Hicks and Gillett's plans for an 18,000 singing Kop

by Rupert Insider (Updated and revised version)


As you all know we leave discussion of football to other sites while we concentrate on getting rid of Duncan Oldham and his various websites.

But Chris Bascombe’s report today in the Liverpool Echo about the owners plans for the KOP is relevant to the blog because it is in such stark contrast to Oldham’s claims.

Chris Bascombe was taken into the confidences of the owners some time ago and fully briefed. He writes with authority. And you can believe Chris. He’s a reader of the blog.

“The plans to restore the unique atmosphere come as it’s revealed the Kop in the new stadium – which won’t now open until the 2010/11 season – will be an awesome 18,000 seater, single tier stand.

From next August, the Reds have agreed to set aside 1800 Kop tickets for the most vocal, passionate supporters in order to preserve the Anfield atmosphere.

In an unprecedented move, club officials have acted to create a specific ‘singing section’ of the famous terrace in a bid to ensure every home fixture replicates the volume of more high profile games…………

Meanwhile, the revised stadium blueprint will also include such an area as part of an 18,000 single tier Kop end, allowing over 5,000 more spectators than currently available.

However, the ECHO can confirm the new arena on Stanley Park definitely won’t be open in time for the start of the 2009-10 season as originally stated.” Click Here for the full article

We know for certain that Oldham never met with George Gillett or any member of his family or his LFC related staff or had any briefings from him whatsoever. We know George Gillett never invited him to Montreal nor had any involvement in the economics of the trip. We know that George Gillett repeatedly instructed his staff to order Oldham to stop making claims to the contrary.

We know Oldham was not invited to Dallas by Tom Hicks or any member of his family or personal staff. We know the meeting in Dallas was opportunistic at Oldham’s request and was a simple courtesy by Tom Hicks to a stranger who made exaggerated claims about who and what he represented. We know that the meeting was a few minutes and not more than a photo opportunity and Tom Hicks did not comment on any matters not already in the public domain.

Neither Tom Hicks nor George Gillett nor any officer of Kop Football Ltd has authorized Oldham to use the name of their company in a new website or represent to Liverpool fans that the site is a means by which they can communicate with them.

While we know these things for certain it should also be obvious to readers of Koptalk.

Oldham first claimed that he could not reveal what Tom Hicks told him because it was confidential. If that were true it would be understandable. But then Oldham proceeded to divulge in a piece-meal fashion what he says he was told. But his revelations are clearly inventions and guesses full of ifs, ands, buts and maybes and contradictions consistent with the style of a liar.

More importantly, in all his revelations he failed to reveal the important information announced by Chris Bascombe today, which had been foreshadowed, in part, several days ago by other unofficial LFC sites and mainstream news services.

It is understandable that Oldham did not know what LFC supporter sites and the accredited press knew in Britain about the singing section in the Kop and the expansion of the Kop to the new stadium because for more than three weeks he was in planes and trains and night clubs and in ice hockey and baseball arenas and stuffed in a rental car careering from one cheap motel in the USA to another in a desperate stunt to save his site from failure by making himself look relevant. All he managed to do was make himself look foolish, again.

For any Koptalkers who are looking for reliable information about the club, without the bullshit to which they are accustomed on Koptalk, my suggestion is:

1. Ditch KT now and ask for the balance of your membership fee to be refunded.

2. Cancel the automatic payment order to KT on your PayPal account.

3. Find one or two other LFC sites from the list on the right of this page.

4. Bookmark Chris Bascombe in the Liverpool Echo.


lfcanim.gifThere’s a new LFC related site – LFC RSS.

“LFCrss.com is the newest dedicated Liverpool F.C. News tracking site, tracking the latest posts and views from a variety of independent LFC websites and blogs (no big media sources) dedicated to the most successful football club in England.”

The format is easy on the eye and I like that it features our blog! I have corresponded with the editor who has been following the blog for some time. There is no chance he will feature Koptalk.

One of the side effects of the blog getting Koptalk removed from News Now and its dominance of LFC related media is that the field is now open for genuine LFC supporters to create innovative approaches to sharing information and opinions about the club – which is what LFCrss is doing.

You can find it on the list of LFC sites in the right column or by the hot button in the left column or here: http://www.lfcrss.com


12 Responses to “Hicks and Gillett's plans for an 18,000 singing Kop”

  1. dataimaginary Says:

    Great well done, good move.
    Like to see what the dunkin apologists will make of this.


  2. scousenproud Says:

    i am not chris bascombe but i have independently confirmed that he is a reader of the blog

  3. btb Says:

    Could Chris have a word with the new owners and stop this idiot damaging the club.
    He now claims Parry is to be replaced, there are 3 candidates but wont name them for now until the press have published their names.

  4. rupertinsider Says:


    It’s annoying – but hardly anyone reads KT now.

    I believe that Foster – GG’s son – and possibly someone from Hicks’ family – will play a role in the management. Marketing – including TV rights and Branding and Sponsorships is the obvious arena since that’s what interests Hick and Gillett and its where they have international experience.

    Foster Gillett works at the Montreal Canadiens but he is not top man there – he is assistant to the President. I have spoken to him. He could play a bigger role at LFC. (That’s just my reading nothing he told me).

    Oldham is just picking up stuff from this blog, other sites and the press like he always did. Only idiots would pay him 30 quid to get his ignorant and distorted version of what they could get themsleves for free.

    Who would buy used news from a liar whose in it for the money?

  5. An Observer Says:

    The proper kop end news was on BBC Northwest Today on Tuesday.

    The 1800 kop tickets next year has been on pretty much all the major forums for the past couple of days, e.g. rawk http://www.redandwhitekop.com/forum/index.php?topic=172072.0

  6. btb Says:

    The heavy edeting has started agan. Someone had the audacity to criticise and question his comments and why anyone believed his claims that he was introducing people to the new owners.
    His message gone within minutes.

    How many people from Liverpool actully left on the site.

  7. rupertinsider Says:


    I haven’t read them all – but pieces like the RAWK one you mentioned are one of the reasons I recommend it to people from KT who write and ask what site I like. It is closer to the club then KT can ever be.

    However, the reports I have seen are about what the supporters have asked for and they seem to emphasise the existing KOP.

    What Chris did was report what the owners have decided.

    He also spoke about the existing Kop and the new single tier stand at the new Anfield. He was also specific about dates and even made a new contribution about costs.

    I know he has been taken into confidence some time ago, but as a professional reporter who is expected to be accurate he has to wait until his sources confirm and has to respect embargoes. But all the more reason why his reports are valuable. They contribute to the mix.

    The contrast I was making was between his informed reports based on genuine relations with Hicks and Gillett and Oldham’s false claims to relations with Gillett and Hicks and his shilly-shallying when he says first he is obliged by confidentiality not to reveal what he was told, then sets about trying to reveal it, and finishes up with a series of contradictory if, ands, buts and maybes based on what others have said all of which amount to nothing.

    And in the process he misses the big news which you say has been on all the sites and BBC for days but was confirmed and extended by Chris Bascombe today.

  8. rupertinsider Says:


    “How many people from Liverpool actually left on the site…”

    The latest ALEXA stats shows him down to 28% from the UK – way lower than any other site. And that’s 28% of very little – exaggerated by 6 computers in Wallsend refreshing pages 7 x 24. Throw in the industrious RichT from York and a few orher of the top posters who are died-in-the-wool cultists, and you are talking a very small population from the UK. I would guess less than 4% from Merseyside, the Wirral etc and perhaps 1% from Liverpool.

  9. fat_boy_fat Says:

    @ btb

    Has he said Parry is getting shipped out or is having a new role? ………. hang on let me guess i bet it goes something like this :-

    Tom and George are looking into the possibilty of replacing Rick Parry. KT have been informed of the possible new candidates but are not allowed to reveal names at this moment. I can say that there is a short list of 3. Like i said Tom and George are only just looking into this so Rick could actually stay in his current postion or be given a new role.
    DUNK KNOWS BEST (twat)

    BTW how is insider doing? Aint seen him around here for a while with things his end not being too good.
    Take it easy fella were ever you are 🙂

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    Its always been Oldham’s wet dream. The new owners – and he could care less who they are – DIC, Morgan, L4, Kraft – bring him in as advisor and get rid of the “suits” against whom Oldham has struggled for years.

    If something like that ever happened I would say to the suits serve you right for not getting rid of Oldham. But they probably would not listen because they’d be counting their big golden handshake in the oak panneled office of their new plushy job somewhere else. Meanwhile Oldham would still be living from race to race on Tyne side TV and yelling at Steve to come scratch his arse.


  11. projectvox Says:

    I’m absolutely gobsmacked by that FAQ (Fattie Answers Questions?).

    The sheer audacity of him, is overwhelming.

    You’re doing a great job here fella’s. Keep it going, and hopefully we’ll get the result we all want.

  12. didihno Says:

    If Parry were to go I’d fully expect it anyway.
    New owners of anything frequently change the major staff and bring in their own people, its just business.
    The shake up would be very normal and would go further down than Parry.

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