George Gillett invites a drunkard conman to check him out in Montreal!

by Rupert Insider


Having stated several times in the Koptalk Shout Box that he was drunk. And having claimed that he didn’t pay for the trip to Montreal (but failed to explain who paid for it because that can be checked) Duncan Oldham published this new load of bullshit on the front page of his dying site:

We recently announced that George Gillett had supported our website by becoming a member. A couple of people doubted these claims which is fine but the majority know that we’re always upfront about what we’re up to etc.

George recently called us and invited both myself and Steve to Montreal, Canada which is where we are right now. Over the coming days we will be adding various videos and photos from our trip.

The main man himself is not in Montreal right now but his people have been looking after us. We have just returned from a personal tour of his set-up and will add the footage etc soon. I’m currently nursing a massive hangover so I need a bit of time to recover!

Please note that we’re 4 hours behind UK time at the moment so updates on the site will be hit and miss for a while yet. I apologise for this but this trip is about learning about George, his existing set-up, his plans and so on. It is also important to me personally to meet fans over here to see what they think of him and his Liverpool link-up.

Over the coming week I will do as much as I can to find out about George. The fact that he’s a member doesn’t mean we will be favourable towards him. It’s all very well parading the press officers, the media relations people etc both at Anfield and Montreal but I want to know what the real people think i.e. the ordinary fans, the people of Montreal.

I’ll keep you updated


So a failed site-owner and LFC pariah is checking out George Gillett and his Montreal “set-up”, just as he checks out LFC and the management at Anfield.

I wonder what fans of the “Habs” – the revered Montreal Canadiens – would say to him if they knew he was referring to their team and franchise as Gillett’s “set-up”.

Translating this from Oldhamspeak to the truth we arrive at something like this.

When my exaggerations and lies about the nature of my contact with George Gillett’s business were exposed by the blog, I was determined to go ahead with a trip to Montreal at the expense of my members (it beats working).

I took advantage of the naivety of the French-Canadian staff at the Montreal Canadiens franchise (naive when it comes to UK football) by telling them that I was the owner of the No. 1 LFC site in the world.

A receptionist put me in contact with staff at the Bell Center whose job is to give info to out-of-town fans who want to visit. Most of the staff are bi-lingual in French and English but don’t speak Yorkshire so they could not spot my bullshit.

They gave me the same list of Montreal hotels they recommend to all fans and invited me to drop in and say “hi” when I arrived. I had told them that its not often that British Internet “A” Celebrities travel all that way to watch a hockey match.

As you all know, I’m a drunk, and it didn’t take long for me to get pissed in Montreal – yeah even with weak 5%-alcohol-content Canadian beer. My manservant, Steve, was kept real busy emptying my potty.

I know those blog conspirators will make fun of the fact that I’ve been fobbed off. All I’ve done is blagged my way into the front admin offices of the Bell Centre (which you have to admit is a hell of a lot more than I managed to do achieve at Anfield or Melwood or the Academy in more than ten years of trying). So it will be tactically savvy for me to admit it upfront.

My line for the blog is this – I’m not going to be fobbed off . I’m the one in charge. I’m checking them out here – all these PR and “hospitality” wallahs – just like I check out the “suits” at Anfield wot I’m going to expose in my never-to-be-written book – “Anfield Exposed”.

You never know, I might be lucky and Gillett or his son Foster might pass through while I’m here and I’ll snag a foto or two. Its well known that they mix with the public and give foto opportunities. On the other hand, its possible that if Gillett gets to hear about this from the blog or the LFC “suits” who read the blog, he won’t like it.

So just in case, I’ll say that I’m not going to show any favours to Mr. Koptalk Member Gillett just because he is the co-owner of LFC. I’ll reserve the right to slag him off, too. After all, what’s he ever done for me? Even if you believe he paid me 30 quid for membership, that barely covered two full English brekkies for Steve and me at the airport.

I’ve made money over the years by being negative about LFC because nobody believes I’m a supporter, anyway. So I might actually make more money by claiming to have checked out Gillett and banned him from my site before he bans himself, if he hasn’t already done so. (That would explain very nicely why he never posts or even lurks).

After I’ve satisfied myself about Gillett’s set-up in Montreal I’ll then check out Bush’s set-up in Washington. Only then will I decide who I will endorse to be the next President of the USA.


22 Responses to “George Gillett invites a drunkard conman to check him out in Montreal!”

  1. spsdjone Says:

    oh my god, this is the biggest piece of bullshit i have ever seen. Why on earth would he be going to montreal at the expense of gillette? what does he have that would be of any interest to the new co-owner of our club. Even more so giving that gilette is now in britain. Surely he would have met oldham here and then flown him back in his private jet after if he is new bestest buddies with him.

  2. seenthelight Says:

    very convenient that gillett is not in montreal,im sure rafa and the board will be truly gracious to dunk for going on this fact finding mission.

  3. Tubby Says:

    Shit you are stupid Dunk. Nobody cares you fat idiot. Face the facts, you are a nobody.

  4. ZedLepplin Says:

    So Rafa himself has a bit of a “problem” meeting the new owners (if press reports are to be believed…), but this fat fuck can meet them “like that” *snaps fingers*?

    Absolute crap.

    I look forward to a future without this conman.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve written to the appropriate people with the links.

  6. Jugs Says:

    5 hour time difference isnt it ?

  7. Tubby Says:

    @ ZedLepplin

    He cant snap his fingers, theyre too fat.

  8. Jugs Says:

    “[Loco_Law] Dunk you [oops], you come to my country finally and don’t even plan a trip to see me?!?!
    [Smoove] He is on the other coast
    [Dunk] lol

    Since when was Montreal on the coast ?

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    Loco law should be ashamed of himself.

  10. Tubby Says:

    So the Qunt is in Quebec?

  11. spsdjone Says:

    All things considered, what should a person in charge of a liverpool fan site be doing? Surely it should be concentrating on the games that we play and providing the fans with as much information on the games we play as possible. to fans who cannot go to the games, it should be the main focus to provide as much liverpool info as possible.
    What fat dunk seems obsessed with however, is his own ego and trying to fact find about the new owners and appear important to the club. when we have a important run in of games, where is the editor of the “No 1 unofficial site”? pretending to talk business with our owner who isnt even there. ffs oldham, stop trying to be the big I AM and start making your website about liverpool and not about making yourself seem “big”.

  12. rupertinsider Says:


    The archive story Outsider is writing will show that Oldham was never interested in football until he was stopped by the authorities from pursuing some of his other illegal activities on the net And when he did get interested in a football usenet group he was very forthright that he was not interested in the football, as such, but only in the gossip and rumours. He saw that that’s where the hits were – and hits = money.

    That’s still his principle. Anything that produces hits is good – such as stories about Gillett and so on.

    Its a strange LFC site where the owner rarely goes to matches and disappears when there are big matches against Barcelona and Manchester United and at Cardiff.

  13. Alan Says:

    I was just looking at the non members bit of kunttalk, and saw this : “Exclusive news and reports from inside Anfield and Melwood”

    hes still claiming to have inside info, the club must not be arsed at all, if they were they would have done something.

  14. Scouse Says:

    I’ve maintained all along you should put a petition together online and actually get virtual signatures.

    Like a boycott of anything this is a good way of putting figures forward, Gillett will be appalled after seeing that.

  15. Redneck Says:

    This is to be expected from Dunk so I’m not at all surprised that a story as big as this has turned up.

    Something really should be done about KrapTalk, the online petition idea sounds good and would be a good way of promoting KTI which EVERY kop fan should visit and be made aware of.

    I just wish I had access to the members area 😀

  16. rupertinsider Says:


    How would we do that? What would it say?

    One of the artificial barriers to a petition is that some of the other sites have a policy of not allowing discussion of Koptalk (a) because it gives it publicity (b) because they have had run-ins with Oldham in the past and don’t want to continue wrestling with a pig in the mud and (c) in one case there was a legal dispute and possibly an agreement not to say anything after – I’m not sure of this last one.

    But almost all the other sites have contacted us at one time or another supporting the blog.

    If people could suggest how it could be done and were generally in support of it I would be happy to look into it.

    BTW this is the first time I am seeing this suggestion. Somebody else has suggested that we ask all sites to run a Boycott Koptalk banner. But I’m not sure they would and I’m not sure it would be effective. In any case, that’s what this blog does – ask people to boycott. And the blog has been successful.

    Rather than a petition I would prefer LFC to make a simple statement on the record. Its not enough to write to blog participants, denying that Oldham has ever had contact with the club, as they have been doing. We need something on the record that is permanent which can be cited forever so that whatever new form in which the slippery Oldham returns, he can be nailed by it. I think this is even preferable to the club warning him. They have warned him in the past and he just continues – or he makes a small adjustment – and the public is not even aware that the club has acted.

    Of course if the club could figure out a legal suit that really rocked him back that would be good, but its easier said than done.

    I think in the past LFC has taken the view that this is a matter for LFC supporters on the internet. I also think they were concerned that they would give him more significance than he deserves and free publicity. They did not want him to appear to be a martyr. The also had to respect his claims that he had 6,000 members and tens of thousands of readers and the club would not want to offend them.

    The blog (and some other sites) have taken care of much of the problems. He now has very few members, and since he was banned form News Now at the blog request, he has very few readers, and no support on other sites or among LFC supporters at large (except for links from one or two Asian sites and we are working on that). We have shown its not simply a question of his personal style or opinions or his criticisms of players, management or the club, but systemic misrepresentations, false claims, lies, suspicious activities involving scalping, charity appeals and the sale of fake memorabilia and hsi support of the S*n, and, above all his claims to have insider information from the club and contact with the club’s owners, executives and players.

    One possible objection to a petition is how would anyone know if there had been multiple signatures. Ironically this is the technique Oldham used in 2002-2001 to “fix” two sports magazine polls and have KT voted the No. 1 Sports Site and No. 1 LFC site. He had the KT regulars and all his family clicking multiple times all through the night.

    Anyway, if anyone has any bright ideas I’m all ears – in the comments section or by email

    As you may have gathered, Insider has not been available for some time, but I’m sure that when he can he will return.

  17. barry wom Says:

    i always think online petitions are seen as a bit of a joke.

  18. ROCK Says:

    boycott koptalk banners are a bad idea.
    only gives him publicity which some poor soul will want to go and see what the fuss is about and line his fat pockets

  19. felix Says:

    From the size of his body in video 4 its a wonder he is able to leave the portacabin. I know the camera adds 10 lbs but really.
    The site is slowly dying. His recent antics show him for the desperate fantasist that he is. I think the blog works best by exposing him for the con artist he is. Making banners will allow him to play the victim.
    Careful editing of his Montreal videos could be the way to go. Show him for the fat thug that he is, not the family man that he tries to portray on the site.

  20. Jugs Says:

    good god, a 15 minute interview with some drunken black dude, what the hell was all that about ffs ??

  21. retro Says:

    Would boycott k*ptalk banners which linked to the blog not be a good idea?

  22. rupertinsider Says:


    We have Boycott Koptalk banners that do that. Any site that wants them can write to me. Or I’ll put them all up on a post in a couple of days.

    In the past some blog readers posted the banners with their message in the forums on other sites. If that is allowed by the moderators on those sites and not against their rules then that might be a way of doing it.

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