"I finally left Koptalk" – Warren

by Rupert Insider

paranoia.gifIn the innermost recesses of der bunker Oldham daily grows more paranoid. He thinks paying members are spies from the outside world – even from the blog. That’s more or less what he said about “Warren” – who took him on in a debate last week.

Eventually his paranoia got the better of him. He locked-out Warren at 10 am on Thursday April 26th, 2006.

Warren explained it all in a post on the Koptalk thread on Est 1892.

“Dunk locked me out when I responded to a post where he had claimed that he knew Robbie Fowler had been signed purely as a PR stunt. Rafa didn’t want to sign him, he said, but was told to do so by Parry and Moores.

I responded something along the lines of, I can’t see that Rafa would sign a player he actually doesn’t want. Do you know your claims are true or are you just saying you think they are?

Why not ask your mate Parry or your other mate, the gateman at Melwood?

10 seconds later I was locked out.”


Warren then gives an account of the correspondence that followed. It ended with his letter of resignation. Here are some quotes from that:

“Most members quickly discover that Koptalk is a site about the owner and his family, his prejudices and his money-making projects – oh and the small facts that the owner isn’t and never has been a LFC fan and has no contacts within the club or even remotely connected to the club, who uses pictures from an agency and claims to have had a photographer of his own at training sessions, who claims to have the ear of the new owners yet when he posted a video it was quite clear Hicks had no idea who you were. I could go on and on but I am growing rapidly bored.

Koptalk survives only because of your cult-like control and censorship over your few remaining members. Your wild claims of hundreds of new members joining every week are obviously not true and are nearly as laughable as the Chelsea-ticket thread with all of the fake members with no post history. Classic Koptalk that one!

When questions are asked and points made that would be considered normal on every other site, you cancel memberships on a whim.

I am pleased with the fact that I drew you into open debate, probably the first time a Koptalk member has done so in the last 2 or 3 years and was able to show the poverty of your reasoning and your prejudices. I was able to show that you were unable to tolerate even the mild, even-tempered debate I gave you. In the end you had to ban me to avoid looking dumb. I am now satisfied that I gave you a chance and you kindly demonstrated that what so many of your critics say about you is actually true”.

Blog Note: Oldham was very upset when Rafa signed Robbie Fowler. After all, in his delusion of grandeur, it was Oldham who drove Robbie out of LFC in the first place.

See our treatment of that sorry episode in Koptalk’s history HERE and HERE


71 Responses to “"I finally left Koptalk" – Warren”

  1. Koptalksucks.com Says:


    You have been saved from Koptalk. That 90% of the problem sorted. The final 10% is finding out just how bad Oldham is. Have a read about his Sky card scams from back before Koptalk. His entire adult life has been spent scamming people. He is scum.

    Welcome to life outside Koptalk. You have been liberated.

  2. lfc_michael Says:

    Also, have a search for the articles about fake memorabilia and the charity stuff.

    It depends, really, what you find most shocking. I think I resent most his claims to have access to privileged information, only to contradict himself at the time or later. See the articles about Fowler (an episode that played out on his free sites and which I well remember myself) or the more recent episode, where he supposedly had tapes with which to drive Crouch from the club — when he chose, of course.

    Then there was the legendary meeting with Parry, when he apparently had information that RP wanted. Look around here and you’ll find a screenshot of that astonishing, and entirely false, allegation.

  3. SteveO Says:



    clearly shows the railway bridge they drive under just before passing bridon

    The petrol station he passed just before he arrives back at the palace is almost certainly

    Bewicke Service Station
    Bewicke Rd Industrial Estate, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear NE28 6LX

    Therefore, palace Oldham is clearly the newly built dump to the west of the petrol station



  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Steved O

    Nice job.

    What is that street address? How far is it from the KT shed?

  5. Hobbes Says:

    A little note on the subject of people taking a while to quit Koptalk. I like many people (in the past!) was a member for a while. I often wondered about some of his claims (football and non-football related) because they often didn’t add up. However, there were some good posters on the forum, and a few with what seemed to be genuine inside info, so I remained a member. I didn’t (and don’t) spend a hell of a lot of time on the net so it didn’t occur to me to either look for other LFC sites, (even when koptalk went downhill), and why would I bother to search on google for koptalk to see what others thought of it?

    It’s only when I noticed an irregularity with my subscription payment that I started to look around, found the blog, and took things from there.

    I was always slightly suspicious of Oldham, but never imagined the extent of all the lies, charity scams and s*n supporting. Maybe I’m naive, but why would you imagine that about any LFC fan?

    The cult analogy is indeed very fitting, he certainly tries to brainwash his members. My guess is that some are aware of the blog but choose to ignore it. After all, he’s always vaguely muttering about other sites, run by ex-members who are out to get him. If you are a koptalk member who goes on the site every day and are one of his online mates, then it’s understandable you are more likely to believe him than someone running a blog who you don’t know.

  6. fat_boy_fat Says:


    This shows KT Towers in relation to where SteveO had figured out Where the 2 prats were. Not very far from ‘The Shed’

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Are you saying he lives or works in that builiding marked by the green arrow? It doesn’t look like a residence.

    Does he have a new house, does he till use the shed? Did he sell the other house (which was registered to his estranged wife and had a Halifax mortgage on it). Did he sell it as part of a divorce settlement? Is this the source of his cash?

    Lots of meaty questions there for our slueths to work on.

    We do need his address to serve notice of court actions.

  8. Spudo2 Says:

    I don’t know what to believe anymore. Some of it is conjecture, some just baseless allegations but I must admit that a lot of it is pretty compelling and hard to argue against.

    What I don’t understand is why the club have not taken any action over this? The apparent apathy being shown by the likes of Rick Parry towards the genuine supporters being fleeced by KT is unacceptable IMO.

    Finally, I still don’t hate the guy. I think his behaviour is a result of the events that have occured in his life – the suicide of a parent would f*ck anybody up.

  9. dataimaginary Says:

    Spudo, well Parry has a job to do – running LFC, during a lot of this period he’s been up to his neck in takeover. However the club are working with the blog, the new owners have read it, they know the score. I’m sure Rupert wont mind me letting tha titbit out of the bag.

    Legal procedures are always long winded and painfully slow. Be patient.

    Message for dunkin: everything you do is being tracked.

  10. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Ignore my 2 links above. They have not saved correctly.

    By the green arrow you can see ‘directions’. Click on ‘directions from here’ and then type in KT shed address NE28 7JH. It will show you how close it is to the address SteveO used for his previous map.

    And to see how he gets to St James park here is their postcode NE1 4ST

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    So is steve saying he now lives in one of those houses by the green arrow? Did it show a house in the video (I did not watch it to the end).

    The map gives the postal code, we need the street name and number.

    A few months ago he said they had moved their offices, and then started some nonsense about they may be operating from Melwood. I guess that was an indication they had move out of the Bede Crescent house to this new one.

    So it would appear he has moved away from his mother and her husband who lived next door in Bede Crescent. And away from the shed. Has Steve moved in with him at the new place?

    I doubt he would rent out the old place – its a low income neighbourhood and had the shed attached – I can’t see it being economic to convert it to a small rent.

    Would there be any records in the Planning and Environment office if he had been ordered to remove the shed? I know complaints were made to them about it.

    It could explain where he raised cash. If the Bede Crescent house was sold and the mortgage paid off that would leave some equity which would need to be split 50% for any divorce settlement.

    I doubt he could afford to buy the new place. (He would find it hard to get a mortgage because he does not declare a job or income and has many judgments against him in CC – his estranged wife had to get the last mortgage because she was the only one with a job – a teacher). He may be renting it. Then again if he had a stash of cash from the Lauren appeal……….

    He’s facing a cash crunch. A blog contributor has been tracking renewals of his annual memberships. More than half of those due to renew in April appear to be gone.

    The great bulk of renewals come in June and July. If he continues to lose more than 50% and does not make them up with new members he is in serious trouble.

    New members may find that he will not be in a position to refund the balance of their membership fee when he closes KT.

    It might also explain why he has started to pay for advertisements for new members.

  12. sospanred Says:


    “Finally, I still don’t hate the guy. I think his behaviour is a result of the events that have occured in his life – the suicide of a parent would f*ck anybody up.”

    That’s such an easy excuse. How many people lose parents, close family mambers or other loved ones suddenly, and then don’t turn into lying, scamming sh*thouses?

    He’s an adult and must take responsibility for his own actions, like everyone else does.

    Have you read up on the rest of the blog yet?

  13. Warren Says:

    Afternoon all.
    I thought I’d just pop by to say hello.
    Its nice to see so many others with the same thoughts about Koptalk and Dunk as I do.
    And contrary to popular belief I have only very recently become aware of this blog, for much the same reasons as Hobbes unless something was wrong with my subscription why would I google koptalk? I had no need to.
    I think there are still some decent people posting on there although over the last year of my membersip the ones with any inside knowledge have pretty much all left, and it was left as pretty much DMH, Murielson and a few others posting things in the chill out room and Dunk posting under his various guises, starting advert threads and copy and pasting from the mainstream press into his own mainstream media forum Or Dunk and Steve posting videos of their month long jolly – acting out various weird sketches and generally acting strange with lap dancers.
    I have no problem with a forum like that, however its not the reason I joined up. I joined to get LFC information first as promised and that just doesn’t happen at all.
    I was questioning Dunk a long time before I was aware of this blog believe me, I am a naturally doubting person and all of the lies he comes up with just shock and disgust me, then I hear the other bits like the rip offs and scams and do I really want to line the pockets of a man who does that? The answers obviously no.

    I feel sorry for some of the members on KT as they are for the most part decent people Spudo, Todda, Goawatson and a few others have all questioned Dunk but have all backed down or made a joke out of it, I know Spudo is aware of this blog and has cancelled his subscription but how many of the others know what Dunk is truly all about?

    I am now using my Est1892 membership and already I am getting much more from a free site than I got from KT which is great.

    And I would like to make it clear to Dunk as we all know he reads this blog
    Ans I quote ‘That loon warren or whatever his name is that we booted out, he emailed me to say that nearly all the entries weren’t real people – told ya, the net’s full of muppets’

    1. I wasn’t booted out
    2. From your awful awful videocast thing it’s clear you are well aware of my name and indeed it is you that is paranoid.
    3. Most of the entries in that competition were totally fake.
    4. I didn’t email you about this subject alone as you are clearly trying to get people to believe, I stated it in my email to you along with many other anomalies apparent at Koptalk. you can check est1892 if you need reminding as I’ve posted the full email on there http://www.est1892.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=20399.

  14. SteveO Says:


    The green arrow on the link I posted is the petrol station you see in that video of his. He then drives down Berwicke avenue for a while then makes a turn or two. There are bay windows visible in the house where the fat git sits supping cider. I think I am going to have to watch the video again and I have just had dinner so forgive me if I don’t tonight (cue oldham removing video)

    5 Swan Avenue does not appear to have been sold for a while Bede Cresent has recently



  15. rupertinsider Says:



    The date of the last sale and the price for No. 5 Swan Avenue coincides with our previous records to the effect that Oldham bought it for 29,950 on 15th March 2002

    But it was registered to Marie Clare Oldham on 22nd July 2003 as being “under 60,000” at the time. A Halifax mortage was placed on it.

    He talks about his mother being “across the street” or “next door” . Conceivably that could be No. 4 Which sold for 25,000 on 31st January 2006. That’s a very low price especially since it was a detached house and the other two on that report were semis.

    It was about then he started to say that they had moved the KT HQ.

    The stats on that site may not be up to date. Can anyone get access to the land registry?

  16. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    Here is a thread from KrapTalk with a video showing the new Koptalk HQ (just for the summer by my understanding).

    Take a look: http://audiohosting.org/koptalk/dunkbolthole.htm

  17. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    Dunk had also increased the time you could search on his forums from 1 day to a more reasonable 1 month. Today it went back down to 1 day.

  18. Jonathans Punk Bucket Says:

    That looks like an Easyjet flight do Easyjet fly to Malta, I didn’t think they did.
    I’m in work so can’t access the Easyjet website but it’ll be worth someone having a look.

  19. Ian Says:

    If it is an Easyjet flight then it hasn’t gone to Malta so they’ve either got a connecting flight or it isn’t Malta. Did they fly from Newcastle? If so then most likely it’s one of Alicante, faro, Ibiza, Mahon, Malaga, Nice or Palma.

  20. Jonathans Punk Bucket Says:

    On the video it says they went to London then went to the new HQ! But that could just be another oldham lie.

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