I’ve been quiet again of late, but I’ve been popping in an out of Koptalk, and I do try to read all my emails, even if I don’t actually reply to them. Apologies to anyone who writes and gets no reply.

Dunk’s been busy again, on his little fantasy island.

And how I’ve laughed. You too?

Where’s the book? Where’s the van? Where’s the house near Melwood he’s buying  off Chris Waddle? Where’s the LFC-themed hotel he’s building in Liverpool? They’re all old fantasies. Now he’s talking of being the next airline mogul with his offer to charter a plane to Athens. Lazyjet? And then he finds, oh so conveniently, that there isn’t enough room at the airport to park his plane.

It must be quite hard for someone so dim to grasp the concept that every time he reveals one of his wild fantasies he finally tips at least one of his doubting members over the edge towards the truth. And each one of those usually takes a handful of others with them.

Not that there are many members left who have friends on Koptalk. What I mean is, their friends, if any, will be away from Koptalk. You can’t send a PM on Koptalk. You can’t find out someone’s MSN address, you can’t find out their email address. You have to go through “the daddy”, who even vets his sidekick Steve’s email before he lets him send any replies.

What is worrying is his Athens flights idea. Anyone who lives outside the Koptalk bubble knows damn well that you wouldn’t trust Dunk with an old bent penny. But some of his members may not be so aware. They’re still either caught up in the cult, or just don’t believe that such a dopy fat fantasist would actually want to rip them off.

No name is mentioned of the operator, if indeed there is one. I find it doubtful that there would be, and if there was they would allow Dunk to advertise in the the way he has. If there is an operator, Dunk is seriously worried we might find out who it is and warn them. We have warned ABTA, ATOL and Consumer Direct. We’ll find out soon enough if they are useful organisations who’ll protect consumers. The other reason Dunk would hide the operator’s name is because he knows he could earn a decent commission if he can con enough people to book through him.

And that’s the con. Dunk always tells us he gets no wage from Koptalk. He does if for the love of LFC – he claims. All the moeny that comes in covers the costs of hosting he claims comes in at £600 per month (we checked – he pays £97 per month in fact).

So why would he need to make a profit out of these flights? Surely he could offer them at a lower price, in return for no commission at all! He needs to make his mind up – is Koptalk there to make a profit, or is it a hobby for him and his unwaged family?

The real worry in all of this is that Dunk will be getting access to people’s personal information, and their credit card details. He claims the operator wants him to collate all the booking forms, including credit card details. This is the person who charges three times for one thing. The person who sells dodgy goods, fake Sky viewing cards, fake signed merchandise. The person who tells his readers to install spyware, using his affiliate link so he can make money from them.

And now he wants credit card details!

If you’ve already supplied him with any credit card details I urge you to speak to your bank immediately. Explain that you’ve passed your credit card details onto someone who’s been under scrutiny for some time over his business practices. Someone who collected thousands of pounds “for charity” but never, ever, showed a shred of evidence that he’d handed it over.

Someone who expects his poor ripped-off members to believe bullshit like this. Yes, the original reason for this blog was to show “outsiders” what the “insiders” were paying for. And this is what your £30 brings you these days…

#159143 – Yesterday at 12:53 PM Eto’o latest
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Italian giants AC Milan are stepping up their attempt to sign Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o.

Milan officials are trying to arrange a meeting with the player’s representatives to discuss a possible summer move.

Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal has also been linked with the player but Liverpool are believed to have already touched base with the player’s agent.

Barcelona want to sign Xabi Alonso in the summer and would be prepared to negotiate a deal with the Reds if it meant that they could take the Spaniard back to Spain.

KopTalk understands that Reds boss Rafa Benitez has a short-list of six strikers and that Eto’o along with David Villa sit at the top of that list. Klaas Jan Huntelaar and Carlos Tevez are other names that the boss has an interest in. David Trézéguet is another candidate but we believe he’s more of a fall-back option.

News from within Anfield is thin at the moment but we hope to provide a more detailed update once the Charlton game is out of the way.

Why pay for bullshit when we can show it to you for free?


7 Responses to “Bull-direct”

  1. Come Insider Says:

    you mentioned about his pay pal skimming antics, what about debit cards or credit cards when it comes to renewing membership? Can he take money without asking? do I need to cancel well in advance or will the money disappear from the account??

  2. Come Insider Says:

    BTW…..I’ve actually seen 4 Viewing in one of his boards over the weekend…..that must be a record 🙂

  3. barry wom Says:

    Come INsider: Does he have your credit card details or did you do you membership through a secure banking site? I doubt he would have access through a major banking outlet – but if you’ve done it over the phone so he has the details, cancel your card, he can’t be trusted.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Come Insider

    In our posts about PayPal we also deal with credit cards and bank standing orders.

    if you paid by credit card or debit card there is every possibility that you signed an authorisation (without realising) for annual renewal. It is quite normal in membership deals.

    You must check with your credit or debit card company to remove any renewal order.

    The same applies to bank standing orders. They continue to stand until you cancel them.

    However if you paid by either card or bank or cheque we would be itnersted to know into what account it was paid. Oldham does not have a merchant credit card account as far as we know (although he claims George Gillett paid by creidt card) and he does not have a regular bank account.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    “News from within Anfield is thing at the moment”

    “Thin” as in non-existant? But its interesti9ng that he is still working on the con that he has news from inside Anfield. Duly noted.

  6. jon Says:

    straight off the official site:

    “Liverpool FC are working with Triangle Travel and supporters wishing to Travel with Triangle Travel can arrange their journey with representatives who will be at the Ticket Office from Wednesday 9 May 2007.

    Barnes Travel will also be organising a flight from Liverpool John Lennon Airport for full details call 0151 286 2000.”

    These are probably the sorts of people koptalk subscribers want to be dealing with…

  7. Come Insider Says:

    I paid by credit card so going to have to watch out, I’ll go read your bit on credit cards, thanks for the info guys

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