Secret messages to and from der Koptalk bunker

by Rupert Insider

delboy-3.jpgdelboy-and-rodney63.jpg nightclub.jpg

The loony cult leader is not alone in der bunker.

We know there are good people in there with him. He subjects them to a continuous propaganda loop over the tannoy system.

They are not allowed to communicate with each other except in the presence of his stooges and himself. If they ask awkward questions he gags them deletes all record of the conversation and expels them from der bunker.

Most small-time wannabe cult leaders use the same techniques as big-time dictators. And most big-time dictators are attracted to the idea of “cleansing”.

They portray themselves as a “daddy who knows best” of a “family” or some other super-pure inner-group described in toe-curling sentimental terms.

The members of this inner group are constantly told that their very membership is proof of their superiority over those who are not. They are an elite. The worst thing that could happen to them would be to banished from the group. Even voluntary leaving would be a form of failure.

But the more control the daddy gets over the group the more he wants. This leads to paranoia. He sees enemies not only outside the group but inside, as well.

Oldham is not intelligent enough to understand the stereotype of a paranoid dictator and adapt it – he does it “naturally” driven by the same neurotic need for control as they and the same neurotic fear of losing it. But on a smaller, more pathetic scale.

But its not control for the sake of control. He wants control to make money and get easier access to sex.

He does it by posing as an insider selling privileged but false information about LFC: by posing as a money-raiser for charities which he then skims: by posing as a “die hard red” offering tickets over face value and fake LFC memorabilia: by posing as a travel agent to help supporters get to a UEFA Cup Final in Athens with secret commission deals from the broker agreed in advance on overpriced seats: by posing as “one of the boys” who claims access to the porn models he employs, and who runs porn sites for football supporters, drawing the attention of fit young lads everywhere to his personal sexual needs. These are some of the ways he uses his control to gouge his “family”. And he doesn’t want a blog or anyone else to interrupt the flow of cash, free services and sexual therapy his “family” provides.

His explanation is always the same – he has to cleanse his site of the “troublemakers” and “rivals” and those who show “disrespect”. And if anyone questions his judgment he will delete the thread and ban the questioner even though they paid him for the right to post.

When the blog mocks him he reaches for the weapon used by all lying dictators who want to silence critics – “they are attackers and molesters of the children”. Its analogous to the tactics we saw in the Iraq war where children were used as a defence against incoming missiles.

Typically, after a paranoid outburst he will take to the bottle.

He may also try to recover his injured sense of self-importance by ordering a young minion to follow him around with a video-cam to make yet another official documentary. Its the old cult of personality thing.

But despite Oldham’s attempts to maintain an iron grip 24 x 7 on his cult, he fails. We keep picking up radio signals from those still inside der bunker.

They come from the underground resistance, the fifth column quietly working away to expose his manipulations and his lies. The clock is ticking on there time inside because none of them intend to renew their membership when their subscription runs out. Some of them have asked us how they can help inform the others before they leave.

So here are a two ideas.

If you have decided to leave Koptalk and would like to inform other members by posting a message about your reasons, or where you can be found in the future, your message will be deleted within two minutes. (You could screen-shot it as soon as you have posted it and send it to me and I’ll publish it).

But I’m told there is another way of keeping your message alive for longer.

1. Create a thread on Koptalk – one with an interesting hook. Make the first post on the thread. Put a live link in your post – a lure – e.g. “royal family porno video”. In the live link, behind the part that’s visible, bury the address of the blog or wherever else you want to direct the reader.

Copy this code into the link box when you are creating your post.

[url=]Now place some teasing text to get people to click on the link without them knowing where it goes, something like “royal family porno video” click here[/url]

Eventually it may be found out. But it will last longer than a regular message.

Try it out on another forum first. Let me know if it works or how it can be improved. I’ll post updates.

2. Are you an X-Box member?

Here is a list of the user names of some Koptalkers who use Xbox Live. You could send a link to the blog and a short message.

Red Adair 1976







PT Jackson





citizen cain 23






The majority of Oldham’s memberships come up for renewal in May-July.

The blog had started to hurt in those months last year and the mass exodus from his site had begun – but many memberships were renewed by the automatic renewal mechanism on PayPal accounts.

So by getting the word to members now, by whatever means, you may be ensuring that their decision this year will be fully informed.

And at the very least you will pump up Oldham’s paranoia.


6 Responses to “Secret messages to and from der Koptalk bunker”

  1. Steve O Says:

    haven’t got much time today, but googling the last some of those users certainly give contact details,

    I am a little confused about

    I think Yorkiered should be allowed to continue to throw his money away though

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    Steve O

    bebo seems to be a celtic and arsenal supporter!

    “Yorkiered” from York seems to be a more literate version of Oldham with the same chip on his shoulder about Liverpudlians. Maybe he is the ideology officer in der bunker? Isn’t RichT – the 500 KT posts a month moderator – from York?

  3. lfc_michael Says:

    In fairness, that may not be the same Yorkiered. It’s hardly an original name. I have seen a much more unusual name used on RAWK by one lad, but used by a girl on a different forum I post on, so it would be harsh to assume that it’s the same guy.

  4. Hobbes Says:

    To add another option in, there’s also a list of Wii console numbers on Koptalk, so anyone with a Wii can potentially add them and send messages that way.

  5. ktm Says:

    is yorkered a bird?

  6. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Yes, probably a Cuckoo.

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