The Koptalk non-book is due out this week.

by Rupert Insider


If I were to be asked what was the biggest barefaced lie of all Duncan Oldham’s many barefaced lies on Koptalk in the last 8 years, I would say the book – his promise of a book and his excuse for its non-appearance.

The book has been central to the entire Koptalk scam.


Given his street smarts as a swindler, one might ask why he allowed himself to be boxed in on this book issue by the blog – boxed in and pinned down.

In my opinion he never anticipated that we would never give up. He had learned over the years that he could ignore critics – they would fade away and he could constantly reinvent reality.

The authorities were reluctant to get involved in an ethereal web site without hard records that could disappear as soon as an investigation started and reappear over and over again as something else with a different PO Box Number.

But there is another reason.

The book scam was never really about selling a book. It was about selling memberships in his site . Thousands at ₤30, renewable annually, are worth a lot more than thousands of one-time sales of a book at ₤5 or ₤10.

He used the claims he made for the book to convince people that he has a close relationship with LFC, its executives, players and ex-players and specialist LFC journalists. He claimed that Anfield legends like Kenny Dalglish and Robbie Fowler and many others would be buying the book, he claimed that Rick Parry had invited him to Anfield to discuss it. This in itself implied their approval of him and his site.

It was on the basis of those lies he sold memberships to his site for up to ₤30 each.

In the summer of 2006 he claimed 6,000 such memberships . This month, May 2007, he has said he has more than that. Divide by 20 and you will be nearer the truth.

But we are not quibbling here about his non-existent accounts. We are nailing the intention behind his biggest barefaced lie of all – the promise of a book and his excuse for not producing it 4 years after he took the first ₤5 deposits on it.

The title of the book is “Anfield Exposed”. The cover shows the official LFC shield which he uses without permission of the club.

The author is Duncan Oldham – still a wannabe because he has not written it. Not even excerpts or quotes for marketing or advanced reviews.

The publication date has been repeatedly postponed. In 2003 it was postponed to 2004, when that date passed it was postponed to 2005, then 2006.

In the summer 2006, he admitted he had not written a word of it but it would take only “a few minutes” once he could find time from his busy schedule.

In July 2006 he claimed that on the basis of the number of deposits he had received of ₤5 each against a final price that he suggested might ₤10 or more, the first run would be 20,000 copies (for a potential sale of ₤200,000 or more). Subsequent runs would depend on demand.

Last summer he sarcastically thanked the blog several times for drawing attention to the book and claimed he had received many new enquiries and deposits as a result of our criticisms.

Consequently, he promised an announcement for the first week of the 2006-2007 season – but failed to make it.

On 5th September 2006 he closed the free Koptalk sites to make time for “writing” – actually a euphemism to disguise the fact that 85% of the users had already abandoned him.

Then he promised publication for December 2006. On October 29th, in Koptalk post number #1685842, he claimed the last chapter was finished. He went on to say:

“My book’s out this season and I’m looking forward to you reading the last chapter if everything goes to plan over the next few months”

But the progress he claimed he was making strangely meant he had to postpone publication to the end of the 2006-2007 season – this week!

But there ‘aint gonna be no book.

About a month ago he published another excuse on Koptalk as part of its feature Frequently Asked Questions. Needless to say, when Insider Insider re-labelled that feature as Frequently Told Lies and responded point for point on the blog, FAQ was deleted from Koptalk.

So I’ll reproduce it again and add my own line by line comments.

He chose an Alice-in-the looking-glass format where he interviewed himself referring to himself in the third person in both the questions and the answers. Its style that goes back many years. He figures that by interviewing himself about a third person, “Dunk”, gives the impression he is famous. Have a look at how he used the style when he introduced his phantom book in 2003 HERE.


“Q. Dunk’s writing a book called ‘Anfield Exposed’ but it’s never appeared why is that?

A. Simple. Just a lack of time.”

(But last July he said it would take only a few minutes, then in September that he closed the free forums to make time, then in October that he finished the final chapter, then in November that it was well advanced and would be ready for May 2007).


“Several years ago Dunk announced his intention to write a book about the site.”

(That was a cute one. The books was to be about the “site” and not about “Anfield” was it?

Thousands thought differently when they saw the title, the cover and his publicity).


“Interested people could place a pre-order deposit of £5 if they wanted to grab a copy when published.”

(Notice his recent use of the word “grab” to imply they would be selling like hot cakes – like the plane tickets to Athens he was trying to sell two days ago.

Why would a pre-order be necessary, at all, except to put unearned money in his pocket?.

In fact he gave six different ways you could pay him. They entire sale pitch was in terms of it being an imminent event. Read again how he finished his two-page sales pitch HERE.

“Before placing your order, can I just say thanks for your valued support. I appreciate every order and will personally contact you when the book is published. You’ll Never Walk Alone!


He admits it was “a deposit” but fails to mention that the suggested retail price “under £10but with the possibility it could be more. HERE

“When you place your order you will be making a deposit of £5.00, you have the right to cancel at any time and receive a refund via the same way that you made your original payment……..I expect the book to cost under £10 but as yet can make no promises. Every effort will be made to keep the costs down……Nearer the publication date, you will be asked to pay the balance to complete the order..”)


“The working title was ‘Anfield Exposed’ but a more appropriate name would be given at publication.”

(Its true he described it as a working title. But it was a title he publicized widely in order to attract attention and one he has never changed in 4 years . Nor did he shrink from the implications of the title. He often claimed that the “suits” at Anfield would stop at nothing to prevent his “expose” of their alleged shenanigans.)


“It’s not about exposing LFC in anyway and there isn’t any kind of negativity towards the club.”

(Then why call it “Anfield Exposed” ?

As to the negativity, one only has to read his sales-pitch for it on the site

Oldham has been furiously covering his tracks and has closed that site, rendering useless some of the links to it in our older posts. It currently forwards to which does not exist.

But thanks to blog contributor “scouse” we now know that they can be found on under “AnfieldExposed”

Feb 2004

Feb 2005

* The CCTV footage of one of Anfield’s biggest stars that is locked away in a vault in the city. The media know it exists and offers of £50,000 have so far been rejected!

* Details of a threatening phone call from a Liverpool based journalist who warned about not publishing a certain article and how he begged for his identity not to be revealed on the site when the editor informed him he was going to publish his threats on KopTalk – the article was published!

* The national journos who wanted to rock the Anfield boat and how they wanted to do it

* The numerous requests to create fake transfer speculation from various people in the game

* What really happened the night before Robbie Fowler’s shock move to Leeds and why did KopTalk insist on the eve of that transfer that he was not leaving when we knew he was

* How the editor was swooped on at a bank when paying money into a VIP columnist’s bank account because they thought the account holder was laundering money!

* Every tale and experience relating to the suits that made attempts to buy KopTalk and the deals that were rejected. For the first time you’ll discover who made substantial offers and learn if Liverpool FC really did make an approach following rumours at the time

* You will learn how the editor begged solicitors to take him to court when they tried it on over the years

* Why the proposed share offer had to be withdrawn following in excess of £1million worth of applications

* The VIP apology from Anfield when a certain individual was trapped by the editor following a planned attack on the site

* The upsetting tale of how the editor was threatened to turn his back on the site’s passionate readers in return for financial incentives or face possible legal action in the courts – who would ask such a thing?

* A former Liverpool legend caught with his pants down in the editor’s house!

* The relationships formed with those at Anfield, those associated to the club and those in the national media

* Details of the threats put on the editor’s family for printing controversial articles and news items

* The columnist threatened with the sack if he continued to be associated to KopTalk

* The Liverpool players the editor desperately tried to protect and why

* Learn his true feelings about various subjects associated to the club and why he has them

* Why did Liverpool FC threaten to take his season tickets off him

PLUS much, much more!


“Why would one of the biggest Reds in the world attack the club he loves?”

(He’s certainly one of the biggest non-Red’s in the world for someone so short. And I agree he would never attack the club he loves – hang on though, he attacked Newcastle a few weeks ago and declared he would cancel his season tickets there).


“A publication date was never set and it was hoped to be published this season but again, time has been an issue.

(There is a publication date of 2004 HERE. This is what he said about publication dates when he asked for deposits the first time HERE.

…… Once you have placed your order I will email you to confirm receipt and keep you updated as regards the publication date.

And HERE he clearly implies that the 2003 publication date has been missed due to his computer blowing up, but that it was a blessing in disguise because his customers would be getting the book with an extra chapter soon.

I wonder if he refused any deposits on the ground that there was no publication date? In fact, many publication dates were set and ignored including one set in 2006 for then end of that year and then for May 2007. And with all these publication dates were new appeals for deposits.

And “time being an issue” – despite having ditched the free forums, despite his many boasts, chronicled on the blog, of how he leads a life of leisure, and his alleged trips to look at property, and his four week jolly folly to Canada and the United States).


Also because of the campaign against the site since last year, there are fears that the book could be too revealing about key matters at Anfield.

(Now there’s a strange one. What “fears” is he talking about? And what “key matters” at Anfield? He seems to have forgotten what he said two sentences before and is already returning to the scam – that the books is, indeed, an expose of Anfield).


“Not only that but since last summer various members of Dunk’s family have been targeted in a not so nice way”.

(In 2004 HERE he was not only making the same claim about attacks on his family but using it as a reason why people should read his book which would be out soon. The fact is that Oldham has been criticised for years, every year, on Koptalk and elsewhere for using his mother to publicise his site and carry out his cons.

Pictures of Steve working on the site since he was 10 years of age and his son since aged 6 years have also been criticised as has Oldham’s pimping his girl friend and then wife to sex clients in a football and other types of Usenet sites.

Many have commented in disgust at his use of his wife’s first miscarriage and father’s alleged suicide in Koptalk many years ago.

People do not like the way he encourages kids, his own and others, to participate in a site full of porn and linked to his commercial porn site.

Others notice his constant obsession with child sex, his statement that he empathizes with child rapists, his staged joke with a youngster that he sleeps with his daughter’s 12 year old friends, his claims that the photos of his daughter he keeps presenting on his site are doctored by critics, his claim that his 8 yr old daughter was raped at school and his harping on about his daughter’s close proximity to a child rapist in the house where she lived with her mother – his now estranged wife.

Some of these criticisms have been repeated for years, why does he pretend they appeared only last summer when the blog appeared and why pretend they are criticism of his family and not of his abuse of his family?)


“People with no connection to the site have been targeted at work simply because they are related to Dunk.”

(Well that’s a new one! I thought all his relatives worked for him for no wage at all.

And if other relatives are attacked at work because of their connection with him – he owes them all an apology and a promise to stop whatever he is doing that has provoked such widespread disgust).


“All of this just because one or two saddos cannot accept the fact that KopTalk is a success.”

(The blog has more readers than Koptalk even though our subject-matter is limited.

I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of ex Koptalkers moved to Est 1892 and Six Crazy Minutes and Talk LFC and The Liverpool Way and other LFC-related sites in the year since the blog started and have expressed their disgust of Oldham from there – but I’m sure it was more than “one or two” – perhaps he means one or two thousands.

Even the blog has had something like twelve different contributing writers and relies on the active behind-the-scenes support of perhaps 20 or 30, many of whom are members of Koptalk waiting for their memberships to expire.

And as for Koptalk being a success – if being shunned by every other of the 60 LFC related-sites in the world – bar a few who don’t know about him , is a success – and his being shunned by the club, is a success, and his not being able to face LFC supporters or even members, is a success – and if the term “Koptalk” being synonomous with “fraud”, is a success, then Koptalk is certainly a success).


“The fact that Dunks own kids and family members have been targeted is a concern..”

(This is the coward’s old tried and tested gambit of hiding behind his kids, whom he exploits all the time).

“….and whether or not we’ll go ahead with the book we’ll have to wait and see.”

(With this formula he once again fails to make the legally damning admission that the book will not appear. But he doesn’t tell us how long we must wait before we see?

And as for his reference to the blog campaign against him and his site, he boasted several times last summer and autumn that we were helping the book project and as a result of our comments he had been inundated with new orders for it.)


“Anyone who has placed a pre-order deposit several years back can at any time request a refund in full.”

In fact he boasted that as of December 2003 more than 2,000 copies had been pre-ordered. That’s £10,000 in deposits and as much as  £20,000 or more in sales. (Thanks to” scouse” for the research and the link).

If true, you would think that would be incentive enough to get the book out. But he went on begging for pre-orders in 2004, 2005 and 2006 culminating in his claim that he had enough for a first run of 20,000 copies last summer.

And as for his generous offer to pay back deposits on a book that will never be published, he has no choice in the matter, it was part of the contract. HERE

“you have the right to cancel at any time and receive a refund via the same way that you made your original payment.”

Under his false name, Del Johnson, he sold Sky satellite cards that he never delivered and got into a spot of bother with the law over that. And Trading Standards are unto his book scam and have had a word with him about that a few months ago.

If anyone does have any trouble getting back their deposit (with interest) they might want to report it to:

Alan Burnett
Senior Trading Standards Officer
Environment, Regeneration & Housing
The Killingworth Site
PO Box 113
NE12 6WJ

Tel:0191-2192634 Fax:0191

e-mail : alan.burnett AT northtyneside DOT gov DOT uk


It’d be a shame not to share this book with so many people but family has to come first.”

(What book? There is no book. And yes, what a shame. So many people – up to 20,000 according to him – who paid ₤5 deposits to reserve a book that he had no intention of delivering, just as he had no intention of delivering the Sky satellite cards.

And as for his family, the more he uses them as an excuse the more he makes them a legitimate target of enquiry – so watch the blog).



10 Responses to “The Koptalk non-book is due out this week.”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Does anyone remember and have a link to a promise he made that if his book was not delivered by a certain date he would give out free Gold Club memberships?

  2. stu Says:

    You should write your own book – Duncan Exposed – i bet that would not only be about exposing duncan, but that any one of us who read your blog could write it.

  3. McWar Says:

    Dunk now is the time to start afresh and show the world that you can still do the right thing.

    Do what that piece of shit newspaper should have done years ago and admit to the world about the lies you have told.

    Don’t call your book ‘Anfield Exposed’, call it ‘I Lied’.

  4. Scouse Says:

    “It’s not about exposing LFC in anyway and there isn’t any kind of negativity towards the club”

    As per Ruperts quote’s above you can see these from the AnfieldExposed site on

    Feb 2004

    Feb 2005

    Interestingly has been PULLED just like every other site out there

    It currently forwards to (which doesn’t exist)

    Also from the frontpage of the site in 2004 ( ) is the following statement

    “As of December 2003, more than 2000 copies have been pre-ordered”

    And the pre-order price is clearly marked as £5 so thats another £10,000 worth of taxable earnings.

    This book is a disgrace to Liverpool FC, I can’t believe a ‘supporter’ would even dare come up with an idea like this never mind actually go ahead with it.

    Come on then Koptalk where’s your non-negative book? I can’t wait to buy a copy…

  5. tosstalk Says:


    A little off the topic

    But are we not due the years BIG ONE the one to get memberships in before the summer?

    Last year it was Villa, Torres & Kuyt if we had enough left over.

    Who’s he been personally talking to this time then?

  6. scousenproud Says:

    little off topic here but theres a new post about who your family supports and again he cites smoove as his best friend. very very strange to say the least.

  7. lfc_michael Says:

    Does anyone know the address of his former blog? It’s possible that might be on as well and it could be worth a look for some gems.

  8. Insider Insider Says:

    Dunk’s former blogs include:

    dunk. org. uk (he used to point this to his myspace site)

    koptalkblog. com /

    dunkknowsbest. com /

  9. Zakaria Mohammed Says:

    I will be very greatful if you could send me book of your football team players so that i will have more information about liverpool.I am supporting liverpool any time they haved match .i hope you will send me the book very soon.and i hope you will send me the history book of your football players too.
    thank you .
    this is my address:
    Zakaria Mohammed,
    P.O.Box 37 TL,
    Tamale N/R,
    Ghana West Africa.

  10. Ian Says:


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