Koptalk Censorship and Bring-Your-Own-Video for ₤30

by Rupert Insider

Letter from Reader

Duncan Oldham does not allow Koptalk members to communicate with each other except publicly under his ever-watchful eye on the forums.

He especially does not want them to mention this blog. To prevent them discovering what is being said about his site and prevent “outsiders” contacting members he has closed the Private Message and email functions and also disabled personal profiles with email addresses and removed the “who’s online” feature. These measures are typical of cults with a siege mentality.

However, a contributor to the blog has been patiently deducing the email addresses of Koptalk posters and contacting them. He sent me his latest list of addresses on Friday and – for the first time – I sent out a letter to people on the list inviting them here. The first response came quickly. I have edited it to protect the identity of the sender:


thank you thank you……thank you

I have had problems getting my money back…(edit)
I am from (
edit: “Non-UK country) and this last year or so I have noticed that Koptalk has been strange and mystical…..

You have opened my eyes.

I have tried many times to get in touch with fellow supporters from Liverpool as I would like to travel there, but there do not seem to be any of them at Koptalk.

I have now cancelled my paypal account!



This letter shows once again that Oldham’s censorship works. There are people who are on his site because they believe the false claims he puts on search engines that his site is the No. 1 LFC site and its kind of “official” with “exclusive” news from Anfield. Once there they find themselves caught in a cul-de-sac, cut off from other LFC supporters, especially any from Liverpool.

In my letter I pointed out that the blog has a list of about 25 LFC sites, some of them based in or around Liverpool, some with a strong percentage of posters who attend games at Anfield or follow the team away. These sites welcome LFC supporters from other countries. None of them charge for membership.



Today Oldham introduces another way of getting his members to work for him and then charging them for the privilege.

Why use YouTube for Free when you can get it at Koptalk for ₤30?



“We have introduced a new feature to the forums that easily enables you to add videos to the site from YouTube and Googlevideo.

To post a clip use the following code WITHOUT the spaces, which I have had to add for the code to appear.

[ youtube ] VideoID [ /youtube ]

[ googlevideo ] VideoID [ /googlevideo ]

So to add Johnny Cash singing Ring of Fire, you would locate that video from YouTube and look for the Video Id which is in the URL e.g.:


take out 5ab3eVONH8M

and add it to the site as following WITHOUT spaces:

[ youtube ] 5ab3eVONH8M [ /youtube ]

Post as normal and the following should appear:

edit : he then shows the normal screenshot front page of a YouTube clip.

With Googlevideo, again obtain the video ID. For this example we’re using our plane that flew a banner over the Millennium Stadium during the 2006 FA Cup Final:


take out 1538707531596016263

and add it to the site as following WITHOUT spaces:

[ googlevideo ] 1538707531596016263 [ /googlevideo ]

Post as normal and the following should appear:

edit: he then shows the normal screenshot front page of Google clip


4 Responses to “Koptalk Censorship and Bring-Your-Own-Video for ₤30”

  1. Chunka Says:

    Oldham takes at least a year to Add this functionality to his site?

    Its been available on the other others for ages.

  2. didihno Says:

    Hers a thing, isn’t it illegal for him to offer a service behind the closed wall of a pay site?

    I thought you could only use youtube on free sitess and not for fiscal gain?

  3. YoungHeinrichthe3rd Says:

    Looks like your email may be doing the job
    Just posted on KT and probably deleted by now. Sorry can’t get a screengrab

    Well boys and girls, its been a pleasure
    kris90210 kris90210
    KopTalk Member

    Registered: 31/05/04
    Posts: 2999
    Loc: Aberystwyth/Cardiff

    Dunk, Im not going to be renewing my membership when it runs out in about a months time. Ive recently had to go part time and Im struggling with cash. Ive just subscribed to the official site, and I cant really justify subscribing to both at this present time.

    Ive been a ‘koptalker’ since 1998 and spent countless hours on the forums – at the expense of my eductation and personal life!! Things are different these days. A lot of the characters that made the site so great have left, and the site is all the poorer without them.

    Im not going to judge you Dunk, because you’ve always seemed a good bloke to me. I respect your stance on the blog – mintain silence. But I think it would do you a lot of good if you came out fighting and answered the questions being asked of you. I think you should do this because that much [oops] is being thrown at you, some of it is obviously sticking.

    Anyway, I hope it all gets sorted out and koptalk gets back to being the number 1 liverpool fan site out there. Ill hopefully sign up again in the autumn. (after an exciting summer!)

    All the best guys


  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Oldham does not maintain a silence with respect to the blog. He has offered people bribes to trick us into disclosing our identity, he has said he has spoken to a hitman to bump us off for 500 quid, he has put his phantom “legal team” unto us, contacted the hosting service and tried to steal our domain name, written many an email about us, made many a references to us on his site and most of all, he has written innumerable posts which are are response to ours even though he has not openly admitted it.

    What he has not done is (a) give an accounting of the amount of money he raised for the Lauren appeal (b) refunded those he has cheated with fake LFC memorabilia (c) paid all those overseas supporters he has charged twice for membership (d) apologized for denying he had no knowledge of the S*n boycott before he wore its promotional hat (e) admitted his numerous lies to have insider informations from LFC and meetings with Parry and Cotton and to have been the personal guest of GG in Montreal and much more (f) apologized for his campaign of lies and slander against Robbie Fowler and much more.

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