Get rid of the Koptalk Trojan Horse from your PayPal account.

by Rupert Insider


Image: Thanks to Outside Insider

When you enter into a contract with Double-Dipping Dunkin Oldham its like inviting a Trojan Horse  to live in your PayPal account.

– If you have cancelled your membership in Koptalk check now that you are still not paying.

– If you intend to cancel your membership when your current membership expires, cancel your automatic renewal now, because Oldham will activate it even after you think you have left.

I’ll go further.

– Even if you intend to renew your membership in Koptalk – cancel the automatic renewal on your PayPal account now. Oldham will send you a letter demanding renewal of the membership fee one month before its due. That gives you plenty of time to decide whether you want to go ahead with the renewal. In the meantime you will have denied him the opportunity to double-dip when you aren’t looking.

This is how you chase Double-Dipping Dunkin’s Trojan Horse from your PayPal account.

Go to your PayPal account and log in.

Go to My Account

Go to History

Go to Show Menu

Go to Subscriptions

Go to Transaction Details

Select Cancel

Following the cancellation you should receive a confirmation email from PayPal.

It will look something like this:

Dear *******

You have successfully cancelled your subscription to Gold Club Renewal – 1 year.

You will not be invoiced for this Subscription again.

Cancellation Details
Cancellation Date: 6th September 2006
Subscription Name: Gold Club Renewal – 1 year
Subscription number: ***************

Contact Information
If you have any questions about this subscription, please contact KOPTALK.COM Business name: KOPTALK.COM
Contact email:
Contact Phone: +449050280723

Thank you for using PayPal

The PayPal team.



Anyone who paid by a direct deposit from their bank account, should check that they have not left a standing annual order. Cancel any standing order NOW. Its a Trojan Horse, too.


Despite Oldham’s recent drunken claim that George Gillett paid by credit card, it is unlikely that Oldham has a merchant’s account that would enable such a transaction. He probably would not pass the credit and banking checks to qualify for a merchant’s account. Also, he likes to avoid the kind of independent records a merchant account would provide. They would be invaluable to Inland Revenue, the police and the courts. However, we don’t know for certain if he does.

If you ever did pay Oldham for membership by credit card (as opposed to paying PayPal by credit card) it is possible that any original invoice from Koptalk would have sought your authorization for annual automatic renewal. So it is possible that you may still be paying him without realizing. Check your credit card records. Cancel any authorization you gave for automatic renewal





It’s still under construction, especially the last part, and your ideas and input are welcome.


18 Responses to “Get rid of the Koptalk Trojan Horse from your PayPal account.”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Every time we do this article, in one form or another, it costs Oldham because we get letters and comments to the effect that it promtped peopel to cancle. Many say they did not realise he had an automatic renewal mechanism on their account. Many never check their PayPal account.

  2. dataimaginary Says:

    Yes this is his big mistake, I feel. He got too greedy, this could come back to bite him in the arse big style.

  3. russellgsy Says:

    I didn’t realise at first my koptalk account was on automatic renewal. As I intended to just let it lapse. Imagine my surprise when I logged in to my paypal account and saw that money had been taken out. After 1 or 2! emails I finally got my money back. This was last year so I don’t know if people would get any luck now in getting money returned to them as then I was just a small fish in a very big pond. Whereas now I guess I would be a big fish in a small pond!

  4. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else struggling to access the site through the link??? keep getting a time out. Having to use the wordpress link.

  5. dataimaginary Says:

    In the past on odd occaisions I’ve had trouble.

  6. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Ive never had a problem but today its not working on a few computers ive tried.
    Maybe Rupert or II can look into it just incase the link is broke. Wouldnt want anyone trying to find the site unable to access it, espically with the recent little influx of people realising he is double dipping them

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    I’m getting fast connections to my bookmark.

    From time to time, especially late at night UK time – its really slow for maintenance.

    It used to have a page on the dashboard informing us of any problems. But I don’t see it today.

    Insider is the geek. I’ll send him an email but he may be in hibernation.

  8. rupertinsider Says:


    check your mail

  9. Jonathans punk bucket Says:

    Do we know if he can rip people off through Clickbank?

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    What is clickbank and how would it work? Does he uses it?

  11. Homer_Jay Says:

    For me it seems like there has been gathered enough evidence by the Blog to drive the Fat Cunt of the internet if the LFC internet community joined forces. If the club can’t or won’t stop him, the supporters MUST. All LFC sites have, as i understand, kept pretty much silent about Oldham, either of fear or misguided tolerance, because he poses as a Red, which has enabled him to find new victims for 10 years.

    Why not make a short statement from the SUPPORTERS, with links to relevant evidence in the Blog. Get it “signed” by supporting LFC sites and get it out on their newssections. This could VERY quickly create enough awarenes worldwide to flush the turd of the internet. The statement could be something like :

    As a LFC supporters site/forum we want to disassociate ourselves from Koptalk as it is not a LFC-supporting website, but a website createt and run PURELY AND SOLELY for financial gain for the owner D. Oldham, by criminally exploiting LFC’s brand and supporters.

    Since the legal system in England, so far, has been unable to stop his scams we feel an obligation to WARN ALL LFC-supporters about the website and its owner. We have gathered evidence of his scams and we STRONGLY advice you to check that out for yourself before you visit the site or more importantly hands over ANY money to it.

    It has been proven that Kraptalk damages LFC and its reputation by:

    -First and foremost fabricating, selling and spreading malicious rumours and lies about LFC, its staff and the players.
    -Stolen the clubs domain names
    -Diverted and stolen traffic and revenue from the clubs official site via his stolen domain names pointed to his own ads.
    – Stolen countles articles, photos videos etc from the official site and sold them on his paysite as his own, thereby stealing revenue from the official site
    -Sold fake merchandise
    -Ticket touting/scalping.
    -Used LFC and supporters to blackmail bookmakers.

    Duncan Oldham is a proven habitual conman and has numerous court cases and convictions for internet fraud dating way back to the mid-nineties, and on his site he furthermore defrauds liverpool supporters by:
    -For years obtaining advances on a non-existient book
    -Organising fake charities
    -Creating and promoting pyramid scams
    -organising fake and rigged contest without the promised prizes
    -selling fake merchandise
    -rigging payments through paypal for obtaining double payment
    -Not delivering purchased merchandise

    I have seen numorous sites warning about fake memorabilia on e-bay, or other scams targetting supporters. THIS is NOT different, except that it is much bigger. The evidence is overwhelming. In fact i think that in the real world, people who have read the blog and still supported Oldham could be trialed as accomplice. And as of fear of Oldham, there isn’t much to fear (except it if you get sucked in by his gravitational pull like poor steve). He hasn’t got any means to stage invasions etc any more, and they would in fact even be helpfull since he would have to let his “members” out of his cage, where they would be exposed to the evidence.

    COME ON and let’s flush the Turd. It would be very simple and very very quick, only problem is that we won’t enjoy him squeal for very long, but that would save some LFC supporters their cash, and LFC more dents on their image.

  12. rupertinsider Says:


    The blog can’t speak for other LFC related sites – they’re all independent. If any of them did want to organise something like that – or asked our help – perhaps to act as a referee – we would respond positively.

    From my knowledge of the club’s position on the matter I believe something like that would be consistent and supportive of it.

    However, people should not assume that because Oldham is making a lot of noise and the main players are relatively quiet and even silent in public, that no action is being taken. The contrary is true.

    I’ll be giving a summary analysis of where we are soon and I can assure you that Oldham’s position is very much more precarious now than it has ever been before.

    I can understand his sudden interest in finding a foreign bolt-hole.

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    We should pick up the suggestion made here that we should work on getting PayPal to cancel Oldham/Koptalk account.

    Has anyone any experience of dealing with PayPal or any technical knowledge? Could you advise us? Perhaps write up a fool’s guide in the form of letter templates readers could send to the appropriate address at PayPal.

    The comparison was made with what we did in having Oldham banned by News Now. There was at least three of us working on that in addition to readers occasional contributions. It involved a lot of letter writing, statistical analysis and technical software demonstrations.

    At the moment we are working on:

    – systematically removing all links to his site from every LFC site in the world:
    – removing all forms of back links to his site to lower his ranking on search engines:
    – preparing a fools guide for people to claim a refund of overcharges and small claims court actions:
    -preparing a fools guide for people – including those overseas to report directly to the Trading Standards Officer who is investigating Oldham:
    – compiling information on his sale or raffling or auction of tickets above face value and sale of fake memorabilia:
    – preparing dossiers on his fake charities: income: Vat:

    All this takes time. And it does not include other very substantial work we are doing which we cannot divulge but which is of the essence.

  14. bazza76 Says:

    Please note.

    I too got two transactions made from my account after I was banned for asking where everyone has gone.
    But thats not just it. I DID cancel the auto renew part of paypal for koptalk and I was happy with that.
    They still managed to take money out of my account, it seems they set up duplicate debits or something like that, so even after i stopped auto renew, they still took money out, got to the stage where i had to change my credit card details so they couldnt take money out again.

  15. yellowbelly74 Says:

    Hang on Bazza76. They still took money out of your account AFTER you cancelled the auto renew?? That’s very serious. Does anyone know if there is way to block that sort of thing in Paypal?

  16. dataimaginary Says:

    Bazz mate, that’s very, very important news. That’s criminal activity, carrying a judicial sentance. Contact ruper immediately with the details.

  17. bazza76 Says:

    I set up a support ticket at the time. He immediately refunded me after I told him I was having none of it.

  18. bazza76 Says:

    Ok I just checked over what happened again, seems I got it a little bit mixed up, but still here is what hapened.

    I was an honorary gold club member for a bit. But I paid my subscription anyway, was over a year ago now. a few weeks later, they took the money out again, I copped it straight away, sent Dunk a ticket and got the money back.
    By this time I had well lost faith in Dunk and was planning on never renewing again. Was already kinda onto what he was about.
    So I went onto est 1892, found a way to cancel subscription within paypal for koptalk, which were set up to re-occour even though i wasnt aware of this.
    Just to be safe, and knowing Dunks history by this stage. I change my credit card details within paypal, didnt use it for anything anyway. but then a when my subscription was due i got this email from koptalk.

    Dear ***** ******,

    The payment for your subscription to Gold Club Renewal – 1 year failed because
    of a problem with your credit card.KOPTALK.COM has been notified of this failed

    We will try to make payment again on 18 Jan 2007.

    Please change the funding source for this Subscription by clicking this link and
    following the steps below:

    This is what i posted on est1892 at the time:

    Just checked my paypal settings.
    I cancelled my subscription in Jul. 29, 2006. I had to cancel again today to stop them trying to get more money off my paypal account. Thank god i changed my credit card details on the account because I was weary of what may happen.
    So despite me cancelling my pay pal subscription in Jul. 29, 2006, and getting banned from koptalk, they are still trying to get subs from me.
    Fucking chancers.

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