Some new LFC links

by Rupert Insider



I received this letter:

“I’ve never made the mistake of joining that site, thank God, but definitely appreciate your efforts to prevent others from doing so. I currently write the Liverpool blog for and have now twice posted things regarding Koptalk and the efforts of your site to expose them.

A. Brian Caudell

I had a look at Brian’s site – its very lively and informative about LFC – and I’m adding it to the links on the right.

This was his last published item:

” I have written about this before, but it seems as if the Koptalk saga has taken a turn for the worse. They’ve apparently been up to their scandalous ways again, this time taking a trip to the US and Canada and conning their way into a meeting with the new owners, Gillett and Hicks. Then the swindlers created a new website called Kop Football just happens to be the name of Gillett and Hicks’ holding company. This scam is getting out of control and I hope the ’suits’ at LFC do something about it quick before more people get ripped off. If you don’t believe me, go here. All the criminal exploits of the operators of that website are exposed at that link.”

Nicely put Brian. One small correction. Oldham and his sidekick never got into George Gillett’s office. Instead GG had his office send them strongly worded cease and desist orders after we contacted him, although he did allow them to pick up two free tickets to the Canadiens v Toronto match after having been originally fooled by them that they were a major media organization in the UK.

Having failed in Montreal, Oldham got desperate and went to Dallas on speculation.  But he was cunning enough to pretend he had returned to the UK so we would not tip off Tom Hicks, as we had George Gillett.  His plan was to produce a video of himself at the Dallas Cowboys stadium as a publicity stunt for his new site about the new Anfield stadium – a site – which your rightly said, is designed to trick people who are looking for the Hicks and Gillett holding company.

While he was in Dallas he tried the same con trick he had used on GG.

“I’m here all the way from England. I’m the the No. 1 LFC site and a major UK media organisation. George Gillett invited me to Montreal and gave me free tickets, so how about it, Mr. ‘icks?”


And yet another letter from overseas from a long-standing and prominent member of Koptalk who is preparing to ditch his membership. He’s not impressed by the Montreal and Dallas trip and suspects its a con. He’s looking for new sites “where I could sense a mature crowd with quality posts and, most importantly, some insider news.

Anyone want to suggest some sites to him – and by extension other readers of the blog who are members of Koptalk preparing to leave?

I won’t breach his confidentiality but this excerpt gives a flavour of his much longer letter.

“Anyway these past few weeks I have been reading the posts on your blog and I have to admit that a lot of stuff makes sense and I think I have come to terms that this whole KT is absolutely garbage…….. 90% of those who wrote quality posts are now on EST1892 and I have joined that forum.”

Just a short note to Koptalk members. If you do leave, post a goodbye on as many Koptalk forums as you can, with a link to this blog or to the site where you are going.

After all its not illegal! It might not last more than a few minutes before it is deleted but you might be surprised how effective it is. In the past such goodbyes have caused fellow members to show up on other sites within minutes. Your friends on Koptalk are entitled to know about the blog and other alternatives. And if you want to contact them by email we may be able to help.


And news in the mail about a new LFC News aggregator.

Any chance you could mention my new LFC RSS feed on Insider Insider?

The site is located at with the feed at

It includes news from loads of sources including the official, Sky Sports, the Echo, The Times, BBC, ESPN, Football 365 and more..obviously not Koptalk though!

Thanks , Stephen

Good luck with the new site Stephen. I’ve added it to the links on the right and will try to figure how to incorporate your RSS feed and button.


9 Responses to “Some new LFC links”

  1. Integral Says:

    Keep it up – we’re still reading – don’t you worry!

  2. lfc_michael Says:

    Absolutely. Superb stuff, as usual. I just worry that he won’t ever be entirely stamped out until the Club take public action, which seems a remote possibility at this point.

    I e-mailed Parry about 3 weeks ago and I’ve received nothing by way of a personalised response. Assuming that I and many others complained, this is not an encouraging indication of how LFC treat fans’ complaints.

  3. red from oz Says:

    i couldn`t find the article from a couple of weeks ago where rupert made a draft letter to send to those LFC sites still linking to koptalk. so i`ll post here instead.
    i was the one who emailed the new zealand site who had a link, but so far they have ignored it and still provide a link to that blight on our club. maybe the blog should stop promoting their site on here.
    just thought i`d give an update anyway.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    red from oz

    Thanks for writing. I’ll write them, too. I think we should approach everyone who links, however small.

    As it happens the traffic from new Zealand to KT is not significant enough to appear on the Alexa stats.

    If people are writing they might use the argument that we link to 50 sites – UK and international. None of them link to KT (except New Zealand).

  5. LouisRoberto Says:

    How about a few small banners at one of the matches?
    Or even flyers handed out.

  6. lfc_michael Says:

    LouisRoberto, most UK-based fans are aware of Koptalk’s pariah status, so leaflets are probably unnecessary. Banners would, unfortunately, give Oldham as much free publicity as anything he’s ever dreamed up himself!

  7. Integral Says:

    To add to that lfc_michael, the idea was raised about two months ago and someone made a valid point – leave the internet campaigns on the internet, people who go to the games wouldn’t give a shit, they don’t want to be dragged into something like this.

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