Tweedledum and Tweedledee's Big Adventure

by Rupert Insider


For reason’s known only to himself, Oldham avoids the camera. But he doesn’t mind keeping a video diary of Steve’s ballooning weight. In fact his latest feature “Koptalk Video Diary ” dwells lovingly on Steve most of the time.

But there is a fleeting moment where Oldham gives the camera a salute with two sausages after he kicks a football attached to a game machine at Newcastle airport. (In future profiles of himself he’ll probably massage this into “I trained with the Newcastle squad a couple of times and was their designated penalty taker”).

Rare siting


Click images to enlarge

Thanks to original bitmap images from Outsider and the clean version from Tubby.

Could someone take one of Steve. There is a close-up which is very revealing. (It’s just after Oldham has complained that his manservant bought The Mirror but not the Racing Post (he gets the S*n delivered to his at home) and the next shot Steve is sitting in the plane looking back at the camera. His new squirrel-like cheek-pouches are very obvious and he looks as miserable as most of us would be in his situation).

Both shots are in the first third of the video. The other two thirds is a mind-numbing, jerky record of a camera pointed out of the window as the plane arrives in London with occasional shots of the still miserable Steve.

Even the first third of the video will turn you glassy-eyed. It’s a jerky video record of what its like to arrive at the car park at Newcastle airport and then follow Steve around the terminal. (But we’re spared his visit to the loo – although most of the time that’s what he appears to need). There is a riveting shot of plastic toy. At one point Oldham approaches a policewoman in the hope of stirring her interest in Steve, but she tells him to stop filming.

They are both “overseas” – Oldham announces – in a different time zone. (Probably the year 1892 on another planet).

I guess George Gillett or Tom Hicks didn’t make their personal jets available.

You have to wonder why they are so secretive about their destination, given that they are spending members fees which were paid on the promise it would all be ploughed back into the site. I guess they’re worried that the blog will queer the pitch for them at their destination. (But nothing is more likely to do that their appearance and manner).

Oldham also announced that he will start a new website for non-members which will feature the new stadium. He’s never at a loss to find new ways of leeching off our club.

But anyone interested in the new stadium will find original photos, 3-D videos, reports and analysis in The Liverpool Echo, the LFC Official Site and several of the unofficial sites listed on the right of this page.

For example, anyone who avoided Koptalk and searched other sites would have found this interesting “inside” information on . Its from the US architect’s office about Tom Hick’s plans long before Oldham read the S*n’s half-assed version. Click here.

And there is a long and informed discussion and more insider information from the UK architect’s office and a great video of the Tom Hicks Dallas Cowboy stadium – on Est1892.

Visits to any Oldham site will increase his ad revenues and the size of Steve’s cheeks and make it more likely that Oldham will need more than the three seats he seems to be occupying in his latest video of his Big Adventure from Newcastle to London.


22 Responses to “Tweedledum and Tweedledee's Big Adventure”

  1. ZedLepplin Says:

    It wouldn’t happen to be this site would it?

    I stumbled across this, and immediately thought “Oldham.” (the fattie, not the footie).

    Apologies if I’m wrong.

  2. KopWank Says:

    Hmm ‘something big’ is about come?

    Do they not realise it wont make a bit of difference, it will only alert more people to their lies.
    Maybe someone wants to post some comments on there?

  3. Jon Says:

    I checked out the above and it’s got fatty’s mucky paw prints all over it – that is, no inside info whatsoever, regurgitated “news” available to anyone with an internet connection, vague blether concerning what may or may not happen in future, and some odd-sounding content that is clearly designed to fool the googlebots into thinking that the site has even a morsel of interest for genuine LFC fans. More galling is the fact that his claims are for once true – searching for “new anfield” on google with the “web” button checked brings the site up first, whilst searching for “Anfield” brings it up sixth. There must be ways to stop this bile – if people are searching on “Anfield” without knowing anything of Oldham’s murky past then unfortunately this is the sort of content they will believe is the most pertinent and trustworthy.

    P.S. I tried the screenshot but was told I had to be logged in to view the video.

  4. rupertinsider Says:


    “I tried the screenshot but was told I had to be logged in to view the video.”

    Yes, I just realised that. He has it hosted on an outside source, but the link requires you to go through his site, which is how I saw it.

    Ive changed the link to the one given above:

    One of the contributors has made a screen shot and I’m awaiting delivery.

  5. rupertinsider Says:


    That site does not look like Oldham’s graphic style and gives a different name. So at first site it is not his.

    If it is someone else – it will put a spoke in Oldham’s wheel.

    But it needs a lot of work and you have to wonder how well it will present photos and videos of the “new anfield”.

    It needs someone more geeky than I am to look at the google-ads and others features to see if there are links to his accounts.

    Notice the last line where the site owner is asking for enquiries from people who want work?

  6. Jon Says:

    I just checked out the second link and saw Oldham’s frankly bizarre cameo appearance, unfortunately I couldn’t get the screenshots in good enough resolution to be usable.

  7. rupertinsider Says:


    How about small moving segments of the two faces?

  8. Jon Says:

    I know the site doesn’t match his graphic style but other trademarks are there – the bluster, the padding, the “all shirt and no trousers” approach to web journalism:

    “We have got reports that the project will be delayed by weeks rather than months as the new owners have put in proposals to have the capacity increased in some reports to as much as 80,000 for the new stadium” – notice the lack of any substance? “We have got reports” – a standard trick designed to make it look like there’s some sort of inside track going on. He then goes on to say “increased in some reports” – so some reports are reporting the reportage of other reports!? WTF?

    If it’s someone else he’s doing a good impersonation, which is peculiar since Oldham spends most of his time impersonating someone who supports LFC…

  9. Trousers Says:

    Rupert is Steve Leftley an alias of oldham’s cos that is the name of the executive director of new anfield as he puts it.
    He was the one who allegedly spoke to the architect at the Vernon Sangster.
    Also if you look at the competition to win the liverpool kit he asks who scored liverpool’s first goal in the cup final a gerrard, b Crouch, c Riise.
    Don’t know if it’s Dunk or not but who ever it is knows fuck all about Liverpool.

  10. ZedLepplin Says:

    Well, i still think it could be him. It just has that “vibe” about it.

    I noticed that the link was posted on est1892 by someone called “carty1976” (cartman avatar… fattie poking fun at himself?), now I have no idea who that person is, but there’s something really suspect about it all.

  11. rupertinsider Says:


    Maybe its Steve:-) Naw he’s too gormless.

    Insider checks usually by looking at the Google ads for signs it is the same account.

    But I do otice Oldham is claiming that the new stadium site will not be related to

  12. scousenproud Says:

    on his way to montreal

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    That’s what I supposed. He won’t announce it for fear I will give someone a call and have him blocked.
    He can get a ticket for the MontrealCanadiens games from his fellows scalpers. They hang around the gates at every game – but the cops swoop if they spot them.

    He’ll try to get in the Bell Centre offices and get photos taken with the staff or Gillett – its not too difficult to do.

  14. scousenproud Says:

    we all know GG and TH will be at the arsenal home game so im surprised fatso and dumbo dident pretend to meet the owners there, instead of running up his members costs. maybe he is buying property again like he did in new york, to go along with his portfollio in the north east(lying bastard) and whilst im at it, did you ever see such a scruffy pair of cunts in a airport heading over the atlantic? what the fuck is with the camera? yeah yeah i know its for documentation(blog that) but doesent he realise he looks like a bigger nob than he already is. he just couldent resist buying the mirror on film,he loves to get that shot back at us, fatso, the damage is already done and no matter what paper you buy, you will always be a sun supporting scum. where did you learn to shoot the ball like that? when you were an apprentice for liverpool (soft cunt) i would of liked to see you enter the plane and seen you get onboard sideways cos theres not a chance in hell the door is wide enough for you to enter straight on. you two seat fat slobbering, pretzels all over your shirt muthafucka

  15. Tubby Says:

    Edit: Sorry Tubby this got caught in the WordPress spam-catcher and I just found it. Thanks for the images.

  16. rupertinsider Says:

    I amended the article to include these links:

    For example, anyone who avoided Koptalk and searched other sites would have found this interesting “inside” information on . Its from the US architect’s office about Tom Hick’s plans long before Oldham read the S*n’s half-assed version. Click here.

    And there is a long and informed discussion and more insider information from the UK architect’s office and a great video of the Tom Hicks Dallas Cowboy stadium – on Est1892

  17. felix Says:

    yes fatty is claiming to be in Montreal.

    “Montreal……Just woke up. Hungover. It`s 11.39 here. I didn`t pay for the trip. More to follow.”

    I don`t suppose he has paid for anything with his own money – just rips off hard working fans.

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    It doesn’t take much for him to lie.

    Its obvious from his first big lie that he would claim he is a guest of Gillett.

    And since he reads the blog as soon as he arrives anywhere, he can see our remarkrs that the cost of his latest stunt is going to be held against him by his members.

    Give the idjit enough rope and he’ll hang himself – again.

  19. KopWank Says:

    No doubt he is meeting with the ‘big cheeses’

    Surely though if anything does happen that readers will no doubt try to let these people know about the blog and they’ll then have two sides of the story to make their own decision.

    How can a genuine Liverpool FC supporter site have so many enemies in Liverpool & the UK (and worldwide)? This sort of thing doesn’t happen by accident and anyone who spends a few minutes reading this site will easily see this

    Is it worth pre-filling in any ‘potential targets’ (heard that phrase before somewhere 🙂 with some info via email / phone or fax?

    Why would Newcastle fans be put before anyone important anyway? Surely if top brass wanted to meet real fans and site owners they wouldn’t fly them in from a Wallsend portakabin?


    Just to let you know it’s Ste Leftley here, from Not quite sure where you’re all getting your information from but I’m a lifelong Liverpool fan, I’ve played in the same football team as a current member of the squad and the site is meant to give up-to-date information for Liverpool fans across the world. I would ask that you publish this and stop insinuating that I am an alias of, or in any way connected to, koptalk.

    Also a note to ‘Trousers’: I did speak to a representative from AFL Architects at the Vernon Sangster, and you obviously didn’t read my competition question correctly as I was asking who scored the LAST goal, not the first.

    Sorry to have caused you all to waste so much time on meaningless speculation but good luck with your site. I hope you achieve your goal.

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    Steve Leftley

    I can confirm that the IP address on your post is from Liverpool.

    I never thought that your site was by Oldham. It is completely different in style. To be fair none of the posters said it was – a couple speculated it might be, but in terms that were actually complimentary to you.

    In any case, we now know the name of Oldham’s site – but it seems to have disappeared off the radar already. I know the owners did not like him stealing the name of their company.

    Good luck with your site . I’ve listed it on the blog on the list of LFC sites. Check the description and let me know if its ok.

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