The Koptalk Athens Flights Scam

by Rupert Insider


Ever since we go the final, Oldham has been in a tizzy. How was he going to make up his betting losses on Chelsea? How was he going to use the club’s success to make money from the Koptalk “suckers”?

Then it hit him! Right now there is a demand for information about flights to Athens. It was the sort of information that his members had a right to expect from a site that charges up to £30.

On the genuine LFC sites – all free – members were generously sharing their information about flights, freely giving the names and contact details of charter companies and tour operators. That’ s what you’d expect from LFC supporters who believe in the motto YNWA.

But Oldham is not a LFC supporter – he is a predator who slinks along outside the herd waiting for a chance to make a killing.

After a couple of hours surfing the net, stealing ideas from the free sites, and making a couple of telephone calls he discovered a company that was offering charter flights to Athens. It was an opportunity for him to pass on the information and demonstrate that the £30 membership fee for Koptalk was worth it.

Instead he saw it as an opportunity to make hundreds if not thousands of pounds selling the information that he had got for nothing and which had taken him a couple of hours to put together.

You will note that unlike other sites he does not tell you the name of the charter company. He does not want you dealing direct with them because you will deny him his profit and you will discover the true price of the seats before his commission.

In the space of a single day yesterday he toyed with the idea of three different scams before hitting on the one he would run with. His purpose was to convince his readers that getting to Athens would be difficult without his help.

The first scam.

First he claimed he had already bought his flight tickets to Athens for £110 weeks ago implying that he had foreseen our victory – or was that to support Manchester United or Chelsea or, more likely, to sell the tickets at a profit to supporters of whichever of the UK teams got through to the final? Where are those tickets now?

The second scam.

Now in one of his manic phase he became grandiose again. He declared that while individuals cannot book a private jet, Koptalk could. (And what is Koptalk if not the website of an individual?)

He claimed that for a 235 seater jet would cost £50,000 plus taxes (a nice touch from someone who never pays taxes or collect VAT). Given his total control over his Koptalk suckers he felt he could fill two of them. He grandly offered to put the £50,000 cash down that day. The price of the seats would cover his costs only – no profit.

Lots of “ifs” in this little fantasy the most important one being “if” the broker could find a plane. And of course, he couldn’t. What a convenient let-off!

The third scam.

Not to worry, he would order the gormless Katie to start calling brokers of coaches. Yes coaches. The coach would pick people up at different points in the England.

The idea would be to arrive (in Athens) in the morning and get very drunk and return after the match at some point.

There was no mention of a not-for-profit element in the scam. Nor did he seem quite so confident about it and asked for expressions of interest before he spent a penny. He even pleaded for help from “banned former members” to fill the seats – a crude request for publicity from the blog and other sites.

The fourth scam.

Then he unveiled the scam he is actually running with. He claimed he conned an “aviation company”. He used this phrase to avoid giving a clue if it was a regular airline or a charter company. He had hit the company with a variation of his usual “I’m the owner of the No. 1 site” con. He said he had control over lots of Koptalk suckers.

If anyone finds out the name of this company let me know and I will publish the contact details so people can deal directly with it.

The deal he struck involves the Koptalk suckers coughing up £549 per person for Gatwick to Athens and £569 per person from Liverpool to Athens. There would be no match tickets involved. These flights were purely for those who wanted to go to Athens to “soak up the atmosphere” i.e. get drunk.

As a special inducement he said he would be there and everyone was invited to buy him a drink (for his services to humanity?)

Predictably, having drummed up interest, he dropped the “not for profit” idea.

We can only guess at the size of the commission he hopes to earn on every seat. I’m told there are charters available on the open market £298* to £499.

*Note: Unlike Oldham I don’t pretend to be a tour operator. I used Google and my first search brought up this link for £298 Notice it not only quotes a price but gives the name and contact details of the charter company. Here

And at that price the charter firms are making a nice profit after paying promotional costs and agent fees. So Oldham’s scam looks like there is at least £50 in it for him for every seat sold as a result of his referral. Surely, to save that, people can find their own charters?

And notice how he collects his commission! You can’t know the name of the charter company until you give him all your personal payment details including name and address. Only after this will he hand you over to the operator. And after he does, he washes his hands of responsibility for your booking or the flight.

The Koptalk role in this scam is promoter, not booker, with no operational responsibility. And he promotes with all the cheap tricks of the con artist he is. The idea is to stampede people into buying.

He begins by claiming that other operators are charging £1,000.

He then lectures his suckers not to “faff around” but to make the decision now before the seats are sold out.

And in barefaced contradiction to the claims he made the “aviation company” he again pleads for “former banned members” to help him make a buck.

It seems that despite his bluster he is not at all confident that there are enough suckers on Koptalk willing to put money in his pocket.

Of course there is an escape hatch in this scam, too. If anybody fail to get a seat he will say it was their fault – the operator had sold the seats to others while they “faffed around”. In the meantime he generates publicity for his site and gains new files of personal details on those who responded.

Veteran readers of this blog will know how dangerous it is to give Oldham personal details.

Leaving aside the money angle – this scams reek of Oldham.

First the very idea that people want to go to Athens merely to get drunk. They can do that quite happily with their mates at their local in the UK or one of the LFC friendly pubs. Only a no-mates type like Oldham would think people would want to pay good money and spend two days for the privileged of paying him to drink with them.

The fact is that he won’t be there. He has been absent from all the Champions League qualifying matches at Anfield.

Its all reminiscent of the Cup Final at Cardiff last year, when many current and ex-Koptalkers could not find him and he made increasingly incredible excuses for not meeting anyone and not appearing in a photo or video at the event.

He fears meeting LFC supporters, he fears meeting even Koptalk members. His only company these days is his feeble-minded teenage half-brother and cousin Katie both of whom are economically dependent on him.

But he did tell the truth in one respect. He will be getting drunk wherever he is – not because its the UEFA Final – but because that’s what he does most days of the week.


(With acknowledgement to Petaling Jaya Here)


14 Responses to “The Koptalk Athens Flights Scam”

  1. Skamp Says:

    Well Yesterday i booked a fortnights s/c holiday in Hanioti/Halkadiki for £389,i fly out on the 14th and will also have to pay maybe 100 euros max to make my way to Athens on the 21st i’ll worry about where to stay in Athens when i get there or maybe i’ll meet a nice Greek in Halkidiki who will sort it all out for me.
    So people get onto teletext or and make a holiday out of it.

  2. lfc_michael Says:

    Why could he not just provide details of the operator directly to his members? Because, of course, he wouldn’t get the commission then for his ‘work’ in collating their details.

    Additionally, his ‘offer of clemency’ for former members wishing to travel is presumably really motivated by an expected lack of numbers from his own ‘Koptalk family’.

    I certainly wouldn’t trust him with my name and address.

  3. SteveO Says:

    As a banned former member (I actually did ban myself via a post suggesting his inability to comprehend English) from many many years ago, then yes please Dunk, I would love to go.

    Please send me via the blog as many details as I would need to ensure I am not being conned. Just email rupert who has my email.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    For those who read the post on Saturday, I have re-written parts of it.

  5. SteveO Says:

    Oh well, no mail from fatboy. Guess he must be full.

    Rupert, perhaps the fuel surcharge from carrying the extra weight is contributing to the higher charges?

  6. red from oz Says:

    ripping liverpool fans off yet again, you`re lower than shark shit oldham.

  7. spsdjone Says:

    why isnt he flying with hicks or gilette? after all hicks is flying his whole family out there and oldham is as good as family now

  8. jesper Says:

    If I ever see Dunk, I am going to break his nose. Fact.

  9. Dj_Sydney_A Says:

    Kinell gotta hand it to the guy, he’s a brilliant swindler. How does he come up with this stuff!

  10. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    This could be far worse than Dunk getting some commission from some flight operator. Why will he be collecting the credit card details? Will he be tapping those accounts?

    Maybe this is his final big scam, after which he will “disappear”? If he gets enough credit card details we could be talking about hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    The most worrying part is that people actually are willing to give this scumbag their credit card details.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    Having read Insiders post I wonder if mine was too gullible. How do we know there is any operator at all. If he has the details he could shop around introducing customers to this or that charter company. Anybody who gets a ticket will not know if its a ticket with the same company as the others who have gone through Oldham.

  12. Insider Insider Says:

    You have to think of every option with Dunk. But giving him your home address and credit card details, along with the number on the signature strip and so on, is risky. He can order stuff and put the billing address on correctly then, but have it sent elsewhere.

  13. Nick Burgess Says:

    Athens Flights.
    Excuse me if this isn’t the right place to put this, but I have 4 Easyjet Flights (Gatwick>Milan>Athens) 23-25 May available for what I paid for them. I can’t make it.
    Please email me for details

  14. grotbags Says:

    Well not long to go now before i board my flight from Liverpool to Athens courtesey of Koptalk, obviously when i get back on Thursday afternoonn i will post and tell you all about the scam you claim it to be, might you have got something wrong for once, umm wonders never cease!!

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