How the Koptalk Konman stole ₤94 cash from a member from Africa

by Rupert Insider


Photo: The Oldham family in your PayPal account

I’ve received an email today from a Koptalk member from Africa with copies of his PayPal account attached. I’ll call him Johnny. It shows how Duncan Oldham robbed him of 94 in cash over three years.

This is what it amounts to. He paid Oldham 1 x 14 membership fees in the Silver Club for 2004, and 2 x 26 in the Gold Club in 2005 and 2006 for a total of 66.

Oldham stole another 1 x 14 for 2004, and 2 x 26 for 2005, 2006.

He did this by sending Johnny a demand for immediate payment of his membership fee one month before it was due – three years in a row.

When the automatic renewal mechanism that Oldham had caused to be put on Johnny’s PayPal account sprung into action one month later, Johnny’s account paid the fees again.

But in everyone of the three years Oldham never notified Johnny of the double payment, never refunded the money and pocketed the cash.

But that’s not all.

In addition, Oldham robbed Johnny of a further 2 x 14 memberships fees in the Silver Club (or Insider) in 2005 and 2006, even though Johnny had left the Silver to join the Gold Club two years ago.

And this false invoicing for the Silver Club has continued right up to today even though Oldham had abolished the Silver Club late last summer when he reorganized his site after the massive exodus of disgusted members.

So 1 x 14 and 2 x 26 + 2 x 14 = 94

Oldham has stolen 94 from this member alone.

And this is in addition to the 66 he received from him legitimately.

The good news is that as a result of reading the blog recently, Johnny has saved himself another 66. This includes the 26 he would have paid to renew in a couple of months, the 26 extra Oldham would have stolen through double-dipping and the 14 he would have stolen for the non-existing Silver Club membership.

Because when Johnny discovered the scam the other day, he cancelled his membership in Koptalk. As he did so, he received notice from Koptalk through PayPal that the renewal of both the Gold Club and the non-existing Silver Club fees was due in June.

You can hardly get more hard-faced than that, can you?

Johnny has demanded the balance of his membership fees for 2006/2007. He has also won himself allies through the blog to help him recover every penny Oldham stole in the previous years.

This is the case of one member of Koptalk. I believe Oldham and his partner-in-crime – his dependent step-brother and full time stooge, Steve MacNeish – have been robbing members like this on a large scale.

Johnny can hardly believe it. The scam worked just as the blog said it does. But like many who were deflected by Oldham’s lies, he was reluctant to believe us.

He is living away from Africa, at the moment, at an overseas university (Canada) where he is in his final term of degree in Finance. He never thought he could be scammed. Like many before him he dropped his guard when he entered Koptalk. He never expected to be robbed by someone who claimed to be “a true Red”.

But that’s how confidence tricks work – isn’t it? They gain your confidence so that you suspend your normal caution when paying out money. Its another example of how Duncan Oldham uses the massive goodwill attached the venerable name of LFC to pick pockets.

The solution is to get rid of the impostor Red – the Koptalk Konman

I’d like to thank Johnny (1) for swallowing his pride to tell the story (2) for the confidence he has shown in allowing me to condense it on the blog as warning to those still caught up in Koptalk. (He gave me permission to post his PayPal account as an Excel document.  I have taken a screen shot of the relevant bits.  If anybody wants the whole thing for forensic purposes write to me).


You met Johnny before on the blog. He’s the person I referred to the other day who wrote to say he had just become convinced by posts on the blog that KT was garbage. Click Here

But at that stage he did not intent to cancel his KT membership until it expired in June. I wrote to him and warned him to cancel his automatic renewal now because even if he quit KT, Oldham would continue to take money from his PayPal account. But even with his new-found confidence in the blog, Johnny did not really believe that Oldham would do such a thing – he thought I was exaggerating and he did not check his account.

Then he noticed an exchange on KT that was also highlighted in the Comments section of the blog:

“Anyway, yesterday the Fraudster/Conman posted an insider exclusive using the name “Informer”. Not surprising a member replied to the thread claiming, ” there is no such a person as an “Informer” and this “Informer” is Dunk himself trying to con people. He also mentioned about the recurring automatic Koptalk subscription through PayPal. This got me thinking and I took the opportunity to check my account history from the day I signed up with PayPal till today”.

So well done the poster who called Oldham’s bluff about the Informer, one of his many aliases.

But its not all sweetness and light. Johnny also said:

“I have to say that currently there are a lot of naive and ignorant kids (immature members) on Koptalk who I don’t think have had the decency to read your blog or let alone snoop around and read the truth/facts.”

I don’t think there are a lot of any kind of members on Koptalk these days, although a small few post frenetically and give the false impression of activity.

But I guess some of them them will be receiving links to this post today or tomorrow and when they visit us I hope they read our new KT-PayPal Fraud in the tool bar at the top of this page. HERE

As you see we have started a campaign to stop the fraud and MAKE DUNCAN OLDHAM and KOPTALK PAY IT ALL BACK .

After reading that, I hope they will look at Blog v Koptalk also in the tool bar. And then scroll back to some of our recent posts including those that demonstrate that Oldham’s recent claims about his relationships with George Gillett and Tom Hicks are as false as some of his invoices.


43 Responses to “How the Koptalk Konman stole ₤94 cash from a member from Africa”

  1. dataimaginary Says:

    “Double-dipping_dunkin” (D_D_D)

    This, in my opinion is how you’ll bring him down. Two pronged strategy:
    -A “refund” campaign to mobilise ex and current KT’ers to check their paypal accounts – and demand refund if “double_dipping” has overcharged. That might break him financially if it’s coordinated.
    -Legal moves, he can’t get away with this kind of thing. It’s blatent thievery.

    With Johnny’s permission I’d make his story a sticky at the top. It encapsulates everything you’ve been saying about D_D_D and demonstrates why you need to continue.

  2. Tubby Says:

    Shit that middle pig looks a lot like Dunk, especially the fat neck.

  3. sawyerinsider Says:

    Typical business ethics of a fraudster. So what lies has “the informer” been spouting now guys?

  4. lfc_michael Says:

    Rupert, in any instances when you want to post images that are in the wrong format for the blog (such as *.gif), then you simply need to open it in an editing program (such as Paint Shop Pro), go to Save As, then select the file format to be JPEG (or whatever suitable format you’d prefer to use). Save it and you’ll then have a converted file, ready for posting here. Or, if you prefer, you can e-mail me and I can do that quite easily.

  5. Integral Says:

    Guys, you’ve heard all of the media coverage about reclaiming your bank fees – you’ve probably seen all the template letters and step by step guides for doing it? Well it would be very useful to some members for you to produce a guide of how to claim back your Koptalk fees – with letter templates & how to take fatty to the small claims court. Basically from my limited knowledge, something like this can have a CCJ applied and if payment is not forthcoming then the people can claim enforcement of the ccj – seisure of assets (bailiffs).

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    Data-imaginary and Integral

    I’d love it…just love it…if we could do that.

    I hadn’t heard about the templates for bank fees (I wouldn’t mind seeing one of those either because my UK bank rips me off every month even when all I’ve done is receive one incoming electronic transfer)

    Seriously, we need

    1. Template for recovering KT fees.

    2. Step-by-step procedures for Small Claims Court for UK residents. Can forms be downloaded?

    3. Technique for using the Small Claims Court or similar for non-UK residents.

    4. Research on class action suits. Anyone know a law firm or activist legal group that would volunteer to do it?

    Is there a statute of limitations? Can people claim for five years back?

  7. rupertinsider Says:


    Thanks for the info and the offer. I seem to be spendign more and more time learning the basics these days. I’ll try to get paint shop.

  8. Tubby Says:

    rupert, to convert files simply use zamzar DOT COM

  9. Integral Says:


    Have a look on this BBC link

    For your personal situation, I would recommend – I’ve just had £430 put into my acc as refunds for £500 of bank charges – i couldn’t be bothered to haggle over the rest. – these guys have a similar guide to reclaiming fees – but I would contact the guy who does the site (i think he has a slot on morning TV nowadays). He should be able to advise you through the whole koptalk customer refund situation I’m sure, especially if you make him aware there could be thousands who have been overcharged.

  10. Integral Says:

    ps – Statute of limitations covers 6 years

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    TOM and ALL

    Ok have a look at the new page in the Tool Bar
    KT-PayPal Fraud

    Its a first draft and I’ll refine it as we go.

    Now all we need is all you legal begals to help us figure out how to:


  12. rupertinsider Says:

    Just got an email from Johnny. Here are some extracts:

    “I just saw the post on the blog and what you have described is all true, the fact figures everything. Made me so happy that I got a few responses and I really hope that current KT members will have the opportunity to visit the blog and read the scam that is going on…….

    Anyway I have to say a big thank you to you otherwise I would have been billed again this June, bearing in mind I am an international student, pay enormous amount of fees and try to save my pocket money that I receive from my parents and pay for CONTALK membership.

    Once again thanks very much for your help and I really appreciate for making me open my eyes for getting deceived over these years”

  13. btb Says:

    Good one Rupert and insider, good to see that you have helped one more person avoid being coned by this idiot.
    Starting to wonder though weather I am the only peron form Liverpool left checking Contalk/Kraptalk.

  14. McWar Says:

    Integral……it’s 6 years in England but only 5 in Scotland.

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    This post was placed on an earlier thread today by someone who doesn’t know how to keep up with the blog. It links back to Koptalk. It may be satire. But if it is why create a live link to KT that helps KT stats?

    So it could be a way of Oldham’s stooges substituting for the links to KT which we are systematically removing from the web.

    It may be an attempt to goad us into breaking our rule of not deleting posts. II may figure a way of preserving such posts but disabling the link to KT – if he is reading this. In the meantime I am reposting it here without the hot link and deleting the original. I’m also providing the IP.

    Note the misspelling of Oldham’s name.

    Duncan Oldam | | | IP:

    I may be a conman and I may be a fat cunt. Differences aside, you better get rid of this fucking site or I find out were you live and bumrape every male member of your family then steal your light bulbs and loo role. CUNTS

    Apr 15, 2:37 PM

  16. rupertinsider Says:


    We’ll have to call you “Mr. 1%”

  17. dataimaginary Says:

    Bizarre post from mr “Oldam” . Not even Dunk’s that stupid.

    But seriously, the paypal scam is his achillies heel. Of all the things that could bring him down this could be it, as it’s his main source of income. He just couldn’t resist the double-charging could he? Silly boy.

  18. McWar Says:

    Search results for:

    OrgName: RIPE Network Coordination Centre
    OrgID: RIPE
    Address: P.O. Box 10096
    City: Amsterdam
    PostalCode: 1001EB
    Country: NL

    ReferralServer: whois://

    NetRange: –
    NetName: 83-RIPE
    NetHandle: NET-83-0-0-0-1
    NetType: Allocated to RIPE NCC
    NameServer: NS-PRI.RIPE.NET
    NameServer: SEC1.APNIC.NET
    NameServer: SEC3.APNIC.NET
    NameServer: SUNIC.SUNET.SE
    NameServer: TINNIE.ARIN.NET
    NameServer: NS3.NIC.FR
    Comment: These addresses have been further assigned to users in
    Comment: the RIPE NCC region. Contact information can be found in
    Comment: the RIPE database at
    RegDate: 2003-11-17
    Updated: 2004-03-16

  19. dataimaginary Says:

    Time to get the press involved, they love a story about cybercrime and double-dipping from paypal accounts is a good un’

    Most (quality – not the stuff that dunkin reads) have personal finance sections into which people write when they’ve been ripped off or overcharged, I suggest that someone who has by dunk writes to one.

  20. rupertinsider Says:


    That kind of info applies to about 80% of the IP’s. It does not tell even what city it is from. I know there is a way of going deeper but I don’t know how.

  21. McWar Says:

    Rupert……sorry should have posted the more detailed info!

    The IP address can be traced to a place called Westwell in Gloucestershire.
    If you want to look up these details yourself go to and just do a search.

    IP address info:
    IP address: (copy)
    IP country: United Kingdom
    IP Address state: Gloucestershire
    IP Address city: Westwell
    IP latitude: 51.783298
    IP longitude: -1.683300
    Organization: Net2Roam-Ltd- IP Space

  22. rupertinsider Says:


    It would be stronger if we had a lot more testimonies. We do have quite a few, if you go back through the blog – but it is not coordinated in a single place.

    I wonder if some or all of the other sites would carry an invitation linking to an article on here. Something like,

    if you have ever paid Koptalk money, no matter how long ago, you may be interested in a campaign that intends to check how many paid twice without realizing and to make Koptalk pay back any excesses charges.

    Its bit turgid – so suggestions.

  23. rupertinsider Says:


    It must be Dr. Foster from Gloucester!
    I didn’t know they used words like “CUNTS” there.

    BTW, on the bog dashboard it shows what key words were used every day to find the blog on search engine. Some of
    them are hilarious. Almost every day there is at least one “cunt”.

    Thanks 🙂

  24. McWar Says:

    Also meant to say that if you want to report any abuse the email is normally just abuse@[theISP].com/

    For this one try

  25. secrettiger Says:

    I don’t understand why you cannot get Koptalk banned from using PayPal.

    I was using a streaming site that collected payment using PayPal and they got banned from PayPal for breach of terms and conditions. They went through several other payment methods but it was so difficult to have to keep registering with different paysites that I stopped bothering with them and found somewhere else.

    Surely if you can get him banned from PayPal it will become extremely difficult for him to collect money from new and existing members.

    A campaign to get refunds is great but stopping the ability to continue defrauding and collecting should surely be the first priority and the quickest way to terminate the site.

    You did such a great job with NewsNow, I’m sure you can succeed with PayPal as well.

  26. JohnPaulRingoandGeorge Says:

    Can this happen if you use CLICKBANK? As thats the other way to pay koptalk

  27. dataimaginary Says:

    The fab four has a good point – what if he’s defrauding through clickbank as well?

  28. Sh#t Waffle Says:

    I know the Mirror have a consumer rights section once a week – kind of like a low rent Watchdog – they often do sections on Ebay fraud and web scammers – they may well lap up the Paypal ‘double dipping’.

  29. dataimaginary Says:

    Especially as it’s got a premiership football slant.
    Cybercrime AND football!

  30. The Platinum Club Says:

    Can we get Watchdog on the case?

  31. rupertinsider Says:

    I wrote to someone recently that he seems to have a source of income none of us know about.

    He can’t be getting all this spending money from legitimate memberships – there are too few and in any case they were all paid and new spending money has to come from new members or existing members renewing. We know that the majority are not renewing.

    I would have thought that the Lauren charity funds were running low by now (but maybe not if they were at the high end of estimates).

    His daily gambling might explain the occasional spending spree but its not a consistent form of income and, if he is normal, he will be a net loser.

    If double-dipping has been on a scale we never imagined when he had 6,000 members (3-5,000 paying members) as he claims, then he might have been able to put a stash away and be living off that.

    He may have used cash from the Lauren fund, fake memorabilia, and double dipping to buy some rental properties, and be receiving revenues from them.

    And then there are benefits from the DSS.

    My gut tells me he has a form of income he is keeping very quiet. And given his laziness and reliance on others to do the work for him, and the time he spends in bed, drinking and playing games on the net, and given his history of fraud, my guess is that it is net-related, dodgy and possibly connected with porn or new sites.

    The virtual disappearance of Steve from Koptalk – except in stunts – suggests that he is doing the leg work on whatever the dodge is. And that points to something that requires low IQ and few skills that Oldham can control through his control of Steve. I’m thinking of deliveries, for example.

  32. rupertinsider Says:

    If anyone sent me an email with the subject matter “A Formal Statement From the Club” please send it again. I was clearing my Spam on gmail and saw the subject matter just as it disappeared from the spam box.

  33. red from oz Says:

    i`m not sure about gmail but with hotmail if you delete emails they get put in a deleted or recycling bin before they are deleted for good.

  34. RedinSweden Says:

    Rupert, you have a bog dashboard? That sounds ace.

  35. rupertinsider Says:

    Gmail does not save deleted spam.

    Anyway, the writer got in touch with me again and re-sent the letter This time it was not caught by the spam catcher.

  36. Hansi Says:

    Dunk is getting desperate for money now:

    #140381 – Today at 04:49 PM FOR SALE: 2 x KOP number plates
    Dunk Dunk

    Registered: 20/08/04
    Posts: 17580 I used to have W1 KOP on my car and W2 KOP on the car driven by her indoors. The cars they are are on are no longer mine but the plates are.

    W1 KOP has to be put on retention soon as that car is going so I have to decide whether to just let it go or sell it. If selling it, I thought it may be an idea to offer it with W2 KOP as they’d make a lovely his and hers package.

    E1 KOP as an example is for sale at £1,499 from the DVLA and is the only KOP available from the DVLA with a 1 in it e.g. *1 KOP.

    E2 KOP as an example is for sale at £999 from the DVLA and is one of only only two KOP’s available from the DVLA with a 2 in it e.g. *2 KOP i.e. E2 KOP = £999 and Y2 KOP is £499.

    I think I paid £1,499 for W1 KOP and around £499 for W2 KOP. That’s just under £2,000.

    The plates can be fixed to any legal vehicle registered from ‘W’ onwards. You cannoy fix a ‘W’ plate on a car older than that year to make it look younger, it has to be car registered post 2000.

    If anyone is interested in making me an offer for them as a pair or individually before I advertise them, please email and also include your username. I’m open to offers, I’m not looking to make a killing!

    The retention fee for each plate is £105.00 – this means you own the plate(s) and can apply to your own car within the year. After a year is up you can renew the retention certificate for £25 I believe. Once you want to assign the plate(s) to a vehicle there is no assignment fee as this is included in the £105.00 retention.

    It’s dead simple and we can sort this for you if interested. I need to make a decision about W1 KOP within 24 hours as the owner is getting rid of the car and doesn’t know if I want the plate back or not. There’s no rush with W2 KOP.

    If interested, mail me

    Why not put it on one of your new vans? Or did you not get them anyway????

  37. rupertinsider Says:

    Maybe he’s just bought NUFC 1 and NUFC 2 plates.

    Still its good to know he’s liquidating is ill-gotten assets. He can start by refunding Johnny the ₤94 he stole. After him there’s a long list of others.

  38. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I have decided to be nice to Dunk today. So since he is giving up his plates i have gone and bought 2 new ones for him

    TW4T 1


    F4T SH1T3

  39. Andy Says:

    So the plate is worth £1,499. It only costs £25 to re-register it for a year. But if a buyer can’t be found within 24 hours, Oldham will just give it away. Does he really expect anybody to believe this bollocks?

  40. JohnPaulRingoandGeorge Says:

    Its because he’s moving abroad for the summer…according to his latest post

  41. rupertinsider Says:

    There are two alternatives:

    1. He is going to the bunk hole in Spain that he has been preparing for a few months.

    2. He’s going back to his dream of running his dying site it from NY using his manservant to run it in the UK

    He’d bunk up in Smoove’s back room in Upper New York state – in a low cost rental area

    He will then try to break into the hockey and base ball market leveraging his so-called links with Hicks and Gillett – but he can do that form Spain or NY or the UK.

    Either option has the advantage of getting some distance from the authorities in the UK just as they are heating up their pursuit of him.

    However, he should consider that USA immigration are a lot more aggressive than he has a bargained for – and I’m sure someone would inform them that he is working there without a Green Card.

    And Spain is not the haven it was for tax evaders and thieves.

  42. Hobbes Says:

    Judging by some of his other posts today, looks like another charity scheme (sorry, that should read scam, shouldn’t it?!) may be in the offing.

    Thanks for the instructions on cancelling paypal subscriptions as well. I know it’s not exactly complicated but having step by step instructions makes it even easier.
    Afraid I am one of the foolish ones who got conned for double payments, and I’ll certainly be looking into getting that back, even if just to make our fat friend squirm a bit.

  43. yellowbelly74 Says:

    I cancelled my automatic PayPal renewal to Koptalk back in January but today I have discovered that £26 has still been payed from my PayPal account to Koptalk. I have opened up a support ticket on this with Koptalk and have also emailed PayPal.
    Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Apologies, but I haven’t read all the posts on this subject.

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