Jolly or Folly? Koptalk's Dallas Stunt Backfires

by Rupert Insider


Photo: Oldham planning the Dallas fiasco with his Head of Security, Smoove

(thanks to fat_boy_fat for the four photos)

Oldham’s bizzare “jolly” to Canada and the USA was intended to convince the new owners that he should be an Insider. Instead it convinced them that he should be a pariah with respect to their two organisations as he already was at LFC, where he has never been allowed to cross the threshold or have a telephone conversation in all of his eight years involvement with Koptalk.

The new owners did not like the way he misrepresented himself to them or themselves to others. Nor did they like the tacky site he has set up since he got back to the UK. It tarnishes the name of their bright new venture – Kop Football Ltd.

The blog has shown how Oldham was chased off the internet under his false name of Del Johnson by the police, Trading Standards, and numerous victims of his criminal frauds . He’s now going to be chased away from LFC under his true name, Duncan Oldham.

He is, should be and will be a pariah at LFC – an outcast.

He spends a lot of his member’s money on gambling. He gambles most days on horses, dogs and various other events. He encourages his members to gamble with him, too, because he gets a commission on all their bets. In March he gambled more than 5,000 on the booze-filled, month-long “jolly”. That’s money his members sent him to improve Koptalk and to contribute to so-called charities. The gamble was that a road show to Montreal would save his dying site.

So how did he get it so wrong?

We’ve dealt with much of it already in the blog post The Truth About the Koptalk Konman’s Montreal Kaper.

Oldham was the most avid reader of that post. He read it over and over in upper New York State at the home of someone he describes emotively as his “best friend in the whole wide world” – a guy he met on X-boy two years ago – Smoove.



The Koptalk Nightclub Owner/Tesco Branch Manager supervises the training of his two bouncers in an exercise which simulates the culling of customers who ask awkward questions. (Click enlarge)


When he is in one of his manic phases, Oldham suffers from grandiosity. In those episodes he really believes he is a somebody. So it stung when the blog ridiculed his infantile behaviour and thuggish appearance on the first “jolly” videos which showed his outward journey in airports and taxis and in the Montreal night club chatting up “prozzies”. He replied that was not really him, just a character he was playing for our amusement.

But his royal dignity was restored when he blagged two free seats for the Montreal v Toronto game. They were the only seats with loose cushions in the entire Bell Centre, he assured us breathlessly. So blog that! “We” was a somebody after all! And those seats – those cushioned seats – were all the justification he would need for the trip and its heavy cost.

It was a crushing blow, therefore, when at Smoove’s house, just before he was due to return to Montreal for his triumphant return flight to the UK, he read that the blog had been in conversation with George Gillett in Denver and had provided a true account of what had happened. He saw the number and contents of the Comments after that post. He knew the game was up. Grim reality beckoned.

But he wasn’t ready. He wanted to linger a little longer in the cocoon of hangers-on he had brought with him. They told him repeatedly what he wanted to hear. It was like a travelling mini-cult. He didn’t want to return to the UK and the blog.

So, with the predictability of a gambling addict, he decided to play the same hand again. Maybe this time it would work. He would rent a budget car and drive thousands of miles to Dallas.

He had already decided to start a new site about the new stadium. It was a subject of intense interest to LFC fans and could expect heavy traffic that would generate much advertising revenue. I suggested publicly that some of the authentic LFC sites should look at doing something similar – if not a separate site – at least a section in their existing sites. Indeed, some of them were already moving in that direction.

But Oldham thinks like a con man. He is always looking for the competitive advantage that misrepresentation or outright lying provides. That’s how he had run Koptalk – years of lying about how he was an Insider with special access to exclusive information from LFC. And he knew that despite all the years of contradictions and wave after wave of mass exoduses from his site by disgusted readers, there were always enough fresh “suckers” on the net willing to believe what they wanted to believe – that shareholders, directors, future investors, executives, manager and players would risk their careers and reputations to provide inside information to anonymous members of Koptalk who had paid a scruffy conman from Wallsend for the privilege of being a user of his website.

So it wasn’t surprising that he would claim that his new stadium site had a special relationship with the owners, especially Tom Hicks. Not surprising that he would steal the domain name of their UK company, Kop Football Ltd as he had stolen the domain name of LFC’s Official Site in the past. Not surprising that he claimed that he would introduce those who visited his site to his two new personal friends, Tom and George. They valued his site, he said, because it gave them more authentic access to fans than their own LFC Official Site or any of the other 60 LFC sites in the world. Anyone familiar with Oldham’s lies could have written the script for him – as I did in a prior warning to George Gillett – although I must admit, I overlooked the fact that he would make all these claims while pretending to be his 12 year old daughter.

So when Oldham was in Smoove’s house he figured that a trip to Dallas would add a little credibility to his site. He would make a video of the stadium in Dallas. If it got no further than that it would be sufficient. But he would also visit the JR ranch of the “Dallas” soap opera. At the very least the trip would postpone reality for another week.

But he hoped for more. While in Dallas, after he had done the stadium, he would try to beg tickets, just as he had in Montreal. And there was always the outside chance that he might be able to snatch a photo opportunity with Tom Hicks. After all, a call to his office would cost only a dime. And the number and address was in the Dallas Yellow Pages under – guess what? – Tom Hicks Holdings.

He could hardly believe his luck, therefore, when the nice lady who answered the phone said “come on over, y’all”.

Like thousands of people who have been conned by Oldham on Koptalk she would never have believed that someone who claimed to be a “die hard Red” intended to exploit her. And when she heard him say that he was a personal friend of George Gillett and his recent guest in Montreal as well as being the owner of a major media outlet in the UK and the No.1 LFC supporters site she had no reason to believe that he was lying.

So over he went. And when he was ushered forward we heard Tom Hicks – the man Oldham would later claim had invited him to Dallas from New York – say, “what’s your name?”.

The nice lady who took his call could not see the crudeness of his manner and appearance on the phone. But face-to-face Tom Hicks could. The meeting was short and sweet. It amounted to a few routine remarks about LFC already made in numerous press interviews, a forced smile for the camera, and Oldham was sent waddling on his way out of the office.

There’s a phrase in Shakespear’s Macbeth.

“Vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself and falls on the’other side.”

Oldham made a strategic error when he went to Dallas in reaction to our exposure of his Montreal trip. It was vault too far. And now he has fallen on the other side.

Since his return he has made references to his need to liquidate assets, and he is testing the waters for another fake charity appeal that he can skim and he talks incessantly of finding a foreign bolt-hole. All this suggests to me that he may already have sniffed something about the heat that will be brought bear for the embarrassment he has caused the two owners and genuine LFC supporters all over the world.

The blog will play its part in sending him packing. We will work with seasoned professionals.

But we need the testimony of anyone who has been overcharged, or who was sent fake memorabilia, or who knows the details of his ticket-scalping or who is willing to testify that they joined Koptalk because of his claim to have a special relationship with the club or exclusive insider information.

We need the facts and any proof you can offer. We will fully respect your confidentiality.

Oldham’s trip to Dallas has backfired. It has opened up an opportunity to nail him. Now is the time for a concerted effort from everyone who shares the blog’s aims. We’ll let you know what we need, in further detail.

Stay tuned.


88 Responses to “Jolly or Folly? Koptalk's Dallas Stunt Backfires”

  1. rupertinsider Says:


    Its worse than that. He says he has exchanged emails with “new friends” about how much money Rafa will have to spend airily mentioning a 100 million. He does not say who these new friends are although the obvious insinuation is that they are the owners (whose confidences he claims he is sworn to keep). Immediately his cultees start referring to it as good news. Some of them don’t know how he relies on weasel words to insinuate but not state.

    And these “new friends” i.e. the owners are about as profound as RichT.

    They say things like, Rafa will have to account for the 100 million – duh – and not doing anything daft with it – duh – he has to be reasonable etc. But its all ok because Oldham tells us that Rafa is sensible. And he should know – he went to Valencia to check him out.

    There’s another beauty where he predicts Rafa will manage Real Madrid one day, and Oldham will not stand in his way!

    To use his own analogy in the same thread – the more he makes claims, insinuates or allows his paying members to believe that he gets such information from one or both owners, the more rope there is to hang him – or should I say “cull” him.

  2. fat_boy_fat Says:


    Its because the Koptalk Forum is a hidden forum on Est.
    When you are logged on to the main page you will see a title Est1892 subscribtions. Click on that and then the thread extra forums.
    Then you will see ADD FORUMS. select the koptalk one and you will be able to see it. Any problems PM on est my name is fowler_god

  3. rupertinsider Says:


    I rarely visit Est 1892 so don’t know if their procedures have changed, but it may be that you have not selected to access their X-rated Koptalk thread. You actually have to opt in to “receive ” it.

    Somebody sent me screenshots of the original thread from KT – but I don’t want to quote them verbatim in a special post. It would also be superfluous if they are posted in full on Est 1892. But if somebody wants to post any of them in this comments section, go ahead.

  4. Bubba Zee Says:

    Hi folks,

    The transcript of Warren vs Fatso is on page 13 the ‘Kraptalk’ thread in the ‘Insider Insider’ section. As mentioned above by fat_boy_fat, you’ll need to specifically add this forum to view the contents.

    My personal highlight was Dunk using his ‘behaviour > nightclub > bouncers > good kicking’ analogy followed by Steve & Smoove popping their heads round the virtual door.

    I ask you, what kind of club would have those three dibbicks as management & security?


  5. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I ask you, what kind of club would have those three dibbicks as management & security?

    The Koptalk themed nightclub? Coming to a major city near you! 🙂

  6. Another fatty Says:

    So Fatty’s going to live abroad? Leaving soon? So why do this then?
    #144474 – 1 minute 9 seconds ago
    I’ve subscribed to Setanta Sports
    Dunk Dunk Administrator
    Registered: 20/08/04
    Posts: 17829 I’ve subscribed to Setanta Sports. I’ve got my eyes on next season’s Premier League coverage of course but I’ve actually subscribed so I can keep an eye on Gillett’s and Hicks’ teams (Ice hockey, Baseball) for you. Pundits often talk about the owner’s plans for example.

    Anyway I’ve been impressed so far. They do have an offer on at the moment if you want to take a look.

    He can’t remember which lie he’s in the middle of telling any more.

    He also didn’t mention if this was going to be fitted in his shed or in this fully-kitted-out Outside Broadcast van he was going to buy.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve add three photos from fat_boy_fat’s collection to the post above. In view of Oldham’s claims that Smoove and his brother are his business partners in real estate invesmtents, note that it is a low income neighborhood and next to a very cheap house (by USA standards) . I wonder if that is Smoove’s brother loping away in the background to close another deal for the two of them.

  8. JohnPaulRingoandGeorge Says:

    There is already a member on EST1892 called Warren he has 0 posts and joined 28-08-06 – maybe its the same guy

  9. Aaandy Says:

    Hi Bubba Zee, fat_boy_fat & Rupert

    Got it now thanks. I am an ex Kraptalk member for whom the truth dawned last summer, I still can’t believe I was so stupid as to fall for some of the utter rubbish on there.

    It’s very satisfying to watch Oldham slowly spiral down the plug-hole now. Keep up the good work guys, this site is great.

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    Perhaps I should explain to those who have not seen the transcript of the Warren v Oldham thread on KT yesterday what I meant by references to Tesco and Night Clubs in the caption to the photos in the post above.

    Oldham said he had a good idea of the names on KT who still needed to be “culled”. This was a thinly veiled threat to Warren. He backed off and said there was no list when Warren tied him up in knots.

    The there was a surreal discussion of what the manager of a Tesco would do if a customer asked awkward questions and how the Owner of a night club would call in the bouncers – and the on-cue arirval on the thread of Steve and Smooth.

  11. McWar Says:

    I wonder what his neighbours make of his little HQ?

    Perhaps they would start to increase the pressure on him if we targetted them? Do they know what is going on there?

    Perhaps it’s time we informed them?

  12. Bubba Zee Says:

    I wonder what George Gillett (he’s a paid-up member of Kacktalk dontchaknow?) would make of Dunk’s claim to have spoken to ‘those in the know’ about the £100m budget?

  13. seenthelight Says:

    below is an extract from an email from dunk to myself explaining why i had banned myself.
    If you go into a nightclub and get involved in a fracas then you’ll go,even if you did nothing wrong, paying customer or not.
    I doubt the manager would come and explain why his doormen got rid of you. I’m trying
    to put this into a honest perspective.
    its like a mantra he lives his life by.
    omfg,how does this man not get that theres a difference between a fracas and a difference of opinion.
    in the world i live in people do not get banned from establishments for voicing an opinion.

    fair play to this guy warren,its another nail in the coffin.
    and hopefully its another grain of doubt in the heads of those who have still not seen dunk for what he is.

  14. Ron Nasty Says:

    So he’s a bouncer then. Figures.

  15. rupertinsider Says:


    What we need is someone to go there physically and see whats going on.

    This is the address of his shed:

    Address: 5 Swan Avenue, off Bede Crescent, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, NE 28 7JH

    Oldham bought it for £29,950 on 15th March 2002. Map Ref:
    The url is a satellite photo the shed.

    I doubt he got planning permission for such an eyesore and if he did I doubt he would say it would be used 24 x 7 and house computers that ran a porn site and gambling.

    A couple of months ago he said he had moved his office – but I put that in the same category as he is now based at Melwood, is going to Malta and will run it from New York. They are a mix of wishful thinking and attempts to put off legal suits, tax and benefits fraud inspectors and debt collectors.

    I don’t think Katie works there or his daughter anyone except Steve and his Ma.

    In Shop Oldham at the top of this page I gave the address of the planning department if anyone wants to make enquiries about the permission he got, if any.

    The last time we looked the house was registered to his wife and had a Halifax mortgage so I guess the shed is hers too and she is ultimately responsible for what goes on in it.

  16. RafasBigNose Says:

    I don’t think Katie works there either I believe its another one of Oldhams aliases. In the a thread about the first Horror film you’d seen!! (quality as ever) Katie claimed to have seen The Exorcist aged 9, her mum had hired it from the video shop as a treat for her and her friends having a sleepover!! nice I’d love to let my kids see that film aged 9. Also she remembered it really well how scared her friends were and blah blah blah.
    It was pointed out to her that if she was now 19 that would be impossible as The Exorcist wasn’t available to hire until 1999 ( she’d have been 9 in 1997 or 98)because of a ban or something. ‘Katie’ replied that she was only 18 and the birthday was actually her 10th not her 9th – she’d got it wrong..hmmm after she’d remembered it so well!!….IMO it was Oldham lying and not doing his research yet again.

    Oh and the person pointing this out to ‘katie’ or Oldham

    It was Warren, no wonder Dunk thinks Warren is part of the blog cos he has Oldham sussed and Oldham just cannot live with him in a debate or discussion he just rolls out the nightclub/tesco bullshit.
    I’m sure Warren has banned himself by now

  17. Crazy_Bobby Says:

    The ‘release me’ thread has now been deleted
    Guess that means Ill have to join est1892 to see it then.

  18. btb Says:

    New contact details fr Koptalk from 1st May, he has an 0151 number. How has he done that?

    Number for all interested is 0151 324 1617. He will not accept with hold numbers.

  19. Andy Says:

    He pulled the 0151 number thing last year as well. There are a few entries on the blog about it. It turned out to be a redirection service. Has he forgotten that he’s already tried this one?

  20. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Looks like he’s getting desperate. Changing telephone nyumber, moving(?), selling satelite system etc.

    Has he provided proof that he’s actually back in UK? Or is he running the site from the US?

  21. Chunka Says:

    You Can have a number from anywhere redirected to anywhere. plenty of websites offer this service.

  22. B Zanetti Says:

    He’s becoming more erratic.

    Pulling the rambling madness that was the Koptalk FAQ, announcing more fantasies and now he’s starting more threads than ever in an attempt to give the impression that his forums are ‘alive’.

    This is a testament to the blog and all that have contributed – the Fatman is sweating in his hut as the walls slowly close in.

  23. Tubby Says:

    The future of Koptalk:

  24. Tubby Says:

    Is that a Syracuse University cap Dunk is wearing? Fucking fat prick, what right does he have to wear any University badge? Dopey waster does not have the brains to study at college level. HOwever if there was a Spiv University he’d be the dean.

  25. Tubby Says:

    Smoov looks like a street dope dealer with little ambition but to earn enough to buy a packet or two of Oreo’s every day.

  26. Tubby Says:

    Sing it everybody:

    “Bad Kops bad Kops
    Watcha gonna do,
    Watcha gonna do when they come for you?
    bad Kops bad Kops.”

  27. Tubby Says:

    What Dunk sees when he looks in the mirror:

  28. Tubby Says:

    What the rest of civilisation sees:

  29. B Zanetti Says:

    Tubby – you’re too good!

    re Smoove – does anyone have any details on this guy?

    Also, JD – the ‘tough guy’ moderator who can’t utilise the ‘Shift’ key to use capital letters as appropriate.

    WHO are these people and more importantly WHY are these people?

  30. B Zanetti Says:








    TIME LAPSE BETWEEN TOP 10 THREADS: 1 = 28 SECS, 10 = 10.01 AM

  31. dataimaginary Says:

    Most excellant tubby.

  32. dataimaginary Says:

    Little does dunkin know that JD is infact the insider and smoove is rupert 😉

  33. Uhura Says:

    Good work again fella,

    Have you sent all the photo’s of that fat ugly c**t and his simple bum boy to the Wallsend Job Center +.

    I would love to think that the two greasy f**kwits would have there benefit stopped. I mean do the social know they have been state side

  34. rupertinsider Says:

    However rapidly he cancels one lie and introduces another – be honest – there is always at least a moment when you think – well this time he is telling the truth. And you think like that – despite all your experience of his lies. Imagine somebody who has never met him – an owner for instance – or a new member on his site or someone surfing the net.

    He knows that lying has a short term effect because human society works on the assumption that most of the time most people tell the truth or what they believe to be the truth.

    The criminal mind relies on this “innocence” and exploits it.

    But one of the prices 24 x 7 liars pay is that they are not members of normal society – but have to restrict themselves to a small group that is easy to controlled because (a) it is dependent family (b) low intelligence (d) paid.

    Also notice how first he defends his lie or his explanations with enormous bluster, claiming to be hard done by, that his family is being attacked etc – and all kinds of pompous arguments asking why he would lie about such a thing etc, and then, suddenly he abandons the lie, gets rid of it off his site, and starts again .

    The people who should be asking themselves searchinq questions are those who are not part of his family and are not paid by him (but I believe Smoove is paid, in kind) and who are actually paying him or working for him as moderators. (The latter think they are being paid by free membership) . He will dispense with them if it suits him. They are the truly duped ones. They should ask themselves what they are doing propping up this con artist.

    The only defence Oldham can offer is one he won’t. That his years of lying – which pre-date Koptalk and pre-date his first appearance on the net in 1997 – has brought about a reflex condition where lying is his first response to every situation.

    Fundamentally he has a belief that he has a right to cheat and steal.

  35. Another Fatty Says:

    As far as the telephone numbers are concerned, he can get himself a number looking like it’s from anywhere in the UK and have it forwarded to his PC…

    It’s a condition of use that you’re based in the UK to use this, which he was when he set it up last year. Perhaps it’s worth someone contacting the sipgate people and warning them that this user might be based outside the UK. And failing a satisfactory response, point out to sipgate that if they are allowing him to use this from overseas they are probably breaching the rules laid down by ofcom. They should (should) answer by saying they’ll stop him, or that he’s not using it from overeas.

    My money’s on the latter.

  36. McWar Says:

    Rupert….really busy with work at the moment but I think a trip down there is long overdue.

  37. Another Fatty Says:

    This is poor – Steve’s attempt at impressions…

  38. B Zanetti Says:

    Steve = Pitiful

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