Duncan Oldham's Criminal Past as Del Johnson

by Outside Insider


Duncan Oldham alias Del Johnson alias Del Boy alias Mr. Teflon alias NOSP4M alias UK911 alias Mark Lacey alias The Boss alias Clare

Photo: Thanks to fat_boy_fat


Oldham is thick, we know that. But he has developed some skills as conman. They would not work on the street because his face and manner would give him away. But they work on the net where he can hide behind false names and addresses and use his children and relatives as stooges.But where did he learn those skills? And why did he pick on LFC in the first place?

If you are interested in Oldham’s early criminal career and how he leveraged it into Koptalk.con – read on.


The blog has given a piecemeal account of Oldham’s “Del Johnson” con before. It involved him “selling” non-existent Sky 11 cards in Usenet web groups.

It demonstrates that Oldham came onto the net with the express intention of conning people out of their money.

What hasn’t been pointed out before, is that Oldham only began to show an interest in the LFC Usenet group immediately after the new aliases he had adopted were unmasked as belonging to the man responsible for the “Del” con.

This unmasking meant Oldham had no hope of of making money from the satellite groups again. It was at this precise moment that he suddenly started to focus on LFC.


Although he had always previously claimed to be a LFC fan, it should be kept in mind that during this period he also claimed to be a dedicated Samaritans counsellor, a Trading Standards officer and a girl in her mid-twenties.

Pirated Sky cards were fairly common at the time. There were several large-scale commercial groups in operation. The Sky 11 card, which the hackers hadn’t yet cracked, was about to be launched in early 1997. It was discussed on the newsgroups Oldham frequented. Oldham saw an opportunity – he didn’t have the brains to actually crack the cards himself, but he could simply pretend to have done so.

He began advertising Sky 11 cards for sale or activation in April 1997. Although he posted under the alias of “Del”, he stupidly did so on his usual Duncan Oldham account at first. He had been using the “Del” alias off and on since 1996.

Nobody received the cards, because they never existed.

People were immediately suspicious. They pointed out Sky had yet to even start broadcasting for the 11 card and that Oldham constantly contradicted himself, made empty promises and showed in his old posts that he lacked the necessary technical knowledge to hack the cards.

Warnings ranged from “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” to THIS GUY IS NOT FOR REAL – HE IS A CON ARTIST”. Not everybody heeded them.

It quickly became apparent that nobody except Oldham’s various aliases (which were instantly rumbled) had claimed to have received the cards. Nevertheless, the price of the non-existent cards spiralled to 100-180.

Oldham decided on a new tactic – he would post in his own name and pretend to be willing to help people track “Del” down.

His post was titled “I AM DUNCAN OLDHAM !”

Unfortunately for him, he made it under his “Del” alias. Just in case anybody had missed that cock-up, Oldham repeated the same mistake twice.

He disappeared a few days later.


Oldham returned under a new alias at the end of July 1997. He spent most of his time posting about his beloved radio scanners, but still found time to talk up TV2 football broadcasts. TV2 is a Scandinavian satellite channel which can be picked up (illegally) in the UK with the relevant card and codes. Although he was too cautious to openly advertise their sale, it seems likely he used these posts to fish for business.

Some of the victims of the “Del” con had reported Oldham to Trading Standards, the Royal Mail and the police, but many refused to do so because of the illegal nature of the initial transaction.

Oldham made some laughable attempts to hide his tracks. One claimed “Del” was in fact an undercover Sky employee planted in the group to expose the illegal trade in cards – and idea first mooted by some of his victims. The other said Oldham was living in Jersey.

Nobody was being fooled this time. One response was: “Yep – I can confirm that. I was talking to James Dean only the other day in a bar in Patagonia, and he confirmed everything about ‘Del’. He didn’t go into details because Elvis Presley was hovering nearby, ears flapping.”

In November, Oldham began posting messages goading a North Yorkshire Trading Standards officer named Mark Lacey. He even tried to post false messages in Lacey’s name, but his efforts were so inept they were immediately seen through.

Later in the month, one of the victims of the con posted an email from Mark Lacey appealing for anyone who had been duped to contact him.

In February 1998, Oldham began to post as “Mr Teflon”. This was of course the nickname given to the then US President, Bill Clinton.

Oldham would later say that “I don’t need telling how to cover my tracks, my nickname is Mr. Teflon as in ‘non-stick’ according to the local Prosecutors”. It seems that the case against Oldham had resulted in a minor conviction at most.

But too many people had been ripped off by Oldham’s “Del” con for it to be forgotten.


At the start of May, some of his victims finally identified Oldham’s new aliases as the man behind the “Del” cards scam. Despite his usual hysterical and contradictory defence of his name, any money Oldham continued to make from the sale of cards and other satellite equipment was at an end.

He needed a new source of income and attention. It was at this precise moment that Oldham made his first post in the LFC newsgroup.

Oldham had shown no interest whatsoever in the LFC newsgroup until this point.

He made his first post about LFC in August 1997.

But between then and May 1998, he made only a handful more, an average of about one a month. He made just as many posts about other clubs.

Although he always claimed to be a fan and season-ticket holder, it should be kept in mind that during this period he also claimed to be a dedicated Samaritans counsellor, a Trading Standards officer and a girl in her mid-twenties!

As with the Sky cards before, he saw an opportunity. He didn’t actually have any sources of “inside” information about LFC himself, but he could simply pretend he had.



(click on “View profile”)

(click on “View profile”)

Oldham inadvertently posting as “Del” after the con:


(“Duncan Oldham here”)




Del cards con

All Del’s posts here:


May 1997 – people spot Del’s aliases are the only ones saying they’ve
received the cards

6 May 1998 – price goes up to UKP100/UKP180

14 May 1997- people want to pay Del a visit

20 May 1997 – Bullshit about Del being a Sky spy

22 May 1997 – police etc have been informed

30 July 1997 – Oldham returns as “UK911”

18 Nov 1997 – Oldham post goading Trading Standards officer Mark Lacey

18 Nov 1997 – Oldham making fake post as Mark Lacey but being rumbled

30 Nov 1997 – one of Del’s victims posts email from the real Mark Lacey
requesting info on “Del”

10 Dec 1997 – post from Oldham requesting info on “Del”, implying he is part
of the official investigation

13 Feb 1998 – Oldham becomes “Mr Teflon”
Oldham explaining why he calls himself “Mr Teflon”

7 May 1998 – Oldham’s new aliases are unmasked

10 May 1998 – Oldham makes his first post on the LFC newsgroup


35 Responses to “Duncan Oldham's Criminal Past as Del Johnson”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Welcome Outside Insider. A fine post, well-researched and written, and I hope the first of many.

  2. btb Says:

    Quite a bit of proof there, I like it. Good work mate.

  3. seenthelight Says:

    it seems the Teflon Don has a very long history of being a rotten bastard.
    it also seems his days of thieving innocent unsuspecting people could be coming to an end,keep up the great work guys.
    thanks for the post Outside Insider.

  4. jon Says:

    Strewth…this fella really does want locking up. Great research mate.

  5. Ian Says:

    Will any of this be enough for some of the gobshites who know about his past to stop posting on KT, I fucking doubt it.
    Not constructive I know but after the anniversary yesterday and the fact some of them know about his dealings with the Sun and still post there, I just wanted to get it off my chest.

    P.S. good work Outsider Insider.

  6. rupertinsider Says:


    Yesterday I put together a special stickie “SUN-LOVERS” in the tool bar at the top of this page. Its still under construction.

  7. spsdjone Says:

    How many times does tubby need to emphasise die-hard fans?. Is it because he isnt and only likes going on pepsi jollies?
    Interesting how the book may not even happen now because he hasnt got the time and the people are “after his family”. No fat boy, they are just after you so stop lying!
    As for no time, you had plenty of time to waste driving around america because as you put it, flying would be too easy for koptalk. Get yourself in the directors box, AT LIVERPOOL, with gilette, hicks and parry, get a video of the owners endorsing koptalk. even better, get the video done of the three of them in your little portakabin. even the thought is fucking priceless

  8. Ron Nasty Says:

    Fantastic research and post Outsider

  9. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    If the only thing that happens is that kt readers see the light then he’s getting off lightly. That excellently researched piece should encourage authorities to look into “Mr Manchester Uniteds” current activities and prosecute him, and hopefully look into his history. He doesnt deserve to be able to walk away from the trouble he’s in, with just a ruined website to show for it. He deserves to be done, for stuff entirely unconnected with Liverpool.

    Searches of the old usenet show there were many who were seriously pissed off with him almost a decade ago. I may be wrong but do I recall seeing that they were talking about going up with baseball bats after his sky scam was exposed?

    Ten years! His mods were about six when he was ripping off people on the internet, poor ste may have grown up with this fagin figure hovering over him, offering gruel in return for picking pockets.

    You gotta pick a LFC pocket or two boy….

  10. red from oz Says:

    very well researched article.well done.
    john gotti was known as the teflon don, but just like oldham he thought he could go on flouting the law forever and get away with it. but his non stick coating soon wore off and he went down big time, just as oldham surely will.

  11. dataimaginary Says:

    Brilliant. How about this Disco, still think Oldam is harmless?

  12. HicksandGillett Says:

    Disco is Oldham…lol

  13. Ian Says:

    HaHaHa I’ve often Wondered

  14. btb Says:

    Is there any proof he was Mr Manchester united as that would be a excellent bit of proof he is not an LFC fan. Culd be good to post several links on koptalk to proove it as well.

  15. barry wom Says:

    my god, look how early he was using this tried a trusted line!!!

    “I do try and restrict my postings but it is very
    annoying when somebody pastes stupid allegations and untrue statements,
    why do it ? Jealousy or perhaps you’re just tight sods”

    Jealousy!! hahaha! brilliant Del, I mean Dunk, sorry Clare!! haha.

  16. barry wom Says:

    btb said :”Is there any proof he was Mr Manchester united as that would be a excellent bit of proof he is not an LFC fan. Culd be good to post several links on koptalk to proove it as well.”

    btb I seem to remember he was open about the Mr Manchester United. Something to do with another charity scam if my memory serves me correctly, although I could be wrong. He changed his name and people we’re supposed to sponsor him for the Del Johnson charitable foundation or something. I’m sure someone here has a better memory than me and can give you the full story.

  17. Andy Says:

    The Mr Manchester Utd episode was a publicity stunt pulled by Oldham in the early days of KT.

    He claimed to have changed his name by deed poll to Mr Manchester Utd for 12 months. He never provided any proof of this. It was to raise money for a local cancer charity.

    There was an auction of some signed memorabilia which he may have pocketed some cash from, but aside from that all donations were made directly to the cancer hospice in question.

    It was similar to his recent Alder Hey collection – a PR exercise designed to conceal his bigger con, namely the money he charged for his non-existent insider contacts.
    Oldham was already running pay-only “inisder” services at the time of the Mr Manchester Utd stunt.

  18. Insider Insider Says:

    Good stuff “OI”.

    The Mr Man U stunt was one where the money seemed to actually go to the charity. No pay pal donations, just an appeal to send money directly to a particular hospice.

    At that time I honestly believe any money went to the hospice, but I don’t believe he actually did change his name as he claims. If he had done, using the “deed poll” system, he’d have been able to provide proof of the name change. It costs about £50 or £60 to do. You’d then have to let your bank and others know. He never once produced any proof of that.

    The hospice got the cash, even if he didn’t change his name, so some might think that makes it ok. But he went on and on about that for years, and it worked well in distracting anyone suspicious of him for his scams. It was later on that he discovered he didn’t need to actually let the money go straight to the charity. He found people who just trusted him, people who assumed he did what he said he would.

    It’s funny reading all Dunk’s contradictions. His instinct is to lie first, every time. Then he forgets what he lied about. And being a bit slow like he is, he even forgets which alias he’s logged on as so tells a lie as the wrong person!

  19. Jonathans punk bucket Says:

    Today Dunk has been posting up lots of adverts and links to various products in the NEWS section, one of them was Regcure a spayware program with a hotlink from Koptalk obviously making money out of it from his loyal servants, not long after someone else posted a link to download RegCure for free and was told by Richt71 that it was out of order as Dunk had hotlinked it in the other thread so would lose out on money!
    Todda who seems to be on form these days and is well aware of whats going on (judging by his nice little comments in various posts particularly informers threads) then posted a FAO DUNK thread.

    Im not impressed with you trying to get me to download spyware mate. Programs like that are nothing but trouble and your obviously not linking to it because its helpfull your linking to it to make cash.

    this will actually put things on your pc as well as take them away…keep away if i was you…dodgy program

    Glad im not alone here

    I’ve never had any problems with it. Works a treat for me and things I believe in I share with others. It’s not flagged by any of my spyware software.
    Don’t be paranoid about spyware because a simple cookie can be classed as such by some programmes. I’ll pull the link if you think it’s a bad one.

    Before I used it I searched ‘regcure spyware’ and every link I could find is very positive in terms of fixing and actually removing spyware.
    I class myself as experienced and confident with my computing needs and I find it works a treat.
    If I wanted to make money out of promoting software, I would promote the high-end products. Some people have downloaded it for free on here.
    In future I won’t share such tips. Sometimes you just want to help people. The fact it has an affiliate link is just common sense on my part but you don’t see it advertised on the non-members areas, it was just a heads up.

    I tried this free download (demo) and found it to be rather interesting. However, when I went to purchase it, I could not get up the screen to do so. I also found in Google the reference to McAfee as being a place to purchase it. Well, I went to the “real” McAfee site and they make no mention of selling RegCure. I even emailed RegCure to ask how I go about purchasing their product. Have heard nothing back. Found another reference to RegCure in Google and was promptly told that AOL had just discovered and wiped out a virus (a Trojan!). I’m beginning to think we should stay away from RegCure no matter how good it sounds. I am going to forget about it and go in another direction.
    Nothing but bad news apparently… I think id run a different spyware program Dunk and get rid of whatever it puts on your PC.

    Im only trying to look out for people Dunk im not trying to be a [oops]…

    hey mate I dont care if you put it out and make a million pounds from it I just thought i would pass the comment on what our IT systems manager said when I said I had it on my old work laptop that isnt supported with the job anymore.
    Nearly all these programs probably have something hidden in them anyway.
    I wouldn’t stop sharing things just because of a few peoples comments, i would hate to think i have that power over people but its good to have other opinions too.
    now make my tea bitch

    I appreciate that but I’m not linking to it for cash as suggested, I can cut deals with Smantec, McAfee etc if I want to but it doesn’t interest me.
    If you google it the majority of reports etc are positive. None of my spayware software is flagging it and it’s made my pc run much faster. But if there’s a doubt about it I’ll just pull the link and then everyone’s happy.
    If I find something useful I like to share that info and if there’s an affiliate link rather I’ll obviously take that over the non affiliate links, that’s just common sense.

    Posted By: goawatson
    hey mate I dont care if you put it out and make a million pounds from it I just thought i would pass the comment on what our IT systems manager said when I said I had it on my old work laptop that isnt supported with the job anymore.
    Nearly all these programs probably have something hidden in them anyway.
    I wouldn’t stop sharing things just because of a few peoples comments, i would hate to think i have that power over people but its good to have other opinions too.
    now make my tea bitch

    No I understand totally mate. Your IT guy will know the score. I’m no pro, I’m just passing on from my experiences. The first thing I do before trying anything is check the spyware situation but one person’s opinion of sypware differs.
    It’s not an affiliate deal I’m going to push, I was just trying to help. I’ve pulled it anyway, sometimes I think I treat this place too much like a personal site. I guess it is but computing isn’t my speciality so I’ll stay clear. truth be told if something didn’t work it’d be me that gets it in the ear as usual, I didn’t think.

    Dunk is flapping like fook in this thread and I’m sure it’ll be pulled as they always are, I’m a bit gutted that Todda backed down as he had Dunk a treat then. I love it how he gives it the old ‘I’m taking my ball home’ sulking routine.

    (Sorry to post it like this but I’m in work and can’t screen print or email, You guys may want to put it ina different format or maybe someone can get a picture)

  20. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Another one of fattys alias on the usenet groups is

  21. Jonathans punk bucket Says:

    Forgot to add this “Our member areas are advertisement free” which is stated on the front page of KT. However Dunk is just giving tips to his mates not advertising!!! Twat

  22. rupertinsider Says:

    “Another one of fattys alias on the usenet groups is

    That wouldn’t be John Howard Hunt of Watergate and CIA fame would it?

  23. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Pretty sure he also posted as chunk. Although he only made 3 meaningless posts under that name

  24. Carras_boot Says:

    red fom oz, John Gotti was a tough sson of a bitch though and he didnt shy away when he got sent down were as i think the teflon hom (dunk) would roll over and cry like a little fat bitch.

  25. RedinSweden Says:

    So fatty did a search and it was all positive? He obviously didn’t search too hard. This was on page 2 of my google search


    I love Drunkans miitytastic comment
    “I appreciate that but I’m not linking to it for cash as suggested, I can cut deals with Smantec, McAfee etc if I want to but it doesn’t interest me.”

    What a whopper.

  26. btb Says:

    He’s planning his next act for charity, his members donating shirts so they can be given out in Africa. He would of course offer t go there (not on holiday mind) to give them out.

  27. rupertinsider Says:


    Trips to Spain, Canada, USA, Africa – anywhere it seems except Anfield. I think he is beginning to feel the heat.
    He should get an award from the DSS on showing people how to spin out a meagre sick benefits allowance.

    Shirts for African (and other kid teams) and especially of orphans, as well as Afghanistan orphans, was one of his tricks for winning sympathy a few years ago. But he used to claim that the money came from his own pocket – which was very big of him since he was unwaged.

    So asking for the shirts to be donated is a backward step.

    We are seeing a lot of regression in his behaviour – back to the womb stuff. Expect stories about his dogs now. That’s what he used to write about at the same time he was caring for African and Afghanistan orphans – his racing whippets and how one of the poor beasts died.

    He never told anyone, but the old kraptalk spoof site found out from the official records, that one of his racing dogs had been taken from him by the authorities and put up for adoption because of Oldham’s criminal neglect and he was considered not a fit person to own them. His whippet stories and his boasts about his winning at the dog tracks stopped shortly after that.

    If he wants to help an African let him start by paying back the money he stole from Johnny’s PayPal account.

  28. Jonathans punk bucket Says:

    In his thread about ‘What should I do this summer with Steve and Katie?’
    he says “I’m lucky in that what I do (not just with KopTalk but also my other non-website stuff), I can work anywhere”
    I thought he claimed only to work for Koptalk and he was unwaged!! He is obviously saying this to stop people asking if Koptalk is paying for the trip.

    He also says ‘Emma only does a bit every now and then so she doesn’t count’ when we all know she has nothing to do with Koptalk at all!!

    But I do like that Goawatson bloke he seems to be on the case quite a lot recently
    ‘yeah it should be easier to finish (or start) your book in the warmer climates ‘ Which Dunk has funnily enough ignored.

  29. Skamp Says:

    I just scanned through his latest podgecast (i shall repent)
    Early on in the waffle fest they crowed about how they were treated like VIP’s at the ice-hockey free drinks,food etc and then 50 mins in when replying to an Email they talked about the ice hockey and how they spent a fortune on food and drinks etc.

    Fucking pair of imbeciles.

  30. Jonathans punk bucket Says:

    Good spot Skamp
    Dunk is stupid and forgets what he’s lied about.
    How quickly will the podcast be removed and replaced I wonder?

  31. Toby Says:

    Didn’t pay too much attention to the American trip videos, but the ones I saw looked like A Yorkshire remake of Supersize Me

  32. rupertinsider Says:

    Its pretty easy to decipher Oldham. Just read the opposite of what he says.

    When he says he was invited by GG and TH it means he was not welcome but invited himself.

    When he says he is fortunate he can live wherever he likes, it means he has to do a bunk soon and doesn’t quite know where to go.

    When he talks about loads of friends he means his step-brother Steve whose half his age, his cousin Katie, ditto, and his Mam, whose twice his age. And they all hang about with him waiting for the next double dip into someoen’s PayPal account.

  33. Paul T Says:

    Bring him down matey. Your bringing him everything he deserves. I’ve been reading this and related other and also after watching several of his “self styled” recordings can firmly come to the conclusion that the man is indeed SAD!!! Happiness is enjoying what you got. It is a journey and not a destination. I’ve got nothing worth mentioning but this guy is so sad. Sad sad sad sad!!! Sad i tell you. L F C 4eva!

  34. MrKartMan Says:

    moar lulz!!!!!!!!!!!1eleven

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