Bridgy, the last of the true "Insiders", bans himself from Koptalk by asking who paid for the hicks to visit "Mr. 'icks"

by Rupert Insider


The two hicks on their way to see “Mr. ‘icks”.

(Photo: courtesy of fat_boy_fat)

Duncan Oldham tried to give the impression that his drunken jaunt to Montreal and Dallas included only himself and his hapless manservant Steve. I spotted the deceit in the first scene of the first video in the parking lot at Newcastle airport when he could be heard off-cam asking a third person where Steve was.

But a mystery woman strayed into the frame during the tour of the stadium in Montreal and when he was asked who she was he said it was his mother. But that still left the question, who was working the cam in Montreal and Dallas?

Notice that he cut out of the video any introduction he made in Tom Hicks’s office to whoever was working the cam.

Since he is compulsive liar who tries to control all questions put to him on his site, there was not much point in a member asking him, unless they wanted to be banned. But someone had the bright idea of asking his even dumber “cousin” – Katie-in-the-shoutbox.

At first she pretended not to know. But when someone said that Oldham had admitted his mother and his wife were there (I don’t know that he had said that about his estranged wife), Katie acted as if the shout-box was the witness-box and broke down under cross-examination. She admitted that she was part of the cover-up – she had known all along.

Naturally, the next question was – who paid for their trip? After all, a foursome – if it really was – probably doubles my estimate of 3,000+ So who coughed up ₤5-6,000?

Oh dear, that question touched a raw nerve!

It was deleted within minutes. Not only that, the questioner – bridgy – a member since 1999 – was banned on the spot. “Off with his head”, the mad queen said.

According to bridgy’s comments – the banning took place just before he posted on the blog – about 3.20 pm (see “Comments” on the previous thread).

However, bridgy had already written to me at 10.44 am that he had decided to quit Koptalk.

His is an interesting story and, since he has given me permission, one worth telling.

He started with KT in 1999. That’s when some of KT’s finest posters joined – because in those early days of the net , KT was one of only three or four websites about LFC. Oldham had not yet figured out how to put himself front and centre and the participants quite easily ignored him and created their own lively, well-informed community.

There were some, like bridgy, who had genuine contacts with the players and the club. He and his family were and are neighbors of some of the past and current generation of players and he, himself, became involved professionally with the club on matters of insurance and, as a result, was familiar with its senior executives. But like all genuine “insiders” he never claimed to have “exclusive” information and would never have divulged it on an internet forum, even if he had.

However, he loved the club and enjoyed sharing his experiences with others of like mind. He’s a season-ticket holder since 1974 with a ticket allocation that has been in the family since 1947.

He “won” a year’s subscription to Koptalk and was made a Gold Club Member. Being the trusting sort he never ever checked his PayPal account. He explains what caused him to check it recently.

“I raised an issue with you-know-who about cozying up to the Yanks by way of a brief post. For once the community responded with reasoned debate and not illiterate slanging. Anyway it got pulled so Dunk could check it before allowing it back out.

It was only during that hiatus that I bothered to check out the web for problems, as I was fuming. Feel like a dick now as I didn’t even realise I had this “rolling subscription” going for the last 5 years or so!!.”

He pays respect to his former buddies on Koptalk. But describes how the rot set in:

“The decline has been spectacular, though, and I noticed a couple of my posts being pulled but thought nowt of it as these things happen. Some of the good writers all seem to have drifted away to be replaced by kids who just want to post as many pieces as possible and are caught up in the Soccer AM approach to football. I can’t recall the last time there was anything useful posted on there……….Cheers once again and congratulations for all your work”

I know a few people like bridgy. People from the Liverpool or Merseyside area who were or are neighbours of players and who also came into contact with them professionally or socially. Part of the satisfaction of being in the worldwide family of Liverpool fans is being able to pass on the stories from generation to generation – the Americans call it “color commentary”.

Oldham who is from Yorkshire and lives new Newcastle was never a Liverpool supporter. But he saw how people like bridgy could be exploited for profit. Oldham would claim ownership of their experience, distort it, wrap it up in false “insider” aliases, and sell it to vulnerable LFC supporters who were thirsting for genuine information about their club.

There are many like bridgy on other LFC sites – far more than there ever were on Koptalk. One of those other sites will now be lucky enough to have bridgy calling soon.

Meanwhile, Oldham’s paranoia has cost him another membership – and of someone closer to the club than he could ever hope to be.

He and his greedy family have been feasting in the Koptalk trough again. They’ve swilled about in the money from the fake Lauren appeal, the sale of fake LFC memorabilia and the membership fees sent in by trusting overseas LFC supporters who thought they were contributing to the development of Koptalk. Oldham’s Montreal and Dallas trips cost more than some of his members earn in a year.

But Oldham is too stupid to understand that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.


21 Responses to “Bridgy, the last of the true "Insiders", bans himself from Koptalk by asking who paid for the hicks to visit "Mr. 'icks"”

  1. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Just emailed you some pictures from the “jolly” Rupert

  2. BKTD Says:

    I cannot believe this guy, and I really do not understand how the club won’t do anything about it, it’s not as though enough people haven’t complained about it to raise it as a big issue.

    If I was Hicks or Gillette I would be pissed off big time, to have been conned by that fat twat. Has anyone tried contacting the office’s of Tom Hicks?

    We could always tip of customs that two fat wankers will be returning shortly carrying drugs, Dunk and Steve would probably enjoy a full body search it’ll probably the closest they would get to some physical loving without having to pay for it.

  3. jesper Says:

    I think the best approach would be to get in contact with Rick Parry.
    we all know he will reply, so maybe if we all en mass, send Parry a letter giving out about Dunk, Parry could have a word in G & H’s ears about not accpeting anythign from koptalk and that Dunk is in the minority instead of involving Hicks and Gillett direct and bombarding them with this.
    Just a thought.

  4. rupertinsider Says:


    “we all know he will reply…”

    He’s more likely to climb in bed and pull the sheets over his head.

    His policy is if you ignore it it will go away. That policy gave Oldham several years of life, allowed him to build up to 6,000 memberships, rip of hundreds of people for fake memorabilia and fake charities, dominate News Now and garner about 2 million hits a week.

    By taking Oldham on directly the blog changed all that. He’s now off News Now, he’s down to a few thousand hits a week, and a couple of hundred members.

    But to get rid of him (and the blog) needs a statement from the club disassociating from Oldham.

    I know from sources that Parry and Cotton have been made aware of the events in Montreal and Dallas and the blog’s articles. And I think we should continue to press Parry.

    But he may wait too long – until GG’s son, Foster – takes over much of the management of LFC. I think that he will start with marketing.

  5. HicksandGillett Says:

    Fairplay Yozza you’ve just banned yourself!!! When Fatty ‘awakes’ in the morning I’m pretty sure he’ll delete this thread

    Koptalks Visit To Canada etc.
    Gold Member
    Registered: 14/06/05
    Posts: 1430
    Some of the coverage was great, some of it was funny etc, like watching someone elses holiday vids, and the limited ‘insider’ stuff was interesting particularly about the stadium.

    However, I have a few questions regarding the ‘road trip’, I hope Dunk et al wouldn’t mind sparing a few moments to answer.

    First of all, and don’t take this the wrong way, its not like I’m having a go but I’m curious to know how much stock ‘George & Tom’ put into this site. So who paid for the four week trip for (insert number of people here)?
    Did George & Tom really pay for an all expenses trip to the states and Canada for four weeks for so many people and why? Did you discuss their motive, if applied?

    Secondly, you’ve intimated that one or both of these people has informed you of knowledge or ‘stuff’ that you’re not prepared to divulge, why is that?
    I can understand it if friend has asked you to remain a confident of something but really… these guys don’t know you from Adam, if they’re prepared to tell, a relatively complete stranger, a load of information, then why would they consider for one moment that the information would be ‘secret’?. Or are you saving the titbits for the front page in order to pull in the punters. (And before you kick off and take your ball home, we all know about business. Don’t insult our inteligence here.)

    Not having a pop or ‘owt’ but it’d help us understand a few things if we knew either way?

    Thirdly, we know you met Hicks, but did you meet his family? And how were they? Did any of them actually take an interest in any of you ‘personally’? The reason I ask is more to do with sociology than anything else. Where they merely going through the motions or where they genuinely interested? Don’t be insulted by the question and don’t let pride rule your answer. The truth will tell us a lot. It is your duty to inform us, is it not? 🙂

    Re: Koptalks Visit To Canada etc. [Re: Yozza]
    Katie Administrator
    Registered: 11/07/06
    Posts: 3387
    Hey Yozza, Dunks asleep at the moment (trying to get back to GMT 😉 I will inform him of this post as soon as he awakes in the morning 🙂

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    Hick and Gillett

    I appreciate we all have different styles of uncovering the truth but I don’t really understand the style of crawling on one’s belly to kiss the feet of the potentate Oldham and please sir, don’t take a offence, etc etc.

    He’s a thief and liar, addicted to alcohol and gambling, a porn merchant and pimp of his wife who been investigated by the police more than once. He’s just been on a binge with ill -gotten money and like all con man he intends to pretend he did it for others or at the request of others.

    Of course his trip was not paid for by Hicks or Gillett.

    Gillett was outraged by the insinuation that he had paid for any of his trip or even invited him.

    As usual Oldham used weasel words. When he started off on this junket he said “we’re not payng for it”. He wanted it to be interpreted that Gillett had paid for it. But he left enough wriggle room to say that he meant he had frequent-flyer miles, or Amazon vouchers, or his Ma paid for it or some such thing. He knew from the beginning he would be criticsied for using Koptalk money for a personal jaunt.

    Its like the Parry thing. He spent years claiming he and his son was a member of KT and only a telephone call away and he had meetings with him. When the blog exposed all that as a lie he said “of course I can’t pick up the phone and talk to him, anyone who believes that is stupid”.

  7. HicksandGillett Says:

    As you’ve said everyone has different ways, I’m not Yozza I just thought I’d post what was written as I thought it quite good that someone who has been a member for a long time has finally seen the truth. I think the blog is working as more and more people are leaving KT. I myself am fully aware of exactly what Oldham is and does and and am merely seeing out my days as a KT member until my membership needs renewing in December. Anyone who see’s the light is a victory for the blog no matter how or why they come to their senses, I’m sure some of the people on KT are scared of phonecalls to their work or their paypal account getting raided so they do things differently, if it all gets the same results it doesn’t really matter in the case of KT.

  8. RedinSweden Says:

    I think Yozza’s post is very good indeed. I don’t think he is crawling to the fat one. He has put it in such a way that he will look a tit if he does not reply, but has asked some very direct and uncomfortable questions.

    As for the films from America, I found them very funny. A couple of things i wondered though.

    Why did the hire car have maryland plates if they were going from New York?
    Why is the sunlight on their faces after they have been in with hicks still coming from pretty much the same direction as when they went in, if they had been with him for 2 hours?
    Why on earth would he spend two hours with them?
    Why would Hicks give them press passes if they were guests of his? I have no doubt they were sorted by Hicks’ office, but they are not access-all-areas VIP passes as fatboy says, they are standard press passes (with quite a shit view seeing as the batter is not even in sight when he films the match).

    I am sure some of the questions are answered in the films, i only skim-watched them. Too much fatboy would be too much for me to take and I had to turn the volume down due to nausea on a few occasions.

  9. dataimaginary Says:

    RedinSweden, very interesting points there. Well spotted.

  10. btb Says:

    I wonder why the question by Yossa has been locked and not responded to yet? Fair questions by him.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    Red in Sweden

    The plates may have been Maryland on that particular car if it was registered in Maryland but had had been dropped off by the previous user in the in the New York State (not New York City) office of the company where he hired it. On the other hand, I think rental cars usually carry licence plates which indicate they are part of a rental fleet. I did not look at that part or most of the videos so can’t really say.

    On the issue of how long he was in the office. On the video he had a written notice that the meeting was one hour. But in the scene in the street after the meeting he said it was two hours. Again weasel words. He could say he was in the office waiting for an hour before the hour long meeting.

    I did notice that Hicks did not know his name even as he approached his office door and had to ask for it.

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve been informed by a reliable source who personally has had professional briefings from Hicks and Glilett about the stadium and other plans. He says some of the plans are very sensitive, and it is inconceivable that Hicks would have revealed them to Oldham.

    He also makes the point that even if he had, its inconceivable that Oldham would have kept them a secret.

  13. HicksandGillett Says:

    Most things that Dunk writes or claims are inconceivable, he knows nothing at all he has no insider information and he is clinging to the last lot of members in the hope they will buy he usual bullshit and some of them do. I find it bizarre that if anyone dares to disagree or asks a normal question but one which is not to his liking then you get the usual group of idiots sticking up for Dunk in the vague hope of getting some sort of recognition or something…very odd indeed..I am constantly surprised by Richt who seems like an intelligent fellow but is continually up Dunks arse.

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    I just wonder why people ask Oldham? You dont normally ask a well-known liar if he is telling the truth. You ask someone who is independent and knows the truth.

    Oldham tells an outrageous lie and then let’s everyone discuss the pros and cons. He enjoys being asked. It gives him the appearance of credibility. It also gives him an opportunity to spin it out and pick up more hits. If and when one big lie is exposed – he just tells another. Easy money!

    Why don’t people ask Hicks if he invited Oldham, paid for him and showed him confidential plans?

    They could write or telephone the Official Site or they could write Parry.

    That way at least Hicks and Parry would know what Oldham’s latest con was.

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    Anyone want to inform Kop Football Ltd that Oldham has squatted on all versions of its domain name?

    And that he has announced a new site using their company name and linked it to George Gillett and Tom Hicks. Its

    You can read Insider’s opinion on the scope Kop Footabll Ltd has for suing him as well as links to other domain names he has squatted on at :

    You can get the appropriate names and address of the offices of the company – and possibily the shareholders – from the registrar of companies at Company House which, I understand, is online. (I think fat-boy-fat knows it well).

    I’ll write a letter if someone does the research. But I’d prefer other people to write.

    These are the details of the domains he has squatted on:


    Registrant type:
    UK Individual

    Registrant’s address:
    PO Box 556
    NE28 7WZ
    United Kingdom

    Registrant’s agent:
    eNom, Inc. [Tag = ENOM]

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 06-Feb-2007
    Renewal date: 06-Feb-2009
    Last updated: 06-Feb-2007

  16. rupertinsider Says:

    Hicks and Gillett

    RichtT is about 34 judging by his photos.

    He tries to sell diet pills on the net.

    He has made himself subservient to Steve – even when he was 16. RichT was the main moderator and probably responsible for many of the deletions or lockings.

    The behaviour you describe of people irrationally defending the indefensible is typical of cults. If the credibility of the the cult leader is attacked then the cult collapses. A few of them are more interested in belonging to Oldham’s cult than in belonging to the wider family of LFC supporters.

  17. Superdin Says:

    Those diet pills are bad all round on so many fronts!

  18. HicksandGillett Says:

    I wasn’t aware of Richt’s past but all I mean is he comes across as an intelligent decent chap in the dealing I’ve had with him on KT..Most of the lockings/deletions are done by JD these days. Richt is actually quieter than ever on the forum, perhaps he is realising himself that Dunk is a shyster.
    But then again maybe not…..

  19. Hansi Says:

    I wouldn’t say Richt71 is quiet on KT these days.
    December: 374 posts
    January: 664 posts
    February: 571 posts
    March: 549 posts
    April: 215 posts so rar
    Only Dunk, Katie and Kop_5 (now known as Mr X) are more active.

  20. rupertinsider Says:

    With respect to Tom Hicks and George Gillett’s UK company –
    I got this from Companies House.

    For more detailed information there is a fee. Anyone who wants to pursue it should go here:

    In the meantime people can write snail mail to the address below.

    Notice that the company was registered on 18/12/2006. It was mentioned in the press in early February. A couple of days later – 6/2/2007 Oldham squatted on all the domain names of the company. This week he announced a website and to increase the impression that it was the site of Kop Football Ltd. he introduced it as a service for George Gillett and Tom Hicks.

    Name & Registered Office:
    E1 6AO
    Company No. 06032198

    Status: Active
    Date of Incorporation: 18/12/2006

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC(03)):

  21. timmmmmay Says:

    Well thegreeks giving him what for 🙂

    Re: €24.9million offer for Villa [Re: Builder]
    thegreek71 thegreek71
    Gold Member

    Registered: 20/01/04
    Posts: 70
    Loc: Chester There’s more chance of Liverpool signing Ricardo Villa.

    There is no Informer – this is pure garbage like most of Dunks comments (using aliases)on this site. Oh and before I’m banned can I have my subscription back ? I dont recall setting up an annual renewal via Paypal.

    Dont belive me in free speech? see how long this post lasts…start counting

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