Koptalk Videos: Drinks, Prostitutes and another 200 membership fees down the drain. (Revised Version)

by Rupert Insider (this is a revised version of this article with some additions).
The Montreal junket is Duncan Oldham’s latest attempt to justify his pouring down the drain as many as 200 Koptalk membership fees. The trip was not paid for by George Gillett, as he insinuated – but more of that later.

He claims that he and his manservant are “unwaged”. He sells memberships on the promise that the fees are ploughed into the site so that members get something back for them. He says this is morally superior than other sites which do not charge but accept donations. But you can see for yourself what he does with his members money.


“The above video shows our journey to Canada. Remember, we’re in character… right?

Joking apart, the video may contain language that isn’t suitable for children. Our video podcasts are informal and fun to try and make you laugh. We enjoy poking fun at ourselves! Life’s too short to be serious.

Although we like to have a laugh, the trip is educational and I can assure you that there is a serious reason for our trip i.e. LFC.




Photo: Duncan Oldham of Koptalk in Montreal

So, having seen the blog’s ridicule of Part 1, he excuses Parts 2 and 3 with the explanation that its not really him.

It’s called having your cake and eating it. He published the video to impress the gullible that he is a man of influence personally invited by George Gillett and hosted by him – which is a lie – but more of that later.

The “serious purpose” of the trip, he claimed, was to inspect the new owner of LFC and his “set up” in Montreal. But when Video 1 and the Koptalk Shout Box commentary revealed Oldham as an ignorant, drunken hick with infantile tendencies he decided that’s what the Video was meant to reveal in the first place – a fictitious character hes plays to amuse his paying members!

He also slips in an escape clause to explain why he has no shots of his checking out the” George Gillett set-up”. The invitation, he now says, was to the Montreal v Toronto hockey match. That was a lie, too. There was no invitation.

He does show scenes of his being escorted around the arena while the team is practising.  The guy showing them was from media relations.  He introduces visiting members of the press to the arena including to the the press gallery high in the roof.  Oldham claims he was “Gillett’s head man in Montreal”.  But Gillett’s “head man” in Montreal is a woman, with whom I’ve recently spoken. And if he were Gillett’s head man, he would have corrected Oldham when he was artfully using him to plant statements on the sound track that he had been invited to Montreal by George – but more of that later.

There’s also a staged scene of him opening the tickets and claiming that they amounted to George’s endorsement of Koptalk. That was a lie, too. I know why those tickets were provided – but more of that later.

I looked at one or two of his videos Parts 2 and 3. Its the same kind of rubbish as Part 1, only worse. Jerky shots of arriving in Terminal 1 at Heathrow and transferring to the Montreal flight and jerky shots of arriving in Montreal.

Then there’s Video 4 with the self-serving introduction that a “prominent promoter” insisted on the two of them going to a Montreal night club.

That’s probably the first time that guy who hands out invitation flyers on the corner of Rue Peel and Ste. Catherine has been called a “promoter”, let alone a prominent one. And everyone at that club gets a free invitation on the understanding they will buy a few overpriced drinks.

Then there are a few jerky shots of – guess who? – yeah a half-sozzled Steve in the club. He’s 17 years of age – below the Quebec minimum of 18.

There will have been others scenes but I couldn’t stomach watching two walruses on heat.

In the Kotpalk Shout Box Oldham admits again to having been drunk in the club. There’s a lot of talk about whether he and Steve were successful with the “prossies” (prostitutes) in the club and this revealing remark from the 17 year old site-moderator Katie:

Katie] He couldnt tackle a bird if she practically gave it to him”

He also claimed in the Shout Box that his mother was with them on the trip. Such a happy family atmosphere on KT.

And then unto “New York” – actually to upper NY State to the home of “my best friend” his X-Box buddy Smoove – a journey by Greyhound bus of about 3-4 hours. And then, tired but happy, home to the UK.


Apparently there are Videos 5 and 6. I’ll leave you to look at them. I’ve had enough.

By the way, I have uncovered the lie. And now I understand why Oldham did not tell us his destination when he set off and why he was nervous about his reception in Montreal and why he set up a Plan B alternative scenario – to slag off George if things didn’t go well – but more of that later.



22 Responses to “Koptalk Videos: Drinks, Prostitutes and another 200 membership fees down the drain. (Revised Version)”

  1. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Isn’t it great for Oldhams kids to be able to see their dad slobbering over women and looking down womens tops with his fat cam!
    The whole family must be really really proud of fatty twatty!

  2. Scouse Says:

    Surely even the most loyal ignorant Koptalk members can’t be envious of these two?

    Outcasts in a club and prostitues?

    If someone can make an animated gif of Duncan nodding along to ‘westside’ chart rubbish that would be cool for an avatar.

    Just remember all of you who paid for Koptalk membership thats where your money goes, how stupid do you feel now?

  3. SteveO Says:

    Don’t know about the Canada but in the states the INS want to know if you are arriving for business or pleasure, can any Canadian blog readers report to the relevant authorities.

  4. seenthelight Says:

    so they get a personal invite to a club as V.I.P.s yet they sit on their own all night.
    what with dunks unwillingness to get in front of the camera,is it really a good idea to be drinking while filming your every move?
    he spent more time in front of the camera with a few drinks on him than he has the whole rest of the trip,which im sure hes regretting.
    and am i the only person who cringed when dunk referred to the one black guy on the video as cisse.
    whats with nick naming random black guys with the names of one of our black players?

  5. rupertinsider Says:


    Please be patient – all will be revealed.

    But as you probably already realise its not how Oldham says it was.

    Stay tuned to the blog.

  6. Alan Says:

    Remember when Dunk said how he used to chat up women? watch episode 3 of montreal trip.
    “so, me names Dunk, and erm, i own a large media organisation in england, do you want to come back to my hotel room”, fucking hell , i wish i could chat women up like that

  7. Tubby Says:

    “… do you want to come back to my hotel room for some little limp dick?”

  8. Redheart Says:

    And some great piss taking by Mark B1

    #119798 – 03/17/07 08:04 PM Re: Our trip to Canada thanks to Mr Gillett [Re: Dunk]
    Markb1 Markb1
    KopTalk Member

    Registered: 07/07/05
    Posts: 2625
    Loc: DUBLIN not much of a host is he,invites you guys over and hes not there to welcome you to Montreal,id be highly annoyed.

    #119799 – 03/17/07 08:06 PM Re: Our trip to Canada thanks to Mr Gillett [Re: Markb1]
    Dunk Dunk

    He’s not in Montreal for tonight’s game but we’ve been looked after big time. We’ve got our VIP tickets for the match and we’re happy. It’s great! I couldn’t be happier with the way we’ve been treated. He took the time and made the effort to see us right… he’ll do for me

    119803 – 03/17/07 08:14 PM Re: Our trip to Canada thanks to Mr Gillett [Re: Dunk]
    Markb1 Markb1
    KopTalk Member

    seems a nice guy,if it was me i would have like to meet him,especially after getting a personal invite.
    maybe you can invite him down to the koptalk head quarters the next time hes in the uk.

  9. barry wom Says:

    scouse :- nothing wrong with frequenting a club full of prozzies, it’s been the back bone of many a european away!

    as for fatty – what exactly is the point of this whole charade? “we’ve been looked after, honest guv”. fucking hell, how fucking stupid are the remaining people of that site?

    rupert – you’ve been reading KT too long. All this “there’ll be more of that later” and “stay tuned to the blog”, you’re sounding like dunk. have you got a blog gold club coming out 😉

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    barry wom

    I see your smiley, but just in case others don’t – this may be the time for one of our periodic disclaimers.

    I have never been a member of KT. I hardly ever read it now – even with the password donated to me by a blog reader – I rely mainly on KT members who support the blog by sending me emails, although I do visit to check references.

    The blog does not take in any revenues of any kind whatsoever – so no Gold Club. Nor are we in it as an ego trip – which is one reason we guard our identities. Nor are we interested in continuing for the sake of it – we will close down when the job is done.

    I think people know that we tell the truth and that, ultimately we want to do what is best for LFC. So I hope people will have a little patience while we hold back on what we know about Oldham’s exaggerations and lies in this matter. In the post above I have mentioned what I know for certain to be lies – more of that later.

  11. Tubby Says:

    There’s bound to be MORE of dunk later, he’s getting fatter by the day. Stupid, obese, and going bald. What a trifecta.

  12. Tubby Says:

    Just a thought, but does anyone know the hotel they’re staying?

  13. Carras_boot Says:

    Hey Rupert, dont tell us mate, you only do this as a hobby and you feel like jacking it all in sometimes. But its the honest people of this forum that make you feel like its all worth it.


    (that was a piss take of Oldhams excuses Rupert mate. I think youre all doing a fuckin marvel-arse job kidder. Lets bring this fat kunt down to his big fat wobbling knees.)

  14. fat_boy_fat Says:

    HAHAH @ carras_boot

    I remember about 18 months ago when he had a sticky story in his news section. It said that people needed to be clicking on more ads because the site was costing him loads of money and we werent clicking enough ads to help him out! He was really pissed off about people using the site but not clicking on ads!!
    That was one of the first things that made me think everything was not as it seems with fatty twatty

  15. seenthelight Says:

    i was gonna reply with a bit of sarcasm along the lines of “if we knew georges usual hotel of choice”because im sure thats where dunk will be claiming to stay.
    and it reminded me that before he went dunk claimed that they will be staying at the same hotel as george.
    so before he went dunk not only got a personal invite from george but would be staying at the same hotel.
    yet he gets there and george is no where to be seen,he goes to a club and does nothing but sit on their own all night,but claimed to be vip guests,where was the hosts?
    and went on a tour of the stadium but claimed it was treat from george.
    someone should report the guy that george personally picked to show them around because he couldnt wait to wrap that tour up,he was constantly about ten paces ahead of the tour.

  16. rupertinsider Says:


    Oldham could not afford that hotel and since he was not hosted by George Mitchel – fact – and since his trip was not paid for by any benefactor – fact – and since he has not boasted about the hotel on his video – I think we can assume it was run-of-the mill. There are many hotels within four or five blocks of the Bell Centre in all price ranges.

  17. RedinSweden Says:

    I thought by Bell Center you meant KT HQ.

  18. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Hahaha @ Redinsweden

    How do you know english slang?

  19. scousenproud Says:

    i thought that fat bastard in the picture was bernard manning for a minute there. for the love of god dunk, sort yourself out mate and get one of those berkas. you must`ent half scare the kids with a kipper like that and you should know that the whaling ban has been lifted mate, so stay away from norway and japan.

  20. AviCohensBrothersSon Says:

    He was alledgedly meeting up with one of the KT members (can’t remember name) Did this happen?
    Its all a complete farce, Gillett invited them over for VIP treatment but wasn’t even around!! And why has he only invited fatty surely if he was doing this sort of thing he would’ve invited the main men from est1892, ynwa etc etc to get all of the fan forum owners onside.
    Also he only mentioned his Mum went once she was caught on film during the ‘vip tour’ of the stadium.VIP tour my arse that was just the same as the anny tour that anyone can pay to do.
    But the funniest part for me was the writing on the ticket envelope..watch the video again, It is obviously the scrawl of Steve. Jokers. It reminded me of the Barca video when Steve said he was trying to buy tickets in a sex shop and Dunk ‘reminded’ him that they already had tickets!! Did they bollocks.

  21. RedinSweden Says:

    fat_boy_fat. I am RedinSweden, not SwedishRed.

    AviCohensBrothersSon, that is a good point, especially as the offal has now got links with RTK, they would be more likely to be invited over.

  22. felix Says:

    Fatty slips up again !
    Thats the trouble when you tell so many lies.

    In his NY video he and Steve go for a first time look around the neighbourhood. Fatty isn`t even sure which is Smooves house on the way back. So much for the supposed visit in December. Fatty has obviously forgotten that lie which excused him for going to Alder Hey with the donations.

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