Koptalk: Cops and Robbers

by Rupert Insider


Photo: Sgt. Bob Cryer of ITV’s “The Bill”

” KopTalk is a members only website aimed at mature die-hard Liverpool supporters…”

So why is today’s Koptalk Podcast entitled “Cops”?

I won’t give the link. Why give him unearned hits? But its a pirated video showing disconnected clips of arrests in the USA with no commentary. Its not even interesting – even as a cops clip. And it has nothing to do with football, let alone LFC.

So why “Cops“?

For Oldham, its a security-blanker or a teddy-bear not named “Rupert”. When he feels his wheels coming off, he curls up in a foetal position and thinks about cops.

He wanted to be a cop, he says. He claims his dad was a one – an Inspector, no less. In fact he claims that the character of Sgt. Cryer of ITV’s “The Bill” was based on his dad. And if that was not melodramatic enough he claimed on Koptalk that his dad committed suicide.

Others have noted that if his dad was a cop he would have been in the Yorkshire force and familiar with some of those in the South Yorkshire force who were found culpable in the death of the 96 Liverpool men and boys at Hillsborough. And it has been suggested that this might explain why Oldham – alone among owners of LFC related sites – tries to undermine the organisation run by the families of those who died at Hillsborough referring to it as “too political” and why he refuses to support the boycott of the S*n and promotes the S*n on Koptalk.

There’s no doubting his obsession with cops. Before he discovered Koptalk he used to sell radios tuned to the frequencies of the police and emergency services – illegally listening in on their private messages. He admitted as much in a Usenet group message we will feature later. In it he explains how the police came to his house (on other business he does not disclose) and spotted one of his radio receivers tuned to their broadcasts. He got into a spot of trouble over that.

Then there was his new web site about terrorism. But that blew up.

And last year when the blog started to bite, he returned to his familiar cops routine. He had had a word – he said – with his friends in the force and they were unto us. We’re still waiting.

But Koptalk says it is the No. 1 LFC site for mature die-hard Liverpool supporters.

So you’ve paid your 30 and you’ve let Koptalk stick an automatic annual renewal order on your PayPal account.

That’s when you discover the videos are mainly about Duncan Oldham, and his half-brother manservant Steve MacNeish, as they hang around airports and clubs and chat up “prozzies”. By their own admissions, neither of them are “die-hard” Liverpool supporters.

And if you don’t like their videos you can post your own videos from You Tube.


And the Koptalk Podcasts are also about the same two sad clowns, sometimes wearing Arab costumes and dressed as women. They are built around an unfunny joke about the size and shape of Steve’s ears, peppered by paedophiliac jokes and comments as one or the other tries to read football news from yesterday’s papers.

But today’s Koptalk Podcast featuring nothing but Cops reinforces what we have always said – that Koptalk declined as a meeting place for LFC supporters when Oldham took over from the founder and tried to turn it into a site about himself rather than about LFC. He wanted to become an internet “A” celebrity and a cult leader.

And if that’s what you want for your 30 – a site about Oldham – don’t be surprised when you’re served up stolen video clips about Cops.


17 Responses to “Koptalk: Cops and Robbers”

  1. dataimaginary Says:

    Desperate for content – how much longer is he going to hang on?

  2. Trusty Rusty Says:

    To be fair to Oldham, I think his videos are pretty funny – in a perverse kind of way.

    I think it’s OBVIOUS that him and Steve made these videos to ‘humanize’ themselves and prove to the ‘world’ that they aren’t as sinister as the blog makes them out to be.

    Make no mistake, Oldham is a shrewd marketing expert (as was proved with his self made and once renowned cyber- empire).

    By putting a ‘comical’ video twist to his site – he’s actually building an on screen persona who is the polar opposite of the ‘thieving, swindling Walsall conman’ that we know him to be…..

    Very smart….Now the blog needs a new strategy to fight back – but how?

  3. felix Says:

    It was listening to fatty`s podcasts last summer that started me questioning him. They were unfunny and I was concerned by his offensive language. The joke of being in bed with one of his daughter`s friends in particular and the repeated use of the word “split arse” when referring to women.
    I`m hoping that these appalling video podcasts will do the same for people unaware about Oldham. The actual glimpses of fatty are enough to sound alarm bells in anyone`s mind. He looks like a thug.
    The videos are boring, overlong and seem to be an ego boost to him. He is in trouble with more members not renewing he needs to attract new members. Thankfully these videos will not do so. The blog needs to carry on as it been doing.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    “Make no mistake, Oldham is a shrewd marketing expert (as was proved with his self made and once renowned cyber- empire).”

    Koptalk was designed and founded by Colin Seaman. It was a good original concept, built up by its users and ruined by Oldham.

    All Oldham’s other attempts have failed – whether “sister” football sites, porno sites or special interest sites, his never-to-be-written-book site, and all his attempts to squat on the sites of others. Even his two or three blogs last year failed.

    If he is using videos to prove anything to “the world” he is going to have to do better than the 50 -60 viewings (including his own) that he managed for his ₤3,000 videos in Montreal. Most school kids could make a decent movie for that kind of money and get a lot more viewers on YouTube.

    (And neither he nor his half brother are in the Podcast-video “Cops”).

  5. Trusty Rusty Says:

    Rupert, I know what you are saying and agree with most of it, but I think you are underestimating him in a few departments. Firstly, the video views are ranging from 500 all the way up to 900 – which is quite a lot. I’m sure many of them were referrals from here, but even so, that is not a small audience in the context of the matter.

    If you think about it logically, and without prejudice, why the hell would Oldham come out of the ‘shadows’ so openly after many years of lurking behind the keyboard?

    He’s trying to show ‘the neutrals’ or those ‘on the fence’ and maybe even the ‘hardliners’ – that he aint such a bad guy after all. Whether it’s working is a completely different question.

    You’ve got to watch the cameras and listen to the comments to understand what I mean. He’s trying to be ‘one of the lads’ by fitting in. Don’t you remember his classic old line ‘KT started from me mam’s garage’ (or something)…..he’s cleverly adding the ‘human touch.’

    Make no mistake about it Rupert, Oldham knows what he’s doing here. He wouldn’t put himself out there so publicly if he thought it would affect him negatively.

    Oldham is shrewd, and for him, perhaps it’s the last throw of the dice…….

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    “You’ve got to watch the cameras and listen to the comments to understand what I mean.”

    I’ll leave that for you to do.

    I visited his site three times today. In the entire Football Forum section – many forums – he had had 1 viewing, 2 viewing and 1 viewing. Adjust for my presence and it was 0, 1, 0

  7. Hansi Says:

    Those figures are actually wrong. Or rather misleading. I’ll explain on e-mail.

  8. rupertinsider Says:


    Thanks for the email explanation. I could see there was a discrepancy between the two sets of figures you mentioned – and one set suggest higher numbers viewing. But its for Oldham to explain the inconsistencies in his numbers. He is tying himself in knots trying to control information.

    The bottom line is he has six computers refreshing pages 7 x 24 and a number of paid posters and even with those artificial boosts he records very low numbers of views and replies.

    Despite Trusty Rusty claims to the contrary his Montreal videos got only 50-60 views over the first four or five days. That contrasts with over 1,000 views the articles on those same videos received on the first full day on the blog.

    Any item that is left on a site will accumulate repeat visits over a number of days and weeks – especially if you are running 6 computers 7 x 24 refreshing pages and especially if a critical blog has noted how few viewings there are.

    Its difficult to imagine any site with the kind of search engine prominence he has fiddled over 8-9 years getting such low viewing numbers.

  9. btb Says:

    Got to say I am suprised to see him in a picture with Hicks, suprised you guys have not picked up on this.
    Hope this was they noticed Hicks passing and got a quick picture.

  10. Tubby Says:

    @Trusty Rusty – what a load of shite. Dunk is as thick as a brick, if he had any marketing expertise or business acumen at all he would not be in this position. He’s a dullard and a nonce who managed to turn a decent business model into a house of cards. The problem is not that he’s shrewd, its that he’s so stupid he’s dangerous – mostly to himself.

  11. Trusty Rusty Says:

    Rupert, I don’t know if I am looking at something different from you guys – but his video’s on that LiveVideo site are getting over 400 + views a pop.

    Not sure why everyone is getting so touchy about it! Relax, I’m not defending him or his past actions. I am just stating that Oldham is trying to ‘humanize’ himself…..whether it’s working or not, is up to the general public to determine – not the opinion of a single person like myself.

    I have never paid for any of Oldham’s services, but anyone who dismisses him as a clueless idiot is simply underestimating him….. albeit at your peril. A more apt description would be ‘cunning crook.’

    Whether you want to accept it or not, Oldham built a huge and notorious empire from nothing. Sure he may have deceived and even cheated a hell of a lot of people in getting there, but that takes a lot of smarts, something which an ‘idiot’ certainly wouldn’t have.

  12. rupertinsider Says:


    “Not sure why everyone is getting so touchy about it!”

    I don’t see anybody getting touchy about it. I see people disagreeing with you.

    “..but his video’s on that LiveVideo site are getting over 400 + views a pop.”

    I referred to Koptalk. I repeat that his Montreal and first NY videos got 40-50 viewings over the first four days.

    If one had nothing else to do but speculate about the site you mention one would surely note that – contrary to your claim – 400 is a very low number, even in absolute terms. It is even lower when spread over several days or weeks. And then one might want to note that that site was publicized by this blog in articles on the Montreal and the first NY trip . Each article received more than 1,000 hits – 2,000 in one case – within the first 24 hours they were published. So it seems only a minority of the readers bothered to look at the videos. That site is also a “public utility” subject to visits from casual surfers. It was also publicized by posters on Est 1892.

    I agree with Tubby – and would add that Oldham is a nonce with infantile tendencies. I would agree with felix. Oldham’s videos show even more clearly than his words how coarse and stupid he is. In fact he seems such a low life on them it made me seriously consider whether I should spend any more time on them. (No doubt you would say that was part of his fiendishly clever plan). Soory to dsiappint you. I want him to make as many videos as he can – a picture is worth a thousand words.

    If you are making the point that a liar and thief can gain temporary advantage over honest people – that’s well known. That’s why we call them out. It doesn’t mean the liar and thief is clever.

    Look at Oldham. After the years on the net he dare not show his face at Anfield. He has to resort to cavorting in Canada and the USA and his only company is his idiot half brother who is as dishonest as he is and who depends on him for money.

  13. Andy Says:


    Oldham is certainly cunning but i think a lot of “gall” rather than “smarts” is what has allowed him to get away his crap for so long.

    From the many comments left on here by past subscribers, the rule seems to be that people took a while to accept that someone would lie so frequently and so brazenly, rather than that his deceit was so ingenious it hoodwinked people completely.

  14. Trusty Rusty Says:

    Rupert, out of interest – why do you think Oldham has suddenly come out from behind the keyboard – to make himself so public and even more noticeable?

    In the past, he rarely posted pictures of himself, preferring to hide behind photos of his family etc…..

    For a man who is as good as a ‘wanted cyber-criminal’ – what do you think his plan is?

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    He’s too thick to have a plan. And its not true that he was always secretive.

    His first move when he took over KT was to put a web cam on it – when they were very rare – and put it in his daughter’s bedroom and invite reader to watch him working around the clock. He also splashed photos of his wedding and his wearing a S*n hat and he used to be very free about portraying himself. It was he who published the photo shop composite of his face on a black body and the photo of himself as a youngster with Rush.

    He began to substitute photos of meat pies, coke cans, cider bottles and other forms of junk food to continue the theme of his personal dominance of his territory without actually showing himself. I can only guess he chose this theme in an defensive attempt to show that he was not affected by references to his obesity. But it shows he was.

    However, his trip to Montreal and NY and now Dallas has produced many new images – very few of them flattering. Indeed to my eye they show how stupid and coarse he really is and how ugly. And I don’t mean fat. I mean ugly in the sense of someone whose face reflects that they are a thief and liar living on their nerves in the small-time fantasy world of the petty conman, who talks all the time of others in crude terms and seems to be addicted to gambling, drink and fascinated with perverted sex. It is also obvious from his speech and body language that he still sees himself as a controller of his cult – even though it is reduced to one economically dependent boy and one emotionally deprived girl.

    There was no plan to show himself in photos. He was too stupid to think through the possibility that the blog would freeze frame his videos and publish stills. And the photos in the Bell Centre were carefully posed to show him in the best possible light. For him the prize of showing he was actually there overcame his recent inhibitions about revealing himself.

    The cap, the dark glasses and the black clothes are all attempts to make himself invisible to tax and benefits inspectors to LFC supporters and to himself. He’s probably right, that he would be better off in the USA .

  16. Trusty Rusty Says:

    I don’t know Rupert…..many people (including me) never really knew what Oldham looked like. The pictures we saw of him from KT were very old, photoshopped or just poor quality.

    The videos clearly show him in all his….ahem….glory.

    If anyone didn’t know who or what Oldham looked like back then, they sure as hell do now.

    For me, I feel this is all part of some kind of Masterplan to give himself some credibility. The mere fact that he has (on tape) got pictures of him meeting Hicks is a huge draw, especially to the overseas fans who will never have heard of Oldham or his previous tricks.

    I know if I had seen a video of this Hicks meeting, and without prior knowledge of Oldham – I would probably be very curious to join up to get some ‘inside scoop’…..

    And so the wagon chugs on……

  17. rupertinsider Says:

    “The mere fact that he has (on tape) got pictures of him meeting Hicks is a huge draw, especially to the overseas fans who will never have heard of Oldham or his previous tricks.”

    I am prepared to believe that if you had never heard of Oldham before and if you saw his tape you would be impressed and would be be very curious to join up.

    Unfortunately it would not say very much for your powers of observation or analysis, if you did.

    You refer to “overseas fans”. I have more faith in their intelligence than you.

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