Steve MacNeish of Koptalk – Fool or Fraud?

by Rupert Insider


At 16 years of age, if not earlier, slowly and carefully, with his tongue sticking out, he used a broad nibbed marker to sign fake certificates of authenticity for fake LFC memorabilia.


He’d had lots of practice because he also forged the signatures of Liverpool players on the fake memorabilia – on the footballs and shirts.


He knew it was fraud because he helped promote the sale at prices that ranged up to £500 for shirts and £110 for footballs.

He packed the fake merchandise and took it to the parcel-post and sometimes delivered it personally by Koptalk vehicle. And when the suspicious recipients sent emails and opened support tickets asking where were the “independent certificates of authenticity” that were part of the deal, it was Steve MacNeish who strung them along, sometimes for months, ignoring their enquiries, postponing responses, making empty promises, and finally, only when cornered, issuing his own fake certificates of authenticity. (The spelling of his name on the certificates seems to be “Macneish” but elsewhere it is “McNeish”).

He’s the guy who also dodged inquiries from members whose PayPal accounts had been double dipped – charged twice for membership. Again, when taken by surprise by telephone, he had his smooth, well-practised patter ready – “well why don’t we just let the double charge stand so that you will have paid two years in advance, instead of one”.

Its a year this week since Steve MacNeish ran away from home and his so-called life with his so-called half-brother Duncan Oldham.

Oldham was devastated. He wailed for a week or more on the Koptalk forum. There was nobody to fetch his hot dogs and Woodpecker cider, nobody to act as a listening-post as he boasted about how clever his latest scam was or ranted about his enemies, nobody to act as straight man in his never-ending Punch and Judy show, nobody to repeat his every word approvingly and laugh at his jokes and nobody to deal with the unwashed hordes of Koptalk members complaining about their membership, passwords, double-dipping, fake memorabilia,or deleted posts and threads – and nobody to scratch his arse.

If Steve, (“bless “im”) did not come back, Oldham vowed he would give it all up – he would give up Koptalk. Without Steve it was all too much for him.

There were times when he sounded more like an abandoned lover than an exploitative employer.

And when Steve did come back Oldham brought out the fatted calf he had prepared for the prodigal. He declared that his porn and footy web empire would be Steve’s one day, lock stock and barrel.

And to show he was serious he appointed him Director of the Community and Editor of Koptalk.

One of the perks of being a VIP at Koptalk is you get to change your name, as in this notice.

* From 1st Aug your KOPTALK.COM Editor is Steve Oldham

So a kind of marriage, then?

To make room for the rising young star, Oldham kicked himself upstairs, appointing himself Executive Editor. But Steve would be the main man – or main boy – from now on.

It would be Steve (MacNeish) Oldham, for example who would travel to London to interview candidates for the job of Editor of Oldham’s proposed “sister” site for Tottenham Hotspurs and who would liaise with Oldham’s Newcastle United site.

But Steve’s appointment to senior management in the one-man-and-a-boy site left a gap at the operational level.

Oldham solved the problem by allowing Steve carry on as both chief cook and bottle-washer. He may have become Prince Regent but he could still carry out the duties of 3rd footman.

In fact Oldham commented on it several times on Koptalk that Steve worked 18-20 hour days without a wage.

He slept in the Koptalk shed and his only reward, said Oldham, was unlimited access to porn on the Koptalk computers.

But if anyone was concerned about a 16 year old simpleton in this situation – not to worry, Oldham assured us – because from his bed he kept a closed circuit TV camera trained on Steve all night.

(Lest anyone object to the word “simpleton” – let me remind you that it was Oldham who repeatedly referred to how thick Steve is).

It was all a bit confusing for us. Should the blog report Oldham to the Anti-Child Slavery Society or the both of them to the fraud unit of DSS?

As the blog started to kick in, Oldham found more uses for Steve (MacNeish) Oldham. He would be the new, fresh face of Koptalk.

Whenever an appearance was called for as between Oldham and members or an outside group – he would send Steve. When we warned Alder Hey Children’s Hospital of Oldham’s history and they decided not to let him anywhere near the children in their care, Oldham sent Steve.


If there was one thing Steve could do very well it was look harmless – as in the photo with the prolific RichT at a free Goodison Park dinner in December 2006.

He was 17 by then and as you can see feasting on the fatted calf had put on a few pounds. But he’d lost some of it by March 2007, as in the next photo taken in a motel somewhere in the USA with the ever-present Oldham camera searching out the beloved Steve – even in the intimacy of their shared bedroom.

So is he fool or fraud? Is a member of a cult responsible for the cult? Does someone of his young age and low intelligence have diminished responsibility?

His running away and his fluctuating weight indicates stress. But I doubt its stress from a bad conscience. He seems to enjoy the fruits of his and Oldham’s scams. It beats working for a living.


But something is going on.

Oldham took back from Steve the title of Editor recently, quietly and without explanation (as though he had ever actually given it up).

Cousin Katie seems to have assumed most of Steve former duties for keeping the site ticking over with empty-headed posts. In fact, Steve (MacNeish) Oldham has not been prominent on the site for a few months except in the videos of the jolly folly and in excruciating podcasts in which he is almost unintelligible when he speaks.

Oldham is back to musing in public again whether he will take his footman with him to his foreign bolt-hole or use him as a stooge to be the front man in the UK while Oldham pulls the strings from somewhere at a safer distance from the UK courts.

In fact, just how would the courts sort out the degree of culpability as between the organ grinder and his monkey if they were eventually faced with that problem?

Will Oldham object to Steve’s probable defence – that he was only obeying orders?

And will Oldham claim that he had no idea what his stupid relative was doing in his name?

Hmmmm. Tough one to call.


(All photos in USA and Canada courtesy of fat_boy_fat)


15 Responses to “Steve MacNeish of Koptalk – Fool or Fraud?”

  1. dataimaginary Says:

    Almost feel sorry for the kid. Fancy having Dunkin as a role model. He’s been “groomed” to always go for the easy (criminal) option.

  2. dataimaginary Says:

    Another thing, that picture of the football is a hilarious fake. You can tell that the signatures are all provided by the same person. The weight of mark is identical on all of them is identical.

  3. Says:

    I suspect Dunk has plans to build Steve up and one day have him for Sunday dinner.

  4. Paulos Says:

    Have you seen what the aft one is up to now? Competition for a Chelsea ticket – hardly any takers; all of a sudden 24 pages of it nearly all from fictitious accounts that allegedly have a post history but when you check them, there’s nothing there.

  5. SteveO Says:

    I think legally is it best to go after Steve, he did know the shirts and balls are counterfeit and there is no way he could not have known it was illegal.

    Steve, you are going down one way or the other, Oldham will sort himself out first and drop you like a stone. Your only hope is to start gathering evidence of Oldham’s wrongdoings before he does drop you. Copies of *everything*, send them to the blog’s email or whatever before Oldham leaves you in the shit. Remember small time henchmen get away with a slap on the wrist when they shop Mr Big (literally in your case).

  6. lfc_michael Says:

    Does anyone else think it’s not a coincidence that his daughter, at least ostensibly, is to front the venture, while he made Steve the editor of the main site for a period and may well do so again if he does abscond abroad?

    It’s as if he’s trying to dissociate himself from the sites, perhaps hoping that it would be more difficult for LFC or individuals to take action against him.

  7. fat_boy_fat Says:

    @ LFC_michael.

    What is shows is that he has no balls. He is a whimp that runs away and lets his daughter and step brother take all the flak.

    What man(i use that word very lightly with him) would use his own daughter. He is a complete w*nker. It really pisses me off when he uses his kids for his own means. He has no boundaries

  8. red from oz Says:

    steve is guilty of being both a fool and a fraud, but i do feel a bit sorry for him because he`s been exploited from a young age by oldham.
    the only way out for steve is to shop oldham.if he does he will get let off lightly due to his age and exploitation by oldham. if he doesn`t shop him then he is in big trouble.
    wake up steve,it`s not to late.

  9. Crazy_Bobby Says:

    Off topic slightly but the latest on the frontpage of Koptalk

    LIVE FROM LONDON: We had a photographer at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday snapping approximately 40 photos of the Liverpool FC players getting put through their paces by Reds boss Rafa Benitez.

    Do people really believe that they had their own photographer there and didn’t buy/not buy the photos from an agency?


  10. IrishRed Says:

    Welcome **** ***. [Log out]
    Forum List My Stuff Calendar Active Topics Search FAQ

    We cannot proceed.
    You cannot make another search at this time. Please try again in a few minutes.

    Please use your back button to return to the previous page.

    -When I tried to view posts made by loads of 1 or 2 post new members in the COME WITH US TO CHELSEA v POOL thread….this is what I got….you have to wait aaages before you can search again…is this his way of trying to fend off people checking up????

  11. btb Says:

    IrishRed, got the same thing, some members yu could check up on but any with very few posts you couldn’t. Most prob don’t exist.

  12. Crazy_Bobby Says:

    Its his way of making the site look busier than it is.

  13. seenthelight Says:

    im the sort of person who actually feels sorry for steve,whether its warranted or not.
    i mean hes probably happy being dunks lap dog,and some might say,why wouldnt he be happy being a lap dog getting an all expenses payed trip to canada and the states,plus all the other trips they go on.
    but still,watching the videos i did watch,i honestly felt sorry for him.
    if he is indeed only 17 or 18 i think its understandable that he done and still does what ever dunk asked of him,for some unknown reason he probably looks up to him.

    as i said though,my pity is more than likely for nothing as hes probably every bit the shit that dunk is.
    but i still pity him because no man in their right mind would put up with being another mans lap dog.
    i suppose steve could be considered a man?
    so we`ll see soon enough whether hes willing to be dunks lap dog for the rest of his life.

    think about it steve.
    50 years old,sitting at home on your own because dunk will never allow you to find a partner.
    the phone rings,its dunk and he wants you to pop down to kfc to get him a 21 piece of chicken bucket plus a large bottle of pepsi,and dont forget the gravy,beans and corn on the cob.

    thats your life steve,unless you grow up and become your own man.

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    “50 years old,sitting at home on your own because dunk will never allow you to find a partner.
    the phone rings,its dunk and he wants you to pop down to kfc to get him a 21 piece of chicken bucket plus a large bottle of pepsi,and don’t forget the gravy,beans and corn on the cob.”

    So you reckon Oldham will have gone off meat pies by the time he’s 65?

    I have a different vision taken from the TV series “Porridge”

  15. Steve O Says:

    Now way will Oldham live ’til 65.

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