Dumb and Dumber in Dallas – its safer there than Anfield

by Rupert Insider


Oldham claims he was “invited” to Dallas by Tom Hicks.

Anyone who wanted to meet Tom Hicks and George Gillett could have done so relatively easily in the reception area at Anfield last week and a couple of weeks before that, too. In fact, many genuine LFC supporters did.

It would have been even easier if you had a season-ticket, as Duncan Oldham of Koptalk claims to have, with multiple “insider” connections in the club, or if you were the owner of a major UK media organization – which is another of his potty claims.

It is an eloquent statement of Oldham’s pariah status at Anfield that he is nowhere near Anfield when the two new owners are there. When they came for the Barcelona game he went to great lengths to create an excuse for not being there. He had to go to Valencia, he said, to check out Rafa!

Its costing him a fortune – dodging the owners at Anfield but showing up at their franchises thousands of miles away in Canada and the USA to check them out.

At that distance he can avoid the scorn that would greet him at Anfield. And he feels he has greater freedom to lie to the owners and to the paying members of his dying website.

But even that distance is not safe enough for Oldham. His alleged relationship with the owners would collapse if they got a whiff of who he really is. So they mustn’t find out, especially from the blog. And if that means lying to his members about his whereabouts, pretending to be posting from the UK when he is actually in some cheap motel in the USA – so be it. After all its one of the traditions of Koptalk – an owner who adopts multiple false identities on his site and lies to his members about his whereabouts.

A couple of weeks ago I did inform George Gillett in writing that Oldham would now try to leverage his lies about his relationship with him into “an invitation” from Tom Hicks. I told him that he would link it to his proposed revenue-earning site about the progress of the stadium and claim to have insider information about the plans and the progress. I suggested that the club will have to continue to spend a disproportionate amount of time correcting the false reports which are sure to follow. I sent a copy to Rick Parry.

But that’s the club’s problem – or should I say Ian Cotton’s and Rick Parry’s. And they have enormous resources to deal with it.

The two executives have dumped their previous personal liverpoolfc.tv email addresses in the last few days. I wonder if that has anything to do with the volume of complaints they have been receiving about Oldham and the demand that LFC issue an on-the-record statement disassociating from him?

May I suggest that those who have written to Rick Parry now redouble their efforts.

Perhaps Rick would like to comment on Oldham’s claims that he has been shown the revised plans for the stadium as well as much other confidential information about the owners plans for the club? Perhaps Ian Cotton, Head of Press, would like to comment on Oldham claims he was given briefings by Tom Hicks not available to the City Council or the accredited press or even the Official Site.

When I tipped off GG about Oldham’s probable plans for Dallas I mentioned it to a contributor of the blog who is a seasoned KT-watcher and participant in another site. I hope he doesn’t mind my quoting his reply anonymously.

“….actually in my opinion he (Oldham) should be encouraged to expose himself (not literally ugh, what a thought!) to Hicks, see what trouble he can get himself into. To paraphrase Marx (not groucho), I believe we are now seeing an advanced form of Oldham behaviour that has become so inflated it will collapse under the weight of its own contradictions.”


35 Responses to “Dumb and Dumber in Dallas – its safer there than Anfield”

  1. Alan Says:

    How the fuck has he got in contact with Tom Hicks and met him ? i doubt they did talk about the stadium etc, but surely Hicks needs to know what a cunt fatty is

  2. Trusty Rusty Says:

    Exactly my point I made in the last Blog Post…..Oldham aint no fool. He’s a very, very shrewd conman.

    Oldham was in the office of the owner of Liverpool Football Club (and On video – so no disputing his claims).

    Anyone who dismissed him as a simply a gormless ‘idiot’ should wipe that egg off their face.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    If Oldham is such a clever guy why is it taking you so many posts to try to convince people of it?

  4. Trusty Rusty Says:

    Rupert….just saying he’s much smarter than most people on here are suggesting.

    FFS, he went from a shed in Wallsend to Hicks’ Personal office!

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    If he was smart he would have saved himself about three weeks on the road and thousands of pounds and gone to Anfield and met Hicks and GG for free. He would even have earned more respect for himself and his website if he had been able to do that – but he wasn’t able.

  6. Tubby Says:

    @Trusty Rusty – anyone with half a brain and some deluded fantasy can make their way to texas and get to see a business man or his offices. it does not require much intelligence. You are mistaking gall for smarts. these are the irrational acts of a desperate dope fueled by an overloaded estimation of his status in the media world, and the threat of his crappy website about to crumble.

    Oldham is a spiv, a common thief, make no mistake about it. He may have some street cunning, but for the life of me please stop attempting to play up his so-called intelligence, it is an insult to mine.

  7. dataimaginary Says:

    He’s shrewd, I wouldn’t say he’s clever, he’s taken advantage of the fact that the new owners are in a honeymoon period in which they are keen to be seen to be engaging in “outreach” to liverpool fans.

    He’s taken advantage of this by promoting himself as a spokesman for liverpool fans as evidenced by his “no 1 liverpool site”. He’s riding on their goodwill to generate profit.

    It’s a shrewd move, that may give short term dividends, but could blow-up spectacularily in the long to medium term.

    uncle Karl. 😉

  8. Scouse Says:

    So Hicks invited more COWBOYS to his office?

    Looks like the discussion hasn’t worked with Gillett at all then as he’s done exactly as expected and move straight on to Hicks?

    I’m actually really annoyed at the new owners of the club for going along with this even after being informed.

    Chatted in private for a while? If so well then Hicks has helped to fund a conman for another few months as no doubt this is book fodder.


  9. dataimaginary Says:

    On the video you get to see him meeting hicks then it cuts. Fatty then tells us it’s a 2 hour meeting that he can’t video. Ahem.

    He duped gillette into giving him free tickets, he’s done the same with Hicks, it doesn’t necessarily follow that Hicks was aware of dunkin’s activities. We’ll see. Notice that dunkin was careful to say that fans can contact the new owners via the offical site…..not so long ago he was claiming KT members would be able to send ideas exclusively through KT. That’s a significant change.

  10. dataimaginary Says:

    Practiced dunk watchers will see a significant gap between what is claimed and proved. Also note that the “exclusive” ground information is already readily available in the public domain.

    The most significant aspect of what dunk has posted is that he’s not claiming exclusive access via KT and suggests that fans contact the owners through the official site – a site he derides. Reading between the lines, that suggests a lot to me.

  11. Tubby Says:

    “Practiced dunk watchers will see a significant gap between what is claimed and proved. ”

    Indeed, in fact that gap between reality and fantasy is where Duncan Oldham dwells. The problem is the chasm is getting wider and as much as he spreads his girth eating pies he will eventually fall into the abyss.

  12. btb Says:

    Hate to say it but is not what we and all sane LFC fans think, it is what is believed on his site and by people that have not heard of hi yet. The members of koptalk are eating it all up. They are all congratulating him and saying how lucky they are to be members.

  13. rupertinsider Says:


    Not all on his site believe. I received this letter this morning from someone who has been on his site since the “VIP days”.

    “I can’t beliive that somone (Mr. Oldham) could act so disgracefully. I have to admit that I’ve had my suspicions over the last few years as the site seemed to really deteriorate (& all the ‘usual’ posters seemed to disappear). I will make good on my promise & NEVER visit the site again. I’ve also contacted PayPal to make sure no money will be taken by Mr. Oldham. I’ve read your blog & its quite informative.

    You’re doing some very good work mate…keep it up as the number of overseas fans (in particular) who are being “fooled” into joining the site seems to be increasing.


  14. scousenproud Says:

    I just hope to fuck that hicks doesent think that all liverpool fans are fat sweaty mooching muthafuckers like you and the other scruffy big eared cunt. The shame of that pair of twat showing up on the doorstop like some long lost stepchild is really embarrassing. fat cunt if your reading this, id have more respect for you if you were travelling to psv and the likes of reading and portsmouth to promote and actually putting in real milage for your site but you wont do that cos you know you would be clocked and rumbled. dont you think its a little dishonest to be trekking half the world on your members dime to get free tickets and autographs? you acted like some little groupie prostitute. as for fact finding about the stadium what difference does it make to your site? no cunt actually goes the game and your marketing your site ON THE BACK of Liverpool football club AGAIN.

  15. rupertinsider Says:


    Another reason for his saying that Hicks could be contacted through the official site is that he does not want anyone to check on his story directly with Hicks.

  16. btb Says:

    rupert very true. I would suspect that he only met Hicks for about 2 mins. Said hello, had their pictures taken, given tickets because they represented a fan site (the smallest one at that) and were booted out. Video stopped or edited out s the truth was not known. Lets be honest if he had seen the plans he would have told every one all the details because that would have got him a lot more members.
    The appreciation threads get on my nerves.

  17. rupertinsider Says:


    Some of those KT messages of appreciation are from people stung by the knowledge that they have paid 30 quid to a con man. In seeking justification for their mistake they are grasping at straws.

    Liverpool is humming with news of the stadium, finances, new players and the future, in general, and they are glued to a video diary of a couple of lying fools from Wallsend. You have to wonder about people who will congratulate Oldham for spending their memberships fees on a three week jaunt in North America while the people he was seeking to meet where at Anfield and during a time when the club was making such great progress on the field.

    For a small handful, the cult is more important than LFC.

    Some of the messages on KT are from genuine LFC supporters in Asia and other overseas places who don’t know about the news which is common knowledge on other sites, because having paid Oldham 30 quid they thought they would be kept abreast – and do not realise that on KT they have turned into a cul-de-sac where they’re cut off from other LFC fans and common sources of news.

  18. Trusty Rusty Says:

    Tubby, you’re obviously a daft, deluded cnut if you think anyone can stroll into Hicks office at will. Ffs….get a brain cell son, you’re embarassing yourself.

  19. fat_boy_fat Says:

    @ trustyrusty

    Hicks would feel obliged to bend over backwards to accomadate someone who claims he is from the No1 lfc site, even more so when he has a camcorder poked in his face. Hicks is not going to say feck off is he.
    Dunk knows at this moment in time that Gillett and Hicks are on a massive PR exercise to convince us fans that they are good for us. Fatty is explioting this fact to its fullest extent. So for that very reason you can be 99.9% sure that fatty just turned up there looking for the shot he got.

    If this had been a year down the line you probably would have seen a different repsonse from Tom. i.e get the fuck off my land fat boy, Martha get my shot gun!

  20. ROCK Says:

    you would have thought that hicks might have been pre warned following the gillet incident.
    howeve ive said it before and i will say it again to end this once and for all would take a one line statement from ian cotton on the official site discounting adne ffectively ending duncan oldham and koptalk.

  21. Scouse Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the official site have made a complete farce of this? By letting the site continue to lie and charge fans they are nearly as bad as endorsing it.

    Take any normal company, if someone setup a site with official all over it (to try and steal your thunder) and charged for false information you’d be taking them to court as quickly as possible. Yet the press or who-ever is responsible at LFC let this crap continue to be churned out.

    I’m quickly loosing respect for the likes of Cotton for not doing anything about this

  22. rupertinsider Says:

    Parry and Cotton have allowed themselves to become impotent.

    You now have the ridiculous spectacle of a small-time spiv from Wallsend – Oldham – claiming he has a special relationship with the owners of LFC and privileged information about the club that (a) they don’t have or (b) they aren’t allowed to reveal to the accredited press or supporters at large.

    Because Parry and Cotton failed to act in the past when he made these claims about other owners, and potential investors and even themselves, they also failed to protect Gillett and Hicks from them now. Both owners are now faced with the problem of how to extricate themselves from Oldham’s false claims without looking foolish.

    Parry’s only tactic is to claim that Oldham is too insignificant, and any attention to his claims will only boost his readership. But Oldham has become insignificant as a result of the blog and its allies – not anything Parry has done.

    Parry has consistently failed to seize opportunities to issue a simple statement disassociating the club from Oldham’s claims. For Parry to argue that such a statement would help Oldham is nonsense. Can you imagine any LFC supporter in the world wanting to be part of a site that the club has dissociated from – apart from Koptalk’s long-standing cultees?

    The other argument that some sections of the press might make a story of how a club is crushing a small site etc is also nonsense. The statement could be clear and decisive but not oppressive. The press might be more interested in why Oldham and his site is not supported by any other LFC site in the UK (and even the Asian sites are disassociating as we speak). If the press wanted a story we could provide lots of leads. It would be interesting to see how Oldham stood up to the kind of public scrutiny he tried to engineer for Robbie Fowler and others.

    Cotton has been designated the task of dealing with Oldham but he is clearly without any authority to go beyond the policy as set out by Parry.

    My opinion is that Parry should be made the focus of any campaign to stop Oldham from continuing to defraud Liverpool supporters by misrepresenting his relations with the club or its owners.

    And if Parry won’t answer or fails again to act decisively then people should deduce he is impotent and go directly to the owners.

    I have already made submission to them about a statement from the club. My impression is that Parry has been advising GG to ignore Oldham. That may be why my written warning to GG about Oldham’s probable trip to Dallas (copied to Parry) was not acted on. But I’ll suspend judgement until I get the details.

  23. Tubby Says:

    @Trusty Rusty, well well, you are starting to show your true colours. A juvenile leech attached to Oldham’s arse. If you ever manage to detach yourself and come up for some fresh air, take a look around, its called reality. Plenty to go around for everyone sunshine.

  24. Andy Says:

    There’s nothing in that video to suggest that Oldham spent any more than a couple of minutes in Hicks’ company.

    There isn’t even anything to suggest that they ever left the reception room displayed in all the footage.

    The whole filmed encounter seems awkward and lasts less than ten seconds. There are no shots of them leaving or entering Hicks’ office.

    Has anybody else noticed the usual contradictions in Oldham’s posts since this encounter – almost as if he’s making it up as he goes along:

    “The best thing about the new Kop will be that .. there won’t be fancy seats that you may see elsewhere in other areas of the stadium.”

    and then a couple of sentences later, he says:

    “I imagine there will be different classes of seating … maybe the first so many rows will have bigger, more expensive seats.”

    So which is it? Or is he just writing the first crap that comes into his head and assuming the gullible will accept it as gospel?

  25. rupertinsider Says:

    Meanwhile censorship continues. I’ve just received an email from a KT member who questioned why two posts were deleted. He was then banned for asking the question. He is now trying to get a refund of his fee.

  26. rupertinsider Says:


    Each one of the comments of the Trusty Rusty character were based on false premises and when this was pointed out he did not respond but just moved to another false premise. Eventually he was reduced to hypotheticals. The point he said he was trying to make became more and more abstract as he tried to maintain the pretence of being an objective analyst of Oldham’s intelligence.

    If he believes what he said he’s the sort of impressionable fool Oldham prays for. Too bad he could not sustain his argument without the dishonest debating trick of pretending to speak for overseas supporters, whom, he proposed, would be as thick and impressionable as he is.

    I recognize his technique. And I’m sure he is one of those former KT posters who are irrationally irritated by the fact that the blog has nailed Oldham for the thick lying thief and petty conman he is.

  27. lfc_michael Says:

    What I fail to understand is why the owners have chosen to associate themselves with Oldham, even in his guise as a fans’ representative. There are other, recognised groups, with whom the club already have relations or are aware of, such as the Official Liverpool Supporters’ Club, fanzines such as RAOTL and TTWAR, and the RTK group. Surely Parry and Cotton could direct Hicks and Gillett to them, if they have a wish to gauge fan opinion.

    By failing to act, Parry is allowing Oldham to milk his (doubtless exaggerated) contact with the owners for his own personal gain.

  28. rupertinsider Says:

    This is an interim report – more later.

    The football blog: “Who ate all the pies” has just dropped its link to Koptalk so perhaps you can give them a visit as a reward and congratulate them. http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/

    A contributor to this blog wrote to the main Singapore LFC site – Official – and as a result it seems to have dropped its links to Koptalk, just as the Hong Kong site did a couple of weeks ago. I am also in correspondence with that site in the hope of ensuring its a permanent move and that they will also persuade existing visitors from Asia to ditch KT.

    Other UK sites might want to try to be especially welcoming to Asian supporters. It would be a nice move if some of the UK sites wrote to the Asian sites and offered a twinning arrangement.

    The more links to KT we can get cut the less prominence KT will have on Google and other search engines. As you know, ranking on search engines is determined in part by how many other sites link.

    If we can progressively isolate KT it wont’ matter if he copies Michael Fagin and gets into the Queen’s bedroom – nobody will read about it. If there is no money in it, Oldham will ditch LFC just as he has ditched Newcastle.

  29. rupertinsider Says:

    Transferred from another thread. This post made by Andy who is the webmaster of the Official Site – Singapore Branch – Association of International Branches – he can be reached here: andy@liverpoolfanclub.org.sg It might be an idea to drop him a line and encourage him to do what he can with the unofficial Singapore sites. I also received an email from him and he has pledged himself and his site to work with the blog to get rid of Koptalk from the club.

    I’ve added his site to our list. Its well worth a visit – very well-written and lively. http://www.liverpoolfanclub.org.sg/

    # Andy Says:
    April 9th, 2007 at 3:04 am e

    Thanks Rupert.
    I read your email and have acted accordingly to what all Liverpool fans will think is right.
    He is despicable and hope the law catches up on him very soon.

  30. Karen Says:

    All of our members at the East of Anfield Supporters Club in Singapore were warned long ago about Koptalk

  31. Chunka Says:

    Just a thought but why not cut of his circualtion slowly but surely.


    Simply contact 114 websites that link him

  32. rupertinsider Says:


    Good idea. Any volunteers. It won’t matter if we duplicate each other.

  33. rupertinsider Says:


    Good for you! Any ideas about getting the message out to other sites in your part of the world?

  34. Karen Says:

    We’ll give the other supporters clubs in the region a call or email them. Will let you know how we get on 🙂

  35. Tubby Says:

    Some of those sites seem to have been de-koptalked already. Good work everyone.

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