The genuine article and the KopTalk fake

by Rupert Insider

You’ve probably already read the Chris Bascombe article about George Gillett wanting to experience the Kop and how his son, Foster, is setting up home in Liverpool. Click Here

Duncan Oldham of Koptalk has seen it. In fact he has stolen from it for his front page article on Koptalk. He has also stolen an agency photo and misrepresented it as belonging to Koptalk, as he always does.


Today at 01:23 PM Gillett wanted seat on Kop for Chelsea clash

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(Thanks to Paul for the scan).

And as in the past, he is lying again about having photographers at training sessions at Stamford Bridge and Anfield.

“Naturally we’ve got a photographer there ensuring we get plenty of photos of who’s training and who’s not,” he boasted.

And again, “We had a photographer there from our agency to get plenty of snaps for you.”


The false Oldham claim.

The photographer was the famous Martin Rickett who most certainly has never heard of Koptalk . His photos can be found on the Press Association site and they can be used by anyone who pays a fee.


The Chelsea photos on the PA site from where Oldham stole them


The Anfield photos on the PA site from where Oldham stole them

(Thanks to Outside Insider for the research and images).

He tried another version of this stunt last year. He claimed that, at a special day-long meeting with the “suits” at Anfield, KopTalk and “its photographer” had been granted access to all LFC events for the 2006/2007 season. He said the Koptalk photographer and agency was David Rawcliffe of Propaganda (which also includes John Powell).

The blog contacted David. He has never supplied a photo to KT since. If you want to know who Propaganda work for – David and John – take a look at today’s Official Site – and the feature “Brilliant Pictures from a Great Night” which includes 120 pictures from the victory over Chelsea Here


(Not a Propaganda image!)

But we also spoke to the LFC Press Office about Oldham’s claim. Senior officials told us that Oldham had not attended any such meeting, that KopTalk had not been given access to Anfield and no official had ever had any contact with Oldham and never would – his story on Koptalk was yet another barefaced lie.

If you want to see how he lied about the photographer at the start of this season go Here

Before 5th January 2006 Oldham used to be first not only to read Chris Bascombe’s articles in The Liverpool Echo but also to publish them as Koptalk articles five minutes later with a new, false headline that usually went to No. 1 on News Now in a couple of hours. That systemic stealing used to deliver Koptalk about 15,000-25,000 cumulative hits per article.

The way it worked was that someone would click on a Koptalk headline in News Now (which was really a stolen story) and would be taken to a Koptalk page that had a banner in red Caps across the bottom which said “EXCLUSIVE NEWS AND WHISPERS FROM INSIDER ANFIELD, MELWOOD AND THE ACADEMY

They would then be encouraged to click on links to other KT stories, all of which had the same banner headline. These stories were all stolen from the press that day. So the original click to the stolen story featured on News Now – perhaps 5,000-12,000 – would then be converted to 15,000-25,000 clicks unto other stolen stories.

Since Oldham has been booted off News Now, he has tried to continue with a new version of this practice. Today, on the right side of his membership forum, there is a feature entitled “Latest Media” with titles from articles from, for example, Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and online sources such as BBC Sport. You might expect that the links would take you to those sites. But they don’t . They take you to a KT forum page where the articles are pasted word for word. Its outright copyright theft on a wholesale scale.

In the old days he also paid News Now a fee for preferential treatment so that the headlines of the Liverpool Echo and the LFC Official Site – the two sites from where he stole most of his stories – did not appear on News Now or were ranked very low on that site.

Veteran readers of the blog will know how for years Oldham encouraged the idea that Chris Bascombe was a member of Koptalk and even one of its “insiders”.

Until the blog exposed that as a lie, too.

If you have not already seen it, have a look “I thought Koptalk was closed down years ago – Chris Bascombe, Liverpool Echo” Click Here

On 2nd January 2006 the blog persuaded News Now to de-list Koptalk permanently depriving him of up to 250,000 weekly from stolen material. But as today’s steal from Chris Bascombe shows, he ‘s still at it – he doesn’t know any other tricks.

In today’s theft, Oldham ends his article with a reference to George Gillett being a paid up member of Koptalk. So what else is new!

I have a question for Koptalk members or those thinking of joining.

Why pay £30 to a guy who has no relationship with LFC whose news stories are simply stolen from the original sources which you can access free? You can get them from LFC-supporting news aggregators like those listed on the left column of this blog. Or you can get them from other commercial news aggregators. They are free.

Why pay £30 to a guy for giving you his version of a Bascombe story he read ten mintues ago – when you can get the real thing in the Liverpool Echo – it’s free. And Chris Bascombe doesn’t have to fantasize about his relationships with the owners. He has easy access to both.

For new readers, especially if you are visiting from Koptalk, you should know that I spoke to George Gillett several time and he is fully aware of the blog, as is Tom Hicks. George Gillett strenuously ordered Oldham to stop making false claims about him. Tom Hicks has also taken steps to ensure that Oldham will be held to account for his false representations about the nature and content of their fleeting meeting when Oldham turned up on his doorstep in Dallas begging for free baseball and ice hockey tickets.

The George Gillett story

The Tom Hicks story

If any blog reader has the time and energy it might be an idea to copy all Oldham’s images and send them to the Press Association and notify them when he used them, point out the embossed “” and also his claims that their star photographer actually works for him.

(One of the strategic advantages for Oldham going members-only is that he can now hide his theft of images from the rightful owners – unless they also have paid for access to his site. So you will have to scan his pages if you communicate with the Press Association or Martin Rickett.)

Thanks to the KT member whose name I will protect who wrote in today with some ideas about stolen stories and the following introduction:

I have been with Koptalk for about a year, I have to hold my hand up and say I was suckered into the web of deceit. Having been reading Kopblog for a few months I feel compelled to aid in your quest for justice“.

Welcome to the blog and don’t feel embarrassed. Thousands have been suckered before you. After all, who would expect a site that used the name “Kop”talk and was run by a guy who claimed to be “a die-hard Red” would con genuine Reds?

YNWA but Oldham does.


10 Responses to “The genuine article and the KopTalk fake”

  1. dataimaginary Says:

    Good work. Slightly offf topic. Fucking GERRRRRINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

  2. fat_boy_fat Says:



  3. B Zanetti Says:


    Check your e-mail. Hope this helps.


  4. Ian Says:

    Rupert good article mate.
    Oh and just to echo some other thoughts

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Where I am I got to watch it 3 times already, not to mention all the short excerpts.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    Those who read this article yesterday should check it for some additions today.

  7. Scouse Says:

    Surely he can’t claim they are ‘Koptalks agency’ or ‘our photographers’ just because he potentially pays for the photos? (I say potentially as he might not even pay for them)

    Is it worth checking too if he has a right to watermark koptalk all over them?

    The new ‘media’ section of the site is also rubbish, as you say why can’t he just link to the major media sites like everyone else with a snippet. Instead he copys the whole article word for word to attract a few more impressions to his crappy adverts.

    Greed is the downfall of Koptalk

  8. dirtyjazz Says:

    greetings from athens
    you’ll never walk alone in athens

  9. rupertinsider Says:


    He does not have the right to watermark them.

    If you look at the quantity of the photos he uses and the quite high price to use each one, its obvious he could not afford to do it on that scale.

    We have reported it throughout the year to PA. They said they would look into it. Its up to them.

  10. Jonathans Punk Bucket Says:

    It would be nice if they actually decided to something about him.

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