Koptalk Mug Shots

by Rupert Insider

Duncan Oldham hid from the camera for years. Even when he appeared he wore a hat, dark glasses, a wig or a woman’s dress.

But in March and April 2007 he was desperate enough to believe that videos and podcasts might save his dying website. But they didn’t. In fact they put off some who were previously willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

A picture is worth a thousand words and a moving picture is worth a million.


How he’d like you to see him


How he really is


How he would like to be


How his Ma sees him: his current avatar with hand hiding chin


Laughing/crying/trying to move his bowels.


In Love


Greeting a new £30 member from Asia


Listening to his Insider voices


Raffling his Ma in the street for charity


With hitman – “£500 for the bloggers to push up daisies”.


Spreading his arse on the only two cushions in Canada


At the USA Bone Idol audition with his backing vocalist


Caught on cam denying he has the same DNA as a hippo.


Aunty Dunk feeling a bit frisky.


Designated penalty-taker scores for Newcastle UFC


Clare auctions her knickers to military cadets


Clare again, dogging in the snow, meets a fit young lad.


Dunk Driver in Scarborough (just outside Wallsend)


Missing Warren terribly


Peasant boy with biggest Guppy fish he’s ever caught


In character for sick benefits – “depression-anxiety disability”.


D.I.S Fraudster of the Decade – Wallsend and Scarborough branches


Does this make me look (a) fat or (b) stupid?


KT Moderators on 24 x 7 watch for bloggers.


100% pure blood English and No. 1 purveyor of porn to the Royal Family


Clare drinking blood of her latest victim


” I could’ve been a contender, could’ve been a somebody!!


Favourite role-models


Favourite members of the Koptalk Kult

Obsessive masturbatory fantasy

Kitchen Queue

Del Boy with suits, big cheese & Insiders -Wallet, Horse & Anfield Mole


“Katie wants to live abroad with me, don’t you Katie?”


Studying to be a messiah


After 17 Woodpecker Ciders


The Morning After the Night Before


Hello Sailor, its Clare again, remember me?


The S*N always shines at Koptalk – 24 x 7

* This is the first draft of the sticky MUG Shots found in the tool bar at the top of the page. Better ideas welcome!


13 Responses to “Koptalk Mug Shots”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Transferred from sticky:

    Koptalksucks.com Says:
    April 28th, 2007 at 9:15 pm e

    He really is a fat bastard isn’t he

  2. Paul C Says:

    This site just gets better and better! Well done guys. Are there still people out there who believe his lies??

    I’ve only commented on here once before. But my ugly dealings with the fat one came around 8 years ago when I used to run a successful LFC website – and his underhand tactics, even then, were so evident.

    In an e-mail exchange with him in about 1999 I remember him saying something along the lines of “there will only be room for one lfc site – and i will do anything possible to make this happen – anything..” I can provide more info on some of the things he used to do to drive visitors away from my site to his….nasty piece of work i remember thinking at the time…

    Keep up the good work guys…

  3. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    @Paul C;

    Let us know everything. Sounds interesting.

  4. Andy Says:


    A lot of people would be interested to hear about that.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Paul C

    Why not write an article – my email is rupert.insider AT gmail.com

  6. lfc_michael Says:

    Haha. Thanks for that. A good laugh for the weekend!

    Paul C, I’m sure we’d all be very interested to read some new information.

  7. Bubba Zee Says:

    “there will only be room for one lfc site – and i will do anything possible to make this happen – anything..”

    You know what this means? Dunk is going to eat the internet!

    Paul, your story would no doubt be priceless.

  8. dataimaginary Says:

    Paul, nice one. Looking forward to hearing he details in all its gory details.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    I see Tom Hicks and GG failed to tell Oldham about another aspect of their plans for the stadium.

    They are asking for new planning permission and intedn to leave the original Anfield turf where it is in the Anfield Plaza.


  10. btb Says:

    Dunk is now claiming he knew this info. He is so knowledgable, so much so that he can’t tell us what he knows until the press print it.

  11. dataimaginary Says:

    I for one, believe him. I believe he’s got an inside track to the new owners, who’ve spilt the beans about all their plans for liverpool. I believe he has a special aggreement with them in which he’s promised only to confirm what he knows once it exists in the public domain. Dunk’s a man of honour, a man of his word, a man that does a lot of work for charidee……..

  12. Jonathans Punk Bucket Says:

    hahaha thats typical Oldham behaviour, I’m sure his usual arse licking disciples are believing every word he says and can’t believe he already knew this. He really is ‘Da Man’

  13. Paul C Says:

    I’ve posted this elsewhere but…

    Some of the things he used to do:-

    1) He’d clearly copy and paste some of the stories I’d put up on the site. This was evident because some of my spelling mistakes we’re in ‘his news articles’. I’ve tried to get some waybackwhen archives of this but to no avail as of yet..

    2) He contacted Barry Venison directly soon after Barry had started writing articles on my site – and lured him away offering him better exposure for his bid4sport.com site. Barry personally rung me up to say this, saying that Koptalk says they had “a much bigger audience” and they would give him access to his “user database”.

    3) Back then link sites were quite a good way of getting traffic – I used to know someone who ran a football diretcory/link site and had to ban his site due to illegal ‘hits’ adding up on Koptalks listing.

    4) I used to get e-mails from lfc fans constantly even back in 1998 saying how it was obvious that Koptalk was conning fans with sensationalist headlines on newsnow.

    5) Back then he was tough on his forums – I repeatedly got banned as my username was my site name.

    There are a few more bits and pieces that he did – I’ll add them soon.

    Cheers once again!


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