Last one to leave Kotpalk turn off the light

by Rupert Insider


Photo: Dumb and Dumber flushed with booze, Lauren charity “administrative expenses” and membership fees chat up a “prozzie” in Montreal.

In the last three weeks, Oldham has spent thousands of pounds to bum free tickets to baseball and ice hockey games in which he has no interest. Meanwhile Koptalk members interested in LFC continue to leave his site.

In the last seven days, four Koptalk members have written to me about their decision. I can only report those who have notified the blog – but perhaps there were others.

All were long-standing members. Every year they failed to cancel the automatic renewal of the membership fee that Oldham stuck on their PayPal account. But recently they’ve become uncomfortable enough to break that routine.

Some became aware of the blog through letters from participants here or from the secret email ring that operates on KT under Oldham’s nose or by browsing the net and spotting some of our headlines. They did some research and made their decision.

One of them is markb1. He has been one of the top posters on Koptalk – not only in the quantity and quality of his posts but also in his ability to get on with other posters. As he explained in his emails to us, he is hardly a rebel, was not bitter and was not waiting out the last three months of his membership in order to have a go at Oldham on another site. But recently, he noticed that two posts on Koptalk had been deleted without explanation. He asked a question about it. He was banned.

Hardly able to believe that he could be banned for such a trivial incident, he entered into a series of emails with Oldham. Oldham recently re-appointed himself editor of Koptalk but he still uses Steve as a way of humiliating his members. Between hangovers, Oldham told markb1 that if he went to the 17 year old Steve with his tail between his legs and accepted without question the deletion of posts, he could be reinstated.

But markb1 decided enough was enough. He will claim a refund of the three-month’s balance of his membership fee.

He wanted to use the blog send a message to his friends on Koptalk to explain his disappearance, “because they all read the blog”.

“…….its just me wanting current Koptalkers to read something about a decent member of the site, who got on with the majority of people, to maybe realize that Dunk isn’t such the good guy that we all think he is.”

On Koptalk members know full well that although they paid their money to Oldham to meet other LFC supporters in a forum, they cannot communicate with each other about things that matter, like the deletion of posts and the banning of fellow members – they have to use the blog for the real stuff.

And they’re welcome.

We know of many more on Koptalk who are waiting for their membership to expire. In the meantime they help to build up the secret email ring there and keep the blog informed.

Anyone on Koptalk who is getting sick of watching their membership fees eaten and drunk and shoveled into the handbags of “prozzies” by Dumb and Dumber, or who have begun to wonder what a three-week jaunt around the cheap motels of Canada and the USA has to do with LFC at this exciting time in the season, and are getting fed up at having to cow-tow to Oldham’s idiot 17 yr old step-brother and his 12-13 year old daughter and the gormless 17 yr old Katie – who is also supposed to be family – are welcome to express the questions they’d like to ask Oldham on the blog.

You can also use the blog’s list of LFC sites to start looking for your new site when your membership expires.

Or perhaps, like markb1 – you’ve seen enough – you want to call it a day now and demand a refund of the balance from Oldham and move to a genuine LFC supporters site. Imagine how clean you’ll feel when you get out out of that hilly-billy family cult and come back to the true family of LFC supporters!

Unless you give us express permission – as markb1 did- we will never let Oldham know which of his members is posting or emailing us here.

(I am not including in this report the overseas sites who have told us this week that they have cut their links with Koptalk. We’ll come back to that later).


14 Responses to “Last one to leave Kotpalk turn off the light”

  1. Shaggy Shagger Says:

    The blog is doing a great work. I hope many of the Koptalkers join us here and find out the truth!

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    Another one did today. He had started a debate about the value of what Oldham had done in Dallas and his posts were pulled by Oldham.

  3. markb1 Says:

    thanks rupert for capturing everything i would have said myself.
    and thanks for making it clear that what im doing is not out of bitterness.
    its just that the truth needs to be told,if you dont tow the line,your out,thats not right.
    especially when your paying a subscription fee,i know i wont be told what to,and what not to write when im paying a sub.
    and to boot,it was for telling a moderator they were wrong for deleting posts,thats all.

    to any current koptalkers that reads this,have a look around here and just have a think about what your reading.

  4. YoungHeinrichthe3rd Says:

    It turns out Dunk took his mother and his wife on the trip to the USA as admitted by Katie. All paid for by KT subscribers no doubt. Who wants to bet that the below thread gets deleted pretty soon?

    Dallas Jolly

    KopTalk Member
    Registered: 27/07/06
    Posts: 216
    Please can someone answer the question I have asked 3 times now?
    Who was filming whilst Dunk AND Ste met Hicks and also who was filming in he back of the car whilst Ste was messing about with the kettle.

    Re: Dallas Jolly [Re: Warren]
    Registered: 11/07/06
    Posts: 3372
    Warren I wouldn’t know I wasn’t there! Sorry!

    Re: Dallas Jolly [Re: Katie]
    Redand Redand
    KopTalk Member
    Registered: 10/06/05
    Posts: 131
    I think Dunk mentioned that he took his wife and mother to Dallas.

    Perm any one from two, cause it sure as hell wasn’t Dunk’s make-up artist who was doing the camera duties.

    Re: Dallas Jolly [Re: Redand]
    KopTalk Member
    Registered: 27/07/06
    Posts: 216 Originally Posted By: Redand
    I think Dunk mentioned that he took his wife and mother to Dallas.

    Thanks mate

    Originally Posted By: Katie
    Warren I wouldn’t know I wasn’t there! Sorry!

    Katie did you not know Dunks Mum and Wife had gone to the States?

    Re: Dallas Jolly [Re: Warren]
    Katie Katie
    Registered: 11/07/06
    Posts: 3372
    Loc: UK Yes but I was not aware of who was filming!

  5. Bridgy Says:

    Interesting. I replied to the above message with “who paid for them” and that post got pulled within 5 minutes. They left teh main thread on though

  6. Bridgy Says:

    Wow he’s good. Banned immediately!!! Fantastic.

  7. rupertinsider Says:


    Who was banned immediately?

  8. Tubby Says:

    Please stop putting pictures of dunk’s fat mullet on top of the blogs, they scare the shit outta me each time.


  9. Bridgy Says:

    Me!!!! Thought I’d ask the question even though i knew what the result would be.

  10. rupertinsider Says:


    I’m still waiting for someone to volunteer jpg’s or other formats of Oldham in Dallas before and after he met “Mr. ‘icks.”

  11. scousenproud Says:

    The paranoia has set in. In the first sentence of the dallas jolly 3, fatty claims to only be on tour only to see the stadiums and feel the atmosphere and not to meet the owners. As i said earlier, these two cunts have acted like a couple of groupie prostitutes who have namedropped Hicks and Gillette as if they were old skool mates. the cameras dont lie large one. Then there is the reference as to people making fun of the 2 losers with which hats they bought, what we dont see is steve actually buying 4 hats and sewing 2 together cos there is no fucking way 1 hat fills those fat heads. I will bet you any money that the jolly threads he made will be pulled in a week, theres about as much information on how Hicks and Gillette operate as there is on what time the next bus on Mars is. His members should be fucking outraged and he should but he wont explain the costs to his members, hence the banning.

  12. MrH Says:

    Did anyone see that fella on BBC the other night? He was one of the first journalist to see the new plans, and had proof to back it up. Where as Oldham and Steve could not back it up…

    Shows they heard nothing.

  13. Spudo2 Says:

    I remember this. It went as follows…

    – A guy called SB posted something in a thread and it was “deleted by Katie”.
    – He posted again a while later and it was “deleted by Katie”.
    – Mark picked up on this later that evening and said something like “Honestly Dunk, should Katie be deleting people’s posts? Could you not arrange it so that only you are allowed to do this?”.
    – I backed him up (I’ve pretty strong views on freedom of speech and hated seeing posts/threads deleted).
    – We were both banned.

    I couldn’t believe it when I tried to log in the next day and got the “access denied” message. I can’t emphasise enough how innocuous this incident was – it was as simple and innocent as I’ve described above.

    I subsequently regained access with Dunk assuring me he just wanted to let me “know the score” and that I hadn’t actually been banned at all. Had he suggested what he seems to have suggested to Mark (ie to accept the deletion of threads without question), then I would have left on the spot.

    Mark’s a genuine guy and didn’t deserve to be treated like this. I noticed his absence following the incident and didn’t like it. I managed to last another few weeks before I couldn’t stand the censorship any longer and left.

    Hope you’re doing well mate. I imagine (hope) you’re speaking your mind elsewhere and haven’t been put off by your experience on KT.

  14. Spudo2 Says:

    Incidentally, I believe he may have tried to hack into my email account the evening I was “outed” by Rupert. I thought it was just a coincidence at the time but it clicked once I read one of the articles here today.

    Luckily, I use different passwords for different things on the net. If anyone uses their KT password for anything else (especially their email), then they should change it.

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