenham Hotspurs and Nottingham Forest – which did not get very far.

Then he opened a porn site to which he linked from Koptalk.

I’m not going to reproduce in this letter all that has been written in the blog. I invite you to look for yourself and make up your own mind.

Start with the page The Blog v Koptalk which you will find in the tool bar.

And if after reading it you feel a bit cheated by Koptalk and feel that your trust was abused remembered that you are one of thousands – yes probably more than ten thousand people have passed through the internet gates of Koptalk in the last 8-9 years and feel tainted by the experience. They’ve all found new homes on genuine LFC sites.

All you need do is send an email to Koptalk that you are quitting, demand the re-payment of the balance of your membership fee, and cancel the automatic renewal of payment on your PayPal account.

If the blog can help you, give us a call.





12 Responses to “A letter about Koptalk from the blog”

  1. Elli Says:

    Jeez that letter’s too long mate.

  2. Integral Says:

    waaaaay too long!

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Too long for what? Experience shows that it works. Remember the recipients are people who have not followed short clues before, have never surfed for alternatives to Koptalk.

    Its a lot shorter than Blog v Koptalk and shorter than most of the individual articles on the blog.

    Also, its offered as a draft. People can pick and choose paragraphs. If they want to be really brief just send an url to this page or one of the other blog pages – as I explained in the introduction.

  4. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    If I got this email after reading the 1st paragraph I would want to read the rest for sure.

  5. lfc_michael Says:

    Do any major LFC sites link to the blog? Perhaps one or more might be willing to put the letter up as a forum sticky?

  6. kev776 Says:

    Good idea for the sticky. I got an email from Hansi and came and read the blog. I decided to let my subscrption run out and cancelled my paypal. But Adolf banned me first for asking the point of wasting my money on a freebie to the states. 3 emails and 3 tickets and a month later, Im still waiting for my refund. I also asked him for my six quid for the book.

  7. lfc_michael Says:

    kev776, if he refuses to refund the deposit on the book, then I’m sure Trading Standards would also be very interested in that. A mention of them might make him more co-operative.

    His local officer’s details are:

    Alan Burnett
    Senior Trading Standards Officer
    Environment, Regeneration and Housing
    The Killingworth Site
    PO Box 113
    NE12 6WJ

    Tel: 0191 2192634

    Fax: 0191 2192642

    e-mail : alan at northtyneside (dot) gov (dot) uk
    (replace (dot) with periods)

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    kev 776

    He was asking 5 for the book not 6.

    What I suggests is that you post on here a copy of any communications with him including MSN and support tickets. If you did not keep copies try again and this time keep copies.

    1. Write again. State when you paid the deposit on the book – cite any proof you have – and politely ask for a refund in accordance with his undertaking to repay all deposits on request. If he does not reply or gets obstreperous, send copies of your and his correspondence to Trading Standards with a covering email making a brief formal complaint against Duncan Oldham. You could also send TS the url to my recent article about the book.

    2. Send a seperate email to Oldham in polite terms for a refund of the balance of your membership fee. Simply state that you had paid the full fee but your access had been denied and, as a result, you want a refund from the date of that event. Keep copies. If you don’t get it, let us know.

  9. Warren Says:

    well I’ve been offered a refund by Dunk.

    But he’ll only refund to a paypal account (which I don’t have) or…….wait for it………He’ll donate the refund to a charity of my choice!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHA… Thats a cracker that one.

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    “He’ll donate the refund to a charity of my choice!!!”

    That’s like the fox offering to take the chickens out of the pen for a walk.

    What a cheek – he didn’t even donate to the Lauren “charity” even though he was the main beneficiary.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    A bit OT but I couldn’t resist this:

    Owen, Houllier (or even Sven) surely this is enough for Oldham to keep his NUFC season tickets and finally give up the ghost of pretending to be an LFC fan.

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    Here’s that list of Koptalk X-Box members I posted in a previous thread. If you use X-Box perhaps you might send them a letter.

    Red Adair 1976







    PT Jackson





    citizen cain 23






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