The Thick Plotens

by Rupert Insider

The following is the draft of a letter I have sent, with suitable modifications, to George Gillett and Tom Hicks, copied to LFC executives. However, I would appreciate if those with access to Rick Parry and Ian Cotton would ensure they attended to it as quickly as possible.

By way of introduction you will recall that two weeks ago I wrote to George Gillett (after my first conversation with him) and told him that I thought Oldham would leverage his lies about his so-called invitation to Montreal to fool Tom Hicks office into agreeing to see him in Dallas. I also said that in my opinion he would link it to a proposed new revenue-earning site about the progress of the stadium and claim he had insider information. I said the club would have to continue to spend a disproportionate amount of time dealing with the false information that would surely follow. I copied it to Rick Parry.

Predictably, Oldham announced the new site today.


My letter:

“I enclose a link to a new site that Duncan Oldham has constructed “on behalf” of George Gillett and Tom Hicks. In his introduction he claims he was personally invited to Montreal by George Gillett and to Dallas by Tom Hicks. He displays a photograph of himself and his 17 year old step brother with Tom Hicks in Dallas and links to a video of their meeting.He also insinuates that the two owners have given their blessing to the concept of the new site because its purpose will be to give them direct access to the views of LFC fans and he says that LFC’s own site – – will not allow such direct access because the views of the fans will be filtered before they reach George Gillett and Tom Hicks.

In this statement Oldham returns to his traditional anti-LFC stance in which he always refers to the Official LFC Site as “the other side” staffed by “suits” against whom he struggles on behalf of LFC fans. This is also the theme of his proposed book: “Anfield Exposed”. In effect he is now claiming that George Gillett and Tom Hicks are helping him in this struggle against LFC.

His marketing message is that he, Oldham, has a specially privileged relationship with the two owners and inside information that even Rick Parry and Ian Cotton and the Official Site do not have, let alone the mainstream press.

This is how he has defrauded Liverpool fans for about 8 years. The only difference now is that he claims his insider informers are the two owners rather than executives, players, tea ladies and gate-men at the club.

I had forewarned George Gillett that he would use his dealings with his office to wangle an “invitation” from Tom Hicks and that he would tie the visit to this new site. I copied my warning to Rick Parry.

The purpose of the new site, like everything Oldham does, is to make money from LFC fans especially overseas fans who are not in a position to know of his dishonesty and reputation as a hustler, spiv and internet fraud in the UK. He makes money from advertising based on traffic to his sites. If he can, he will also sell fake LFC memorabilia, scalp tickets and raise money for fake charities. No doubt he will eventually find a way of combining the traffic from this new site to and his porno site based in the USA.

You will notice that the new site is “kopfootball“. In earlier correspondence I informed you that the day after George Gillett and Tom Hicks announced that they had formed the company Kop Football Ltd., Duncan Oldham squatted on the domain names of all versions of that name.

This is an old trick of his. He has done it with LFC domain names, LFC charities associated with the 96 who died at Hillsborough and a Liverpool supporter imprisoned abroad, and the names of several LFC supporter sites. He has tried, but failed, to do it with the domain name of this blog. He then redirects the traffic intended for those sites to his own.

When our blog criticised him for doing it to the new owners he said that he did not intend to use the domains but wanted to protect them for the new owners. Obviously he was lying. Not only is he using the “stolen” domain name for the new site but he is insinuating his use of it has the blessing of the two new owners.

You will also note that he is also claiming that he has made associations with Ice Hockey, American Football and Baseball sites and they will be linked. So I think you can take it that his claims about his special relationship with George Gillett and Tom Hicks will now be spread in Canada and the United States.

You will also note that the editor of this new site is to be his his 12-13 years old daughter whose photo is shown. He exploits his children on his sites often pretending to be them when he posts – as he has done today in his introduction to the new site in which he pretends that it is her talking.

The girl shown is the same girl he said on Koptalk five years ago was raped at school, when she was 8 years of age. That was a lie and typical of several stories he has told about her on his site over the years always linking her with the subject of child rapists or molesters. He tries to fend off critics of his scams by claiming that they are molesting his children. Actually, by his own admission on Koptalk, he is separated from his wife and does not have custody of their two children. You will notice that his young daughter has been a “moderator” on Koptalk for a few years exposed to anonymous males from all over the world on a site where there is much pornographic content and explicit language and prominent links to his specialized porn site in the USA.

Last year on one of his Koptalk internet “broadcasts” about Liverpool FC he said he empathized with child rapists because he had begun to notice how young girls ignored him now he reached 32 years of age. And on a Koptalk podcasts a few months ago – the podcasts he said George Gillett listens to and admires – he had his then 16 year old step-brother act as a straight man in a “joke”in which Oldham claimed he slept with the 12 year old friends of his daughter. I enclose an audio clip of that event. You may have difficult understanding his thick Yorkshire dialect – as you know he is not from Liverpool.

You are already aware of what most Liverpool Football Club fans think should be done about all of this. The club should issue a clear, simple and definitive statement disassociating from Duncan Oldham and any website with which he is associated now or in the future if it purports to be about LFC.

I’m sorry if this is all very unpleasant. If it disgusts you perhaps you can appreciate how those of us from Liverpool whose families have been associated with the club for generations also feel about it.

The new George Gillett and Tom Hicks Koptalk site:

Screenshot of the new site taken by “Tubby”.

The audio clip of Oldham’s paedophilia remarks.


21 Responses to “The Thick Plotens”

  1. rupertinsider Says:


    Thanks I’ve incorporated it in the post.

  2. MrH Says:

    Id be interested to know how Oldham manages to get so close to the likes of Hicks and Gillet. Surely, once they have been warned about his lying and everything else, they will want nothing to do with the scumbag.

  3. rupertinsider Says:


    Scroll back and few posts and read my account of how he lied about his contacts with Gillett.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Does anyone want to help our rogues gallery by freeze framing the Dallas video and making some stills – in particular the one of the hick (no not Mr. Hick, the other hick) – in his toy cowboy hat.

    The blog’s WordPress format can only use the following:

    jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt

    Also some of the manservant with him.

    I’d appreciate them at rupert.insider @ gmail DOT com

  5. Alfonso Says:

    Using his daughter like that is nothing short of dispicable.

    If all this was legitimate and something that G&H were interested in, it wouldn’t be fronted by a twelve year old girl.

  6. John Says:

    Seriously, how dare he. I know the guy is an arsehole but this has just pushed it over the edge, this is just disgraceful behaviour I hope GG, TH and LFC bring the law down upon him fast

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    A quick introduction for a new site – a news aggregator for LFC.

    Give it a try:

    The site is located at with the feed at

  8. Dero Says:

    It must be real they even have the wrong name for the Dallas Stars at the bottom of the page.

  9. scousenproud Says:

    the fat fucker wouldent use anyone but his daughter for the new site. he is trying to insulate himself and sell the ” my family is under attack” to unsuspecting people. its over fatty, the blog has you rumbled with every move you make.

  10. projectvox Says:

    I’m shocked he’s actually got the balls to try and pull this off.

    Shocked and worried, to be honest.

    With all the time and effort that’s been put in by your good selves, I would’ve thought that launching a new venture would be the last thing on his mind.

    I’m worried that no matter how hard you/we all try, maybe there’s actually no way of stopping Oldham. I really, really hope that’s not the case – but when you consider there’s paedo’s out there with websites and what not, who still operate; then maybe there’s nothing we/you can do about this parasite.

    As I say, I hope with all my heart I’m wrong, but I’ve got a bad feeling.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    While the impotency of Parry and Cotton is troubling, we should keep it all in perspective.

    This is just another one of Oldham’s manic schemes. Remember the house overlooking Melwood, the Kop-themed Hotel in Liverpool, the special inside track with various groups of investors – the free trips for overseas supporters with introductions to the players at Melwood and free tickets to games?

    This latest hoax is relatively minor in comparison with those.

    He spent thousands of pounds and ducked out of the season for three weeks and lost a lot more members in order to lie his way into an old man’s office and blag a couple of tickets. Why did he go to such extreme lengths? Because he is losing his site and his income. He was desperate for a diversion that would produce the illusion that he was doing better than he is.

    But liars do pay a price – and Oldham is no exception.

    His new cheap web site will go the way of his blogs last year, his podcasts and his daily reports from Melwood – oblivion.
    He is losing members every day – not gaining. And that’s what will decide his future.

  12. didihno Says:

    Projectvox said
    “With all the time and effort that’s been put in by your good selves, I would’ve thought that launching a new venture would be the last thing on his mind”

    Actually it’s exactly what I’d expect him to do, and what I’d do if in his boots. Open a new site with a new (alleged) focus.

    Like a Phoenix from the flames, this new site will be Oldhams attempted rebirth. Expect in the next few months as traffic picks up on the new site that Oldham will slowly start pulling the plugs on KT.

    This place will become his new refuge, and he will be able to clinically euthanise the old site and all his old crimes will go with it. Already the KT archives are locked out?
    Soon they’ll be gone.
    No KT.
    No proof.
    No way LFC will do anything about it then.

    I really hope some official comes out and makes an announcement about this site or Oldham, and in fact the best possible chance for this to happen is the newly refered to porn site Oldham allegedly has?
    Now you’re talking. Proove this, I mean really proove it, and threaten the club with taking it to the media proper if they ignore it.
    Then you’ll see all sorts of official backlash.

  13. projectvox Says:

    I think I agree with you there, didihno.

    I think to finally close this, we definitely need LFC to give an official response.

    If we can get that, then it will be the biggest of sticks to beat Oldham with.

    Fingers crossed.

  14. rupertinsider Says:


    You asked for proof of his porno site. He advertises it on Koptalk.

    We wrote an article about it here:

    I deliberately left out the link to it to deny him hits.

  15. didihno Says:

    Well slap my thigh and call me Nancy.

    Why the hell don’t you guys just send this link to Mr. Parry et al?

    Surely the threat of this getting into the mainstream media would be too much for the club to risk. LFC has rebuilt itself into a gleaming white bastion of decency. Too white in fact, its a nice big target for people to sling mud at.

    I really doubt our new benefactors would stand idly by and let someone with who peddles porn to have or claim to have any affiliation to themselves or to their property.

    This is your meal ticket guys, a great big club made of finest ash. Go beat dunks brains out with it.

  16. The Platinum Club Says:

    The thing is, what can the club actually do? Is there actually a legal case that they could bring against Dunk?

  17. didihno Says:

    All they have to do is release a statement denouncing Oldham and everything he claims.

    That would be the end of that.

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    The Platinum Club

    I think a case could be made that Oldham has stolen LFC copyright, made false representations about LFC, sold fake memorabilia and a number of other legally actionable things.

    But its not necessary to comence legal action.

    He would be ruined if the club disassociated from him.

    They could simply say LFC does not endorse any of his claims to provide “official” or “exclusive” news and information, or information from inside Anfield, Melwood and the Academy, or to have an ongoing relationship with the club, its owners and executives, and he is not authorized to sell LFC memorabilia, other LFC related goods or services or re-sell LFC tickets. The dissociation should apply to him, personally, and any other web-site or service with which he is or may be associated in the future.

  19. didihno Says:

    Thats pretty much what I was aiming for.
    If the club released that, then oldham is ruined, as far as KT goes that is.

  20. sospanred Says:

    I have a feeling Rupert’s letter will bear fruit. When Hicks and Gillett realise what is going on, and has been going on for so long, they will come down on fatty like a ton of bricks. They will not want to their shiny new business (and its relationship with its customers) damaged by association with Koptalk’s lies, thievery and sleaze. You can’t dupe men like these and expect them to shrug it off.

    Hicks and Gillett play in the BIG league, and will ensure that fatty, Koptalk and any other spurious sites he sets up to mug Liverpool FC and its fans, such as, are crushed, completely.

    His desperate trips across the pond have moved him significantly towards the coup de grace…

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