Koptalk Vital Signs Weak

by Rupert Insider


Picture reproduced courtesy of The Platinum Club

I used my donated password to visit KT today to see if there was anything going on. This is what I found:

1. FAO of All Members – a long, complex notice which boils down to – “don’t give out your KT password to anyone”. It was posted 6 days ago and given prominence in every section of the site and has accumulated the impressive total of 1,400 views.

2. GG is the right man for Liverpool FC – this was intended to be his big report on his trip to Montreal and New York which cost him in excess of 150 membership fees. It was posted 7 days ago and has accumulated 58 views – an average of 6 a day. (By contrast, each one of the blog reports on his trip received over a thousand views).

Does someone want to write Dominik Saillant, Media Relations at the Canadiens, to tell him that the owner of “a major UK media organization” he showed around the press gallery before the Montreal v Toronto game attracted only these numbers. You can contact him HERE

3. On to New York – a stage of the same trip. It was posted 8 days ago and has accumulated 44 views – an average of 5 a day. I guess quite a few of those were by Smoove.

4. Melwood Reports Training photos The last set were posted 56 days ago – 02 /02/07 – and has accumulated 70 views. There were two other sets on 19th and 5th January and they had accumulated 68 and 88 views.

5. Tomkins on Rafa – Enjoy This is a pirated cut-and-paste job from the Official Site. It was posted less than an hour before I saw it and had already accumulated 651 views and 39 replies.

Paul Tompkins used to write for KT many years ago until Oldham failed to honor a commitment to pay him. (I remember Oldham announcing that he was delighted with Paul’s free contributions and the positive reactions from readers and he would now hire Paul to be exclusive for KT. He made quite a splash about it).

When Paul left KT and went to other unofficial sites such as RAWK and YNWA, Oldham continued to use his material for free by cut-and-pasting from those sites – or allowing his members to do it. When Paul went on to write and sell books about LFC, Oldham would make patronizing remarks about how he gave him his start even though “he was only an ok writer” and often encouraged mocking threads about his articles in the KT free forum – even as recently as 9 months ago. But Oldham has been living off Paul for years.

These stats show that Tomkin’s writings on KT produce far more interest than Oldhams’ s and are the only sign of life on the site.

It suggests to me that the few KT users left who have wandered in from net search-engines are genuinely looking for news and informed comment on their club. They have learned to shovel aside the rubbish about Oldham’s self-obsessed publicity stunts and stale third-hand news to uncover a rare morsel of quality – probably not even realizing it’s stolen.

We’ll have to try harder to get the message to them that they can read Paul Tomkins for free on the Official Site. Click Here

Paul also has his own site with full details of all his books. Click Here

Note: When you analyze the numbers of visits I have quoted above don’t forget to deduct a good percentage for those which came from the KT six computers – Oldham and his family employees – and however many other computers are used by posters who are paid in the form of free memberships as long as they maintain their quota of posts.

And talking of Mods – I did my usual check of Katie in the shout box again – and there she sits like a beggars waif repeating over and over : “Is there anybody there?”


11 Responses to “Koptalk Vital Signs Weak”

  1. An Observer Says:

    Just a correction, RAWK never paid Paul Tomkins either, although RAWK never promised to. It was set out from day one when Paul started writing on RAWK that the site made no money hence there would be no money would be paid to him.

    As far as I know, the official site and YNWA don’t pay him either, again these sites have never pretended that they will pay him, unlike Koptalk who said they would, but didn’t.

  2. lfc_michael Says:

    In his e-mails, Tomkins often states that his only source of income is from his books; by implication, therefore, neither the offal nor RAWK pay for his articles. Is he aware that Oldham is ripping him off and has anyone tried to contact him to inform him, perhaps directing him to the blog? Even if LFC are reluctant to take action themselves, Tomkins may not be so slow to assert the copyright on his work.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks for those corrections. I was going by memory or should I say memory of my assumptions at the time. I remember Oldham boasting how he was going to pay Paul to be exclusive to KT and then Paul’s sudden disappearance from KT and appearance on another site and then on both RAWK and YNWA. I also remember his comment that there had been a contract dispute with Oldham. In the same context he explained that he had a serious chronic disability and relied on writing for an income. That was before he wrote the first book and before he wrote for the Official Site.

    I’ll adjust the post because some readers may not scroll down to read these comments.

  4. Ordinary to Rome Says:

    “I remember Oldham boasting how he had paid Paul for his exclusive pieces and then Paul’s sudden disappearance from KT”

    Didn’t pay Tomkins a penny though Oldham had promised to pay him for his hundreds of articles and when it became clear the fat one was raking it in, Paul T enquired politely after the promise only to be banned from the site, libelled by Koptalk and threatened with legal action.

  5. lfc_michael Says:

    I have only very vague recollections now, but didn’t Oldham claim that he couldn’t afford to keep the feature? It was some years ago.

    Also, does anyone remember how he had Tommy Smith and Ian St John writing for Koptalk? I do recall that he said he binned St John for his (well-known, to be fair) anti-Houllier views; whether that was the real reason, I don’t know. He used to make out that he was quite big mates with Smith.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    No he didn’t claim that at the time. He gave no explanation of why Paul left, as I recall.

    He didn’t bin Ian St.John for his anti-Houllier views but because he got an invoice of 1,500 quid from him for his syndicated column. Apparently he wanted that for free, too. (But we’ve all learned since that Oldham inflates the figures on invoices). Having burnt his boats with that one he then went on a rant that Ian St. John’s views about Houllier were not popular anyway, even though KT had been publishing them for months, and he often referred to the St.John column as a reason for using Koptalk. (Ian St.John’s views became a lot more more popular since).

    He did claim all kinds of intimacies with Tommy Smith. Several times he wrote in patronizing terms about how short of money Tommy was and how he, Oldham, was helping him out by paying a fee for his exclusive KT column and promoting his book on KT (but Oldham took a commission on every book sold).

    The column was obviously ghost-written. It seemed to be a truncated and eviscerated version of Tommy’s ghost-written weekly column for the Echo, but may have been, for contractual purposes, a new ghost-written version. Despite the affection people have for Tommy many readers would comment at the time on KT that the columns said virtually nothing.

    Tommy has not stopped publishing a column on the Echo but his KT version stopped years ago. For what its worth, somebody wrote in to the blog who claims to work with Tommy and Ian St.John now and indicated that Oldham is irrelevant to them.

  7. PhilBKK Says:

    I seem to remember Tomkins found himself a sponsor and put a logo on his column. Fatty didn’t take too kindly to this and it ultimately led to Tomkins leaving.

  8. DaveGYNWA Says:

    I can confirm what “An Observer” posted in the first comment – we at YNWA didn’t pay Paul for his services. We provided him with some advertising for this latest book, along with a page on the site.

  9. latestinsider Says:

    Big question now……when (not if) will George Gillett & Tom Hicks serve writs against Fatty & Family (yes you too Fat Steve) and finish KT for good?

    Can’t be long now

  10. waldo jeffers Says:

    This blog is excellent. I check it out most days and think you’re doing a great job in exposing the lies and scams of the fat cunt.
    HOWEVER let’s get another thing straight. Tomkins is a boring, boring tit. That is all.

  11. rupertinsider Says:


    If that’s true how much more damning for Oldham that Paul’s columns draw so many more views than his.

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